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The European Bookshop will be attending the festival with a selection of the books featured in the festival programme. Please click here to see some of the titles available to purchase from us. Kennedy and guests:. Kennedy will give a keynote address reflecting on the future of European authorship in a post-Brexit context. She will then be joined in conversation by two prize-winning European authors, Clemens Meyer from Germany and Francesca Melandri from Italy.

Chaired by Arifa Akbar, deputy literary editor and arts writer at The Independent. We will have a section devoted to Primary Language Learning and a range of childrens' books and literature. European Schoolbooks will be present exhibiting a range of materials for primary and secondary language learning in French, German Italian, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. We are delighted to welcome Greta Sykes gretasykes.

This novel is a celebration of the creativity, culture and resistance of ordinary people during the twenty odd years of Weimar Republic and the Nazi regime. Embedded in the family narrative of Lene, her siblings and parents as well as her friends we experience with them the excitements and tragedies of the time as if we lived in them ourselves. We meet many famous writers and socialists of the time, such as Marianne Brandt, artist at the Bauhaus, Walter Benjamin, poet, Berta von Suttner, Nobel peace price winner.

Teachers can claim a FREE ticket to this event by visiting the online booking page www. Workshop The FREE event will provide attendees with an opportunity to hear about the latest developments, be given access to the newly developed resources, trial them and create new interactive materials. Attendees will be able to take away practical ideas on the use of ICT in teaching, develop their own activities as well as have free access to a range of tools. Refreshments provided.

gabriele d'annunzio | Italy BL and GF | Book of life, Writer, Statue

Booking To book your place contact: emilia leaponline. Dabei sind alle Bestandteile aufeinander abgestimmt und flexibel einsetzbar. Panorama is a very innovative new German course from the leading German educational publisher Cornelsen Verlag. The course combines the advantages of print and digital media, based on the latest theories of mixed media learning, to offer a broad view of the language and cultures of the German-speaking countries. All the components are fully integrated to enable them to be used very flexibly in the classroom.

The presentation will focus on how Panorama embodies this new dimension of teaching and learning German. Join us for an enjoyable evening and celebratory drinks as we toast the opening of our new bookshop at Gloucester Road! Language World is the annual flagship event of ALL, with two days of professional development for teachers, the largest UK exhibition of language teaching resources directly aimed at teachers, a social event, and a chance for teachers from all over the country to meet up with their subject community to celebrate language teaching and learning.

On average, about teachers a day attend the event. The title of Language World is Curriculum Innovation. For more information, visit the website: Language World Website. Come and share an enjoyable evening with us to celebrate our upcoming relocation and to bid farewell to Warwick Street, our home for almost 30 years!

Why not join us for a drink, and browse our shelves for some wonderful special offers! This is a prestigious annual event where language learning and teaching specialists and practitioners meet and discuss latest developments in this area. For full details visit the official conference website.

This conference offers an excellent opportunity for primary and secondary teachers of languages to gain ideas and strategies for the primary and secondary classroom. A year on from the compulsory introduction of languages at Key Stage 2, there will be the opportunity to reflect on progress made in this regard and how best to proceed. Teachers from maintained and independent sectors as well as clubs and private tuition are welcome. Past participants have said that the conference features a good mixture of theory and practice, an impressive variety of speakers and handouts and is highly stimulating.

The European Bookshop will be present at the conference with a display of bilingual and language learning materials. London's ALL and Goethe Institut come together to offer language teachers even more choice this summer in a pick and mix programme! A morning of ideas which you can apply to any subject, any phase; a morning of ideas for the primary context; a day of German-focussed sessions; or a mixture of them all! For more details on the day's programme or to register if you haven't already, visit the ALL London June Event page here.

The theme of Language World is ALL Connected, emphasising the importance of joining together across educational sectors to achieve the best in language learning. Language World is a conference, two days of non-stop CPD, an exhibition, a social event, and a chance for teachers from all over the country to meet up with their subject community to celebrate language teaching and learning. Catch up with all that's best in the world of primary language teaching with a selection of plenaries, presentations, workshops and resources at Bath Spa University.

With the emphasis on delegates receiving excellent professional development from leading language practitioners, this conference offers the opportunity to learn new classroom strategies, take part in practical sessions, benefit from the latest ideas and resources and be inspired! These little whimsies of the animal world have delighted generations of French children. This book is bilingual and is adorned with beautiful illustrations. A famous poem in Venezuela, Florentino and the Devil is the story of a poetic duel, a contrapunteo, between Florentino, a llanero a cattleman of the plains and The Devil.

Gain ideas on how to engage pupils at KS3 and encourage language learning at KS4. Find out more about using technology in the MFL classroom and take a look at the latest resources available to you and your pupils. Angel Books and The European Bookshop request the pleasure of your company to celebrate the publication of.

Most translations have lost their bite after 20 or 30 years. It is remarkable for its immediacy and urgency. It could have been written today. The female identity of the central character is crucial. Whether you are new to teaching or leading languages at your school, looking for fresh ideas, this conference is for you. Workshops and presentations will explore CLIL Content Language and Integrated Learning , setting up a bilingual programme in your school, how to support EAL learners in class, using games, songs and stories in the classroom and there will be an introductory session about a new Action Research module at the University of Westminster.

Materials and resources developed by the Cultural Institutes will be showcased on the day. Key note presentation on how CLIL can improve whole school results, motivation and transition. The opportunity to learn about the Cultural Institutes and other organisations supporting the teaching of languages. RSVP neal dalkeyarchive. European Schoolbooks Ltd will be attending this event with a display of our latest language learning resources in German. For more details visit the website: Goethe Institut Glasgow. This conference offers a timely opportunity for primary and secondary teachers of languages to get together, to share resources, strategies and ideas for the classroom.

It is a chance for non-specialist and specialist primary language teachers to prepare themselves for the introduction of compulsory languages at Key Stage 2 from September and for secondary teachers to review how they are teaching the curriculum. Workshops and presentations will cover teaching languages at an ab-initio level and beyond, including examples of how languages can be integrated in to other subjects. Workshops and examples of teaching primary and secondary French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and a multi-lingual approach to teaching languages will be provided.

  • The History of the Last Trial by Jury for Atheism in England a Fragment of Autobiography Submitted for the Perusal of Her Majesty’s Attorney-General and the British Clergy;
  • Interpreting Primo Levi | SpringerLink.
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European Schoolbooks Ltd will be attending with a display of primary and secondary resources in a range of languages and we'll also be offering a discount at the event. Click here to find out more about the Primary Languages Conference and to book your place at the event. As from September , the teaching of Primary Languages will be a statutory requirement.

This conference will provide subject coordinators and language practitioners with up to date information on local and national developments, including guidance on the Suffolk Linguamarque accreditation scheme. The conference will offer opportunities to explore creative Primary Languages teaching and learning approaches, with particular emphasis on links with literacy and grammar. It will also provide a platform to unpick the issues of progression through the key stages.

European Schoolbooks Ltd will be attending with a display of primary resources in a range of languages and we'll also be offering a discount at the event. Click here to find out more information and to book your place. International Matters in the New Primary Curriculum - Importance of international education and global citizenship. As well as the presentations, there will be various practical workshops on how to include the international dimension in different subject areas. To find out more information and to book your place, please click here.

Philippe Liria, trainer and editor at EMDL, will be demonstrating the best way to get the most out of this three-level course and all its components, which encourage children to enjoy language learning. During the session you will be invited to organise activities working towards the final task and using the songs and the cuddly toy.

A free copy of the student's book of Zoom 1 will be given to all teachers who attend this presentation. Join us for an evening of readings and discussion between Elvira Dones and Clarissa Botsford, in both English and Italian. RSVP italian esb. Hana Doda, a student in cosmopolitan Tirana, and Mark Doda, a raki-drinking, gun-toting shepherd in the mountains, are the same person.

Later Mark receives an invitation to join a cousin in America and with it comes the chance to escape his vow. But is there a way back for a Sworn Virgin? A film of the novel is due out in She currently teaches English and Translation Studies at Rome University and translates contemporary Italian fiction and poetry. Enrico Franceschini is a writer and journalist, working as a foreign correspondent for the Italian newspaper "la Repubblica" for over thirty years.

Join us on April 24th for an evening of off-the-wall humour and wit, with discussions, readings and interviews with the author, publishers and friends. Refreshments will be served and fun is to be had by all. About the book: Gender equality, what a bore! Ray Parnac's tormented characters only thrive in excess. Cruel or vulnerable, they strive to take control of their lives but struggle to find a balance.

Maneaters, nasty gannies, mink wearing jobseekers co-exist with office fanatics, transvestites and gay dandies. A fiery cocktail burning with the madness of humanity in which, somewhere between tears and laughter, the reader will discover this elementary truth: the stronger people are not always those you expect Her dark side shines through in her startling writings, imbued with her sharp and witty humour. Her previous collection of short stories, Le Doigt de l'Historienne , was published by Emue in Emue Books is a Melbourne-based publishing house.

Their first goal was to publish fresh European authors who were writing in French. They are now aiming to share their talents with the English-speaking world. Emue means Moved in French. From appetizers to desserts, La Cuisine sain-plement offers simple and healthy recipes, tried and tested by many home cooks, from the rushed to the lazy, and the talented to the burnt-toast afficionado. Emmanuelle Orban , a former trainer in the health sector, got the idea of creating short and sweet recipes accessible to all, from the most talented cook to the least patient.

Valery Maitre de Kroon is the co-author of Tout est bon, a collection of recipe books about staples such as vinegar, salt, garlic and tea. She is convinced of the crucial effect of her nutrition on her health and, as a humble unseasoned cook, she aims to share with us the ultra-simple recipes she uses in her every day diet. We are pleased to say that we will be at this conference with a display of some of our newest children's books and resources suitable for primary schools.

We will also have our brand new Primary Languages Catalogue to hand out! There is no escape.

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The Earth has been hit by Nature as the man had never before witnessed. In a forced return to the primitive methods of survival, humanity struggles to see another day in a planet where the solar storms and solar radiation have almost ended their existence. Dana Suarez is just one more survivor. Or so it seems. Answers that some do not wish her to discover. Laura Salesa is a multi disciplinary creative artist wih a background in press journalism and graphic design. Already in her childhood, Laura enjoyed drawing pencil portraits and writing poetry, both in Spanish and English.

Graduated on Advertising and Public Relations , Laura started her professional career as a TV Reporter, moving into press Journalist and then Graphic Design, having set up recently her own Design consultancy business in London, where she has also exhibited her artworks at several venues. New Era - The Chronicles of The Revealer is the debut fiction novel of Salesa and was self-published in her mother tongue Spanish in The book was written -accordying to the author- "in between holidays, work breaks, and sleepless nights after the birth of her first daughter".

The book has been received well by the Spanish audience who are waiting the arrival of the sequel. The novel and the novel within it bring us two different reflections on the common nature of writing and love, and on a world today divided between two very different religious and cultural points of view. She works as a language teacher in a Secondary School in London. She has also published a book on music, Mancunians and Music, with her own publishing company Little Asturias, in She aims to write good novels in both Spanish and English as long as there is someone out there ready to enjoy reading them.

Following on the success of their previous book on lentils, Maria and Claude draw on their experience and their knowledge of Italian and Lebanese traditions to bring the chickpea to life with modern and adapted recipes. They will talk to us about food, lentils and chickpeas, Italian, Lebanese and French cuisine, and treat us to some samples to taste! In they founded Libaliano , a cooking workshop for Italian and Lebanese cuisines, which they still run with success. Together they published two recipe books, one on Lentils , Tamyras and the other on Chickpeas , Tamyras , which are both popular ingredients in their own cuisines.

Enrico Lampis is a keen home baker and baking blogger Un sacco di Farina. Loves to bake all the classics from all over the world and share them with food lovers. Always striving to find inspiration, through travelling, reading, watching and exchanging cooking experiences with other keen foodies. This conference will involve an update on the new National Curriculum, as well as topic sessions with core content transferable for all languages with language-specific demonstrations mainly French, German and Spanish in areas such as adaptation of resources and creativity in the classroom.

Elaine Taylor, the Ofsted Inspector for modern languages, has been invited to open the conference and the Spanish primary adviser will be presenting free resources and materials from their education centre. Please see the blen website for further information: blen. We are very pleased to be able to host a reading of Holocaust poetry in translation. Jean Boase-Beier and Dr Marian de Vooght from the University of East Anglia will introduce and read poems that have been translated from different languages.

Under Nazi rule during World War II millions of people from all over Europe were persecuted, deported to concentration camps and killed. Groups targeted included Jews, Gypsies, mentally disabled people, homosexuals, individuals with so-called deviant life styles, men and women who resisted the regime. Numerous poems were written during the time of horror, by poets forced to live in ghettos but also by those who were imprisoned or taken to concentration camps. The writing didn't stop after the war. Survivors of death camps created poetry to express their experience of evil, torment and despair.

Also people who had gone into exile but lost family and friends wrote poems to deal with their trauma. Others wrote in empathy and imagined the pain victims had gone through in poetic forms. To this day, Holocaust poetry is being written. The continued translation of Holocaust poems is important; first of all for the survival of the texts themselves and with that, the knowledge and remembrance of the suffering across linguistic borders.

Translators of poetry must analyze the specific forms and styles poets have used to make a meaningful text. They take special care to create versions in English that do justice to as many aspects of the original as possible, including cases where meaning is uncertain or ambiguous. Fastosa e miserabile, Palermo seduce Simonetta: la stordisce di bellezza e di profumi, la ingolosisce con le fisionomie impassibili dei pupi di zucchero e l'oro croccante delle panelle.

Simonetta Agnello Hornby vive a Londra da 40 anni dove esercita la professione di avvocato dei minori. Laura Lepschy dal al The majority of this collection of Roth's haunting, acidly percipient, and sometimes blackly comic journalistic essays have never before been translated into English and they form the latest installment in Hesperus' bestselling On series. Incisive and ironic, the writing evokes Roth's bitterness, frustration and morbid despair at the coming annihilation of the free world while displaying his great nostalgia for the Hapsburg Empire into which he was born and his ingrained fear of nationalism in any form.

Detailing the duplicities and grotesque criminalities of the Nazi regime, Roth denounces the terror sewn by Nazi storm troopers, the propaganda of Goebbels, the round ups, the assassinations and the construction of concentration camps, alongside the seeming blindness and somnambulism of the rest of Europe, which appears paralysed in the face of virulent Nazi expansion. Following the Anchluss in , Roth, cut off from his homeland, isolated in a Paris itself gradually darkening under the looming shadow of war, sunk into a self destructive alcoholism which led inexorably to his desolate end the following year in a Parisian hospital.

Within twelve months the German blitzkrieg had overrun Paris. Will Stone was born in and divides his time between Suffolk and the continent. He also contributed as editor, translator, essayist and photographer to a new translation of the novel 'Bruges-la-Morte' by Belgian symbolist poet Georges Rodenbach, published by Dedalus in The event is free to attend and refreshments will be served after the talk. Far from his comfortable, free-thinking bourgeois home and left to his own devices, he experiences the joy, pain and self-doubt of adolescence.

Christopher Moncrieff is a novelist, poet and translator. This year the conference will focus on practical language teaching ideas and the use of technology in the classroom. Each language has its own individual conference programme, including workshops and presentations of research and created material. All the speakers at the event are experienced practitioners from International House and other reputable institutions. If you have any questions about the event, please email International House. Click here to book a place for MoLaCo or to find out more about the programme for each language.

A timely opportunity for non-specialist and specialist primary language teachers to prepare for next year's introduction of compulsory languages at Key Stage 2.

Trap Italiano VS Trap Francese

Workshops and presentations will cover teaching languages at an ab-initio level and beyond, including examples of how languages can be integrated across the curriculum. New materials and resources developed by the Cultural Institutes to support language learning in the classroom will also be showcased on the day. This event takes place within this 5th year of Spain NOW! Admission is free and refreshments will be served after the talk, which will be presented by Giles Tremlett , correspondent in Madrid for The Guardian.

In , Granta included him on their list of the best young authors currently writing in Spanish. His books have been translated into several languages. We look forward to seeing you there on stand For more information about the Language Show, visit the official website:. Going through the family archives, he discovers the manuscript of an aspiring novelist named Loukas Matthaiou. While reading it, Yannis feels as if someone has put to paper his innermost thoughts.

But who was the writer of this amazing story, and what happened to him? Following in the tracks of this elusive stranger, Yannis's life takes an unforeseen turn. He finds that everyone who met Matthaiou was permanently affected by his charismatic personality. Driven by his quest for Matthaiou, he needs to find what drove Matthaiou himself. Alexis Stamatis is a well known Greek novelist and poet born in Athens, Greece. He has published ten novels. Bar Flaubert has been adapted to a screenplay by the author and the director Vassilis Douvlis.

His poems, beautiful with spaces and images, have opened up more and more to the landscape and peoples of the Middle East. He conjures up a variegated, polychromatic cast of literary and mythic characters.. Refreshments will be served after the talk. La scoperta dello stretto rapporto di Nivola con Dicomano e col Mugello, si intreccia con una fitta rete di amicizie, fatta di gente comune, ma anche di figure di primo piano per la storia dell'arte, come quella di Pietro Porcinai, personaggio di caratura internazionale per quanto riguarda l'architetture del paesaggio.

Un testo pieno di sorprese che, grazie a un ricco epistolario e alle testimonianze dirette di chi l'ha conosciuto, permette di inquadrare Nivola in maniera inedita rispetto alla vasta produzione esistente sull'artista. Prefazioni di Giuliana Altea e Richard Ingersoll. Angelino Mereu , originario di Orani, in Sardegna, vive e lavora a Firenze dal Ha collaborato, mettendo a disposizione la sua collezione e le sue conoscenze, a mostre e pubblicazioni.

Stefan Kornelius will be with us to talk about his new book Angela Merkel: The authorized biography Alma Books The book will be published to coincide with the German elections in September. With the Eurozone engulfed in an unprecedented crisis, one political figure looms largest of all, Angela Merkel, the leader of its most powerful economy. From her youthful days of hitchhiking in Tbilisi to being the guest of honour at a White House state dinner, this book examines how a girl from East Germany rose to the highest echelons of European power.

Since Kornelius has been responsible for foreign policy reporting and is in close contact with the Chancellor and her main advisers. To reserve a place please send us an email. From the bestselling author of 'It's All Greek to Me! It looks as if Russia might become a liberal democracy. It also looks as if it might plunge into chaos. These are fascinating times and John Mole wants to be part of this New Russia. But what can he do?

An MBA, 15 years in international banking and a few novels, have left him with few useful skills. Nobody is doing baked potatoes and the secret is in the packaging. Hired as a rabotnik, a worker, entitled to a week in a sanatorium every year, he tries to corner the market in business names and pizza cheese. While he is trying to sell British fast food to Russians, Russians try to sell things to him.

Fireworks, seashells, tungsten, the scrapings of baby reindeer horn. And advanced biotechnology, using bacteria to purify the air in submarines. Spuds end in fiasco. Bugs come to the rescue. Wine and snacks will be provided. RSVP to reserve a place. The extensive consumption of fossil fuels during the last centuries has been one of the main reasons for the increased concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases, and as a consequence we are expecting a rise in the global mean temperature between 1.

Because the energy sector is responsible for most of the green house gases emitted globally, the adoption of low carbon energy technologies is an essential measure for reducing the risks of climate change, and to foster sustainable economic development. In this talk, we embrace the predicament of decarbonise the energy sector in three steps: the past, the present and the future.

In the first part, we take a brief look to the history of the energy sector, where we can identify periods of rapid and profound technological transformations. Then we move into the present, making a snapshot of our global energy sector, and its current contribution to green house gas emissions and climate change. Program 7. Pablo Salas 7. He focuses on research that examines the interactions among energy, environmental and economic systems as these can be used to improve global strategies for climate change risk reduction and development of sustainable economics.

Formerly, he has worked on the design and development of large-scale engineering systems of energy and technology for Latin America.

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He led the design and development of the first large scale fire detection network based photovoltaic technology in South America. Please email aisuk. RSVP rut esb. To register for a place please e-mail: info leaponline. The theme for the edition is "Keeping it real", focussing on the practical use of language in the real world. Or to register straight away please click here.

The work laudably impresses and can be used as a textbook for foreign learners. You are warmly invited to join us for the launch of a new Russian language textbook by Ignaty Dyakov at The European Bookshop on 13th June pm. The Story Sensation: for learners of the Russian language and not only for Guadeloupians! Based around an engaging and captivating detective story set on the island of Guadeloupe, this innovative textbook aids the process of studying Russian making it fun and more bearable for adult learners! On the night Ignaty will present his new book, share tips on learning Russian and talk about his experience of teaching Russian.

Both paper and audio versions of the book are now available for sale from The European Bookshop. Non ci resta che ridere, care Madame Sbatterflay. Anche se lo spread sale e il Walter scende, e a noi rimane solo il bandolero stanco, il nostro bell'addormentato nei boxer. Anche se in tempi di vacche magre beate loro! Se siamo passati dall'onorevole Bocchino all'onorevole Passera. Ha lavorato in radio, cinema e televisione. His book was published in autumn to coincide with the tenth anniversary of his premature death. It provides new biographical material and examines all major literary works. He is a Reader in German at Aston University, Birmingham and the author of ten books on German literature, as well as numerous articles and reviews in national papers in Germany and Austria.

This workshop aims to provide teachers with instruments to develop students linguistic and communicative skills whilst focusing on other abilities pragmatic, socio-cultural, affective, socio-linguistic, etc. Listening material and didactic videos will also be included in the presentation.

We kindly ask you to confirm your participation by Friday 3rd of May via telephone or email to Lucy Williams: ext. A documentary recounting the story of the Institut's peculiar Art Deco building in the heart of South Kensington. The film explores the fascinating architecture of the building, features interviews with Olivier Poivre d'Arvor and Odile Grandet, who oversaw its renovation, and Barthelemy Dumons, an expert in the architecture of Southern France.

Watch a trailer and find out more on the documentary's dedicated blog. In the heart of London's West End, Regent Street will become a traffic-free zone for the day to enable shoppers to enjoy fantastic entertainment, including music and dance, food and drink, arts and crafts and more.

For more information about this event, please visit the website: The World on Regent Street. Traduzione inglese di Stephen Watts. Registrazioni originali in farsi di Ziba Karbassi. Fotografie di copertina Simone Casetta. Dal realizza annualmente una stagione poetica con eventi aperti a tutti e gratuiti che focalizzano una problematica relativa al fare, dire e ascoltare poesia oggi.

You are warmly invited to join us for an evening of new writing from Russia's Debut Prize winners at The European Bookshop. We will explore a new wave of writing from Russia which is forming a new generation of rising literary stars who are transforming the Russian literary landscape. For this generation the Soviet Union is a part of history rather than a part of life. They have an entirely new set of hopes, worries, experiences, interests and concerns. Take this special opportunity to learn about how Russia is changing and what it is likely to become!

And Alexander will present he book "Petroleum Venus" a national bestseller translated into English. There will also be a question and answer in English, and, as always, wine and nibbles will be provided. Ideal for anyone wishing to know more about modern day, post-Soviet Russia. The collection presented first in Russian and then in the translated English so it is not necessary to speak Russian to attend.

An interpreter will also join us for the evening. To confirm your attendance, please email our Russian Department , or telephone our bookshop on but you won't be turned away if just turn up on the night! Gli insegnanti potrebbero essere interessati a venire in Italia in occasione delle feste e partecipare anche al nostro evento. Trovate maggiori informazioni per cliccando qui. Giovedi' 21 marzo alle ore Ha chiesto ed ottenuto il sequestro di beni per un totale di milioni di euro requisiti a componenti o prestanomi delle cosche mafiose.

Immaginate un borgo di poche case disperso nella pianura padana. Ha scritto soggetti per la televisione tra cui la serie dieci e undici di Distretto di Polizia. Dirige il web press e casa editrice digitale MilanoNera, sito dedicato interamente alla letteratura gialla. Ha pubblicato con Feltrinelli Ma le donne no. How to make the most of your Spanish classes for KS1 and KS2 children: engaging and motivating learning. We will work on several activities for teachers to gather new ideas and we will get to know Superdrago the newest material for children.

Each teacher attending will receive a free sample of Superdrago. You will learn how you can take advantage of funding opportunities to further develop the European dimension in your curriculum and your teaching of modern languages. The event is free to attend, however please email Emilia Quaranta to confirm your attendance. For more information please click here. Il libro, nato da oltre dieci anni di lavoro, traccia il percorso della carriera solista di Paul McCartney, dall'ispirazione sino alla registrazione in studio, con particolari inediti, ricostruzione cronologica di date di incisione, studi, musicisti e strumenti impiegati.

L'autore offre uno squarcio sul processo creativo di McCartney, raccontato attraverso settanta interviste esclusive a collaboratori dell'ex-Beatle. Luca Perasi vive e lavora a Milano. Musicista per amore, collabora come redattore a riviste di turismo e di musica.

Sta traducendo il suo libro per il lancio sul mercato internazionale. We will be there with a bookstall! He will also discuss his creative process and talk about how immigrants influenced his work. Gunter Silva's truly subtle and simple prose transports the reader across 21st century Europe. His collection scales a wide range of emotions, taking his reader alternatively through excitement and even at times frustration. Admission is totally free, but due to space limitations it is advisable to book a place by email.

Enrico Barbieri e Marta Sacchi ci guideranno con parole e musica in un viaggio attraverso la letteratura italiana, dal duecento fino ai giorni d'oggi. Nicolini di Piacenza. La sua aiutante ai "mattarelli" sara' Ornella Se ce la fa lei Seguira' una degustazione di biscotti dolci e salati!

Vi aspettimo a impastare biscotti! Evoca ambienti caldi, accoglienti e profumi immutati nel tempo che invogliano ad assaporare il mattino. E allora, ben venga un copione tutto scritto per lui, che ne esalti le caratteristiche e lo renda il protagonista del grande show della cucina! Adam Daly will also discuss some of his other work, past and present, and his concerns as a writer. The objective of the workshop is to contextualise the Russian language within the new and rapidly developing field of sociolinguistics of globalisation and collectively to provide a critical reflection on the theoretical challenges posed by Russian as a global language.

Our Scottish Representative, Seonaid Cooke will be showing a vast selection of our Russian books at this event. Central and comfortable venue and fantastic speakers! Come along and bring your team! For more information and to see the programme, please see The ALL website. Poetry is an important way of keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive; but how can such poetry be translated for readers far removed in time and place from the Holocaust? Fiction ensures that the lived experience of the Holocaust can be shared by those who were not there and presents the appalling facts of the Holocaust in a way that can be more easily understood than mere numbers.

More than prose fiction, poetry uses gaps, silences, fragments, ambiguities and suggestions to make the reader actively engage with the text, thereby affecting them profoundly. But Holocaust poetry is usually written in languages other than English. Translators are very aware that with such poetry it is especially important to do justice to the original work, but this task is no easy one: Holocaust poetry is often very personal, its references to the Holocaust are frequently oblique and the real essence of this poetry resides as much in what it does not say as in what it does.

For the provisional programme please click here. The association of German Saturday Schools is holding its yearly meeting to discuss use of fairy tales and classical literature in their work. We are delighted to be part of the YMCA's main fundraising event this year with a selection of our children's books. We will be at the German School with a wide selection of books for children and also some for adults! A main theme is Christmas, of course, so look out for cookie recipes, ideas for presents and reading material to make the most of Advent and Christmas.

You will learn how to take advantage of current funding opportunities to further develop the European dimension in your curriculum and your teaching of modern foreign languages. If you wish to attend please notify Emilia Quaranta at: leaponline. To see more upcoming events with LEAP online see their website. This year the event will last two days. MoLaCo brings together the most current theoretical knowledge and practical training for those who teach modern languages to adults. It is also a great opportunity for networking with other language teachers.

European Schoolbooks will be attending this annual event with a selection of our latest language learning resources in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The work talks of the economic crisis in Greece which has transformed itself into a social earthquake, one which shakes family life, businesses, and the entire organisation of society. Come and join us for what promises to be an enjoyable evening, with resreshments provided! This year's conference has a wide variety of practical and inspirational sessions aimed at primary and secondary teachers of languages.

Please come to visit our stand and speak to our friendly and helpful staff. For more information about the event and to book your place at the conference please click here.

  • Currents of Thunder!
  • The Neuroscience of Sleep.
  • Experience and Nature.

Join us for a lovely evening in our bookshop, with readings from Larissa Miller and Slava Zaitsev's new poems. We will be joined by Slava himself and David Anderson, his English translator, who will be there to read the poems and for a question and answer discussion. Please keep watch our blog for more information coming soon. It aims to bring together language teachers and researchers from across languages and related disciplines. It will be of interest to those in higher education and related sectors including secondary schools and further education. It is also aimed at representatives of business, language professions and any other employers who wish to develop closer links with education in the field of languages.

It is intended as a forum for networking, sharing ideas and resources,and exploring ways of meeting the challenges of sustaining good quality language education. For more information about the event and to book your place at the conference, please click here. Hinrich von Haaren was born in in Bremerhaven and studied German literature in Berlin. Von Haaren currently lives in London. Please click here for details of von Haaren's books. Princesse Camcam is the illustrator of three beautiful new children's French books, all certain to appeal to young learners of French:.

Come along to meet the illustrator, who will be there to sign her books, which will be available to buy in French and in English they also make excellent presents! To make a book a place for free, please contact the team. We will be in the forum of the German School for our spring book fair on May 3 - 4 from 8am to 3pm. We are very excited to welcome EMUE Editions Multicuturelle Equitable to the European Bookshop on Thursday 26 April to present their work and introduce their dedicated team of publishers and authors; comedians will also read from some of their stories.

Authors and readers are all welcome to come share a glass of wine with us and the Emue team. Please email mrg esb. In the meantime, check out their books online or at the bookshop! Fropm 21st April The Globe will be presenting a programme of multi-lingual Shakespeare productions as part of a celebration for the London festival. To see the Full Programme, please click here. With a reputation for producing some of the most exciting films in Latin America, get ready for fireworks as Argentine cinema comes to London with its very own festival. Please click here for more details.

Publisher Series: Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century

The Primary Languages Show is the essential event of the year for everybody involved in teaching languages in primary schools. Packed with inspirational ideas to support teaching and learning, this national conference is the perfect place to meet colleagues, exchange ideas, find out about new developments and browse the latest resources. Come and join us at The University of Westminster and meet a host of speakers, teachers, publishers and advisers who are all passionate about languages in the primary school.

Muttersohn, is joined by Whitbread Novel prize-winner Jane Gardam Old Filth, ; The Man in the Wooden Hat, in a reading from their recent and unpublished works on the theme of ageing. The reading will be followed by a discussion with the audience. Join us at the European Bookshop on Thursday 15th December, when we will be open until 7. It will be held on Saturday 10th December and explores the language teaching through the use of audio-visual media from cinematic sources. Not only will you learn about new resources and initiatives, but you will also have the chance to network and share ideas.

To reserve your place send an email to leaponline. We are delighted to invite you to an evening with Barry Forshaw in conversation with Louis Bayman, discussing their latest book -. This book offers an indepth film and cultural sweep through the history of Italian film. Essays by leading academics offer an insight into the various genres, themes and directors prominent in Italian cinema. The Venice Italian School in collaboration with The Italian Bookshop and International House London are inviting you to a party for all Italian language students, to celebrate the final draw of the competition,.

Click here for more information. The work is a personal diary she kept as communist activist, between the ages of , during the period of For more details see our facebook page. The European Bookshop will be at the Deutsche Schule with a display of German books for two days next week. Come and browse our selection we are sure to have something for everyone - and some ideal titles for Christmas presents too.

This is a free event but please telephone us on or email to reserve a place. The Spanish Education Office in London are organising two separate workshops for teachers of Spanish. ESB will be there with a selection of some of the latest resources for teachers in Secondary on 8th October. We will have catalogues and discount vouchers for our Central London bookshop. For more information about the workshops please visit the website.

ESB will be there with a selection of some of the latest resources for teachers in Primary on the 1st October. Those are the first two titles from promising new publisher And Other Stories. The event is free but booking is essential, please confim by email to sms esb. For more information, please click here. ESB will have a stand at the Linguascope Conference this year and we look forward to seeing you there! A day for teachers of Spanish to unite at the Cervantes Institute in Manchester and attend many exciting workshops and view new teaching resources that are available out there.

European Schoolbooks will be there with a selection of new resources for teachers to look at. European Schoolbooks Ltd will be displaying our latest resources for Primary Schools including schemes of work, picture and storybooks, coursebooks, dictionaries and games in French, German, Italian and Spanish. The author will present his novel, read some extracts and answer your questions. If you would like to attend, please email sms esb.

Throughout the day there will be various workshops including an interactive presentation of 'Domani', the innovative, new course from Alma Edizioni. To reserve your place send an email to: ernestina scuolaitalianalondra. Once again, Regent Street will be a traffic free day to make way for giant paellas, live music, food markets and a range of interactive sports challenges and events, visitors will be whisked away for a day to Spain's sunnier shores. To find out more about the event visit the website. If you would be interested in attending, please email smw esb.

ESB will have a stand at this conference with picture books, schemes of work and other resources for Primary schools. Film Screening. Giuseppe De Santis ,. He conceived of cinema as a means of giving voice to the lower classes, workers, peasants and the humble; people at the margins of society, victims of exploitation.

With his debut as director of Caccia tragica ; Tragic Pursuit , a story about the struggle of peasants to regain control of land devastated by the war, he became a significant force in the neorealist movement, distinguishing himself as a staunch filmmaker who would create a populist version of cinema with the scope of changing and shaping society.

With his second film; Riso amaro , Bitter Rice he achieved world recognition with a nomination for an Oscar for best original story in The film was also the fifth most profitable film released in Italy and was distributed internationally, including the former Socialist block. When the two films were released right wing critics carried out a defamatory campaign against De Santis and for the latter film, the Parliament proposed investigating possible illegal funds from enemy communist countries.

The newly reconstructed Italian film industry depended on state funding that demanded a more optimistic type of film with milder socio-political criticisms. In one the attempt to document everyday life or past events dominates, in the other, adept showmanship seeks to dramatize reality.

His final goal was to create cinematic spectacles which would prompt or propose forms of social behavior based on human and class solidarity by denouncing injustices. His artistic and socio-political concerns were integral to his effort to heighten the artistic awareness of the uneducated masses. His dream was to create a national cinema that could introduce elements of higher culture in a popular media to fill the cultural vacuum left by elitist Italian traditional culture and also to reduce the American cultural hegemony.

Works (19)

He did not compromise his principles and political agenda even during the sixties when it became hard for him to find producers willing to finance his populist stories. The audience, once accustomed to realist stories on hunger or on how to secure temporary jobs, wanted films on the new problems of a modern nation with rising living standards. He wanted his name to remain associated with a genuine popular narrative style that had at one time attracted a mass audience with moving plots, epic breadth, and popular themes.

In spite of this contribution he is often remembered as one of the first Italian postwar filmmaker to have restored the star system in the Italian film industry. Nonetheless they show an outstanding technical ability and a passion for formalized beauty and sensuality. For De Santis, Neorealism was the result of a specific historical moment, the Resistance, in which the working class entered as protagonist of its own destiny to win freedom and to demand the right to its own aspirations.

These historical events captured by various directors changed cinema, making it no longer a medium for the middleclass but a medium of the people. He also focused on the role of the medium itself as a mean of mass communication and as repository of collective imagination.

Born in Fondi, a small town in the southern part of the Latium region, De Santis at the age of seventeen is sent to a Catholic boarding-school in Rome. A year later he attends the Liceo Classico Giulio Cesare. After graduation he enrolls at the University of Rome to study humanities and then without finishing his degree, enrolls in the Italian film school, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, where he studies with professors Umberto Barbaro, Luigi Chiarini and German critic Rudolf Arnheim. He graduates in with a short film La gatta The Cat based on a story that he had written.

That same year with the help of Gianni Puccini he starts to write film reviews and becomes one of the promoters of the renewal of Italian cinema. In his main writings for Cinema, the most important pre-Second World War Italian film journal, he calls for realism not as a passive obeisance to a static and objective truth but as a creative force. The experience with the journal culminates in the making of Ossessione Obsession directed by Luchino Visconti, one of the leaders of the group, as one of his assistant directors. The film is still considered a transgression against the dominant Fascist culture.

In he becomes involved in the resistance movement against Nazi-Fascism and after the liberation of Italy he works as assistant director on the first films on the Italian Resistance with Aldo Vergano, Il sole sorge ancora ; The Sun Rises Again and Scalo merci ; Freight Yard , started by Roberto Rossellini and finished by Marcello Pagliero under the new title Desiderio ; Desire. The later consists of three episodes that recount the trial of Pietro Caruso, police chief of Rome during the German occupation and his subsequent trial and execution along with Pietro Roch, his collaborator.

It ends with the reconstruction of Italy by the progressive forces. In the eighties, he teaches film directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. In he makes his first tour in the United States of America. In the summer of he teaches filmmaking at Middlebury College for the summer session of the Italian School, where in he makes his first video: Ciao, ciao Middlebury. In he dies of a heart attack in a Roman hospital. Marco Grossi, Virginio Palazzo editor ,Caccia tragica. Giovanni Spagnoletti, Marco Grossi editor , Giorni d'amore.

Wagner, Jean, Giuseppe De Santis. Submissions are being accepted for original research on new directors and trends in Italian cinema. Papers may focus on, but should not be limited to: new directions in criticism, financial and political dynamics in film production, analysis of individual films, development of new authorial visions, the relationship to other national cinematographic traditions and films, intersections between film and other arts photography, music, literature, etc. Proposals on the pedagogical application of cinema in the foreign language classroom and on documentaries are also welcomed.

Papers should be written in the language in which the reader feels most comfortable Italian or English ; however, they should be limited to no more than 15 minutes doubled-spaced pages. One-page abstracts should be sent electronically Word attachment only by Jan. Vitti ancvitti indiana. Dopo aver seguito studi filosofici, giovanissimo collabora come assistente alla regia con Francesco Rosi e Federico Fellini, in seguito con Michael Cimino e Francis Ford Coppola.

Fra i suoi spettacoli ricordiamo La Foresta —radice-labirinto , elaborazione drammaturgica da un testo inedito affidatogli da Italo Calvino, con musiche di Francesco Pennisi e scene di Renato Guttuso Teatro Olimpico di Roma ; Mittersill , spettacolo con musiche di Giovanni Sollima, libretto di Dario Oliveri, dedicato al compositore viennese Anton Webern e alle tragiche vicende relative alla sua scomparsa nel Teatro Biondo di Palermo. Nel febbraio del nella stagione di opere del Teatro San Carlo di Napoli ha messo in scena il Tancredi di Rossini.

Nel luglio dello stesso anno ha messo in scena a Cividale del Friuli, al Mittelfest, in un cementificio in disuso, Natura morta per i diritti umani, con Isabelle Huppert, una rilettura della Rivoluzione Francese da testi di Baudrillard, Sade, Eco, Auster, Canetti.