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Unsolicited, they all reported a reduction in their symptoms. They walked more easily. Tremors seemed to subside.

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They were in better moods. He helped design a pilot study that involved twice-weekly drumming classes for 10 Parkinson's patients over a six-week period. The results, published last year in the journal Movement Disorders — Clinical Practice , showed that the classes improved the quality of life for the participants.

Pantelyat strongly believes that music has the power to heal more than Parkinson's patients. The Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine, which he co-directs, hopes to accelerate research in this nascent field. Alongside its mission to heal musicians, the center will explore how to make music an integral part of treating illness and develop therapies that improve quality of life for stroke victims and those with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, autism, and other diseases.

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It also hopes to create innovative roles for performers in clinical settings. The center will support ongoing projects like Parkinsonics, a study led by Pantelyat to evaluate the effect of group vocal training and performance on the quality of life for Parkinson's patients, whose voices frequently become softer and speech less distinct, and who have trouble swallowing, as the disease progresses.

When a person sings, Pantelyat says, he activates muscles involved in both the act of speaking and swallowing. In Alzheimer's patients, music has been shown to stimulate memory and reduce agitation.

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It's incredible how little we know," he says. Tagged alzheimer's disease , parkinson's disease , sound healing , music as treatment. Studying music as the prescription.

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Patients who come to see child psychiatrists like Dr. Jim Hudziak at the Vermont Center for Children, Youth, and Families may leave with a prescription, but it often is not for a medication.

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As part of a model he developed called The Vermont Family Based Approach VFBA , there is increased emphasis on incorporating wellness and health promotion strategies into the overall treatment plan. To get there requires attention to domains such as nutrition, parental mental health, sleep, mindfulness, and physical activity, often given short shrift in traditional approaches.

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Music and the arts are also highly encouraged within the VFBA. While participation in music and the arts is widely viewed as positive for child development, how it affects the brain remains only partially understood. To investigate this question further and to bolster the scientific evidence behind the push for more involvement in music, Dr. The subjects for the study were typically developing children without psychiatric illness between the ages of 6 and 18, all of whom received structural MRI scans at up to three different time points.

With these serial MRI scans the examiners were able to see how the thickness of the brain cortex changed with age.

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The amount of musical training a child had was also measured to see if this variable interacted with age in its association to cortical thickness. The average time playing an instrument was about two years. Results of the Study. The main result of the study was that years of musical training were indeed related to age-related cortical thinning.