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I. Legal Mobilization and Marriage Equality

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Special Issue: The Legacy of Stuart Scheingold | Special Issue: The Legacy of Stuart Scheingold

Roe and the politics of backlash: Countermobilization against the courts and abortion rights claiming. Unpublished manuscript. Producer and Director. Badlands [Motion picture]. United States of America: Warner Brothers. Days of heaven [Motion picture]. United States of America: Paramount Pictures. What the heck are you up to, Mr.

The Legal Mobilization Dilemma

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New York, 25 NY: Continuum. Schlesinger, A.

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Schneider, E. New York University Law Review, 61, Weapons of the weak: Everyday forms of peasant resistance. Michael Rogin — Political Theory, 30, — Silverstein, H. Unleashing rights: Law, meaning, and the animal rights movement. Skrentny, J. Regeneration through violence: The mythology of the American frontier, — Sokol, J. Studies seeks to bridge those divides. We encourage submissions from a broad range of legal scholars and welcome articles exemplifying different theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. We welcome submissions from an international group of scholars.

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