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No, Kim should NOT have been carting this poor kitten around town. Puppies who are healthy and who are updated on all of their shots adore being out in public for the most part. On the other hand, your typical cat is freaked out by being in public places. Your immune system weakens and you become ill. This poor kitten never had a chance. Oh, and most cats try to follow their owners out the door on a consistent basis. A doorstep is completely different from being papped on a daily basis.

I opened the door to let him back in, and he ran and hid under the car. It was quite the production, coaxing him back into the house. So, while they may THINK they want outside, once they get there, they change their minds, real quick! Have you ever tried putting a cat on a leash and commanding it to heel?

They are incredibly different animals from dogs. What exactly are you basing your defense on? Two, as has been mentioned above Kim has expressed repeatedly on the show over the seasons that she does not like pets. RIP little fluff. RIP though kitty. She had the cat for like a month and a half before she gave it away right?

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So glad you posted this. I can pick on Kim for a lot but not for this. It is very possible that Kim had an allergy, even if mild, but why are we hating on her because she preferred to not deal with an allergy and give the cat away to keeping the cat and any symptoms that followed? Its sad that the kitty died. Its sad that the assistant had to go through 2 kitty deaths. But why hate on Kim because she discovered a cat allergy and decided it was in the best interests of all to give it to someone allergy-free. At least she thought to give it away rather than put it down just because she didnt want it which is AGAIN more regard than what is shown to human life by us reasoning, thinking humans!!!

Perspective people!!!!!!! This article leaves me angry!!!!!! I agree. They like to be at home not in clubs and in traffic. Eh, the abortion part is a little bit of a straw man argument to me but I see where you are coming from on the whole. I think jokingly he put on Twitter that he was looking for a home for the cat and apparently he is unpopular because of that. She basically said I would have done anything to keep her except what might have been the most viable option. It seems disingenuous. While KK is a vapid famewhore, at least she gave the kitty to someone who could properly care for her.

Sounds like she got FIP feline infectious peritonitis in its effusive form which is pretty much a death sentence. Major bummer, she was so adorable. Yes and the stress from being rehomed could have brought on the FIP mutation. It happens sometimes when rescue groups find a forever home for one of its foster kittens. Also, some breeds are genetically predisposed to FIP. I still hate Kim, though, carting around that poor kitten.

I wonder if the kitten was sick from the beginning. I also wonder if it was a kitten mill kitty. It one of those breeds kitten millers produce to try to get a lot of money for a mixed breed cat. It appeals to ignorant people that want a status symbol. She literally acts out like a child herself. Me, me, me, quick to tantrums, quick to judge, self centered, inability to see the other side, fickle, attention seeking. Just like a child and a child should be!

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My dad has a severe cat allergy, and is also allergic to dogs with fur. Consequently, he has never owned animals he is allergic to, and he cannot go into houses where those animals are. Severe allergies are nothing to sneeze at PUN! That poor, poor little kitten. I officially despise Kim Kardashian. All of the money she has and her kitten died of some made-up illness. Her being an epic famewhore I can respect. Her making a mockery of marriage to earn 20 million dollars I can understand. But her letting that poor cat die I will not. There is no excuse for such a. Kim, you will pay for this somehow someday.

Gimme a break. I hate this whore. So from what I understand it took a while for her allergy to kick in? Purebred pets are more prone to illness and disease. So many holes in her story, i dont know where to start. Why did Kim change her blog from saying cancer like virus to rare stomach cancer?

That is routine after buying an animal. I think E bought the kitten for the show and who knows when it really died. Why did Kim wait so long to mention it. No sad tweets around the day mercy died. You forgot the biggest one…How did Kim not previously realize that she is allergic to cats? Most people with severe cat allergies get a reaction the minute they walk into a house that has cats.

She has never had a reaction before? This kills young cats and kittens—and sometimes older cats with compromised immune systems. It is a mutation—vets think—of a common virus that many cats are exposed to that does not affect them, but in certain cats, it transforms into this lethal virus. It has two forms—wet and dry. The wet form comes on suddenly and is is quickly fatal. There is no treatment. My 3 year old cat had the dry form, which is still lethal but not as quickly.

My boy was diagnosed in August and died in September of this year. It is a heartbreaking, terribly sad thing no matter who owns the animal. I am so sorry for what you and your kitty had to go through. It sucks. Poor kiiten, RIP Mercy. There is ZERO evidence that she abused this cat. Pure breds get sick all of time and have to be put down.

My allergies did not develop for years and one day boom. Scratch test later, I react to cats the most and I still have my cat of seventeen years, but chose to put up with it. I would be more inclined to believe she did something to the cat if she said Mercy ran away or something. When I first got Percy, I had never lived with a baby before and so I had no idea that I was allergic. Percy deserved a mom who could really give her the time and affection she deserved. Sydney gave Percy a loving home, but after a couple of weeks Percy got really sick and Sydney had to rush her to the doc.

Poor little Percy died the very next day.

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Percy was a gentle and loving baby and we are all going to miss her so much. RIP Percy Xo. Thank you, Blondie. But this disease is just brutal. No treatment…no cure. If they had, they would shut up and feel some compassion for the cat as well as the people who loved her. Did she even get tested? Do I need to go on? You raise a good point.

Did the assistant have to pay the vet bills or did Kim at least help her out? Even euthanasia is something that has to be paid for, never mind medicine and vet consultation. Killer Kim. She disgusts me. My thought? Seriously, there are no words. Anyone who hurts animals is evil. My sweet, wonderful, lovely domestic long-hair a rescue died after a short struggle with a quick-onset illness at 20 years-old; my sweet, persnickety, cute-as-a-button Persian a gift is a little over 11 years-old, and she is LITERALLY starving.

It was awful. And in another side to the story, my beloved Tabby cat who adopted me! I felt it was far too soon, I had expected more time with him as he had been a pretty healthy cat all his life. What is it with kidney-failure? But the day we realised she was sick, we held and cuddled her and told her how much we loved her. Are you syringe feeding? Sometimes that gets past whatever is keeping them from eating, with cats it can take very little to put them off their feed. I just fill up a 3mL oral syringe, put cat on table, minimal restraint hand on shoulder , and just set the syringe at the side of their mouth until they open a little and shoot some in toward the other side.

The best stuff is Wysong PDG — really easy to mix up to get max calories into the critter. The trick is to figure out how much they can handle per shot and how they want it aimed. I always stop when they get fidgety. Maybe Kanye missed that episode. Poor kitty! Poor kitty. Of course shelter dogs are awesome too, needless to say. I want to distance Kim hate from the very real and sad occurrence of this kitten dying. I think Kim Kardashian is selfish, uninformed, shallow and ignorant. But I do believe she gave the cat away quietly once she realized she did. It just sucks. If she learns something that would be great.

Not sure if she will. I do think there are some very spot on comments here. Sometimes just food and care help there are also outdoor cat shelters you can make or buy. I have the same thing going on. I made a little heated house for it and you can do the same. This is how I did it though you can use any materials :. I drilled a hole in the ceiling and then used a cable tie zip tie. Then I wrapped plastic around my deck, also to keep the wind out.

I just went to peek outside my window and there it is, there seems to be two: one black and white and one all gray. Food and warmth would be great.

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I read somewhere this cute little kitten was just a prop that Pimp Mama came up with to make Kim seem more likable. Massive FAIL. She only loves herself. She has enough money to dress herself in leather every day of the week and fly all over the world but a sickly cat she cannot be bothered with. This bitch. So horrifying. She is disgusting. Poor cat. It sounds like KK thought of Mercy as a living toy, realized that taking care of a pet would involve more work than she wanted to do and gave Mercy up.

I have mild allergies to cats. Saying that I have had cats all my life. My two brother cats were 17 and 23 when they died. I now have a fairly large, fluffy, adorable Maine Coon 15 lb. She does not deserve any animal. Saying the cat had cancer makes me think it had feline leukemia which can be horrendous.

They also make a vaccine to prevent it. She should have given the kitten to Lagerfeld.

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Mercy would be dining on caviar with Choupette right now! I know because my cat allergies are severe and to visit my cat owner sister requires a lot of medical prep. I treat my dog better than she will ever treat a child. I have two rescue Persians, they are my sweet babies. I am allergic to them- some days i want to pop my eyes out of my head because they itch so bad! Totally unacceptable. This story makes me sadder and angrier than it probably normally would because I just had to put down my utterly beloved cat of 13 years because he had stage 4 kidney failure.

Honestly this family make me ill at the best of times, but this story, that poor kitty! Disgusting individual. My last cat, Tiffy, had kidney failure, but I was lucky enough to have her for 19 years. Most of them eventually get kidney failure, it seems like. I hope you will soon open your heart to another kitty, or two. Within a matter of days from the diagnosis, she lost control of her bowels and had to be put down. I was so sad when I saw this. I dislike Kim as much as everyone else, but the fact is, kitties are vulnerable when so little and these diseases can come on fast. It also seems to be that breeder cats have a lot of health problems.

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So, RIP Mercy. The kittens and, their cage and most importantly are safe. We block toddlers from harm, either with gates, playpens, or bouncy seats, why not kittens? This article was helpful to me in so many ways! I was going to use pet carriers but crates will be much better. Nothing has worked they are currently separated as basement vs. Putting them in crates when they fight will work great.

I can't thank you enough!! I have a about 10 week old kitten who was dumped at our house by an unknown party. Some people in my house are highly allergic to cats. I have been looking at keeping her in a outdoor ca. You mention a lot about introducing kittens to new homes, feral cats and cats to multi cat homes, but what about a 2 yr old bengal that is used to 2 dogs to a new owners home with no other pets?

Thanks but you forgot a major reason, the main reason I've had to cage cats, and that's for the end of life. My cat, GK, had an abscess lanced today so she can no longer be outside. My father has dementia so he'll open doors even if I tell him not too so no bathroom for GK. GK won't use a litter pan either. She's 16, 4 pounds, and on the way out. She hates being touched.

I hate to cage her but what other option do I have. What do you do when two cats don't stop the squabbling even after doing what you advised?

What if it keeps continuing for months and they only behave when caged, yet misbehave and purposely fight after being out of the cages for so long? What then? Please help! What do you do if your parents won't let you let your cat roam around and keeping him in the cage?? My poor kitty needs to be crated for 8 weeks after surgery on a broken femur! Meowing It's only day We bought a large rabbit hutch with two rooms she is very small too and this worked well for a while with her litter box in another room. Lately however she has been completely trashing the inside of the box pooing and weeing everywhere, completely missing the litter tray.

It gets up the walls, in her bed, in the water bowl and then drips onto the floor through gaps in it. It can take an hour a day to clean it up. Recently she was left loose at night a few times and behaved perfectly well for a while until today when she urinated all over the kitchen table despite having access to a clean litter tray. My father is threatening to put her down. I feel this is a shame as there is nothing else wrong with her. The only solution I can think of is to construct some kind of entirely waterproof and easily removable version of the hutch she has now so that if she makes a terrible mess of it, it stays contained and can be easily lifted outside and cleaned on the grass with a hosepipe and then some bleach solution.

Has anyone had a cat problem like this before?! If I didn't know better I would say that she deliberately makes as much mess as possible! Poweranni - I hadn't thought about the destructive aspect but I have had animals before that fit that category! Animals can be weird sometimes. It's a shame when you have to take such measures but sadly sometimes it's the best thing to do. I hope you had good luck with it! Thanks you for commenting, I am sorry for my slothful reply.

I love my kitty so much that it hurts. He has his own "condo" outfitted with an "indoor toilet" and a "kitchen" and "running water. In other words, he has an all-you-can-eat feeder, a water bowl, litter box and a ledge that he can sit on. Well he has this habit of chewing up wires, which could actually end up burning the house down.

He also has this mild obsession with chewing plastic which I fear could get him an intestinal blockage. That is a harsh way to go. And no matter how much I clean, he manages to find some kind of plastic to chew on. I have been taking care of a feral cat and her two five WK old kittens. Last week when I let her out a waiting coyote got her. These little ones are great but they are getting into everything.

I got a large dog cage to put in while at work and at night. Anything I need to do to make it Easter on them. The male is Sylvester and the female is Daisey. I actually just bought a crate to put my cats in because I'm in the middle of moving. I haven't really thought about crating them for other reasons. Thank goodness when my cats were kittens I didn't have any litter box issues with them. I've had them for two years and never had a problem with them relieving themselves on the carpet or my furniture. I am working on getting them used to the crate so they won't be so stressed out come moving time, and it will help as I introduce them to the new place since they do get terrified when I have to take them out of the place they've grown up in.

I never quarantine my cat but i had seen my neighbor caged her cat because she had kittens-afraid other male cats to attack them. Great article! This is very insightful and you have provided some valuable information regarding caging cats. Thank you for sharing. Voted Up -Rose. Great information. I have a friend who is looking to adopt a new cat into her household. Will share this with her! Although I understand your concerns this article is about proper cat husbandry - not an excuse to cage things you deem annoying. I've had many cats both in and out of cages over the years for many reasons and let me tell you - it's actually harder to keep a caged cat clean then it is one running around!

I've used cages for quarantine and somewhat long term medication routines I don't really worry about people inappropriately using cages for cats for this reason did I mention when they're not happy they also have a tendency to be very very loud? It's just not worth it for that Right now the only abuses I've seen for cages are kitten mills Thank you for commenting.

I do appreciate the insight and the fact you took the time to reply to my article. Hope your and your kitty have a good day. My concern is that caging will become a trend for shallow people looking for convenience. Not that the reasons in the article or the comments were like that at all, far from it. I have seen the dog crating trend get out of control where people don't use it just for training, they use it so they can leave a dog home for 12 hours and when it inevitably relieves itself, he does it in the cage.

I have seen and heard horrific situations where people abuse the crate regularly and make jokes about their dog being in his crate from 7am and it was then 7pm. Now we have vapid celebrities on TV shown tossing their dogs in their crates when they are home! Dogs and cats are social animals and for a dog to be left to rot alone in a tiny cage instead of being with the family is awful.

Believe me I understand the reasons described here, but I'm just worried we'll have people who don't want to deal with cat hair or the occasional hairball and resort to the cage. So i think its important to be very careful when talking about caging dogs and cats to be very clear to spell out the right and wring way to do it.

For every intelligent, rational, compassionate person out there, there is also a dimwit who will abuse it and not even realize I have seen these people often. And by the way, one of my cats does the howling thing. No I can't stop him from doing it so I shut the hallway door, run a fan by my bed for white noise, and sleep with earplugs. I'd definitely try that ABoyer. Put the cage in a spot she likes open, and allow her to explore it herself. Maybe even feed her treats or canned food in there while it's open. Give her a bed and make her feel like it's a safe and secure place to be.

It'll make eventually locking her in for a while a lot less stressful. Also try locking her in for a day or two while you're home to make sure she doesn't do anything crazy after you've done this introduction. Other than that she may or may not use the litter box in the cage as it seems your absence is the stress factor causing this but plastic tray bottoms are easier to clean than the floor if she is bad!

I know how hard it can be to own elderly cats and animals with separation anxiety. I know none of us want to keep anyone in a cage but you never know You just don't know until you try. Best wishes! I have a year-old cat. She was fine for years, but now when we leave town for the occasional weekend, she poops outside the litter box. At first, the lavender-scented calming collar sold in stores helped, but lately it doesn't. We don't want to board her because of the expense and because our younger cat 11 has never lived a day of her life completely alone in the house.

The two of them aren't close, but they're companions of a sort. I'm wondering if we could cage the older one we know she's the guilty party while we're away for a three-day weekend--maybe put the cage in her favorite spot. She's never been caged before. Is it safe to leave her alone caged for days obviously, with plenty of food, water, and litter? Should I try it for a day or two while we're home to see how she accepts it? Thank you so much--I'd really appreciate any advice! Marti: Post op caging is usually best at two weeks. Some vets say one but I always keep them in for two just to make certain and this is only if there's no problems.

Heart-Cath Barton (photography)

Sometimes if they get an infection or complication it can take longer but this is rare. This article was very informative. I'm getting my last feral cat spayed and I will cage her for security and. She will be recovering in the garage with 8 other cats. I just wish I could find out how long I should cage her post op. Thanks, Marti. Thank you for this article. I am getting ready to cage my cat for the first time in her life and I am really daunted thinking about it.

However, she has a heart problem, can't be spayed can't undergo anesthesia , and is marking everywhere. We have tried prozac, flower essences, feliway, etc. My husband and I have been kicked out of bedroom and live in separate rooms. The cage is the last resort for us and was recommended by our vet. We would hate for her to survive this heart problem that was supposed to kill her before her first birthday, only to have the marking do her in. I hope she takes to it okay. Just like you, I never thought a cat should be caged; that is,until we adopted a stray kitten.

My youngest was concerned that the little orphan would be hit by a car, and since we already had three older cats we weren't sure they'd like him, so we put him in an extra-large dog crate in the house. Luckily the little guy Shika was so thankful to have a home that he gave us no qualms about being in a crate. After a few days we allowed him out but when the other cats chased him, he always ran to the safety of his crate. Three years later we have more cats and have used crates for their bedrooms,quarantining of the sickies or injured and also as 'time-out' when the playing gets way to rough.

The reason I am looking into caging my cats is because he meows very loudly at night and wakes us up over and over. It is actually causeing major issues with my relationship and with my ability to get enoug sleep. I have a baby on the way too and won't need any other reasons to be woken up at night. I am going to try to put my cat in the cage at night and if he meows at least he will be far enough from my bedroom that I won't hear it. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, pethelpful. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Theophanes Avery more. Introduction I have had cats bless my life almost from the time of my own birth.

Litterbox Training To most cats the litter box is instinctual and even a cat who's never seen one may be inclined to use it. Taming Ferals Feral cats tug at the heartstring of anyone who loves felines. Quarantining Quarantining is a super beneficial practice to anyone who has a more than one pet, especially if they're the same species. Introducing a New Cat Into the Household One of the main themes of this article is going to be prevention. That Vapid comes out of nowhere and absolutely nails it is part of why we're all digging through singles so fervently these days.

Grab it a la L'Trimm. Du qui tue! Tout simplement incontournable: do the earthquake! Here again, another excellent EP from Nominal Records. Killer stuff! Three tracks that caused an earthquake off Vancouver. Simply unstoppable: Do the earthquake! Starting with what is undoubtedly my favorite 7" of the moment from local upstarts Vapid. These kids shimmy and shake and do the earthquake all around town, but have now set off an explosion on wax. Imagine a fifties sock hop suddenly invaded by the cast of Suburbia, and you might be close to what this sounds like.

Like Bow Wow Wow on too much candy as on the title cut or the Bs with a Black Flag fetish with the song "Victim" , there's a flash and a pow, and man--this smokes. Get off your couch and do the pony to your local rekkid shop and get this, pronto. Nominal Records, Richards St. V6B 3A4. Their sound is rather reminiscent of early riot grrrl and grunge on a punk tip. But I find here the exception to the rule. The title track is total fun.

The two tracks on the other side are just as good, if not better. And a note to The Donnas - please stop making records.

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Vapid makes your very existence pointless. The shimmies and shakes of the girl group era make it into the lyrics of "Earthquake" which is a song about public paranoia so it is a bit ironic or maybe just a good pun. It is lo fi in style and noisey [sic] in terms of a bashing it out approach. It's a gem. Poppy, lady-fronted garage punk, with danceable beats, fuzzed-out guitars, and an unmistakable riot girl 'tude. I'm not sure which metaphoric sound situation to go with, but you've got the picture.