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Temple-hop and top your day with the best Khao Soi in town with our Local Expert and learn about the history behind each iconic temple. Apart from the golden Chiang Rai Clock Tower, there are a lot of small but unique temples that never seem to get crowded.

Does the name ring a bell? In Chiang Rai, you can shop without worrying about midday heat! Chiang Rai Night in the old city area opens daily, so you can always buy local handicrafts for souvenirs. The night bazaar is also a cultural experience with local food and traditional shows. Of course, traditional arts and crafts and Northern-style street food are to be expected, but where else can you join traditional Thai dance with locals? While the Golden Triangle has a dark history of drug trafficking, the area is now safe and has become one of the most popular destinations in Chiang Rai.

There is also the golden Big Buddha enshrined on a boat.

If you plan a longer stay, you can even take a cruise to Laos or Xishuangbanna in China. Let your feet touch the soil of three lands in one day — explore the golden triangle, Laos Market and Myanmar border with our friendly Local Expert. Rent a bike and cycle along the old city wall to the ruins of temples around Chiang Saen.

The area is still a hidden gem and also green, so you can escape not only the crowds but also the heat. Drop by Chiang Saen National Museum for more history and antiquities. Two hours away from Chiang Rai city center is Phu Chi Fa, one of the most popular spot to view the sea of mist and sunrise among Thai travelers that remains somewhat under the radar among foreign visitors.

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Pointing to the sky as its name says, the silhouette of Phu Chi Fa peak against the sunrise is a stunningly unique sight. Phu Chi Fa straddles the border of Thailand and Laos, so you can see the Mekong River, forests and mountains in the other side after the mist is gone. While you can enjoy the sea of mist at Phu Chi Fa all year round, visit in December or January for wild Himalayan cherry blossoms. Few people have been there, even Thai locals. This makes Doi Pha Tang a great destination for explorers.

Apart from panoramic views of mist and clouds from Hill , Hill and Hill the peak that rises 1, meters into the sky , Doi Pha Tang is unique with rock cliffs that look as if they were torn apart or Chong Pha Kad.

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Look through the cliff gate and when the waves of mist dissipate, you can see the Mekong River and Laotian valleys down below. Singha Park is a property of Boon Rawd Brewery.

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I worked in the metal industry for a short period of time and then I moved to Chiang Mai, where I worked for a semi-industrial jewelry company for about five years, until I decided to start my own workshop at home and work on my designs. They were pieces of black timber with little white stripes, and I choose this type of wood because the color creates a nice contrast with the silver. I cut the wood into small pieces and assemble them with various components in various forms. The beautiful girls dance barefoot with great smiles, graceful and delicate movements in their elaborate costumes.

The dances are hypnotic and follow lovely rhythms made from oriental musical instruments. Traditional Dances of Thailand have ancient roots and have been used to entertain guests over the centuries. In ancient time, most of the dances were a prerogative of the Royal Court and were performed by young and pretty girls.

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Nowadays they are performing throughout the country on special events and popular festivals, as well as in many restaurants and theatres as attractions for tourists. The traditional costumes are always very refined and richly decorated, complemented by gold headdresses.

The hairstyle is often embellished by orchid flowers. The dancers are very young and graceful because their intense workout; their young bodies extremely flexible allow sinuous movements and unexpected twists. The fingers, for example, twist to back up to the wrist. Observing a Traditional Thai Dance you are immediate perceive the link with the theatre, as if the performers are more actors than dancers.

Traditional Dances of Thailand can be divided into three main categories: Khon and Lakhon , which are the most classic forms of Thai Dance, and Fawn Thai , which includes different forms of folk dances. Khon is the most stylised form of Thai dance. In the past, this Thai masked dance was only performed for the Royal Family. It is now performed outside of the Royal Court, however, it is still considered to be one of the highest art forms in Thailand. Most of the dancers are men that wear elaborate costumes and masks to portray different characters.

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Khon characters include demons, monkeys, humans and celestial beings. The dance may require agility and muscular exertion. Dancers are accompanied by a chorus in the background and a Thai piphat orchestra, which usually consists of percussion and wind instruments. Lakhon is less formal than Khon and the dancers do not wear masks. The costumes and stage settings are usually much more lavish than in the other forms of Thai dance.

The rich costumes and golden hats shaped as stupa are inspired by the clothes of Kingdom of Ayutthaya. The lower half of the body does not move as much as the top, which with graceful and sensual movements of torso and hands throughout the performance portray different emotions. Dancers are mostly graceful women that perform together as a group rather than representing individual roles in a performance.