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The comments on the works below should be appreciated for what they are: critical assessments by one experienced professional historian for other historians, professionals or serious amateurs.

Historiography of the French Revolution

Wherever I have had to choose between being forthright and being diplomatic, I have chosen candor and directness. Should my candor occasionally appear unduly harsh or dismissive, I can only offer my sincere apologies. What I can say on my behalf is that, unless a critical bibliography tells its users in no uncertain terms why and how this work is outstanding, that one unusable, and a third one useful, but flawed, it does not perform the function it was meant to fulfill.

I am not conscious of having any particular axe to grind, though I am well aware that, consciously or not, I carry my own baggage of cultural and personal values, as well as what historical vision I may have. I am, for instance, well aware that I tend to react unfavorably to partisanship and dogmatism, regardless of its ideological coloring.

French Revolution | Causes, Facts, & Summary |

What I look for, ideally, is a multi-layered approach that opens as many windows into a given society's revolutionary experience as possible, but I trust that I remain open to the endless variety of approaches historians may take. Yet whatever my personal predilections, my judgements are, above all, based on a careful and respectful reading of each work.

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Finally, I also try to take into consideration how any particular study might strike working historians of viewpoints differing from mine. Even though most of my published work in French history has been on the French Revolution of , and, more recently, on French agricultural modernization, I have brought a longstanding interest in the Great Revolution to this bibliographical study.

This interest, dating back to my graduate training at the University of Chicago in the s, led me a few years later, to edit a pedagogical pamphlet on the "Atlantic Revolution of the eighteenth century", and, more recently, to undertake a year's archival research on the French Revolution in selected villages of the Haute-Garonne.

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This experience in turn suggested a survey of the current literature: hence this critical bibliography. On the basis of my findings, I sent out hundreds of letters requesting the books, articles or pamphlets I sought.

La Révolution française Les Années lumière french 1 /1

I would therefore like to express my gratitude to the numerous authors, municipalities, publishers, libraries and scholarly historical societies that were willing to send, often at their own expense, one or more historical monographs to an American historian unknown to them. Without this generous help I could never even have begun this study.

It hardly needs to be said that many of these monographs were intended for audiences far removed from professional historians.

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In that sense, this commentary knowingly violates one of the fundamental rules of fair-minded criticism, that is, to take into account the author's stated or implied aims, the audience for which the work is intended and the varying availability of historical sources. For this I apologize.

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Yet the fact remains that there is no evident correlation between the success or lack thereof of a work on its author's terms and the degree of its usefulness to professional historians or other serious students of revolutionary history. An eBook version of this title already exists in your shopping cart. If you would like to replace it with a different purchasing option please remove the current eBook option from your cart. The French Revolution 3rd Edition.

Historiography of the French Revolution

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