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Preface, notes, bibliography, map, chronology, genealogies, and index. Notes, bibliography, and indexes. Review by Ellen Wurtzel, Oberlin College. Review by Charles Forsdick, University of Liverpool. Illustrations, notes, appendix, bibliography, and index. Review by Catherine Witt, Reed College. Graphs, tables, bibliography, and index. Translated by Katharine Throssell. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books, Review by Carolyn J. Dean, Yale University. Raphael Dalleo, ed. Illustrations, notes, bibliography, and index. Jane Marie Todd. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, Maps, tables, notes, bibliography and index.

Review by Adam Guerin, Eckerd College.

1877: "Le Tour de la France par deux enfants", ou l'école de la patrie

Michel Winock, Flaubert. Translated by Nicholas Elliott. Bibliography, illustrations, and index. Benjamin Taylor, Proust: The Search. Surrey: Ashgate, Illustrations, notes, bibliography, index. Tim Palmer, Irreversible. New York: Palgrave, Figures, appendix, bibliography, and index.

Review by Greg Hainge, University of Queensland. Maps, bibliography, and index. Response by Scott Soo, University of Southampton. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, New York and London: W. Maps, figures, chronology, notes, and bibliography. Review by Sarah Hanley, University of Iowa. Acknowledgments, illustrations, maps, tables, notes, bibliography and index. Review by Bertie Mandelblatt, University of Toronto. Translated and edited by Chris Bongie. Please see the continued discussion that occurred on H-France. Illustrations, notes, and index.

Review by Marc Caplan, Yale University. Marie Huber, Un Purgatoire protestant? Introduction and notes by Yves Krumenacker. Geneva: Labor et Fides, Review by Eric F. Johnson, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Kathryn A. Review by Kristen Stern, Davidson College. Larrie D. Knopf, Illustrations, maps, notes, bibliography, and index. Christophe Campos, Fleurus en Oranie Review by Owen White, University of Delaware. John H. Gill, ed. Maps, illustrations, notes, appendices, bibliography, and index. Emmanuel Droit and Pierre Karila-Cohen, eds. Notes and bibliographies. Review by Dorothy Kelly, Boston University.

Illustrations, maps, portraits, bibliography, and index. Review by Nguy? Boston and Leiden: Brill, New York: Oxford University Press, Glossary, notes, bibliography, and index. Regina R. Juall, eds. West Lafayette: Purdue University Press, Review by Kolleen M. Guy, University of Texas at San Antonio. New York: Liveright Publishing Corporation, McClatchy, bibliography, and index.

Meghan K. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, Review by Tracy L.

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Rutler, The Pennsylvania State University. Illustrations, figures, notes, bibliography, and index. Review by Alison S. Fell, University of Leeds. Illustrations, maps, and bibliography. Review by Thomas E. Brennan, United States Naval Academy. Oakland, Calif. Illustrations, map, bibliography, and index. Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter, Review by Gary Kates, Pomona College. Zvi Jonathan Kaplan and Nadia Malinovich, eds. Leiden and Boston: Brill, Review by Judith G.

Coffin, University of Texas at Austin. Jonathan W. Jean-Martin Charcot. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Illustrations, tables, bibliography, and index. Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken, Kaiama L. Index and notes. Review by Laura Wagner, Duke University. Maps, notes, bibliography, and index. Review by Lawrence M. Bryant, California State University, Chico. Bibliography, notes, and index. Dominique Julia, ed. Review by James E. Review by Nicholas Hewitt, University of Nottingham.

Review by Robert D. Priest, Royal Holloway, University of London. Benjamin G. Abbreviations, acknowledgments, notes, bibliography, and index. Maps, tables, figure, notes, bibliography, and index. Review by Peter M. Jones, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. Review by Marnin Young, Yeshiva University.

ISBN ; eb. Johannes Fried, Charlemagne , trans. Peter Lewis. Maps, plates, figures, notes, bibliography, and index. Review by Thomas F. Noble, University of Notre Dame. Illustrations, charts, notes, bibliography, and name index. Review by Alex Dracobly, University of Oregon. Paris: Klincksieck, Geri L. Toronto: Iter Press; Tempe, Ariz.

Cardiff: University of Wales Press, Oakland: University of California Press, Tables, notes, and bibliography. Review by Steven A. Epstein, University of Kansas. Maud S. Princeton, N. Review by Julie Kalman, Monash University. London and New York: Routledge, Map, illustrations, bibliography, and index. Review by Christopher S. Thompson, Ball State University. Paris: Champ Vallon, Preface, figures, notes, appendices, and bibliography. Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes, Review by W. Brian Newsome, Elizabethtown College.

Sources, acknowledgements, index, and table. Review by John P. Murphy, Gettysburg College. Review by Michael Mulvey, St. Thomas University. Review by Anthony J. Chicago, Ill. Lanham: Lexington Books, Acknowledgements, bibliography, and index. Lesley Wright. Turnhout: Brepols, Paris: Le Seuil, Footnotes, photographs, drawings, index. Bern and New York: Peter Lang, Review by Brett A. Berliner, Morgan State University.

Acknowledgments, list of abbreviations, suggestions for further reading, and index. Vincent J. Illustrations, bibliography and index. Review by Erik Thomson, University of Manitoba. Arnold and Peter Biller, eds and transl. Heresy and Inquisition in France, Louis and Collegium de Lyon. An attractive collection of engravings of the countryside of France, with descriptions of sights of interest. Illustrated throughout with many vignettes as well as full-page engravings. Including tours of Rouen, Paris Revolutionnaire, An extensive pair of volumes containing the sociological works of Vilfredo Pareto.

Translated into French by Pierre Boven. This is the first French edition of this important work. Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto was an Italian engineer, The first edition of this novel from Pierre Benoit.

Pierre Benoit, born in Albi southern France was the son of a French soldier. Benoit spent his early years and military service in Northern Africa, before becoming a civil servant For all its romantic excess, her literary output reveals Written by 'G. An early twentieth century edition of this popular novel. Adolphe is a part biographical, part psychological novel. It was his best known work. The plot follows Adolphe, who falls in love with an older woman, Ellenore.

A green half leather hardback with gilt lettering an decoration on the spine. An early twentieth century edition of this travelogue of a trip to Florence and Athens. Charles-Marie-Photius Maurras, , was a French author, poet, and critic. He was a leader and principal thinker An early twentieth century copy of Margeurite Audoux's critically acclaimed novel. Marie-Claire is the most autobiographical of Audoux' four novels. Thirteen volumes bound in half leather with marble paper-covered boards and gilt lettering and decoration.

A collection of titles by miscellaneous French authors, many of whom were recipients of the Academie francaise. A finely bound copy of Anatole France's famous novel. With the original paper wraps bound in with the text. The novel is set during the French A biography of Louis XV, with his portrait to frontispiece. He succeeded A collection of essays from Alphonse de Lamartine. Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine 21 October 28 February was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the foundation of the A French children's tale from Jules Renard.

With many illustrations in the text, and original wraps bound in. Decorative borders and capitals throughout. One of a limited print of five hundred printed on Japanese paper. A French collaborative novel from Jerome et Jean Tharaud. Limited to copies of which this is numbered This is a translation of this work by Leo Tolstoy.

Printed in French. With a frontispiece portrait of Tolstoy. Leo Tolstoy was a Russian writer, philosopher and political thinker who primarily wrote novels and short stories. A tale of French Canada from Louis Hemon. Illustrated with many plates, and a red vignette to the title page. Limited to copies, of which this is numbered A most handsome edition of this parochial children's story, illustrated with a prolific number of fine art-nouveau plates.

Jules Girardin was born at Loches in He trained as a teacher and taught at number of local Edmond Rostrand's historical play, based on the life of Napoleon II. A limited edition of this French Novel. Illustrated with fifteen watercolours by Charles Laborde. Limited to copies. Number , printed on vellum paper. Charles-Louis Philippe was a French novelist. This is his best known novel, Bourget's reputation as a novelist is assured in some academic and intellectual circles but while they were widely popular in his time, his novels have long been largely forgotten A beautifully bound copy of Maurice Maeterlinck's essay.

It was originally published in Maurice Maeterlinck was a Belgian Jean Alazard's biography of Botticelli. Illustrated with numerous plates. With a label for The French Book Shop to the rear endpaper. A history of the friendship between France and America. With numerous illustrations in the text. Inscribed by the author to the front endpaper.

The title A rather attractive French Art Deco binding. Browned as A lovely, limited edition copy of this collection of poetry by Remy de Gourmont.

L' « Histoire littéraire de la France » et l'érudition bénédictine au siècle des Lumières

Illustrated throughout with many vignettes. Remy de Gourmont April 4, September 27, was a French Symbolist poet, novelist, and influential A bright, clean edition of the uncommon la vie amoureuse de madame du barry by Paul Reboux. Bound in quarter leather with marbled paper-covered boards, with gilt lettering and decoration. First edition Paul Reboux is the The basilica was consecrated on June 5, and replaced a church of the same name built in and restored in the 15th century Three volumes of works by Pierre Loti.

With original paper wraps bound with the text. Collated, each individual volume is complete. Pierre Loti was a French naval officer and novelist. He is best remembered for He is associated with neo-romanticism, and is best known for his play Cyrano de An illustrated copy of Champsaur's La Caravane en Folie. Flicien Champsaur was a French novelist and journalist. Illustrations by Fabius Lorenzi. Photographic frontispiece of a bust of Socrates. Numer of a limited print of five hundred printed on Japanese paper.

A history of the salon of the muse of Anatole France, Leontine Lippman. Illustrated with several plates. Signed by the author to the half-title. Ex libris William Tyrell. Tyrrell served in the Foreign Office from to He was Smart leather bound copy with gilt titles to spine. Text is in the original French. A limited edition copy of this famous work on the physiology of taste from Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. Illustrated with an engraved frontispiece. Limited to four hundred copies, of which this is numbered The book has not been A biography of Marie Anne de la Tremoille, lady of the Spanish court and daughter of the duc de Noirmoutier.

Dying at the age of 80, she played a central role at the Spanish Royal Court during the first years of the reign of Philip Preface by Gabriel Hanotaux. A French adventure novel from science fiction author Maurice Champagne. Illustrated throughout by Rene Giffey. Fourth edition. A collection of eight volumes of historical and biographical works.

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A critical examination of the works of four famous English authors from Andre Maurois. Limited edition. His novel 'Ariane, A French translation of Vincente Blasco Ibanez' successful novel. It was made into a American silent A scarce edition of this work by Philippe d'Estailleur-Chanteraine. With an ink inscription signed "from the author"Ex libris William Tyrell. He was private secretary to the Permanent Paul Souday born in Le Havre Aug. A limited copy of this French humorous tale. Illustrated throughout with colour vignettes by Joseph Hemard.

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Limited to copies printed on vellum, of which this is number A re-bound first edition of Bonnard's L'Argent. Abel Bonnard was a French poet, novelist and politician. Notes and Maxims on money. One of Andre Maurois' best-known works, in the original French. With an ink inscription by Andre Maurois to the title page. He was private secretary to A collection of twenty-four volumes of L'age Hereux, written in French and attractive leather binding. Dating from January to December , the volumes each have coloured title pages, as well as some coloured illustrations. A nicely illustrated copy of the the 'roman-memoires' of Charles Pinot Duclos.

The canonical form of French fiction for the majority of the s, the 'roman-memoires' were essentially pseudo-memories, novels written as memoirs, An attractive edition of this popular French Romance. A new translation by Pierre Champion limited to copies of which this is number Pierre Champion was a French historian and politician who published several historical manuscripts Andre Maurois' first novel. Andre Maurois was a French author. He joined the French A beautifully bound, illustrated, copy of Alphonse de Chateaubriant's novel. In an Alois Burdych Knihar Jaromer binding.

This book is numbered of copies printed on papier de rives'. With the original paper Two volumes of the complete, illustrated works of nobel prize-winning author Anatole France. Uniformly bound in half leather and marbled paper-covered boards, with gilt lettering and spine decoration. One volume bound with card covers. History, Legends and Myths This book contains the genealogy of the various black tribes of the Sudan and the history of the Kings after Muhammad. The text is in French. Prvost wrote romantic and psychological novels that combined With a dedication by the author.

Features a fold-out facsimile letter A limited edition print of this biographical work. This edition is numbered of from this print run printed on to vellum paper. With the original paper wraps and spine bound in to this work. Illustrated, with eight full page plates. Andre Maurois's biography of the poet, Lord Byron.

Complete in two volumes. Paris, , civ p. Paris, , xxxvi p. Paris, , xxxvni. Paris, , xcii p. Paris, , XLVin p. Paris, , xxxn- p.

"Le Tour de la France par deux enfants", ou l'école de la patrie - L'Express

Fossier, article supra, note 3. Voir aussi la notice sur Dom Rivet par J. Voir J. XLIII, , p. Ergebnisse, Bonn, L. Nijhoff, , passim. I, Paris, Impr. II, Gembloux, Duculot, , p. Voir les nombreux papiers et lettres du fonds d'Amersfoort A. I, Paris, libr. Robert, ouvr. Ricciardi, , p. Voir au t. II de VH. Tassin, Histoire, p. Delisle, Le cabinet des manuscrits, t.