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Thank you from the heart of my bottom, Maurice! Thanks for the feedback. Did you use it the way he describes where you cleaned it and rubbed on a couple of drops with your finger? At that time it was the beginning of a saddle sore. I asked advice from the mechanics for the ride one tip got me thru the rest of the ride! Wear 2 pairs of shorts!

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It worked just fine for the next 3 days. I rode cross-country in Many of our group were having saddle sore problems the first week or so. One rider had to drop out of the tour. Some tried two pairs of cycling shorts with some success. A surgeon who was in our tour group told me to use diaper rash ointment — which is not water sweat soluble. My problems cleared up within a few days. I have always had problems with numbness, though, and have had to stand up every few miles.

I switched to an ISM seat three years ago and never have to stand up anymore. I now have ISM seats on my road bike, tandem and spinner.

What is a saddle sore?

I grew up on dairy farm so am very familiar with Bag Balm. I use it daily on my heels and elbows.

How to Adjust Your Bike Saddle to Reduce Soreness in Minutes

Your email address will not be published. By Fred Matheny A saddle sore can ruin a ride. If your seat is too high, your hips rock on each pedal stroke and strum your soft tissue across the nose of the saddle. The result is irritated skin and a greater chance of infection. Especially if you suffer from chronic saddle sores, have your position checked by an experienced coach or knowledgeable bike shop person.

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Read more about saddle sores from this pro bike fitter. Stand frequently. Doing so takes pressure off your crotch and restores circulation. Get in the habit of standing for seconds every few minutes. Use natural opportunities such as short hills, rough pavement or accelerating from stop signs. Move on the saddle. Sit mostly toward the rear where your sit bones get maximum support and take pressure off your crotch. But also move farther back on seated climbs, and more to the middle when bending low to make good time.

Each shift relieves pressure points. Choose a smooth chamois. It may take experimenting with shorts brands or chamois types to find the model that works best. Women often do better with shorts designed specifically for their anatomy and that have a liner with no center seam. See our article How to Choose Cycling Shorts. Select a supportive seat. Saddle choice is crucial.

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Excessively wide saddles rub your inner thighs. Thickly padded saddles can press upward between your sit bones, causing uncomfortable numbing pressure. The best choice for any individual rider can only be found through trial and error. Hopefully, your bike shop will have a saddle test-ride program or liberal trade-in policy. See our article How to Find a Safe Saddle.

Lube to reduce friction. To prevent the chamois from abrading skin, apply lubrication before each ride. Apply a dab the size of a nickel to your crotch before putting on your shorts.

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Keep clean. Always wear clean shorts for each ride. If you seem susceptible to saddle sores, you may find it helpful to wash your crotch with antibacterial soap and warm water before lubing up.

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Dry your skin well first. Strip quick. After a ride, get out of your sweaty, germy shorts as soon as possible. Advertising on our site helps support our mission.

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We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Schaefer offers five tips to help prevent cycling saddle sores and make your bike rides more comfortable. Bike saddles have different shapes and contours to accommodate how different cyclists ride and sit on their bikes. Your local bike shop can help you determine which seat will work best for you, Dr. Schaefer says. Managing moisture and germs in the saddle area is very important.

This helps keep pores clear and clean and helps avoid infection.

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Make sure you wear clean bike shorts each time you ride and remove them immediately after cycling. Wearing well-ventilated, breathable shorts and undergarments after biking allows the area to dry out thoroughly as well. Because pressure is also one of the culprits behind saddle sores, make sure you adjust your bike seat to fit the way you ride.

The saddle can move forward, backward and tilt, so take time to figure out what works best for you. Make sure about a third of your weight is on the saddle, another third is on your hands and the rest of your weight is on your feet, he says. If you are a recreational cyclist , investing in the right gear can help reduce saddle sores. A simple fix is to purchase a good pair of bike shorts with a built-in pad known as a chamois, Dr.