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A common cause of a slice is swinging your club in an outside-in trajectory.

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If the cause of your slice is the outside-in path of your swing, angling the logo on the golf ball so that it points outwards can serve as a helpful visual reminder to swing your club in an inside-out direction. This swing trajectory causes the clubface to hit the ball on its side, which makes the ball spin. This spin then causes the ball to curve to the right as it flies.

Position your back foot behind your front foot to fix your swing. As mentioned above, swinging your club along an outside-in trajectory is the most common cause of a slice.

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Moving your back foot back slightly is another technique you can use to help yourself swing your club down along an inside-out path. Reposition your left hand if you want to fix your grip. If your left hand is too far underneath the club when you grip it, the angle of the clubface will be angled outward, causing your ball to curve to the right after you hit it.

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To fix your grip, hold the driver so that the club head is resting on the ground. Then rotate your left hand counterclockwise so that, when you look down, you can see three knuckles on your left hand. If you are a left-handed golfer, reverse these instructions.

How to draw a golf ball and stop a slice – Golf Insider

Your right hand grip should be just below your left hand. Method 2. Aim straight, rather than to the left, to hit a straight shot. Visualize a bright and thick red line running from your position to the target to help yourself hit a straight shot. Many golfers who frequently slice their drives start to aim to the left of where they want their ball to land to compensate for the rightward curve of their drives.

This adjustment, however, can make a slice even worse because it exaggerates the outside-in trajectory of your swing, which is a common cause of a slice.

Keep your right elbow tucked in as you swing back your club. Golfers that frequently slice their drives tend to throw their elbows away from their body as they swing back their club.

How to Fix a Slice in 5 minutes

To train yourself to keep your elbows tucked in during your backswing, hold a small towel between your elbow and body when you practice driving. This results in an outside-in swing path, which can cause a slice. Swing your club back until your left shoulder is under your chin. At the top of your backswing your club should be at a degree angle, with the clubhead pointing toward your target. Swinging too far back can throw you off balance and cause you to hit your ball at an angle, resulting in a slice.

Not swinging back far enough, on the other hand, can deprive your downswing of the power and distance you want. Transfer your body weight to your front foot during your downswing. As you swing your club down, your thigh should come into contact with your bag. Striking the ball with an open clubface, or with the clubface angled outward, is a common cause of a slice. In it we captured me curing the slices of 9 people I had never met.

The longest it took me was 13 minutes. The quickest was 2 minutes 6 seconds. So this is proof that this works and it works extremely fast. Now you don't have to keep suffering with a slice any longer. Just watch this video to work on the first part. Then click the link right below the video and I will send you the second part.

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5 Key Swing Checks When You Need to Fix Your Golf Slice

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