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Ra was believed to be the father of all living things and the physical father of all the Pharaohs. The Kemet "Egyptological pronunciation of consonants" is what Egyptologists use when reading ancient Egyptian writings.

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The consonants in words are given fixed values, and vowels are inserted according to essentially arbitrary rules. The act of one clasping their hands while praying is NOT at all exclusive to Christianity , in fact, nearly all major religions including pagans clasp their hands in like fashion while praying to their ALaHiYM's gods.

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Two hands placed firmly together, means please or thank you in Japanese culture. In 8th century BC, the people of Sumeria i. Here in the image below we have a stone relief discovered in Iraq ca. NO where in scripture including the written TaNaK does it command us to claps our hands together when we pray MaTaThiYaHuW "Matthew" and Luke , but we understand most of the traditions of today came from captivity.

When people are conditioned by tradition they often do things they just don't understand. Traditions are passed down from generation to generation, family to family and no one challenges it because they assume its correct because their parents and grandparents did it and they hold them in high regard. Muslims use Amen Amin or Ameen in the same way as Christians and Jews, even though the word does not appear in the Qur'an. Muslims say it after reciting Surah al-Fatihah, after completing their prayers, at the end of letters, etc.

Many Buddhists and Hindus also use Amen at the end of prayers and as concurrence in the same way as the other religions. The Jews settled in Egypt for around years from B. It would be a word that had associations with reverence and majesty. Amen was seen as a powerful ALaHiYM and the name continued, out of context, as an exclamation or salutation; a classic example of language evolution. Lets take a look at what the concordance's says;. Meaning: to support, confirm, be faithful. Over the course to time the continued disobedience and wickedness of man caused YHWH to confound the languages at the tower of Babel BaBaL means the confusion of tongues or Babylon , hence where the many different languages came from.

We love our little boy and want him to go with us. He has been looking forward to this vacation for months and we leave tomorrow morning. I pray that God loving people be brought together for this and that it be joyful and fun. He lost his dear dog of 17 years and he is drinking heavily and staying to himself.

I am so worried he won't stop and will lose his job. Please pray he will stop drinking and God will lessen the grief. I come from a fatherless household, and my brother has been in the strongholds of the enemy. He is addicted to weed, steals, sneaks out, etc. Prayers for transformation of his Spirit and protection from the enemy.

Lord, I specially pray for my sister Tina who lost her first baby in 5 months. Please bless her with a baby as soon as possible. She is getting into a lot of stress and depression. Bless her family life and bless her with kids as soon as possible. Patti Bohn and I her husband, Robert are desperately in need of your prayers and if possible, your support. We may very well lose our home as the medical bill are horrendous and more than we can afford. I have created a GoFundMe Page that explains what we have been through over the last few months. Thank You! Something is going on in my life, and i need for it be stopped immediately: washed away.

Do not let anyone or this person have control over my life and my loved one's life. I need this to be cleared up and removed from our lives immediately. And to have peace free life. Wisdom and my destiny. To be protected with a new life. I am free and my loved one is free. Please agree with me. Servant Leah. My current job is emotionally toxic and is taking a toll on my health. In Jesus' Name, I ask and pray. Matthew God bless your ministry. Pray that I will be aligned with the right people to find employment. I love you, God. I place these prayers in your hands with full faith they will be answered, for my God is a loving, powerful God who makes beautiful things happen every day for people around the world.

I need my shoulder to be given a nerve block to remove pain. I always think things are getting better and something else happens. My Mom is 77 and is addicted to drugs. I put her in a nursing home and she made me feel so guilty so I took her out. She promised she would stop. Yes she stopped Norco, now it's Xanax. My family won't help. I have Lupus and my health is getting worse. I am so depressed. I need help. May those who have lost their inclination find the way back through friends and prayer. In Jesus' Name we pray.

Thank you, much appreciated. Many Blessings to you. Roberto C. I need a job badly, as I need to support my family financially. Father, I have sent out many resumes. Please find something that suits me. Ask God to walk with Rocky daily to help him make better choices in his life.

Thank you, in Jesus Name. Please pray that I pass the exam with flying colors. I am very scared and only Jesus can help me. Only his miracle can help me stay focused. Thank you in advance. Also in debt with mortgage and over my head in debt with credit cards. I need it. Please pray for me am 83 years old and alone. They don't go to church. Also, that her husband will be healed of his depression and find joy in his life and in his job.

Please God, heal my emptiness in my heart. As a widow for so long, I miss my husband so much. Thank you sweet Jesus, I love you so much. Please let his heart be open to the help being organized for him by his family. Continue to keep the Precious Blood of Jesus around him at all times and break all evil. I beg you Lord, help him please, amen. Forgive her all her sins. I am 54 and have no savings. I am very worried about that so I start to drink too much with in turn causes me depression.

I need help with prayer!! He is only Also, that his charges will be dropped. He also wants to work steady. But he is in his mid 60s. Please pray the union continues to work him every day. He needs to pay to have help for his wife and bills. He also needs prayer to get an electric hospital bed cheap or rent cheap. Betty needs one now, and the agency is sending help with housekeeping.

Please pray he is gentle and kind to Mrs. She also has issues with talking obsessively and name calling an insulting her help. Please keep us in your prayers. Bless you. Please, I am desperate. Financially broke. Work part-time, can't play bills on time. I have been praying but don't think my prayers are being heard. The dark place is getting dark by the hour. Please, please help me. I confess and repent on all of my sins and forgive my sins; financial stability; an urgent loan; Recovering from debt; best understanding couple.

Guide me to the right person to invest in stock market and help me to recover from debt. Pray for my child to abide in Jesus. Pray for parents. Praise the Lord!! With regards, Telson. Please let him gain compassion and understanding to be respectful of me. Also for him to become more kind towards our children instead of lashing out in anger.

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Please ease my nerves and give me strength. Please, may the professors be kind and help me. Please, may I pass on the first try and can finally begin my summer break. Thank you for blessing me and for keeping me on my feet. I love you, thank you and amen. Drive away destructive pests, reptiles animals from this property. Blessings of longevity, protection, health, wealth, abundance, peace, harmony, happiness to my whole family.

Thank you for your intercession Praise God!!! Prayer for success in life. Prayer for wisdom at my Work. Prayer for my boss. Prayers for success and prosperity. Prayer for blessing. Prayer for guidance. Prayer for my kids. Annet M. I pray healing, and the real love of Jesus Christ, reflects all of your life. I pray blessings in your health, peace in your heart and overflowing joy in all your friendships. Benjamin M. She passed away last week on June 11th. Also please pray for Peter, a man whom I have always loved.

I wish one day we enter into holy matrimony and have children together; but furthermost to get closer to God and to walk under his guidance, as he now mourns for his mother who just passed away. Thank you abundantly and may our God whom we serve bless you for your prayers. He's really losing his mind. All prayers would be appreciated. Please prayers needed for the conception of a child for them.

They will be the most loving parents, and are ready to share their lives with a child. Age is an issue for them, and my daughter is afraid that conceiving a child is not going to happen. I believe it will happen for them. I pray every day for them. I believe in the power of prayer. All prayers for them will be appreciated. God Bless to all. Must do good business to pay all bills due ASAP!! Praying for all others in the same situation!! Help me Jesus! Help me Lord!! Please protect my business and creative ideas from all competitors who have stolen my ideas that the Holy Spirit inspired me to do!!

Especially my own sister and her husband who pushed me out of the way with my original artistic idea for their own financial gain!! Wish I had never shared my idea with them! Being betrayed by your own family over greed and money is the worst!! Help me to forgive them, Lord! Jesus I trust in you!! Please help me Lord!! Especially the temptation of worry over things that do not matter. She is already deaf in both ears and they are testing her eyes today.

And it is a high chance she could be deaf and blind, with possible brain issues. I prayed to all of the patron saints for ears and hearing the other night, but if she cannot see, it would be hard to learn how to hear with cochlear implants without vision to learn. Thanks for any prayers you can offer. It's been going on for months with no resolution, and the longer it goes on, the more worried, and anxious I get. I'm trying to trust, but sometimes all I can think of is the worst outcome. I have nothing left. I'm exhausted physically, spiritually, and mentally. May the Lord grant us peace, and bless her healing and health.

May the Lord be with us during this process. I beg for help. Please urgently pray for my divine health, and complete healing. Being pain free, and feeling good, wonderful and perfect and, healed from: glaucoma, diabetes, cholesterol, all impacts of nerve damage, hepatitis, TB meningitis, blocked shunt, pain and discomfort of all dental work, and stroke, healed from trigeminal neuralgia, and all pain, strange sensations and spasms, and discomfort from dental work, including implants, bar and dentures; also healed from neuropathy, and insomnia, and my shunt never getting blocked again and only go to hospital to pray for and visit patients.

I thank God in advance for favor and blessings: I can travel to all parts of the world and really enjoy it and fulfill my God-given destiny and purpose and take my talks to every government hospital private hospitals and other organizations in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and throughout the world. I write many inspirational books, and through my motivational talks and books I am able to glorify God and give hope to people. My books are published internationally. I spread the gospel to every non-believer and also help the poor and needy.

Doctors consider me a miracle. I was bedridden for 5 years, and was suicidal and only prayed to God to take my life. I now am able to go to work, cook, bake etc. I thank God for this. But need my complete healing. I also fulfill my God given destiny and purpose by motivating people and giving them hope, in Jesus Name. I bless you Lord, oh my soul. I will complete university this September. I need a job!! May the merciful Lord grant me a job.

Please may the merciful Lord strengthen my faith. Let me dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. Please pray that the merciful Lord bless me in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Please pray the merciful Lord fills me with his words and blesses my sister Cynthia to get a good marriage and a job to do as she plans to travel.

May the merciful Lord grant her request. Please, would you kindly pray for me for God to heal me completely from severe pain and discomfort in both my arms, shoulders, and back; and from every spirit of lack and sickness afflicting me and my family, all doubt, fear, panic, and depression. Also from high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Thank you for prayers. Please continue with the prayers. I need prayers. He has changed in more ways than one and we have a beautiful family together. Please help. My son has anxiety, and I am trying so hard to be a rock for them.

This is the hardest thing for me to go through because they are both such strong people, and my husband is so weak right now. Please help me in praying for them to find happiness, and to bring my husband out of his depression. They are struggling financially. Please help them to make all bill payments, and to prosper and succeed in their jobs, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray this does not happen, and that we can find a better way to get along. Please Lord, I do not want to leave my young child without a mother. Please pray for Grace, as she suffers from Parkinson's disease. Please help us to be able to afford our bills and doctor bills. In Jesus' Name, amen!!! Please pray that each of the boys sees the others mistakes and that they accept my son back with open arms and allow him to practice and play with them again.

Future of God Amen: A Call to Daughters and Sons of God

Please pray for the healing of their friendship. Also pray my son gets recognized for his talent and that he is appreciated for his voice and music. Pray that my son becomes better and not bitter. He has been unemployed for a few months and he needs this job. I pray that everyone here has prayers that are answered, in Jesus' Name.

Pray that she graduates and will get a job to help her provide for her two children. Please pray for my husband and me with our health and finances. We have made poor choices with our spending. Please help us figure out a way to get out of our financial situation. She has been experiencing pain for 5 months. Doctors do not know what is the cause and are operating on her in two days. She miraculously came through an aortic aneurysm 1 year ago. She wants so much to have energy and health to live out her life fully with her family.

I believe God for a miracle of healing for my Mum. He just graduated from High School and has been sick off and on for most of his High School years.

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He is going in for tests this week. He just had another seizure so please, please send up prayers for him and his family! Thank you, Nancy K. He has surgery to repair his right eardrum tomorrow, the 19th of June at 8 am HST. Please bless the surgery that Dr. Thank you Lord, for loving my son and making his surgery to his right ear a successful one. For the finances, miracle provisions, and a new home to help make this happen. For my parents to be abundantly blessed. For Chris to have an encounter with the Father, and his conversion.

May God protect him, his spouse, and family during this difficult time. Thank you Lord! I've been so depressed. I also am with someone I am not sure God wants me to be with. Please God, bring me a Godly husband. Jude and Jesus, today I have to go to the dentist. Please pray for me that my teeth are okay. I need prayers so there will not be much problem with my teeth. Thank You. His right side is affected weak, and his right optic nerve suffered a stroke also, and he is unable to see. Thank you Jesus. We want him to be healed by Jesus.

I am tired and scared. Please, please pray for him. We stopped his meds and surrendered him to Jesus around 8 days ago, he was fine until today. He had 2 seizures. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer. Please release your healing as you did in the Bible. Today she begins her intensive treatment of chemo, steroid drugs, and then stem cell infusion.

My husband Roshan has been unemployed for 2 years. Before that he worked in UAE Dubai. There is a vacancy, and that company administration officer told he will contact us soon. We continuously send mail but he is not replying. Really, friends, we are tired, because we have so many problems. We don't have money and our hearts are broken. Still we are waiting for his reply. We are poor. Please, brothers and sisters, pray for us. I will pray for you and family. I was overpaid a lump sum. Now I have to pay it back because they are saying I refused to give information on another's behalf.

I spent what was sent to me. I repented of it. Now help me give it over to the Father, please and thank you. Help me urgently, Lord. He has been struggling since October of last year when he was laid off. My financial situation is desperate. I pray for your help God so that I may get an apartment. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Please pray for him. May he buy the house in North Providence once the loan is granted. Through the intercession of Mama Mary. Peachy Ann R. That we can become fertile and I can become pregnant. Prayers please, and may God bless you all.

If it is your will, help us with the selling and buying a house. That everything goes well with closing. Bless the family that is buying my house with all the necessities. Help my husband at his new job and let him enjoy it. Heal my son from all that he is going through in his life and give him courage, strength, guidance, and wisdom to continue his education and job. Release our stress, fears, and worries and let us be at peace, happy, and healthy. Bless us, Lord! I ask for my mind to stay straight and serve me correctly. I ask for continued good health and for my temporary injury on my foot to heal, as well as my back, allow my muscles to work properly.

I ask for my upcoming event to go with ease. May my daughter think before she acts and speaks; and bless her to use her own mind. I ask for my son to blessed and guided in his search for a better job; allow a chance. I ask for financial blessings for relief to help my years of struggle. I ask for my brother to share with me his upcoming share, knowing I am in need. Terminate my suffering, bring financial relief during the week, after 6 years of unemployment.

Rise me up from poverty to a better life. Bless me with opportunity. God, heal me from anemia. Only your power can heal me. You are God, my creator. Bring me everlasting peace, good health, and create a new life for me. Allow me to live and experience an abundance of happiness. God bless me with everything good in abundance. Lord Jesus Christ you are my shepherd.

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  • Guide me to a new life, restore my life, bring back the good into my life. Share health, prosperity, love, and happiness with me. I surrender to you Lord, God of all creation, creator of all pure, Share abundance with me in my hour of need. Open my mind to new ideas. Bring positive change within me, attract people of goodwill to me. Protect me from evil. Shield me from negative thoughts. Heal me God. I pray and thank you for you to lighten my path and have them accept to pay me the salary requested and offer me an amazing package of benefits.

    I pray that the sale of our business goes really smoothly, as well as our move and establishing ourselves in Victoria. I pray that you give us wisdom and clear guidance. Doctors cannot find out what is wrong with her. Please pray for answers. Asking for prayers for healing of my stomach. Praying for salvation of my husband, that his heart will be softened and that he will come to Christ. Also asking for prayers for finances. May he continue to have great strength in caring for his elderly dad, and may financial blessings come to him in forms of lotteries winnings!

    May he have positive results in this situation. She can't go to college for studies. She has lots of curses from all. Jealousy from her college mates for becoming first in college. Please pray for my daughter to get well from back pain and continue her studies, through the Precious Blood of Jesus. She lives with lies exposed to sex while high on drugs. She is also stealing. Please help me pray for her to repent from all wicked things she is doing, to be a good girl and concentrate on her studies.

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    • The doctor has told us that the fetus has anencephaly and will not survive. I know that prayers can be answered and miracles happen. I am a Presbyterian not Catholic, but I am asking for you all to pray for us, please. She is 21 weeks along. Please pray that all will be well when the baby is born. The due date is October 21st. Thank you in advance for any and all prayers. For good work, blessed and prosperous. For Antonio Cesar Tineo Toledo. For disarmament. For request of blessing of brides and blessed marriage, full of love. By conversion and great Faith of the Tineo Toledo family.

      It is now approved, but it seems that the tensions between us have become too much and we are currently taking time apart. I can't be selfish and only ask the Lord for what I want, for us to be together and work through these problems here, but I ask prayers to help us heal our problems. He wants the benefits of a spouse, without the responsibilities. Please pray for us. Please pray for him to change his mind and come home, to come home to me, to our family. Please pray for us to mend our broken marriage. Please pray for him to come back home. The lump has now been sent for lab work. I pray that the lump should not be an aggressive cancer.

      With their intercession, I request your powerful prayers for my Mother, whom I love the most in the world, that she be cured completely from cancer and live a long and healthy life. Many Thanks, Vasanth P. Pray for his salvation and his coming to know Jesus as his personal savior. Please pray that he returns to his family and marriage.

      That he comes to his senses and loves his wife and family again. I just want the best for them, amen. God is able and I trust you. I'm praying our finances gets better so he can purchase a car and come home. I pray that the Holy Spirit wraps its arms around her so that she can find happiness and stop doing evil to others. She is racist and wishes us harm. Please protect us always. My financial situation is in dire straits. We need help. A miracle to get out of this mess.

      Please help to keep our family together. Please have mercy on us. I am fearful of the procedure and side effects. It is truly devastating for her friends and family that such a beautiful soul has to travel such a terribly painful and emotional road. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      May the Lord bless your wonderful hearts for undertaking this request for me, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. May this request be delivered directly to our beloved Father and most gracious God in heaven above. Thank you again, and may peace be with you. Unfortunately she has been diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2. I am shattered with this news. She has an operation scheduled for today.

      I humbly request your prayers for my Mom Mary Regina that she gets a successful operation and the cancer is non-aggressive, and that she gets a very long and healthy life. Anthony, I need your help today, that I will get the job and it will be great and take me out of a financial situation. Gloria W. Pray that she be healed in the Name of Jesus. I'm a sinner in the sight of the Lord, but I repent of all my sins and believe that the Lord will forgive all my sins.

      Here I would like to request you to kindly pray for me as I'm suffering from stomach problems, etc. I'm helpless. So please do pray for me so that I may be healed through your miraculous prayer in the Powerful Name of Jesus. Thanks a lot. Munkam K. I need God-directed drive to do what God would have me do each day!! Thank you, and all praise and glory to God Almighty. Thank you, and God bless you who pray. I am Please pray that God grants me a financial blessing so that I can be at peace and can try for a last chance at happiness.

      She had a serious neck operation in May last year and is having such great pain in her head that even Schedule 6 pain killers have no effect. Your prayers for her would be sincerely appreciated! We went out last night. We just had a few drinks, and we were stopped by the police for supposedly driving under the influence. They took our car away and now we have to pay a large amount of money to get it back. Pray that we may learn from this and get out of this trouble. Please also pray that my situation at my job gets better. Pray also for me that I may live a holy chaste life since I have same sex attraction and it's a very hard cross to bear.

      Pray that the Lord forgives us our sins and heals our wounds of the past. They insult and revile us. God loves you. Jude, help me in my work situation and a positive outcome from my Novena. Please save me. I don't want to leave USA now. My visa is denied. Please help me to continue to work in USA.

      First of all, I am a child of God and have accepted Jesus as my Lord and personal Savior and have been baptized. However, there have been some very strange things going on in my dreams and I subconsciously seem to hear a voice which sounds like a witch. I would hear loud chanting over and over again. Then there would be buzzing in my ear, all this occurring anywhere between A. I love the Lord, I have been fasting 1 day out of a week to Jesus for about 15 years just to say Thank You and I love you for what you have done and what you are going to do.

      I have been in church since I was a child round the clock, but somehow this evil is present in my life. It finally reached a climax on Feb. I told my husband to pray for me and he sat up and he asked me did I hear that noise that awful noise. He asked what was it and then he saw her for himself, the "witch". He said she was stirring in a kettle chanting and moaning.

      He commanded her to leave and he prayed for me over and over even after she left. Finally, a resolution to everything. I had been trying to get him to see prior to this he thought I was on the deep end and he was very worried about me, but he at the time could not understand because we have never experienced anything like this pure evil. I am now better than I have been in a long time, but she is still present though.

      I actually subconsciously heard her say, she did not know how but she was going to get me.

      Future of God Amen by Nicholas P. Ginex - 30 sec

      We are praying fervently; however, we would like for you to pray as well. Please tell me, what do you think about all of this? Thank you so much for your prayers!!! Prayers for my wife and her health and spiritual well-being and for my health and spiritual well-being, prayers for the deceased of our families and for the poor and needy and suffering and for our church and leadership and for the country and the leadership.

      Amen, John. For Victoria, that she and I may reconcile. Jude, I have completed another 9 day novena to you. I thank you for the help I have received and pray you will continue to help me get through each day. I pray to you each day and ask for your intercession. Please take all fear and worry from me!! Bless my husband, sons, and grandchildren.

      May we live each day with peace. God bless to all. Joseph, please intercede in my petitions. May God send the Holy Spirit to help and guide my daughter in her studies so she will do well and excel in her course. We thank You, pray for this ministry, its supporters, all our earthly Father's, Pope Francis, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, priests; M-B, families, friends, relatives around us, living, dying, make us virtuous, holy, worthily receive the Last Rites, repose all departed, comfort those left behind.

      Thank you St. Please, I pray our faith grows strong and we make better decisions in our lives and help others more. Please help me financially during this difficult time being the sole provider for this family and that I do better at my job. I love you and thank you for all my blessings.

      Thank you everyone. He suffers from deep drug addiction. His addiction has destroyed his family, his life as it is. My Greg needs salvation, needs Christ. Greg knows Jesus but the darkness in his life prevents him from seeing light at all. The drugs lie to him and seek his destruction. I pray that God will heal him of his addiction, and restore his clarity of mind. I pray God will heal his anger remove his hate and fill him with love and forgiveness. I love him. I pray he will know there is someone who loves him. I pray for his salvation, healing, restoration with his loved ones.

      Financial breakthrough physical healing mental healing. For the whole family Anna. Keep us protected and keep me protected and help me to keep going. I feel so lonely I don't want to do anything. I don't feel well and it's spiritual. Please, I am asking for prayers. I am bleeding since my last menstruation and it is still going which is over a month now.

      Pray for God's promises, blessings and miracles. God's timing needs to be soon. Also please pray for my only child my wife lost 10 children in the past Mohammed, that he leaves his bad friends, stops smoking cannabis, loves me and my wife, and turns towards God and becomes a good person. Doctors are still trying to work out all the problems and it seems like one procedure after another. I just want him to get better so my parents, especially my dad who has chest pains when stressed, can stop worrying so much.

      Thank you, I appreciate it!

      20 Best Prayers for Healing - Powerful Prayers to Heal & Recover

      Please pray for me that Jesus will completely heal me. John Paul. Please Lord, hear my cry. My prayers and the prayers of others continue to go unanswered. In the name of Jesus I need help. Please Lord, please. In the name of Jesus I pray. Greg, from OH. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Please pray that the company accepts the claim and my husband recovers fully.

      At the same time my daughter is having a high fever, and with medicine the fever is intermittent. Please pray for her as well. D Emily. In Jesus' Name. Can you help me at work? Please, can two people Anne and Orion leave or just take a leave of absence? Let them pay for their meanness, or I could say please love them. I truly trust it will be OK. We need God to intervene, for His Holy Spirit to come to us. Save our marriage! We need a miracle, a Damascus-road-like experience. God can move in very different ways.

      Please help us! He wants to destroy God's covenant marriage. Pray he fails. To God's Glory! May he rest in peace. Thank you for your prayers, and may God bless you. Life has felt confusing lately. My family has deteriorated since we moved to Carlsbad, NM. Thank you, and God Bless you. Lord, she is not who she once was. I ask for prayers and I ask that if the Lord sees fit, that he take her home. She has been so dedicated to you her whole life. She is merely a shell now. Blessed Mother, please take her home. Blessed Mother, you are my rock.

      If you find it is the right thing to do, please resolve this issue. I love you and need you. Thank you all. Please, pray for him to be with blessed mother Mary, God and all the angels and saints. Today is Father's Day so I want him to be happy but I can't sense any happiness around him at all, just horror. I was in Cambridge with my mum when he was murdered.

      I wasn't there. Please, also pray for my mum who had two strokes recently and is attending hospitals. God Bless you all, and Mother Mary pray for you all and the angels. Hugh C. Please keep praying for me to do good business so I can pay off a loan from my kind brother, credit cards, tax bills, etc. Thank you Lord for the gift of being a colorist artist. I promise to use the talent you gave me as an artist to glorify you Lord!!

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      Help me to get in the best art shows possible!! Please let employers overlook his lack of experience and see the skills and talents you have given him. Let them see his potential, his worth, his desire, and his passion.