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Music, art, tutoring, sports specific skills are just some of the additional benefits of a MommyMixer sitter. Sign Up. What's Different About MommyMixer. We're Exclusive MommyMixer is committed to quality over quantity, attracting the best families and sitters and having the most amazing service in the sitting space.

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Mixers That Rock Meeting in person is priceless and our Mixers give you an opportunity to meet one another in person and get a feel for each other before sealing the deal. Founded By Parents We are working to find a simple solution to the ever-present "where do you find a quality babysitter and have access to some back-ups? Best Deal Having access to our exclusive group of families and sitters is a huge deal!

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Mobile Friendly Did we mention the new MommyMixer site is mobile friendly? Get More Than A Sitter Whether you're looking for a sitter that excels in academics , fine arts , athletics or some other skill, we have you covered. Our Mixers Are Amazing! We don't like to brag, but we've been told our Mixers are some of the best events of the year.

Where else can you have a fun evening away in a chic store meeting the finest help in your city? We believe you'll be as impressed as they are!

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Testimonials "MommyMixer has given me opportunities to meet great families who are wiling to work with my crazy schedule. Jessica S. Sitter in Austin, TX. Ellen L. Membership and Pricing Select the type of membership you need below.

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Sitters Start Here Families Start Here Sitter Membership With MommyMixer you will have access to the highest paying sitter jobs in your city, and get to work with and know some amazing families. Get paid better with MommyMixer families Work with amazing families and kids Market yourself as 'more than a sitter' Join Now!

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Who is the one person, dead or alive, that you want there queueing next to you? Right now? I agree.