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Giving yourself the time to gather and create with others is an art changing gift.

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Just ask. Like abstract work and landscapes? Abstract art is not random at all. I will help you break down a landscape and help you so see the shapes to create gorgeous abstract art. Come and read more.

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Want to learn to tell YOUR story through art? In this special three day workshop, we will celebrate the release of my new book with some really fun projects that will put a twist on the book.

  1. Fallen!
  2. Because You Asked: New Seiko SLA033 vs 6105-8110 “Captain Willard”.
  3. The Darkest Valley.
  4. We will create a plaster, fabric and wire journal, we will spend time unfolding our stories, symbolism and mark making. We will then take that inspiration into carving a linocut full of our story and secret messages. We will end by creating a sculpture based on our whole journey together.

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    Unlike any workshop I have ever offered. Do you love portraits or want to finally figure them out? Finally, the new SLA lacks an applied logo.

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    The new piece also has a stubbier top crown guard. Positively, both contain similar surface finishing on the sides and tops — the old one still looks good! Down by either end of the 19mm lugs, the case back on the new SLA have flat spots whereas the old is one continuous surface from top to bottom. Both watches have 6 notches to fit a case back tool.

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    The reality is that when comparing the Seiko SLA vs , it becomes apparent that Seiko did a great job here. To me, the changes — including the 1mm increase in case size to 45mm on the new one — are truly subtle and the more I look at the SLA, the more I like it.

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    As a full-time role, he works in the Automotive Industry. He's lived and worked in many locations and when he's not cruising at 30, feet, he calls Germany home.

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    Michael became New Brands. Speedy Tuesday. Watch Review.