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Inside Vatican Museums and St. Peters' Basilica there is an itinerary dedicated to visitors on a wheelchair. No cameras or video equipment permitted inside Sistine Chapel. Guests may experience long lines to enter some venues. Lockers are not available at the mentioned sites. Guests are required to use headsets provided at the Vatican and must return them at end of tour or pay a substantial fee of 50 EUR.

Should St. Peter's Basilica have a special event or mass service, guides will give an outside explanation only and guests will then enter on their own. Should your guide determine that the queue at St. Peter's Basilica security check point is longer than a minute wait, they will forego the interior visit of the Basilica and provide you with a full explanation and description while outside. Please note that an additional walking portion of 0. Therefore, additional walk will be required for guests to access the main venues.

Tour sequence may vary. Experience Italy's natural beauty while on a boat cruise across tranquil Lake Bracciano before enjoying free time to wander around Trevignano Romano's medieval town, plus sip local wine among the picturesque Etruscan countryside. Relax in a motor coach that transports you out of Rome's bustle and into the peaceful hillsides skirting Lake Bracciano.

Feel the wind through your hair as you cast away on a motorboat that glides across the placid blue waters of the region's second-largest lake. Hear tales of ancient civilizations back in B. The discovery continues in a local winery where you'll not only trace the history and traditional methods of Etruscan wine-making, but also sample a selection of fine wines served with ham bruschetta and Italian olive oil. Soak in the authentic flavors before making your way back to the pier in Civitavecchia.

Boat ride subject to weather conditions. In case of adverse weather, the ride to Trevignano will be by coach. Begin your Tour with a short Private shuttle ride to Civitavecchia Train station, where you will board an Express air-conditioned Train for a leisurely 40 mins no-stop ride to Rome. An escort will take you by shuttle bus to the Civitavecchia train station where you'll catch a high-speed train to St.

Peter's Station in Rome. During the train ride to Rome, your tour escort will give you suggestions on the best way to enjoy your independent time in the Eternal City. You will arrive at St. Peter's station located few minutes away from the Vatican City and have approx 5 hrs to explore Rome as you wish. Discover Rome's amazing historical sites and vibrant culture at your own pace. Wander through the shops, sample authentic Italian cuisine at local restaurants or venture further and discover as many of Rome's treasures as you wish.

At the appointed time, you will return to St. Peter's train station, where you will meet your tour escort and continue for your ride back to Civitavecchia. Peter's train station. Consider physical fitness and medical history when selecting tour. Guests with concerns should consult their personal physician.

No tank tops or shorts. Peter's Basilica might close at any given time, without previous notice. Lockers are not available at many sites. Escort will designate a time and place to rejoin your train for return to ship. The train ride from pier to Rome is approximately 40 minutes each way. This panoramic tour of Rome - the Eternal City - takes you to some of Europe's most glorious sights in seated comfort, so keep your camera ready.

Ride to the city through scenic Etruscan countryside, with sparkling views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. At St. Peter's Square and enjoy approx. Peter's Square: Enjoy approx.. Vehicles are adapted with an access ramp or lift where available. Use of a motorized scooter is not guaranteed. Guests are not permitted to stand on ramp to be lifted into vehicle. Must be secured onboard ship at Shore Excursions Desk. Participation limited. Guests will enjoy approximately 45 minutes free time at St. Guests should expect long lines to enter St.

No tank tops or shorts in the churches. Peter's Basilica have a mass service, entrance may be restricted. These safety precautions are beyond the control of the local tour operator. Most shops are closed on Sundays and holidays and maintain seasonal hours. See the essential sights of the Italian capital in a smaller group, limited to 26 guests per vehicle.

At the Vatican, you'll tour St. Peter's Basilica and the museums, including the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo. Enjoy an outside visit of the massive Colosseum amphitheater, site of ancient Roman spectacles, and admire the Baroque splendor of the Trevi Fountain. Relax on a commentated panoramic drive that will showcase key monuments and landmarks. Should your guide determine that the queue at the Roman Forum is longer than 45 minutes, the guide will forego the inside visit and provide guests with a full explanation while outside.

Please be aware that lockers are NOT available at this site. Guests in wheelchairs and those with other mobility challenges should not select this tour. Short pants, tank tops and revealing clothing are not acceptable and guests wearing these items may not be allowed to enter. The drive between Civitavecchia and Rome is approximately 90 minutes each way, depending on traffic.

Peter's Basilica, the guide will provide commentary outside and guests will enter on their own. Access may be restricted during mass. Depending upon the number of people in the Basilica, it may be closed for security reasons without previous notice. These safety precautions are beyond the control of the local tour operator or Royal Caribbean International.

If the wait at the St. Peter's Basilica security checkpoint is longer than 45 minutes, the guide will forego the inside visit and provide you with a full explanation and description while outside. The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel are closed on Sundays and religious holidays, in which case the tour will instead visit the Roman Catacombs. Guests will be responsible for missing headsets. The Vatican Museums and St. On Sundays and public holidays, the majority of the shops will be closed and only souvenir shops will be open.

Due to new traffic regulations in Rome, big motor coaches have limited access around city center. Explore Rome's fascinating history among ancient ruins and at the sacred St. Stroll the remains of the Forum, the heart of Roman life during antiquity, and follow the ceremonial road into the imposing Colosseum amphitheater for an outside visit. At the Vatican, admire the Renaissance splendors of St.

Peter's Basilica, the world's largest church. Top off your tour with a visit to Trevi Fountain, a Baroque landmark. Peter's Basilica: This holiest of churches at the Vatican is an architectural marvel decorated with works by Renaissance masters. The drive between Civitavecchia and Rome is approximately 90 minutes, depending on traffic. Shop opening hours often vary by season. The tour order may vary.

Peters Basilica, guests will be required to walk approximately 0. Explore the highlights of Rome. This family excursion limits your guided tour so you can spend approx. Upon arriving, your knowledgeable guide will take you to marvel at the classical architecture of the Colosseum exterior view. Here you will learn how gladiators, Christians, and wild animals battled to the death while 50, people seated throughout the amphitheater watched in amazement. The Arch of Titus is located near the Forum. It was erected in 81 AD by Domitian to commemorate family, politics, and religion.

Please note that lunch is not included. Guests walk two miles over even and cobblestone surfaces with some steps. This tour is not suggested for guests with walking difficulties or using a wheelchair. Lunch is at the guest's own expense. This tour drops you off near St. Any guest who misses the return coach is responsible for securing alternate transportation to the ship at his or her additional expense.

Guests who plan to visit the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica and other venues. Please be aware that lockers are NOT available at the above mentioned sites. Conceived as an evolution of the Ape, the little commercial vehicle launched in , which got Italian transportation and small businesses on the move again after the Second World War, the Ape Calessino soon became an icon of Italian style. Following your journey into the Eternal city, your escort will lead you to St.

Peter's Square and after setting the designated final meeting point will accompany you to the Ape Tour Starting point.

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On board of your "Ape Calessino" you will pass by the most interesting and significant monuments that the Eternal City has to offer. An Actual Grand Tour of Rome and of its major monuments. At the end of the "Ape Calessino" tour you will have some free time approx 2 hrs. Peter's Square before meeting again your tour escort at the designated final meeting point to rejoin the coach for the drive back to the pier. The duration of the Ape tour is approx. Lunch is not included in the tour. Peter's Basilica must be aware that proper attire that covers shoulders and legs must be worn by both men and women in St.

Peter's Basilica - mini-skirts, shorts and capri pants are not acceptable. In addition, visitors are often required to check large bags, video cameras and bottled water at a desk. Peter's Basilica, your entrance may be restricted. Peter's Basilica, guests will be required to walk approximately 0. The order of the tour may be reversed or altered depending on traffic or local conditions. Stroll through the historic city of Rome on your own and at your own pace. This city is full of art, piazzas and open-air markets. Guests with mobility issues should not select this tour.

Guests walk over even, uneven cobblestones, inclines and steps. A strict dress code is enforced to visit St. Due to new traffic regulations, should the bus not be allowed to pick up guests close to St. Take a ride on an eco-friendly vehicle through the sprawling compound of the Pontifical Villas, where popes have relaxed on summer retreats for centuries. Stop in the proximity of the farmhouse from where every day milk, yogurts, meat, eggs, fruit, olive oil and wine are sent to Vatican City. Depending on availability you may even get to sample one of their products before spending an hour of free time dining independently in Castel Gandolfo with views of Lake Albano.

Angel Castle. Inside the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica, there is an itinerary dedicated to guests using a wheelchair. Since this route is not the same used by groups, wheelchair guests will explore independently and miss a large part of guide's commentary. Some wait time may occur. An additional walking portion of. The drive to Castel Gandolfo is approximately 2 hours. The drive from Vatican City to port is approximately 1. Tour does not include lunch. It is very important for guests to be aware that they will be responsible for the headset devices provided.

You will be sightseeing on your own. Guests must be able to walk approximately yards over uneven cobblestone surfaces. Rome is not a wheelchair-friendly city. Guests will receive a Smart Cruise Tour Device one per couple with a battery that will last approximately 6 hours. Tour escort will designate a time and place to rejoin your coach for return to ship. Large bags, backpacks and oversized purses not permitted inside the Vatican Museums, St. Guests who miss the return transportation will be responsible for getting back to the ship.

Prohibidas camisetas de tirantes y pantalones cortos. El precio no incluye comida ni entradas. Es necesario entrada no incluida para entrar al Coliseo. La ruta puede variar. Code: CV11 Prices: Adult Discover architectural and artistic treasures of the Italian Renaissance at leading sights in the Eternal City. Visit such landmarks as the Spanish Steps, the Baroque-style Trevi Fountain and the ancient Pantheon, converted to a church where great artists like Raphael are buried. Here after guide's commentary, you will have approximately 60 minutes free time to enjoy lunch on your own and to explore the surrounding area.

Peter's Basilica, the largest church in the world. Guests must be able to walk 3. Peter's Basilica, the guide s will discuss its significance and features outside. Guests may opt to visit inside on their own for set amount of time. A strict dress code is enforced in St. Access to the St. Most stores, except souvenir shops, are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Code: CV01 Prices: Adult Savor authentic Roman fare and wine in a local restaurant. Then drive to the Colosseum and Roman Forum for an exterior view before visiting St.

Visit the St. Peter in Chains and admire the famous statue of Moses by Michelangelo. Guests must be able to walk approximately 3 miles over even and cobblestone surfaces, including inclines, with approximately steps and endure extended periods of standing. For both Vatican Museums and St. Should your guide determine that the queue at the St.

You will be provided more free time to compensate for not entering the Basilica. Peter's Basilica feature an itinerary for wheelchair users. Since this route is not the same used by groups , guests in a wheelchair would be on their own and miss a large portion of the guide's commentary. Code: CV13 Prices: Adult Embark on a half-day guided tour, as you listen along to commentary via headset.

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See the enormous exterior of the ancient Colosseum amphitheater, toss a coin into the famous Trevi Fountain, and follow your Guide for an exterior visit of the Roman Forum. Then roam around independently at St. This tour is not suggested for guests with walking difficulties or those using a wheelchair. Short shorts, tank tops and revealing clothing are not acceptable and guests wearing these items may not be allowed to enter.

Long queues are to be expected to enter St. This safety precautions are beyond the control of the local tour operator or Royal Caribbean. In addition to English this tour is offered in French, German, Italian. Code: CV25 Prices: Adult Take in the warm colors of the Etruscan countryside, explore the layered history of Tuscania, and enjoy homemade delicacies at a local farmhouse.

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Enjoy a guided walk through narrow cobblestone lanes of charming Tuscania, taking in the surrounding valleys. Then drive to a family-owned farmhouse to sample olive oils with typical bruschetta bread, tomatoes, homemade jam and honey, along with local wine and liquor. Code: CV23 Prices: Adult Enjoy the beauty of the Eternal City during a narrated drive, taking you through the colorful Etruscan countryside to some of the most impressive and famous monuments in Rome.

Keep your camera handy for photo opportunities galore from your coach: the Aurelian Walls, Colosseum, Via Veneto, the symbol of the Piazza Venezia, Circus Maximus and more. Then spend some free time strolling St. Peter's Square in Vatican City; marvel at the view of the magnificent St. Peter's Basilica, the largest in the world. Guests must be able to walk approximately 0.

Please be aware that St. This tour is designed for those guests who have walking difficulties, are not able to handle steps or extended periods of walking or standing. Guests must be able to negotiate the steps of the coach. Peter's Square to the coach parking. Guests are advised that long queues to enter St. Should a mass be taking place in St. Peter's Basilica, the entrance may be restricted. Depending upon the number of people in the basilica, it may be closed for security reasons without previous notice.

Guests will meet guide at designated time and place to rejoin bus for drive to ship. Guests failing to meet guide at designated time must arrange their own transportation back to ship. No tank tops or shorts in St. Tour sequence may vary and routes altered depending on traffic or local conditions. Due to new traffic regulations, should the bus not be allowed to pick up guests close to the St.

Peters Basilica guests will be required to walk approximately 0. Code: CV45 Prices: Adult Discover a treasure trove of Tuscan wonders on a full-day excursion that packs in the Renaissance charms of Florence and the architectural gems of Pisa, plus plenty of independent exploration in each city. Join a specialized guide for a narrated stroll through Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance.

Snap photos of the stone Ponte Vecchio bridge and stand before the Church of Santa Croce, burial place for the Italian monarchy. You will have approximately two hours to roam, shop, and dine on your own. Before moving on to explore nearby Pisa, you will enjoy a Tuscan tasting of local delicacies accompanied by a glass of red wine.

The walking distance between the Field of Miracles and the bus parking area is approximately 15 minutes each way. A Tuscan tasting included at the end of the guided tour. The drive from Pisa to Livorno is approximately 45 minutes. Unlock the highlights and hidden treasures of Florence on a 7. Kick off the day with a comfortable coach drive past Tuscany's picturesque hillsides and world famous vineyards. A local leather shop is your first stop, where you can pick up handcrafted items.

You'll then be dropped off along the Arno River in the heart of Florence and take a short walk to Santa Croce square, home to an ornate Franciscan church. This serves as your launching point for a guided city tour in a motorized cart. Enjoy an overview of Renaissance glories as your guide points out notable architecture and prominent landmarks.

You'll then be granted nearly three hours to explore as you wish, whether it's browsing world-renowned art galleries, hitting street markets for authentic souvenirs, or dining on delectable Tuscan cuisine. Fine wine, sweet gelato, bubbling fountains and the gigantic Duomo — you'll discover it all in Florence with the ease and convenience of a return coach drive back to Livorno. Start your accessible shore excursion to Pisa and Lucca by meeting your guide and driver at the Livorno cruise dock. Board your wheelchair accessible van, and enjoy a beautiful drive into the scenic town of Pisa.

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Explore the Field of Miracles with your guide giving you a brief history of the surrounding monuments, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There is no elevator inside the tower, but you'll have wonderful photo opportunities from the outside! Both have wheelchair friendly ramped entrances. Escorted by your guide, you will take a stroll along the medieval wall around the city that has a smooth, pedestrianized route with accessible ramps. There will also be time to enjoy a lunch on your own. Begin your day when your friendly guide and accessible van meet you at the cruise dock.

Head out on a comfortable drive to the beautiful city of Florence for a memorable day exploring the highlights of the city. Start out by visiting the world-famous Accademia Gallery, the home of Michelangelo's sculpture David! Browse the many exhibitions of the gallery as your guide shares fascinating history and anecdotes with you. After a delicious Italian lunch on your own, you'll visit Piazzale Michelangelo for a breathtaking view of the city before returning to the Livorno cruise dock.

This small group tour is designed to be accessible for all guests. Embrace the rural charms of Tuscany while on a four-hour countryside sojourn that includes a horse-drawn carriage ride around a local farm followed by a guided tasting of antipasti paired with regional wine varieties. Travel in a comfortable motor coach through picturesque Tuscany, a fertile interior where wine-making first started with the Etruscans back in the 8th century B.

You'll pass tiny medieval villages surrounded by olive groves and admire hillsides dappled with grapevines. Upon arrival at a local farmhouse you'll take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage around the property, learning about how they grow and produce their fine products in the warm Mediterranean climate and how the sunlight and altitude affects the balanced flavor of Sangiovese grapes. Then savor a sampling of red, white and sweet dessert wine, all of which are served with house-made salami, cheeses, and warm focaccia bread fresh out of the farmhouse oven. This half-day outing offers an authentic taste of Tuscany in the most delicious way imaginable.

Discover the coastal cultural charms of three Cinque Terre villages while on a nine-hour trip that lets you savor Italian cuisine in Monterosso, walk around Manarola's historic landmarks, and stroll the tiny harbor in Riomaggiore. In a family-owned restaurant you'll be treated to a spread of Ligurian specialties including homemade pasta with herb pesto, fresh swordfish and vegetables, plus sweet desserts and fine Italian wine. You'll continue the discovery among the colorful villas of Manarola, believed to be the oldest of the five seaside villages.

Your guide will share about the Gothic and Baroque stylings of San Lorenzo church and showcase the town's medieval fortress ruins. Your final stop in the easternmost village of Riomaggiore offers free time to walk across pebble beaches, snap postcard-worthy photos of its town tucked among plunging cliffsides, discover churches dating back to the 14th century, or see a castle built during the Genovese Republic era. Then reflect on the day's discoveries on the return trip back to Livorno. The drive between pier and Levanto train station is approximately 90 minutes.

Code: LV73 Prices: Adult Explore Pisa's rich history, as you embark on a scenic river cruise, then ride a trolley car to see the city's significant landmarks. Voyage along the Arno River as your guide points out notable sites while you relish a tasty Italian gelato. Join a guided tour of Pisa's Field of Miracles via trolley car and behold the famous 12th-century Leaning Tower of Pisa bell tower. Enjoy 45 minutes to explore the square independently. Drive to meet boat at San Rossore National Reserve approximately 50 minutes.

Code: LV85 Prices: Adult Explore the birthplace of the Renaissance, as you embark on a city tour of Florence via comfortable wheelchair-accessible coach. Travel via coach through the wine-producing hills of Tuscany, briefly stopping in a local leather factory before exploring Florence on your own. Visit Piazza del Duomo, home to one of Europe's largest cathedrals, or the gothic Church of Santa Croce, burial place of famous Italians, or taste sweet Italian gelato as you stroll streets.

Explore the historic maritime city of Pisa at your own pace, with the convenience of an escorted transfer back to port. Stroll through the Field of Miracles, where you'll receive a map, and then freely roam the city independently. Behold the 12th-century Leaning Tower, Pisa's most renowned landmark famous for its protruding tilt, caused by an inadequate original foundation. See palaces and cathedrals, walk along the Arno River, or enjoy a tasty Italian meal. Experience the birthplace of the Renaissance at your own pace, as you enjoy approximately three hours of independent exploration in Florence.

Peter, which dangles over the jagged oceanfront of the Ligurian coast. Avoid the traffic and travel to Florence via train, arriving in the heart of the city for four hours of independent exploration. If you have already been to Florence, you will probably want to explore this glorious city again at your leisure. Begin with a relaxing one-hour train ride in a train car with air conditioning and restrooms for your comfort and outlets for charging all your electronic devices. See masterpieces from da Vinci, Michelangelo and more in the many museums, including the Uffizi Gallery and the Palatine Gallery.

Cross the River Arno on the Ponte Vecchio, the famous medieval bridge — jewelry shops have occupied this stone bridge since the 16th century. Debes ser capaz de caminar aproximadamente 1,5 km por superficies irregulares, con pendientes, unos 4 escalones y estar de pie mucho tiempo. El tiempo para comprar es aproximadamente de 45 minutos en Pisa y 90 minutos en Florencia. Code: LV06 Prices: Adult Explore the birthplace of the Renaissance, as you embark on a guided walking tour of Florence before enjoying three hours to roam on your own.

Traverse the city at your own pace, eating pasta and paninis, visiting renowned galleries and museums, wandering the leather market, or exploring Ponte Vecchio bridge. Your licensed guide will be met in Florence. A minimum of 20 guests are needed for the tour to run in a different language. Code: LV05 Prices: Adult Explore the rich heritage of two remarkable Tuscan cities as you embark on a tour of Pisa's architectural masterpieces and Florence's Renaissance landmarks.

Marvel at the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa as you meander around the Field of Miracles independently for approximately 45 minutes. Behold Florence's colossal Piazza del Duomo, home to one of Europe's largest cathedrals. Savor tasty Florentine cuisine before stopping by the city's gothic-style Church of Santa Croce. Guests must be of legal age to consume alcohol. Code: LV01 Prices: Adult Explore the birthplace of the Renaissance on a guided tour of Florence's historical landmarks and renowned museums and enjoy a traditional Florentine meal.

Visit Accademia Museum, where you'll view Michelangelo's "David" statue, and paintings by Renaissance masters. Behold one of Europe's largest cathedrals in Piazza del Duomo, then fill up on tasty Italian cuisine at a local restaurant. Code: LV02 Prices: Adult Explore two of Tuscany's enchanting hillside villages in one tour, San Gimignano and Volterra, plus visit a rustic farmhouse to enjoy a tasty Tuscan meal. Wander streets in "the Town of Fine Towers", while viewing striking medieval architecture and sipping the town's renowned white wine. Relax in a cozy farmhouse, where you'll savor a selection of Tuscan cuisine.

Enjoy free time in Volterra, passing remarkable piazzas and the 1st century Roman theater. Code: LV03 Prices: Adult See Pisa's essential sights as you embark on a guided walking tour of the town's prominent square before setting out on your own. Learn about the historical edifices in the Field of Miracles, as your guide illustrates the Tuscan city's rich heritage.

Behold the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, a 12th-century bell tower known for its protruding tilt. Explore the area independently, where you can shop, visit the cathedral, or stroll beside the Arno River. Its threatening tilt has been monitored for centuries. Guests must be able to walk approximately half of a mile over paved flat surfaces with steps. Walking will be at guests' discretion. Guests failing to meet return bus are responsible for finding their own way back to ship.

Entrance to the Cathedral is not guaranteed. Code: LV29 Prices: Adult With your knowledgeable driver and your tour guide, you and up to five guests will design an itinerary based what you want to see and do. See iconic city sights, or go beyond to create your own intimate connections and unique cultural encounters. No tank tops or shorts religious sites. Code: LV25 Prices: Adult With your knowledgeable diver and tour guide, you and up to two guests will design an itinerary based what you want to see and do. Treat your tastebuds to Provence's delightful flavors on a seven-hour small-group sojourn in Aix-en-Provence, as you taste your way around local markets and eateries, plus enjoy free time to further your tantalizing gastronomic exploration among the hillside village of Aix-en-Provence.

Its upscale appeal and leafy pathways inspired famous artist Paul Cezanne — and today its delectable cuisine will inspire you. Indulge in Provencal food culture on a guided walking tour around historic food shops, farmers' markets and an artisanal coffee roastery. Along the way you'll savor sweet samples of cakes, macarons and candied fruit. You'll eat French olives, cheese, ham, honey and seasonal produce grown in area fields.

French espresso, hot chocolate and Provence's signature rose wine will satisfy your thirst. And you'll even have three hours of free time to admire the town's varied architecture, shop along fountain-lined Cours Mirabeau, or lunch on more excellent French food before heading back to the pier.

Approximately 10 - 12 tastings are guaranteed, including at least one drink stop coffee or wine or both, when possible. See the centuries-old history and seaside culture of Marseille come to life on a three-hour double-decker bus ride that leads you past city landmarks including Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica and the colorful Old Port. Board an open-top sightseeing bus furnished with complimentary Wi-Fi and multilingual audio equipment.

Then sit back and enjoy a relaxing yet fascinating trip around Marseille's cityscapes, as you trace the legacy of a significant trading center dating back to B. Travel along La Corniche coastal roadway, relishing views of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea along the way.

Then behold the city's crown jewel as you glimpse Notre-Dame de La Garde standing high above the skyline. Enjoy a passing glimpse of Saint-Victor Abbey, one of the oldest buildings in town, en route to the Old Port. The twin fortresses flanking either side of the harbor are equally impressive. Min height: 57" Max height: 76" Min weight: pounds Max weight: pounds Duration: 8 hrs Departure Times: am. Experience the magical landscapes, villages and flavors of Provence from a unique perspective as you embark on a full-day bicycling journey from Saint-Remy through scenic countryside, plus enjoy wine and olive oil tasting at Moulin du Calanquet.

Head out along backroads that lead you through the iconic landscapes of Provence. Rolling countryside past villages tucked among hillsides, medieval relics, green olive trees and bright blue skies are all part of the photo-worthy backdrop. A stop at Moulin du Calanquet, a family-owned olive mill, gives you the chance to taste the rich olive oils and fine wines for which Provence is known the world over. Tantalize your taste buds on a four-hour gastronomic exploration of Marseille, as you taste your way around the artisan eateries, grocery stores and seafood markets of the historic Vieux-Port and La Panier districts.

A shuttle bus will transport your small group of foodies to the heart of Vieux-Port, Marseille's old port district that has served as a crossroads of trade since B. Breathe in the briny aroma of a quay-side market where local fishmongers sell their fresh catches. Wander along the boat-lined waterfront, tasting French olive oil and olive tapenade along the way. You'll even learn the spiritual significance of the Navette biscuit, a Provencal signature.

Then make your way into Le Panier, which translates to "The Basket" and serves as the city's oldest quarter dating back to its original Greek settlement. Embrace the artsy, trendy vibe of the sidewalk cafes and atelier workshops that line these charming streets. A selection of French ham and cheeses will be yours to savor as you learn all about the culinary heritage of southern France.

You are then free to return to the port or linger a while longer before finding your own way back. Code: MR45 Prices: Adult Discover the rich 17th- and 18th-century history of Aix-en-Provence, on a guided walk through this charming university town. Following a scenic you will arrive in Aix, the former capital of Provence. Stroll along the tree-lined Cours Mirabeau, and gaze at elegant mansions and cascading fountains, on your way toward the cobblestone streets of the Old Town.

Beinn Bhreagh , Nova Scotia , Canada. University of Edinburgh University College London. Mabel Hubbard m. Gardiner G. Hubbard father-in-law David C. Bell uncle Gilbert H. Re-identified in , Bell made this wax-disc recording of his voice in Main article: Invention of the telephone. Main article: Elisha Gray and Alexander Bell telephone controversy. Further information: The Telephone Cases. Further information: Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia. Main article: Photophone. Play media. Main article: HD See also: Bell Telephone Memorial. This list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

To the end of his days, when discussing himself, Bell would always add with pride "I am a teacher of the deaf". When he moved to Canada in , Canadian and British citizenship were functionally identical, with Canadian citizenship only becoming a formal classification in He applied for American citizenship after , gained it in , and referred to himself as an American citizen from that point on. Quote from Bell speaking to his wife: "you are a citizen because you can't help it — you were born one, but I chose to be one.

On October 24, , in Brantford, Ontario, the Governor General spoke at the unveiling of the Bell Telephone Memorial to an audience numbering in the thousands, saying: "Dr. Bell is to be congratulated upon being able to receive the recognition of his fellow citizens and fellow countrymen". Bell's dislike of the telephone. Of course, he never had one in his study. That was where he went when he wanted to be alone with his thoughts and his work.

The telephone, of course, means intrusion by the outside world. And the little difficulties and delays often attending the establishment of conversation But all really important business over the telephone he transacted himself. There are few private houses more completely equipped with telephones than ours Bell was more particular about than our telephone service We never could have come here [to Beinn Bhreagh] in the first place or continued here, but for the telephone which kept us in close touch with doctors and neighbors and the regular telegraph office Bell did like to say in fun, "Why did I ever invent the Telephone," but no one had a higher appreciation of its indispensableness or used it more freely when need was—either personally or by deputy —and he was really tremendously proud of it and all it was accomplishing.

It received its historical designation from the Government of Canada on June 1, Mabel's exact age when she became deaf would later play a part in the debate on the effectiveness of manual versus oral education for deaf children , as children who are older at the onset of deafness retain greater vocalization skills and are thus more successful in oral education programs.

Some of the debate centred on whether Mabel had to relearn oral speech from scratch, or whether she never lost it. It was invented in Brantford at Tutela Heights in the summer of Others transmitted a sound or a click or a buzz but our boys [Bell and Watson] were the first to transmit speech one could understand. Bell was so ecstatic that he wanted to jointly name his new invention and his new daughter Photophone Greek: " light—sound " , [] [] Bell wrote: "Only think!

Mabel's baby screamed inarticulately but mine spoke with distinct enunciation from the first. Bell quickly disassembled it and effected a repair, to the owner's amazement. When asked how he was able to do so Bell only needed to introduce himself. Bell also chose maroon-colored silk as it would show up clearly against the light-colored sky in his photographic studies.

Views of an Expert. Hammondsport , New York, March 12, Boulton and was also created independently by Robert Esnault-Pelterie and several others. Attending the formal ceremony were Bell's daughter, Mrs. To each side of the portico facing the monument are the engraved inscriptions "In Grateful Recognition of the Inventor of the Telephone". Its dedication was broadcast live nationally by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. His wife, Mabel, daughter Daisy, and son-in-law David Fairchild had gathered around him.

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Gibbs William C. Gorgas Ulysses S. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Morse William T. Kelly John M. Fahey Jr. National Geographic Partners. Bee geography competition Endeavour ship Greenberg v.

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