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So how then will the public at large be educated about blindness, when most people have never even met a blind person? Bird box has introduced the concept of blindness, and provided a small bit of exposure to the public eye. It has potentially even opened up a few minds on the topic of blindness. Taking a world of people who are forced to maneuver and keep safe without vision, has possibly shown people that things are not impossible as a blind individual.

Perhaps watching this film has encouraged people to think about the question of what life would be like without sight.


If someone with sight were to stop and think about this, would it not make them start understanding how to accomplish certain tasks without the use of their sight? Would it not therefore give them a little perspective on blindness? Would they not then start to understand blindness just a little bit? If the sighted community could become aware of blindness, and discover that it is not the end of the world, Then maybe they could start to understand the actual realities of a blind person.

And start to accept the independence and value of non-sighted individuals. If they then can start to understand this and view blindness in a different light, then perhaps it will open the doors to an understanding and acceptance of other disabled communities as well.

Being disabled in any way tends to be a taboo. So if one movie can start the ball rolling, start to diminish that taboo, then who am I to complain?

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If Bird Box introduces the possibility of successfully living with a disability, than I embrace it. I welcome it with open arms! Safety Tip: If you are dead set on attempting the Bird Box Challenge, note that it is highly advisable to be supervised by a professional blind individual. This is me!

Blind Perspective

Hope you enjoyed the read. I love questions, so if you have any, or just a comment, feel free to email them to info blindabilities. Thank you for listening! With so many advances in assistive technology, I am able to function similar to someone who has sight and enjoy every day to the fullest. They may not ask what we need, but assume that we need a specific thing — this stems from fear as they cannot imagine themselves as being in my situation.

MP Do you find that some people have treated you differently because of your disability?

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CM Yes definitely. However it works both ways. It typically depends on if they have had experiences with someone who is blind or vision impaired. People that treat you different have never had an experience with it, having exposure is the key for people to understand. For example, mostly anywhere where you go that requires you to fill out paperwork is not friendly to blind.

Jeff’s Day: A Short Film From A Blind Perspective

Since they do not have any alternative methods for me to fill out forms, I then need to come back on a later date and bring a friend or relative with me as I do not want to be giving someone whom I do not know my personal info. Our goal in the blind community is to do our best to remove these barriers and create awareness so that examples like this change and become more universally acceptable. CM I am hoping to join dragon boating this summer and get back into rowing again. The organization is called the BPS Dragons and includes a mixed team, some blind and some sighted.

We are a competitive team that takes part in several different races throughout the summer months. I am really excited for it! Coarse, fine and ultrafine particles?

Can Blind People Draw? (Blind Man Draws A Cat, A Car, & Himself)

Uncovering the hidden dangers of airborne particle pollution. A Perspective On Blindness Patient Perspective Mediaplanet spoke to Chelsea Mohler, a visually impaired woman from Toronto, about her every day experiences and breaking into the workforce. Personal Health News.