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Reviews from our London run at Shoreditch Town Hall - click here. In August , Hannah told David that she wanted to make a show about her dad, who died when she was seventeen. We started work on So It Goes almost immediately. It became a show about how we respond to grief and how hard it is to talk about death. But in the seven years since he died, she hasn't quite. Not to be defeated, she's enlisted her friend David to help her on a journey through memory, laughter and sorrow to finally come to terms with losing her Dad.

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Production Design: Emma Tompkins. Artistic Collaborators:. Shanghai Contemporary Theatre Festival Producer: Show And Tel. Edinburgh Fringe Sometimes awful things happen to innocent people, so it goes. Sometimes the most beautiful things happen to awful people, so it goes. Sometimes everything works out just the way we want it to, so it goes. I really don't know, it's just me and my mind making things up.

So it goes. View all 5 comments. Write a comment Denise Fair That was what Tralfamadorians says when they see a corpse.


To them, death is just a bad condition at a particular moment in one's existence, but the same person is just fine in plenty of other moments. Billy Pilgrim now views death the same way, as if it's just one bad moment among many other good moments, so it's not something to dwell on. Also, the repetition of the phrase keeps a tally of the cumulative force of death throughout the novel, thus pointing out the tragic inevitability of death. View 2 comments. Nat I think, although many have said that it indicates how commonplace and even "neutral" death can be, repeating "So it goes" every time someone has died actually punctuates it and draws even more attention to it.

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In my reading of it, this almost seems an empathetic, even religious like saying "Amen" at the end of a prayer action that respects the effort of life and death. It also points out the go-ing-ness of life Jordyn "So it goes" means life goes on.

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As the author states it the book, it is in fact an anti war book and interpret the use of the satirical motif to represent how war has taken something such as death, which is so drastic and made it so meaningless. Christia It is like saying, "What will be, so be it" and "whatever happens happens, whether there be a thing as fate or not. Robby Hamlin Que sera, sera Jan 02, PM. Zsak Long Shit happens Josie it was explained by the tralfamadorians: humans aren't given a chance to choose our fate and free will, so we may as well just accept life for how it is. She constantly said this when people died, or something bad happens.

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She would say, "Oh, i burned the bread. I asked her why she said this, and she said well, when you cannot do anything about it, so it goes. My dad and I both say it, and to me it means "eff it". Usually we say it when we give up and call someone else to take care of it like a contractor to fix the plumbing , Or when someone we don't like wins the white house.

I forgot to mention, that in french "So it goes" translates to "se la vive. Terry Wrong I like how many people here read different nuances, shapes and impact of the same sentence. Rapti Gupta To put it as blatantly and simply - he was narrating the story. That's why.

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When you're telling someone a story, literally, you punctuate with intonation. Here, I thought "so it goes" was a sort of punctuation. At least that's what I like to call it. It was to remind the reader that Billy isn't the narrator, it is a third person spinning Billy's story!

However, I believe that this headstrong acceptance of death may be the opposite of simply showing how Billy is able to toughen up. In that way, He may be accepting, and moving on from the fact that death is inevitable for everyone, and that he can do nothing about it.

But, I would say that he is internally still very vulnerable in the aspect of moving on from the pain of death. True, the quotes are mentioned every time after one dies.

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Quite literally for Billy, he is unstuck in time, he has been abducted by aliens, and that by itself shows how he has no control of his life what so ever. So, his life is presented as something uncontrollable, something he cannot even hope or dare to change. One must simply accept it and roll with it. One must go on. Some war-enthusiasts may say, Hundreds died already, if one more died, who cares, life happens, it is fate, there is a bigger cause.

However, Vonnegut believes that war itself is a loss for any side. View 1 comment. Elizabeth I read "So it goes" as a sort of sigh of resignation. Chris Vanjonack This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [We may never know hide spoiler ]. DeeRae Billy knows the outcome can't be changed. He learned this from the Tralfamadorians who know even they can't change their own destruction of everything.

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Keith Henderson Like Sal Noel, I think Vonnegut is using this to call our attention, to have an inverse effect compared to the ostensible meaning of the phrase. But this is an anti-war novel, a peacenik piece. Olekingcole I would say if you replace "it" with "life" the narrator says "So life goes" as in all life ends in death.