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She shucked the coat and hat and went into the parlour. There she saw a bright fire, the short dark Bert and the tall blond Cec, wharfies and taxi drivers for hire, and a sad man holding his hat in his hands. He seemed intent on tearing off the brim. She could not take off her boots without her maid Dot and a shoehorn, and her feet were hurting. Bert put the sad man into a chair. He had still not raised his eyes from his hat. He was clearly upset. So, probably, was Cec, but it was always hard to tell with Cec, who preserved the imperturbability of a granite statue in his ordinary dealings with life.

Johnnie Bedlow was still mauling his unfortunate hat. Old diggers. Seven with me and Cec. We get together every year about this time to have a yarn and a few drinks. What was making Bert so furious? Come on, Johnnie. You tell the lady. Growing oranges up on the Murray. Found drowned in an irrigation ditch. Coroner said he was drunk. But what about them black bruises on his shoulder blades?

What about them, eh? And Maccie never drank much. Johnnie Bedlow, once launched on his topic, was shaking with fury, red-faced. The hat tore under his fingers and his voice was loud and ragged. Supposed to have been fixing his van and it fell on him. But there was nothing wrong with the jack. No one tested it for fingerprints. No one wondered why he ought to be fixing his van in the dark. Close Search for:. Amateur Sleuth. British Library. Contemporary Women. General Fiction.

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    Easy Party Appetizers for the Lazy Cook

    So her prim and ISBN: The Poisoned Pen. Indie Bound.

    + Best Party Appetizers and Recipes - Southern Living

    About The Author Kerry Greenwood. Books In The Series. Life appears to be too easy, too perfect. Her household is ordered, her love life is pleasant, the weather is fine. And then a man from More by Kerry Greenwood. But the peaceful surroundings mask danger. Her host is receiving Strongly recommended for fans of offbeat mysteries.

    Discover Other Great Titles. The car manufacturer was generous with its settlement, but it can never be But Spot, a service dog in training, has too good a nose not to A century before Scandi noir, writers across Europe and beyond were This recipe for maple-caramelized figs topped with smoky bacon is sweet, salty, and satisfying—everything you want in a one-bite appetizer. A bright tangle of shredded Brussels sprouts, raisins, and pine nuts tops silky ricotta in this snappy, satisfying toast. This vegetarian version of the classic appetizer uses soy sauce, smoked paprika, and smoked almonds to pack so much savory flavor that no one will miss the traditional bacon.

    A zesty lobster salad instantly turns avocado toast into an elegant and cocktail party—worthy hors d'oeuvre. These snaggable, snackable wedges have more in common with a bowl of party mix than any perfunctory salad. Top charred naan or pita with creamy burrata cheese and summery vegetables and then cut into slivers. Store-bought puff pastry makes these savory "elephant ears" an easy appetizer for any party. Cutting this show-stopping geometric carrot tart into smaller pieces easily transforms it into several one-bite appetizers.

    More simple than deviled eggs , here eggs are boiled until their centers are custardy and then halved and topped with lemon-pickled shallots and fresh herbs. Spicy, honey-glazed figs and creamy goat cheese are baked in puff pastry in this fun vegetarian play on pigs-in-a-blanket. Pull-apart bread is the very definition of fun. Just plop it down in front of a table of people and watch it disappear within 2. It really is that good, and can pass as an appetizer or accompaniment to a pot of soup. Serve this light snack warm, room temp, or cold; just make sure you give it a generous dose of acid and salt.

    With a mix of caramelized and fresh scallions, plus avocado and yogurt, this dip has a taste and texture somewhere between onion dip and guacamole. This is a wonderful dip with a subtle flavor of caramelized onion and saffron and a silky texture offset by the lovely crunch of the walnut garnish. Bite-size and crispy, these mushrooms are always a crowd favorite.

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    The star ingredient here is the nutritional yeast, a plant-based ingredient that has the power to add a savory, cheesy flavor to basically anything. Lighter than traditional onion dip, this tangy yogurt-based version won't fill your guests up before the main event. These golden-brown fritters are bursting with fresh flavor, thanks to a generous helping of Swiss chard, parsley, cilantro, and dill. These snaggable, snackable wedges have more in common with a bowl of party mix than any perfunctory salad. This recipe boasts all the beauty of a creamy onion dip with the irresistible appeal of queso.

    Serve this take on the traditional Indian fresh cheese with olive oil, salt, and pepper for a simple yet impressive appetizer. Serve this dip with chips, as part of a meze platter, or slather it on grilled chicken thighs or lamb chops. Chile-infused honey is a great foil for the rich and salty flavors of this tart.

    Serve any leftover honey over biscuits or fried chicken. Store-bought puff pastry makes these savory "elephant ears" an easy bite-sized appetizer for your next party. A vinegary red bell pepper mixture cuts through the richness of this classic Italian-American appetizer for a bite that's salty, smoky, and sweet. Smoked almonds and black olives are our suggestions for this appetizer, but use any nut or olive that you like.

    Sometimes simple is better. Case in point: this creamy, luscious dip you can throw together in a flash for any party or last minute guests.

    A 12-Step Guide to Parisian Entertaining From Sofia Coppola’s Dinner-Party Guru

    Italian and Swedish meatballs, step aside. These Turkish meatballs are so juicy, light, and flavorful—not to mention easy—they'll be rocking your party world this holiday season. Magic happens when a cracker slowly sops up the fat from smoky, crisping bacon; it transforms into something more akin to piecrust. You know you love Brussels sprouts and bacon, but have you ever tried Brussels sprouts and bacon jam?

    You and your hungry party guests are in for a surprising treat. Mast , which translates to yogurt in Farsi, is a staple side dish on most Persian tables. The yogurt can be mixed with shallots, grated cooked beets, cooked spinach, or, most commonly, with Persian cucumbers, mint, and dried rose. Use the freshest wild or farmed salmon for this dish. Chilling it in the freezer for 20 minutes makes it easier to dice. This vegetarian version of the classic appetizer uses soy sauce, smoked paprika, and smoked almonds to pack in so much savory flavor that no one will miss the traditional bacon.

    Make the dough, buy the dough, or simply assemble rich smoked trout with all the fixings on slices of toasted country-style bread. The orange zest and nutmeg say holiday, but you can switch up the spices as long as you keep the butter and salt. Traditional Greek skordalia is mostly garlic and olive oil with some potato or nuts added to thicken it.

    We flipped the ratio in this recipe: more potato, less garlic. Serve as a dip, or thin out with lemon juice and olive oil and use as a sauce for fish. These dim sum—style shrimp toasts make a surprisingly simple—and utterly addictive—at-home snack. This creamy lentil dip is flavored with classic fall spices, like ginger and cardamom. Can't find papadums? The spread goes just as well with whole grain crackers. These irresistible garlic bread bites can be served as an appetizer or a snack. If you have leftovers though we doubt you will! We've made this classic French spread even easier by using smoked salmon in place of the more traditional poached fish.

    These fry-like chickpea fritters are best enjoyed hot, while their centers still have a custardy texture. This delicious snack is one of the best garnishes for any kind of salad or roasted vegetables. Slice the vegetables up to a few hours ahead, but keep them separate so the beets don't mar the array of stunning fall colors.

    Scallions Not Optional

    Spiced mashed sweet potato acts as the glue for roasted broccoli and pistachios on these flavorful toasts. Top with basil and mint for a bright finish. A creamy, chive-studded horseradish sauce is the perfect compliment for delicate, wine-poached shrimp. Look out! These game-time eggs are ready to play.