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The same five songs twice and told from the perspectives of two different characters. Bought this purely based on the band name and album name both being awesome. Luckily the music is awesome too. Instrumental slow songs. They sent it off to film studios in the hopes of getting work writing soundtracks. Features a fictional musician. Meant to be a full audiovisual experience with videos to accompany each piece.

Improvised experimental stuff with surreal vocal acrobatics. From Poland. The Play It Forward Campaign launched late but most of these songs were released in Recorded during a trip to Gambia and directly sampling the sounds of the Mandinka people. Love the field recordings on this album. An opera with loads of effing and jeffing, about a family after the apocalypse and a man in a dog costume. We once both supported Josie Long on tour together and I never got tired of watching his set every night. Still moving forwards on a path of his own making, not trying to be anyone else, just letting his instincts lead him and letting his sound develop.

Duo from Pakistan now living and performing in Dubai.

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This album has a consistent moody ambient tone to it that I really like. Gospel folk with some electro thrown in. Originally released in then re released in for the pedants. Her apartment burnt down so she wrote this album. The kind of emotional folk-y music that a company would use to sell you a car or a phone these days. Named after a stage show she wrote about climate change. Inspiring vocal compositions with some other instruments thrown in at just the right times. Companion piece to their full length A Strange Exits which most people prefer but I like this weird 6 track release more for some reason.

And I bought it. The lead singer and guitarist from Karate has formed this band and I still love his voice and guitar noodling. A live radio session that recaptures the grittiness of their debut album. Available as one 40 minute track on their bandcamp page. A guy from Deerhoof and a guy from Neutral Milk Hotel improvised these songs on the second day they met.

His relationship and his band both ended in so he released an album about it in and called it Every sound was made using their washing machine. One 38 minute track the length of a single wash cycle. Completely different versions of the same songs. Love it. The guitarist himself slagged this off before it came out but, like a lot of people, I really like it. Great unconventional songwriting. The rest of the year can take a hike but the music was top notch.

I bought more new releases in than ever before and I am still buying albums released in today. The list is in no particular order. Often described as the Brazilian Tina Turner. Fair Play. Acoustic guitar and striking voice. Deep voiced singer. Very cool. The I. A message to his newborn son. From New Zealand. Practice Tape 3.

Taylor Swift - Style

A nice surprise. Madness sounding Norwegian band. Named after one of her sons. Jazz jamming with indie pop vocals. My favourite of his releases so far. Very soothing actually. Fun and weirdness. Shout out to the title. Literally rapping about hamburgers at times. Alex Anwandter Amiga Chilean Latin electro pop. Often referred to as the Belgian Billie Holiday. Pop punk has grown up with the people who grew up with it. Does that make sense? Frankie Cosmos Next Thing 15 short and simple indie pop songs. Experimental electronica maybe?

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  6. Simple and unique. Killer harmonies. Also, Quentin Blake cover art — yes please. Unpleasant electronic sounds and infectious choruses. Kendrick Lamar untitled unmastered. Jazz rap b-sides. He released this without announcing it. Pixies Head Carrier Return to form!!! According to James Dean, his father and grandfather were bringing their first bale of cotton to the gin at Homer in the fall of They were coming in from the area that would later be the route of the White Lightning Road.

    We can't be too careful. Need to be sure nobody ain't hiding in the load. Claiborne Parish Crimes. The Homer Guardian-Journal is greatly concerned over the condition of the affairs prevailing in Claiborne Parish and insists that the lawlessness which exists there must be suppressed. We give elsewhere what [the Guardian-Journal] has to say on this subject, and it will be seen that [they have] good cause for complaint. Ebooks and Manuals

    Claiborne enjoyed for many years the reputation for being one of the most orderly and law-abiding parishes in the state with less crime in it than nearly any part of Louisiana. Its white farmers, many of whom came from other Southern States, are industrious, progressive and peaceful. The land is fertile and the parish prosperous and thoroughly Democratic.

    But of late Claiborne has been making a bad record for itself in the matter of crimes, and crimes, too, of the worst sort. Nowhere in Louisiana have there been more assassinations, most of them of the foulest kind.

    James Dean Residential

    These are but sample cases, and the disposition in Claiborne Parish seems to be to resort to the shotgun on the slightest pretext as a means of redressing private grievances. More than once the [Guardian-Journal] and the grand jury have called attention to the frequency of assassination in that parish; but this does not seem to have had the slightest effect, for a number of murders have been chronicled there in the last few weeks.

    The quiet and peaceful people of Claiborne, who are in an overwhelming majority, naturally want to put an end to this condition of affairs. They want to feel that their lives are safe from murderous attacks, and they wish to free Claiborne Parish from the unenviable reputation it has gained for crime. We hope and believe that they have been sufficiently aroused on this point and will take such decisive measures that all would-be murderers and assassins will conclude to emigrate from Claiborne. This can be done in only one way, by enforcing the law rigidly and allowing no one to escape its penalties.

    There has been decidedly too much laxity shown in this matter, and the idea has naturally been created that if a man wishes to protect himself, he must rely upon his shotgun. The fact that no one was punished for the assassinations which occurred as a consequence of the Ramsey-Tuggle feud was an invitation to others to take this means of avenging genuine or fancied wrong with the shotgun.

    If some of the homicides are punished, Claiborne will have no reason to complain of lawlessness but will return to its original condition of peace and order. We trust that its people will see the necessity of punishing all lawbreakers, no matter how popular they may be or what is their social standing. February 3, Another Assassination. Henry Tuggle was shot while picking cotton in his field near Cotton Valley last Friday evening by some unknown person concealed in the bushes near the field.

    Tuggle's three children were with him in the field when he was shot. Two shots were fired, the first missing its aim, the second passing through the head. The weapon used was a Winchester rifle.

    James Fox: 'I didn't take that much acid'

    Tuggle lived until Sunday morning and died. His remains were brought to this place for burial. Tuggle, it will be remembered, left his place near Homer some months since and moved to Webster Parish for the sake of keeping out of trouble, some of his brothers having been involved in an old feud which had resulted in several assassinations. For a man to be shot down in his own field in the presence of his children is horrible, and nothing should be left undone to punish the guilty party or parties. We learn that Mr. Tuggle made a dying statement, but it has not been made public.

    Of course, people will naturally connect this assassination with others, but it may be that it has no such connection. We also learn that a man was shot on the Waggonner place near Dykesville on Friday night. November 16, The Two Last Assassinations. The man Holland who was shot in his house on the Waggonner place Saturday a week ago [November 12, ] has since died.

    It is said that the notorious Link Waggonner did this shooting, and for several days last week a band of armed men were scouring the country looking for Waggonner but failed to find him. Had he been found, it is probable that he would not have been accorded a legal trial, but the enraged and outraged people would have at once lynched him. We have since learned that Link Waggonner was in Texas where he will probably be arrested and brought back to Louisiana. It is also said that there are charges against him in Texas. We also learn that Henry Tuggle, who was recently shot and killed in his field at Cotton Valley, made a dying statement to the effect that Note: Bill Hightower and Jimmy Dean researched this series of articles.

    No Later Than 5 p. On Mondays. All display and legal advertisements for The Guardian-Journal must be received no later than p. Classified ads will be received until 12 p. Thank you for your cooperation. There will be a variety of award winning books and authors to choose from. Dates are November Time will be AM - PM. Please no checks. Cash only. Kickoff is 7 PM. Kickoff 7 PM. Game time is 7 PM. To purchase tickets, contact Hugh Miller at or any Lions member.

    Haynesville High School Classes of will hold a class reunion November Some classmates have not been located. Anyone who graduated in the s or knows someone who graduated then, and who has not received a reunion letter, call All girls ages who want to join an organization where girls make new friends, learn new skills, and experience exciting new adventures, and any adult who wants to volunteer is invited to attend.

    Join us for arts and crafts, face painting, snacks and more. For more information, call Micki Garren at Ext. First Baptist Church in Homer is the unofficial drop off for the filled shoeboxes being collected locally for Operation Christmas Child. According to Christina Sebastian, who is overseeing the project, the deadline to drop off boxes is November Suggested gifts include small toys dolls, balls, stuffed animals , school supplies pens, pencils and sharpener, crayons or markers, stamps and ink pad sets, coloring books, pads and paper , hygiene items toothbrush, toothpaste, mild soap in plastic bag, comb, washcloth , and other items such as hard candy, lollipops, mints, gum, sunglasses, flashlights with extra batteries, ball caps, socks, T-shirts, hair clips, watches, small picture books.

    For more info on how to pack your shoebox, contact Christina at Extension Any parish citizen with an interest in beef cattle, or fellowship with other beef producers is invited to join. Four meetings are held each year. For more information, call County Agent Robin Bridges at Willie Burns Jr.

    Then, on December 17, he will sponsor a Christmas party for children ages at 6 PM. Parents must attend with their child. Burns will also be taking a bus to Natchitoches to see the Christmas lights on December 3. Buses will leave from the Wal-Mart parking lot at 4 PM. To sign up, call Mrs. Jackson at For more info, call Dale Tully at , or after 5 PM. Members of the Homer High Class of are invited to attend an informational planning meeting for their year class reunion on Wednesday, November Classmates are urged to return their questionnaire as soon as possible to Pearl Street, Homer, LA All are asked to help in planning the reunion.

    Call for info. Following the program, grandparents will be served lunch. The meal will consist of chicken dressing, ham, English peas, sweet potatoes, rolls, dessert, and a drink. The meeting is open to the public. For more information, call Todd Sewell at A recognition label will be placed on the inside front cover of each book purchased through your donations. Donating a book in their name is a great way to honor a friend or family member.

    For more information, contact Librarian Maggie Harris at Please print the program flyer and post at your place of business. Claiborne Country provides a toe-tapping good time Saturday Nights throughout the year. Hours are pm - pm. Free Dance Lessons are also offered, call for more information. No Alcohol and No Smoking. Anyone who is interested in starting a business or enlarging an existing business within an eight mile radius of Homer may be eligible. Loan preferences will be made on the basis of job creation.

    Further information may be obtained by contacting John Watson, Executive Director of the Claiborne Chamber of Commerce at The Claiborne Chamber of Commerce is an equal opportunity provider. Bring a picnic lunch and spend a country day down on the farm. For more information visit them online at www. You may also qualify if you're disabled. Having a smoke detector can mean the difference of life or death.

    James Dean Property

    Smoke detectors are available without charge. If you don't have a smoke detector, call The Claiborne One website at www. Sponsors are provided custom banners linking to the sponsor's website. A community effort is needed in collecting information for Claiborne One. For contribution ideas, see the open letter from Claiborne One's local web site designer.

    Historical Series Chronology Resposes have been favorable to this historical series. On Mondays All display and legal advertisements for The Guardian-Journal must be received no later than p. Hightower Publisher Susan T. Hilda Spillers Estate. Geraldine H. Hightower Publisher. Susan T. Inside the State of Louisiana. Outside Louisiana within U.