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Renn, Renner! Hui, Sternschnupp'! Hui, Liebling! Immer fort mit euch! Fort mit euch!


Wie blitzte sein Blick! In Clement Clarke Moore claimed authorship. In a book of poems, Moore said that he wrote the poem on Christmas Eve in Livingston's family claims that the poem was a family tradition that began in University professor Don Foster and British researcher Jil Farrington separately did research that may prove it was Livingston rather than Moore who was the poem's author.

The reindeer names "Donner" and "Blitzen" are also related to the Livingston claims. In the earliest versions of the poem, those two names were different.

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The customs revolving around St. Nicholas in German-speaking countries are very different from the visit portrayed in the poem. The whole scenario of St. Nicholas delivering gifts on the night before Christmas does not match with how they celebrate the holiday. The feast day of St.

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The tradition for the night of Dec. While this may still be done in some communities, in others they don't make a personal appearance.

Instead, children leave their shoes by the window or door and awaken on Dec. This is somewhat similar to leaving stockings hung on the chimney to be filled by Santa Claus. Protestant reformer Martin Luther introduced das Christkindl an angel-like Christ Child to bring Christmas gifts and reduce the importance of Saint Nicholas.

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Later this Christkindl figure would evolve into der Weihnachtsmann Father Christmas in Protestant regions. I like you! I like him. He is lovely. While a lot of couples in Germany choose to use nicknames for their partner or spouse that no one else is using kind of like e. Next to that, it is also used by female friends when addressing each other, especially at a younger age most likely between the ages of twelve to twenty-five, but sometimes also among older people.

Please note that there is a humorous element in adding the last vowel — this does, however, not take away from the feelings involved.

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It seems that over time it has become a bit more of an old-fashioned term. If used it refers to your spouse or significant other. It is definitely one of the more popular terms of endearment, especially when a couple is still in their honeymoon phase. And who would disagree: a bunny is one of the cutest creatures to roam our planet. This term of endearment is used for men and women, so it is not necessarily gender-specific.

Kitsch alert! And who could deny it: little bears are cuddly and cute.

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You might be surprised to see that despite the German tendency to be a bit more reserved when it comes to addressing and expressing feelings, we tend to go all out when it comes to using terms of endearment. The German language might sound a bit harsh, but the pet names used are most likely the cutest you will find. As usual, you can test your knowledge below with Clozemaster! Sign up here to save your progress and start getting fluent with thousands of German sentences at Clozemaster. Take your German to the next level.

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