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Not exactly, and let me explain why: My cats are barn cats.

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It happens all the time. They get accidentally trapped in sheds, garages and basements, and starve to death. They walk through puddles of spilled antifreeze, lick their paws and die. They fight with other cats, picking up diseases or getting abscesses that are painful and can be expensive to treat. They get and spread parasites. Indoor cats can easily live into their late teens or beyond.

Outdoor cats often disappear a decade younger, leaving owners to wonder sadly what happened to them. As a veterinarian, I see the downside of life indoors, primarily chronic diseases with ties to obesity and inactivity. For these cats, I recommend a veterinary-supervised diet, food puzzles, more activity with toys and cat patios for a breath of fresh air. In every community there are feral cats, free-roaming animals who were born wild, got lost or were abandoned. Adult cats who were once domesticated can often be turned into friendly pets again , and feral kittens can be socialized when caught early enough.

But for the truly wild among these cats, there are very few options if they cannot be cared for in place. Becoming a barn cat is one of the best of those options. Feral colony caretakers, rescue groups and many shelters actively seek out homes like the one I can offer for those cats who cannot be turned into house pets. Instead, they are altered, vaccinated and placed in a situation safer than the one they left, where they tolerate being around people while keeping barns like mine free of rodents.

We respect our cats and love them for what they are, and we've been known to go to what some might term extremes to care for them. Once, I took a chainsaw to a tall pine tree after one of our cats became stranded near the top probably chased up there by a predator. The cat survived the fall but was badly injured; I put him back together and we nursed him to a full recovery. More recently, my wife and I dug deep to have a bucket truck come out and rescue another stranded cat.

Bartonella is a type bacteria that can be transmitted to cats, dogs and humans from exposure to infected fleas and…. Want to give your pup yummy, low-calorie treats? This may have been an escaped domesticated pet. A smaller cat than the Florida Panther but its dark color and long tail could possibly explain sightings of black panthers. There is not much you can do when these cats visit your yard other than securing your own animals. Posted: April 24, I would say at least lbs if not more based upon my cat who is thin and weighs about 6 lbs.

Hi Peter, Just finding these messages! Bobcats come in different color variations. I have a friend who spots a black one regularly. David Austin Hometown Gardener on Facebook. About one year ago three were spotted together. The description sounds correct but there is no real proof. Others have told about possible populations across the state but until one shows up as a roadkill or otherwise it would be hard to prove. Lots of people have game cams now but I have not seen any show up in photos either. Thanks for taking the time to read the article. I live on a golf course and nature preserve in North Naples.

At dusk on Christmas Eve a tawny colored cat with characteristic bobcat ears and face paler than the body in color , 2. At the end of its relatively long and bushy tail, it had several white rings at the end.

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Any ideas? A feral cross-bred cat? Thanks is advance. Bob, I have no idea. Feral cats are not supposed to cross with bobcats although I know some people that claim they do. I got the attached photo off my porch.

Feral and Stray Cats—An Important Difference

It could be a Manx cross but I found the long back leg to be more like a bobcats. Something to think about but no real proof of there existence. I will send the photo from a different account since I am not sure how to do it from this one. David Austin. Thanks for your help. Homesteads here are rural and acres. Hi Staci, yes, it would be very unusual. There are not very many female Panther north of the Caloosahatchee river. Possibly a Young male panther that was lonely. The two cannot crossbreed together and both animals are generally loners unless mating.

Mating happens over a short period and then they would both go their separate ways. Very unusual. You should carry your camera with you! I was out watering a plant and low and behold a what looked like a mix of panther and bobcat ran about 50 ft in front of me and then a bobcat ran the other way also. Within minutes a rabbit ran out. I live in Punta Gorda in the country Area. I live outside of Tallahassee and I have seen a Jaugaronda three times in the last 20 years.

The latest spotting was around 2 weeks ago.

Why My Cats Live Outside But Yours Should Stay In

David, you are not the first I have heard these stories from. Many very compelling. With all of the Game Cams up you would think we would have a photo by now. Are these 2 and possibly 3 large cat predators the only ones? Or is there a possibility of other large cat predators? We live in a highly forested area, well it was.

They keep clearing space for more and more unnecessary apartments, homes, stores, etc and I have seen large predators run by but have never been close enough thank goodness to identify. Thank you!! I saw an extremely strange and exotic looking wild cat near Punta Gorda. I have seen wild cats in the northern climes, none of which looked like this short haired speed. Spotted cat that is thin with long legs and a small head. My son and i were playing golf today in Carabelle.

We were driving back to St. George about pm and a large twice the size of a house cat , long, and lean but muscular cat bounded across the road in front of us. It had a long tail and had a solid bronze short-haired coat. I looked at some pictures of jaguarondis after reading your blog and it looked pretty darn similar. I had to google it as soon as we got back to our beach house because it was so unusual.

Could there be a ring tailed cat on Elgin South of Duke field.

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