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In a Bible or Morph search, an article is a single verse.

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In a Basic search, an article is usually the amount of text that comes under a single heading or sub-heading that shows up in the Table of Contents. For most bibles a Basic Search article is a single chapter, whilst it is a single pericope for the others.

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Sometimes you may want more control than AND. They are mostly self-explanatory and are used like this:. For other searches you can use one of three workarounds:. For example:. So first it searches for love and neighbor then it takes that result and searches for neighbour OR[result]. Just like in Math, putting parentheses around your search term forces Logos to evaluate that term first. Prior to v6.

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Lists are a very useful feature which provide shortcuts in a number of searches. A list is written like this: term1, term2, term3, etc. When Logos encounters a list, it performs the search using just term1.

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Then it repeats the search using just term2, then with just term3, etc. Once it has finished, it then OR s the results. Here are some examples:. Please note: Some people get confused as they equate the list with the OR command. They are not the same, even though in a very basic search they will perform in the same way. Remember, Logos iterates through lists, then ORs the results.

The two searches produce exactly the same results, despite the small differences in counting. With the longer search string if a verse e. With the shorter search string it will be counted as one result. Use Media Search to search for images. It has a drop down list from which you can select different types of images e. Maps, Charts, Photos, Site Plans. Complete the search by entering a term in the Find box e. Jerusalem, together with checking Maps and Photos. In basic search , Logos supports searching for many different types of references.

A reference is a link from one resource to another. You can search for these references, and therefore find every resource that linked to John , or Volume 5 page 42 of TDNT, etc.

Note: Not all links are references. References are a special kind of link, usually to a commonly-used resource with a standard referencing system. They are normally not links to a specific resource, but could in theory at least open in a number of different resources depending on what resource you own, and have prioritised. If a resource could open with a particular datatype, that datatype will be listed in the Indexes section of the resources information panel.

There is no official list of datatypes, but users have collected a partial list of datatypes. A very important datatype is Lemma. Trying to create a Lemma search from scratch can be slightly tricky as the syntax is a bit more complicated than some of the others. The lbs is the morphology database Logos Greek Morphology in this case. The el is the language Greek.

If you want to find out the syntax for any of the other datatypes , find a hyperlink to that datatype in your library. A search window will pop up with the correct syntax. You can then modify the syntax to search for the exact reference you want. With most datatypes, you can also search for ranges, as the bible example above shows. But if you want more control over the range, you can also change the operator the equals sign. The following operators are available listed in order, from the most exact at the top to the broadest at the bottom :.

Examples of the above:. Most resources in Logos have several fields in them.

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The ESV Bible, for example, has the following fields: surface, footnote, bible, later-addition, words-of-christ, heading. Please note that fieldnames are case-sensitive. In the resource information panel, they are called search fields. Oct 13, Pages Buy. Oct 30, Pages Buy. Oct 13, Pages. Oct 30, Pages. Sarah Wildman is the author of Paper Love. She is the… More about Sarah Wildman. Scheftel seems to have vanished into the Nazi machine, but Wildman obsessively tracks down any record she can find in the hope of piecing together the story.

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In doing so, Wildman, who belongs to the third generation of Holocaust writers, and the final generation to have contact with survivors, turns a family story into a universal, historical one, and answers questions about how we can find new ways to talk about the Holocaust and its memory. Her impeccable research structures the book as a historical narrative on the annexation of Europe and the psychological torture of the Jewish people as hope was slowly extinguished.

Only by taking the time to wonder and mourn the extinguishing of a single brilliant, magical existence can we comprehend the millions of others. She shines a light on its boundless potential. And along with the pathos and pain, there is profound and honest thoughtfulness too. It also required a measure of empathy seldom displayed by writers dealing with a period so different from their own.

I thought it could not be done and half-tried to persuade her as she relates not to undertake the effort.

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At the very top of the headings, you can click on Available Now to select your local Library branch. This will limit the results to material available at your branch. Another commonly used feature in the left toolbar is to filter by Audience. Selecting the Advanced Search option under the search bar will allow those who are familiar with Boolean searching to work their magic. Our beautiful new catalogue is fantastic for browsing. These special pages list all the latest additions to our collection, including books, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, CDs and e-books.

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For times like these, you can group your results together to show all available formats of a given title.

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Select the grouped search button , circled in red in the example below. Looking through the catalogue and wishing you could just browse a shelf like you do at the Library? When you are in the record of a particular book, select Browse by Call Number to browse the shelf from home. Now that you're a search pro, you can share your favourite discoveries with the Library world!

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