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They are based on the people we have met, the food we have tried and the ingredients we have come across and then adapted to our preferences, healthy cooking habits and style to make our own. Almost all recipes are gluten free except two and many are vegan or have tips on how to make them vegan. Press Contact. Swedish editions contact Fanny Birath. German editions contact Christin Nase from Knesebeck Verlag. Dutch editions contact Nicolette Garritsen. Interested in foreign rights? The Green Kitchen —Vegetarian Everyday.

The book is filled with recipes from our everyday life, along with some simple tips on how to get a more varied and greener pantry. We have tried to keep it simple, basic and very useful. It is the kind of food that we do often at home. Not all of our recipes can be whipped together in 20 minutes, but many of them can a few in even less time.

Some of them will take hours, but they are worth it. We have tried to make sure that there will be lots of recipes to choose from or adapt if you are vegan or have any allergies. Most of the recipes are gluten free. Buy Online. Danish editions contact Sif Orellana. The Green Kitchen. Modern and vegetable focused meals for families. With lots of dinner recipes and tips on how to get kids to eat more greens, lunchbox ideas, snacks and fun desserts. And also some comforting thoughts for days when bowls are left untouched and food end up tossed on the floor.

See recipe video here! Order it Online. Green Kitchen at Home. It focuses on simple and comforting dishes that are easy to like, adapt and cook. We have tried to minimize weird ingredients so your mom, brother or non-vegetarian best friend also will find it inspiring and useful. Many recipes in the book have naturally started off here on the blog, but we are also sharing loads of previously unpublished recipes that we have kept within our family until now. Green Kitchen Smoothies. Our hope is that both experienced smoothie enthusiasts and newbies will find drinks to love in this book.

43 Recipes for Vegetarians and Omnivores Eating Together

We have also included granola, muesli and nut butter recipes along with lots of really handy tips and tricks. Almost 60 recipes in total, pages thick and a bit smaller in size than our first books and therefore sold at a slightly lower price point so everyone can afford one or two or three…. This is a book perfect for both smoothie enthusiasts and newbies. There are options for pre- and post-workout, bedtime and breakfast, and smoothies especially for kids or adults who need more greens in their diet.

There are also nut milks, juices, granola and more. From smoothie bowls to parfaits, milkshakes, popsicles and even desserts, This is a collection of irresistible, fun smoothies that you will love. Foreign Editions. Thai Bistro Suksabay tel: , Kam Hwy. Pearl Kai Center , Aiea Thai. A small vegetarian menu, must make sure there is no oyster sauce, fish sauce, or shrimp in curry paste. Choose your own toppings. Vegan Daiya cheese option. Gluten free crust option ask if vegan.

M-Th ampm, F-Sun ampm www. Moanalua 99 food court formerly Ranch 99 , Honolulu Vietnamese. Tasty and inexpensive vegan plate lunch with several options. Any dish can be made vegetarian. Several vegan dishes, mild to full flavor. A kiosk with plenty seating. Accessible to the public. Everything is fresh, no powders. Pineapple, mango, soursop, etc. Availability varies by season. Request no dairy, and can also request no or low sugar.

M-Thurs ampm. Fast food. Each item is composed to order. Most items have preservatives and additives, check their website. Tofu salad with sea asparagus. Vegetable rolls, natto available, could ask to have natto rice bowl without animal products. Nimitz Hwy. Tofu option served on choice of salads, rice, noodles, etc. Ask which are vegan.

Restaurants (grouped by geographic area)

Pongo's Kitchen tel: , Mokauea St, Honolulu Plate lunch with grilled tofu, brown rice, tossed salad or corn options. Tofu may be grilled on the same grill as animal products. Health oriented and uses local produce. Open Tues and Thurs 11am-1pm, check around holidays for closures. Tofu options on many dishes. Usual warnings apply, ask for no fish sauce, curry pastes may not be vegetarian. Some items may use powders. Ask for no dairy and no sugar. M-F ampm. Nu'uanu edge of Liliha , mauka of School St. Very plain dining room. All vegetarian with many vegan items. Allium onion and garlic free.

Tasty, inexpensive, and serene. M-Sat p. Kids 5 and under free. No vegan items on menu, but will accommodate and modify.

Some unusual topping ingredients. Salads and pasta, freshly prepared, fast food, M-F to p. Hotel St. Every item on the menu has a vegan version, and most people choose it. Open until 3 or 4 a. A happening place. Mostly family style. Vegetarian spring rolls, vegetable section of menu, tofu, red rice. Ask what is vegan, menu is not well labeled. Also some ready to go items with no preorder needed. Several vegan dishes available.

A small vegan menu with baigan bharta eggplant , channa masala, etc. Large servings, not too spicy. M-F from to 3 p. A full menu of inexpensive lunch plates. Many vegan and vegetarian items. M-F a. Chinatown , Honolulu Chinese stir-fry. Hot, fresh, and oily. Attractive and popular. Many vegetarian dishes. Substitutions easily made. Ask for no oyster sauce. Vegan lunch specials such as cold udon and soba listed daily. Also udon for breakfast.

Menu varies, sometimes has other vegan dishes like hot miso udon, inari. Small menu. Vegan dishes labeled on menu. Menu varies. Vegan garbanzo Korean curry, truffle mandoo, sides of purple and brown rice. M-Sat 10am-2pm, 4pm-8pm. Old San Francisco decor. Pastas, sauces, and salad dressings can all be vegan. Gluten free noodle option unclear if vegan , or broccoli can be substituted for noodles.

Vegan available with 48 hours notice. Dinner only. Vegan slice of the day, and made to order pizza with various vegan topping options, vegan feta, vegan chicken, avocado, basil, etc. Chinatown , Honolulu New York style vegan pizza. Old, historical, quaint, and small. San Francisco Salad Co. Prepackaged salads, one vegan option with tofu, one vegetarian. A vegetarian soup not vegan. Lunch only. A few vegan choices, currently a sprouted salad and a pho.

Menu changes regularly. Unusual and popular. Hot dishes, raw dishes, baked goods, etc. M-F 7am-3pm www. All dishes are allium onion and garlic free. Weekday lunch only 11am-2pm. Vegan, optional honey, some organic ingredients. Freshly made nutmilks and nut butter. Tues am-3pm, Wed-Thurs noon-4pm, Fri 10am-4pm wellnproper. No samples. Made in the shop. Sometimes closed unpredictably. Ward Ave. Ward Village Shops , Honolulu Ramen, 3 vegan options. Large variety of fresh juices in glass bottles, pressed on M, W, F, some vegan items available such as musubi, kale waldorf salad, pasta salad, vegan gluten free banana bread, etc www.

Reasonably priced. Vegetarian menu. Parking in back. Must call one hour beforehand if you intend to order vegetarian meats. These may not be vegan; they may contain egg or whey. Can accommodate vegan and gluten free requests. Sometimes has live music. Call for reservations. Small vegan menu, pasta, tofu, potato mac salad, tofu poke, "shrimp" salad, and vegan panna cotta.

Also weekly specials. Various vegan rolls. Buddha roll in "green soy paper", cucumber roll, natto roll, avocado roll. Sides of grilled mushrooms, edamame, etc. Vegetarian items are labeled and restaurant is friendly and accomodating to allergies and modifications. Sushi rice might not be gluten free, may contain shoyu, but can be substituted with plain rice. Mostly vegan, everything is non-GMO, and focused on organic. Salad and hot foods buffet, bakery, made to order sandwiches, wraps, burritos, juice and smoothies. Fresh muffins, cookies, pizza, etc.

Indoor and outdoor dining areas. Also a busy natural food market. Vegan options, basic dosa and potato filling are vegan. Dosas are gluten free. Ask for no kim chee contains fish sauce , customarily brought before the meal. Vegetable bibimbap ask for no fish eggs , various types of jook Korean rice porridge.

Many healthy ingredients, brown rice, quinoa, mung beans, chlorella, etc. Homemade noodles of various types. Ask for no egg. Shave ice can be made without milk topping. Locally made. All vegan except for bee pollen and honey. Daily 10 a. Gluten free soy sauce available, possible to have a gluten free vegan meal. High quality loose leaf hot teas. Valet parking included with validation.

Moderate pricing. Avoid fish sauce and shrimp paste. Subdued lighting. Romantic late night. Sun-Thu 11 - p. Fri,Sat 11 - p. Mini version of The Pig and the Lady. Vegan Pho, etc. Mostly not vegan or vegetarian. Build your own fried rice, build your own noodles. Rice based crepe, vegan and gluten free options available on request. Mango and sticky rice dessert, tofu dessert. Jackfruit option, ask for no cheese, no sour cream. Tues-Thurs 11pm-5pm. Vegan friendly. Ask for no sour cream, no cheese.

Brown rice is vegan. No oil, no salt, whole plant food dishes made to order. Primarily organic and locally grown. Unique nice cream bowls made of fresh herbs, fruits, and nuts. Small menu of savory dishes, including sushi, salmagundi salad bowl, and daily specials like curry. Fresh pressed juices. Ala Moana Center, 4th floor , Honolulu California style salads and oven fired pizzas.

Lists all ingredients for menu items on website. Ala Moana Center, level 2 , Honolulu Ramen, 3 vegan options. Various vegan options including vegan "fried chicken" sandwich and vegan "meatball" sandwich. All natural, syrup made with fresh fruit, guava, coconut, lilikoi, pineapple, strawberry etc.

Adzuki and freshly made unsweetened mochi topping. Medium size ice crystals, not very fine. Has brown rice. Ala Moana Center, lowest level, across from Shirokiya , Honolulu Large recently opened local grocery store with salad bar and hot food bar roasted sweet potatoes etc. Not a lot of vegan specific items, but the salad bar and hot vegetable dishes, plus vegan grocery items like breads and fruit could be a meal. Nearly everything is vegan. Rotating selection of specialty foods from Japan.

All the Vegan Recipes You’ll Ever Need

Various vendors within the store. Roasted sweet potatoes, roasted chestnuts, musubi, fresh mochi, fresh juice, shave ice, etc. Vintage Cave bakery with a vegan white bread made with heritage yeast from Japan. Watermelon, etc. Can ask for no sugar. Also optional tapioca balls boba. Smoothies, ask to ensure no dairy. Choice of buns including Lifefoods gluten free vegan bun. Not greasy. Easy parking.

  1. Amore e morte (Italian Edition).
  2. Walk Away.
  3. La vie insolite de nos ancêtres (French Edition).

Vegan gluten free protein option of grilled tofu can be had with rice, vegan mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower, on salad, etc. Not all sauces are vegan, ask. Avoid wraps, Sinaloa tortillas are not vegan, they contain whey, and artificial preservatives and additives. Ala Moana Center, lowest level , Honolulu Deli with wraps, burrito, chili, tofu musubi, sandwiches, and smoothies. Most items made to order. Gluten free bread available might not be vegan Also in Kailua and Pearl City. Vegetarian meal available on request, fixed menu.

Open to non-members depending on availability. Beretania at Pensacola in Makiki , Honolulu Italian.

Popular and noisy. Noodles and marinara sauce are vegan. May request no cheese or gluten-free. Beretania Ewa of Keeaumoku , Honolulu American. Fresh juices.

Vegan Sushi - 4 Ways - Spicy Tuna - Shrimp Tempura & more

Everything is made from scratch. Also other vegan sides like rainbow quinoa salad. Tan tan is also allium free. Very flavorful and popular. King St. Makiki , Honolulu Italian. Hearty tasty portions at fair prices. Their cheeseless pizzas are thick and vegan; be clear: no cheese. Their pasta marinara has plenty of vegetables.

Many vegan and vegetarian choices. Usually has brown rice. Like most Thai restaurants, the red and green curries contain shrimp paste. Avoid fish sauce. Extensive menu. Limited parking behind. Manoa Rd. Inexpensive and popular for many years. Various flavors. Gluten free. Nearly all local ingredients. Served in a half papaya or a cup. Bangkok Chef tel: , E. Manoa , Honolulu Inexpensive soups, salads, and specials. Mon-Fri: 8 a. Plate lunch with choice of 3 entrees, rice, soup, and halwa dessert. Halwa is not vegan, contains butter.

Soup and rice are always vegan, entrees are generally vegan. Vegan sandwiches, brown rice plates, soup, sides, made from scratch including freshly made whole wheat buns. Most items gluten free. Mild to full flavored. Their vegetarian dishes are vegan. M-F 10 a. Manoa Marketplace , Honolulu Italian. Soups, salads and pasta. Will omit cheese upon request. Table cloths, subdued lighting, elegant. M-F 11am-2pm. M-Sun 5pm-9pm. Acai bowl and market salad with tofu, sides of avocado and rice.

Some baked goods might be vegan, ask. Non-profit, provides vocational training for those in need.

Vegetarian Recipes • Just One Cookbook

Vegan tofu white curry. Made from scratch with all fresh ingredients. Generous portions and accomodating. Open late. Can create vegan dishes. May not have any vegan dishes on regular menu. Best to call a day in advance. Moiliili , Honolulu French with fresh island ingredients. Truly fine dining with attentive service. Their vegetarian menu changes quarterly is vegan. Wine pairings available. Moiliili, next to Peace Cafe , Honolulu Thai. Good, popular, and reasonably priced. Beware fish sauce and shrimp paste in the red and green curries.