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Like this one man I worked with whose vision board included a sports car, a mansion, and an attractive girlfriend. Even though he was in therapy saying he wanted to feel better, he wasn't willing to do anything to make his life better. He was barely making ends meet, and he hadn't been on a date in years, but he was convinced that the law of attraction would magically make his dreams come true. Rather than get a new job or put himself out there socially, he passively waited for his life to change.

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Ironically, his vision board was actually the stumbling block to living a better life. I've seen situations like that happen countless times in my therapy office.

Life Purpose and Sacred Vision of Work | Ellen Hayakawa

While my anecdotal evidence shows that vision boards backfire, research also shows that focusing on attaining your goal--as opposed to the effort it will take to succeed--will increase your chances of failure. In one study , researchers at the University of California asked one group of students to visualize themselves getting a great grade on an exam. They asked another group to visualize themselves studying for the exam.

The students who visualized themselves getting a good grade scored lower on the test than the students who visualized themselves studying. Students who visualized themselves studying put more time into preparing for the test and ultimately, they scored much better. That's just one example.

How to Create A Personal Vision Statement

It's not just performers who ruin their chances of victory with vision boards. Money blog Finance Girl explains why it's important to draw a distinction between your goals and your vision.

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To put the concept very simply, goals are the "how" you achieve something. Exercise every day, develop a business plan, spend less time at work.

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Vision, on the other hand, is the "why. When you look back in a couple decades, what do you want to see?

How to Create a Vision for Your Life So Bold, It Makes You Shine - Vishen Lakhiani

As Finance Girl puts it:. To create a vision, begin by identifying your core values, your passions, what you believe to be your purpose, and how you envision your life.

What a Vision Can Do for You

From there, be more specific and remember to be clear. Your vision should embody your values and your view of the future without being too generic.

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    The future belongs to those who dare to realize their dreams.