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Sulfites must remain at low levels in organic wine. Organic wineries also avoid chemical cleaners, maintaining hygiene through the use of certified organic products, hot water and steam. Visit site in Search.

Organic Foods: What You Need to Know

Visit Us Visit Us Discover our cellar doors and tasting rooms, winery restaurants, vineyard accommodation, wine tours and experiences. Our Regions New Zealand's distinctive winegrowing regions each have unique soils and climatic conditions that are expressed in the wines produced. Geographical Indications. Our Winestyles Our temperate maritime climate allows a wide range of wine varieties to flourish.

How to Treat Disease with Citrus Trees

Sauvignon Blanc. Sustainability Dig a little deeper into how our winemakers and grape growers are helping their natural environment, local businesses and communities to thrive. Sustainable Winegrowing NZ. Our people, Our stories.

Organic Garden Disease Control - Small Footprint Family

I just found you on the Saturday sho and tell and I am bookmarking this post to refer to later. I think that my garden is a breeding ground for pests. Flea beetles and cucumber beetles to be specific. I used to be pretty grossed out by picking them off and squishing them, but that is what I am doing now.

I also picked up some diatomaceous earth which I have heard works well on pests. I have never heard of horsetail but it sounds like something I am going to have to try in my garden! I had a lot of problems with leaf spot caused by fungus on my tomatoes last year so I am trying to be preventative this year instead of playing catch-up. Thanks for sharing your tips! Is Your Sunscreen Safe?

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Honey-Ginger Sore Throat Syrup. Coconut Milk Shampoo Sticks. How to Grow Beets Organically. How to Grow Peas Organically. How to Ready Your Barn for the Winter. Foodprints Money Savers Natural Parenting. Can Shopping Change the World? SFF may receive commissions from purchases made through links in this article.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. About the author. View All Posts. Click here to comment. Anurag Goel. John Joseph. Maya Goel. Mojo Plantation. Salma Jafarali. SR Sundararaman. Sujata Goel. Posted By : Amita Bhaduri. Posted Date : Sun, Organic farming methods the only save for health of soil and farmer's livelihoods. It uses the farm waste and farmers save on buying seeds and fertilizers: A win win for all.

Crop production and plan protection in organic farming This paper by S R Sundararaman presents organic farming as the only recourse for farmers, to save both livelihood and the health of the soil. Techniques for application of herbal repellents This presentation by Salma Jafarali, begins with a discussion on the adverse effects of pesticides, components of Integrated Pest Management such as biological c ontrol by natural predators, cultural methods, mechanical methods, bio-pesticides and use of herbal repellents.

Prevent Disease with Smart Gardening Practices

Biological pest management This presentation by M John Joseph, Tamilaga Ulavar Tholilnupta, Kalagam deals with how organic farming shows a way to minimize the hazardous effect of chemicals. Enhancing plant defense mechanisms for disease management This paper by Anurag, Sujata and Maya Goel of Mojo Plantation, Karnataka discusses how use of chemicals and pesticides has degraded lands and water bodies all over the world.

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