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Slayer - WMV. Star Nine is a wannabe slayer stalking the neighborhood vampire. She peers in through the window hoping for a glance of the rumored bloodsucker. She gasps as the vampire crosses through the lobby before her very eyes. She creeps across the lobby and fishes in her pocket for a small round mirror before confronting the vampire. Evangeline rolls her eyes at the intrusion and continues on her way.

Confused, but not shaken, Star trails Evangeline at a distance. This time, when the vampire turns to face her, she brandishes a cross. Evangeline lets her know that won't work either and Star makes a hasty retreat. Later, Star knocks on the vampire 's door. She's been to a special magic shop and is feeling more confident. She pretends to apologize for her earlier behavior and Evangeline invites her in. Star professes her curiosity before brandishing her enchanted weapon which is quickly used against her.

She begs the vampire to turn her as she is drained from the breasts. Penetrating the Vampire - WMV. Slayer Star creeps into Dixie's lair. The vampire lies in wait, she could smell her a mile away. The vampire removes the stake from her hand and tells the slayer to strip. The vampire has her way with her, tasting her and her pussy as the slayer arches, sensitive to her touch.

She'll make a delicious snack at dusk. The angry slayer struggles with her restraints and frees herself. She vows not only to stake the vampire , but to fuck her too. Revenge is sweet. She penetrates the vampire , waking her from her sleep. The vampire curses as the slayer thrusts into her over and over making her cum all over her cock. Penetrating the Vampire. Slayed - Mobile.

The Hour Of The Dragon by Robert E. Howard

You come to tied to a chair. Your memories of last night, hazy at first, come into focus as I pace before you.

I explain how you followed me home from the halloween party, convinced I was a vampire , claiming to be a slayer , carrying crosses and garlic. Of course I am a vampire , and with just one bite I will turn you into my slave forever. You surprise me with your struggle, the chair topples to the floor and shatters with you still in it. Strong as lions, swift as eagles, Back to their kennels hunt these beagles!

Cut the unequal bonds asunder! Let them hence each other plunder! Swear upon your country's altar, Never to submit or falter-- To arms!

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Till the spoilers are defeated, Till the Lord's work is completed! Halt not till our Federation, Secures among earth's powers its station! Then at peace and crowned with glory, Hear your children tell the story! If the loved ones weep in sadness, Victory soon shall bring them gladness. Exultant pride soon vanish sorrow; Smiles chase tears away to-morrow! As the blackbird in the spring 'neath the willow tree, Sat and piped I heard him sing, praising Aura Lee. Aura Lee! Maid of golden hair, Sunshine came along with thee and swall-ows in the air.

Take my heart and take my ring, I give my all to thee.

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Take me for eternity, dearest Aura Lee! In her blush the rose was born, 'twas music when she spoke.

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In her eyes the light of morn, sparkling seemed to break. Aura Lee. Aura Lee, the bird may flee the willow' golden hair, Then the wintry winds may be blowing ev'rywhere. Yet if thy blue eyes I see, gloom will soon depart For to me, sweet Aura Lee, is sunshine to the heart. There are hardly enough blankets for shrouds, he sings. This song really brings home how desperate were the straits that the Southern troops found themselves in. Oh Polly, oh Polly, it's for your sake alone, I've left my old father, my country, my home, I've left my old mother, to weep and to mourn, I am a rebel soldier, and far from my home.

The grapeshot and musket, and the cannons lumber loud, It's many a mangled body, the blanket for the shroud, It's many a mangled body left on the fields alone, I am a rebel soldier, and far from my home. Here's a good old cup of brandy, and a glass of wine, You can drink to your true love, and I'll lament and moan, I am a rebel soldier, and far from my home.

The song then entered the collection of songs performed in minstrel shows, where a white preformer smeared burnt cork on his face and adopted the mannerisms and speech of a black person. This was done totally un-selfconsciously, similar to the way that Bill Dana adopted a Hispanic accent to play his comic character, Jose Jimenez.

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At any rate, Rebel soldiers later adopted it and then added another verse at the end; the Texas Brigade was led to defeat under Confederate General Hood in Nashville in So it a song known by Southerners, and by Northerners, too, who chanced to hear it at a minstrel show. There's a yellow rose in Texas, That I am going to see, No other soldier knows her, No soldier only me. She cried so when I left her, It like to broke my heart, And if I ever find her, We never more will part. She's the sweetest rose of color, This soldier ever knew, Her eyes are bright as diamonds, They sparkle like the dew, You can talk about your dearest Mae and sing of Rosalee, But the Yellow Rose of Texas is the only one for me.

And at Gettysburg, 50, soldiers fell. The sea of injured and dying in the film Gone with the Wind was not made up for dramatic effect; this was a pretty fair portrayal of how the ground was watered with blood in the Civil War. The Secessionists were known as the Secesh in Tennessee. I'll put my knapsack on my back, my rifle on my shoulder, I'm going away to Shiloh, and there I'll be a soldier. I rode with old Jeb Stuart, and his band of Southern horse, And there never were no Yankees, who could meet us force to force.

No they never did defeat us, but we never could evade, Their dirty foreign politics, and cowardly blockade. Well we hadn't any powder, and we hadn't any shot, And we hadn't any money to buy what we ain't got. So we rode our worn-out horses, and we ate on plain cornmeal, And we licked em where we caught em, with Southern guts and steel. We sunk the ship at Sumter, and we broke her plumb in two. We showed them bully Yankees, just what we aimed to do. At a little creek called Bull Run, we took their starry rag, To wipe our horses down with, and I ain't here to brag.

There aren't as many left of us, who rode out at the start, And then there are the weary, weak in body, sad of heart. We fought a fight to be proud of and I am here to say, I'll climb my horse and follow Morse, come hell, come any day. It is said that many girls born after the war were named Lorena -- just like Michelle became a popular name after the Beatles recorded a song by that title. Oh the years creep slowly by, Lorena, the snow is on the ground again. The sun's low down in the sky, Lorena, the frost gleams where the flowers have been. But the heart beats on us as warmly now, as when the summer days here nigh, Oh the sun can never dip so low, to be down in Affection's sloudless sky.

A hundred months have passed, Lorena, since last I held that hand in mine. And felt the pulse beat fast, Lorena, tho mine beat faster far than thine. A hundred months twas flowery May, when up the hilly slope we'd climb, To watch the dying of the day, and hear the distant church bells chime.

We loved each other then, Lorena, far more than we ever dared to tell. And what might have been, Lorena, had our lovings prospered well. Then tis part the years roll on, I'll not call up their shadowy form, I'll say to them, lost years sleep on! Sleep on, heed life's pelting storms. Alexander This song was first performed in a Richmond theater in a production of The Virginia Cavalier. The soldiers in attendance carried the song back to the front with them.

Bob Roebuck is my sweetheart's name, he's off to the wars and gone. Star Nine , 36 US. Send A Tip. Added on 10 months ago. Qualities p, p, p, p, p. Related Comments. All Comments 1 Purchase the video to comment. Star Nine. Load more. Show some love. Login Signup. Logging in Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers.

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