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Anna; alcuni progetti di ricerca scientifica promossi dall'Ateneo pisano, fiorentino e senese. Il finanziamento della Fondazione MPS deriva degli utili del Bilancio ed e' stato approvato il 17 novembre The 4 months program MOS provides one month of Italian language, and an internship of three-months in Tuscany, at local firms specialized in craftsmanship, restoration, jewelry, and food business. Applications should be sent by July For further details visit here.

Fresh from their California experience, they discuss here the 6 months spent at the university of Santa Clara, and the follow up stage upon their return in Italy, which is still in progress. This will also be a fantastic networking opportunity for all sorts of Doctors or Medical Professionals on a local, national, and international level!

Le domande per partecipare al concorso devono essere inviate entro il 15 giugno To register Click Here. Nicolais is a chemical engineer who started his career as a researcher at the National Research Council, before moving to Montedison. To read his letter click here. The event will be held on Thursday 26 September , at 5. A light reception will follow. To know more click here.

By cloaking nanoparticles in the membranes of white blood cells, scientists at The Methodist Hospital Research Institute may have found a way to prevent the body from recognizing and destroying them before they deliver their drug payloads. ASI is a cosponsor of the event. Papers will be selected on the basis of abstracts of words submitted by 1 March Abstracts should be submitted online using the link available here. The selected abstracts will be provided in a Book of Abstracts at the Meeting. Young Researchers submitting an abstract and intending to participate in the Award Contest should carefully read the instructions provided on the Young Researchers page here.

Congratulations to Dr. Gobbi is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist, whose work is dedicated to bridging clinical psychiatry and basic psychopharmacology research. Her main contributions have been in the field of the cannabinoid system and melatonin receptors. Click here to watch the announcement. Deadline November 15, On May 19 J.

November 8, - The Ministry of education anticipates an unprecedented level of consultations from across the community of Italian researchers. ISSNAF scientists and scholars maintain personal and scholarly involvement with Italy combined with inside knowledge and experience concerning the American model. Performance is characterized by unusual initiative or a creative achievement that clearly demonstrates a significant contribution in the individual's discipline area that directly contributes to NASA's mission and goals.

The contribution is significant, in that, for an employee who is at such an early phase of career, the contribution has substantially improved the discipline area. The criteria also include the following:. The panel welcomes papers that examine the rich and deeply engaging work of Modern Italian Poets and many of the dominant literary movements of the period, such as: Symbolism, Hermeticism, Futurism and the New Avant-Garde.

ERC Advanced Grants allow exceptional established research leaders of any nationality and any age to pursue ground-breaking, high-risk projects that open new directions in their respective research fields. Young Italian researchers have much to be unhappy about: the de facto "un-funding" of 67 out of research projects that were positively reviewed under the FIRB program is on the list of MIUR broken promises, but there are more substantial issues than FIRB.

Italian Universities will soon be facing a massive generational turnover -- an endgame for the Italian government, warns Mario Pirani. European Satellite Navigation - Competition A chance to play a part in shaping the growing market for navigation applications offered by the European Satellite Navigation Competition. The idea database for application innovations in satellite navigation was launched at www.

Paola Bonifazio Assistant Professor of Italian - University of Texas at Austin for her manuscript, tentatively titled "Sponsored films:Publicizing Modernization in Cold War Italy which reached, among the other publications, the highest result of our commission. UC Irvine-led studies have revealed the cellular mechanism by which circadian rhythms modify energy metabolism and also have identified novel compounds that control this action. An italian researcher, Paolo Sassone-Corsi, one of the world's leading researchers on the genetics of circadian rhythms, led the studies.

For article 1 For article 2. Read more…. Looking ahead, ENI bets on solar power. This is the most important among the strategic partnerships forged by ENI and universities and centers of excellence worldwide. Il 7 marzo si apre la terza edizione del Premio Cav.

Per tutti i dettagli, scarica il bando! For detailed information, download the RFA! Cornell researchers demonstrated a temporal cloak in the transport of information by a beam of light. An italian researcher, Alessandro Farsi, took part to the research published in the journal Nature. According to P. Potestio and A.

Breve storia degli ultimi dieci anni. Per esempio, il numero di citazioni in uno qualunque degli indici disponibili. Il numero di pubblicazioni in riviste peer-reviewed, le prime dieci di ogni disciplina. Il numero di grants ottenuti in competizioni internazionali. Il numero di studenti di dottorato di paesi stranieri che vengono a studiare in Italia. Postdoctoral Research Scholar Position: The position is designed to support a postdoctoral researcher in one of the following research fields: conflict prevention, post-conflict reconstruction, sustainable development, security, and the global environment.

Thanks to the Fund, CICR will promote research conducted by prominent scholars at Columbia University, in Italy and in other countries relating to the issue of the global environment and conflict resolution. The Fund has three major focus areas. First, it will look at the relationships between sustainable development and post-conflict issues in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Peru and Colombia—areas where the Italian Ministry has ongoing activities. Second, the research will focus on the prevention of potential conflicts over natural resources, paying particular attention to China, the Middle East and North Africa.

Third, the research will focus on the relationship between climate change and international security. The Fund will also provide opportunities for fellowships and scholarships to scholars and students interested in these areas. Tale borsa si inserisce nel Programma promosso da ISSNAF per la internazionalizzazione del processo di formazione di studenti italiani meritevoli. After assigning the first nine internships, CNI has generously decided to respond to the huge number of applications by expanding the program.

Following the same criteria used previously, the Commission awarded the following winners:. In the context of a larger study of the regulation of endocrine responses to competition, researchers evaluated the notion that mood states, such as self-assurance and hostility, may influence cortisol reactivity to dominance cues via an interplay with baseline testosterone, considered as a potential marker of individual differences in dominance.

UCLA joined the project in April A questo link potrete trovare tutti i dettagli sull'appuntamento e iscrivervi all'evento. By loading fragile RNA into silicon nanoparticles, researchers from The Methodist Hospital and two other institutions found a new drug delivery system can reduce the size of ovarian tumors by as much as 83 percent -- and stop tumor growth in chemotherapy-resistant ovarian cancer tissue. The University of Connecticut Humanities Institute UCHI invites outstanding university and college professors, independent scholars, writers, museum and library professionals to apply for a residential fellowship.

The debate over shortage of engineers and scientists in Europe is being summarized in one question: do we need "more" University places in science and engineering, or more demand from the labor market? Alison Wolf 's answer is: "create demand and supply will follow. The debate over dearth of engineers in Europe is framed by ERC as the result of a "false model" of competitiveness adopted by Europe -- Europe can't "live off knowledge and have manufacturing elsewhere. Renato Camurri. The ministry boosted their numbers for Jobs, Education, Research, Sponsorship of entrepreneurial and innovative projects by under Meloni also qualified her statement: "Today's youth will be the first one in Italy's history whose future will be worse than that of their fathers and this is why we must work hard to sustain young people's development.

Monica has over 20 years experience in management, strategic communications, institutional relations, crisis management and public affairs.

10 Motivi Per NON Lavorare In Una Multinazionale - Grande Azienda (Polonia E Non) - Lavoro Polonia

She served as head of marketing and communication of Avanade Italy, as well as managed the International Operations and Institutional Relations of Veropiz. Veronesi, who will stay on the Board of Veropiz, will succeed to Giustina Magistretti, who has led the Foundation for 4 years and will take on a new position as Executive Director of Daybreak, the US branch of Telethon Italia. We are very grateful for all she has done and her dedication to our Foundation.

We wish her all the best in her new endeavor. We are delighted to have Monica join us as new Executive Director. She and Giustina are working together to ensure a smooth transition. Monica brings broad international experience, insight and passion. We are confident she will help our network grow, our Foundation have a bigger impact in the society, while bridging and bringing together researchers and scientists across the Atlantic, both in America and Italy. Anaheim, USA. The problem is though, and China provides an example of it, understanding which mice the black or white cats are after.

Mutatis mutandis, this is also an issue for the current debate regarding Gelmini's Ddl. Ramoni, PhD, applying informatics methods to the elucidation of basic molecular biology processes that are relevant to the conquest of human disease. Il Rapporto rappresenta la viva testimonianza del costante impegno che la Regione del Veneto ha voluto dare al nostro sistema socio-sanitario per guadagnarsi un posto di leader alla pari di altre grandi Regioni europee.

Le migliori offerte di lavoro hanno anche un riscontro economico. Giorgio Island -- into a multidisciplinary area, whose most prominent feature, particularly for scholars interested in the study of Italian culture, is the Giorgio Cini Foundation library space. Sandri in USA stringe accordi e ''testa'' eccellenze AVN - La Regione del Veneto e lo Stato Americano della California sono pronti a definire e sottoscrivere presumibilmente nei primi mesi del un Accordo di cooperazione in campo sanitario.

Il Veneto ha ricevuto un budget di 60 mln di euro per il Cavalli-Sforza, emeritus professor of Genetics at Stanford University. Galileo knew it The Italian Embassy in Washington, DC will host a debate among experts aimed at identifying forthcoming medical research developments likely to impact on society in the next ten years. December 13th, Giuseppe Corrias on receiving a Corrias is a Radiology resident at University of Cagliari, Italy. Together with prof. Luca Saba, Chairman of Radiology at the same institution, he has worked so far on vascular and oncological imaging.

He will be attending a Research Fellowship project at the Sloan-Kettering Institute, a leading institution in cancer treatment and research. Lorenzo Mannelli an expert in pancreatic and liver cancers. Applied physicists at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences SEAS have created an ultrathin, flat lens that focuses light without imparting the distortions of conventional lenses.

The results have been published online in the journal Nano Letters. An italian researcher, Federico Capasso, is the principal investigator. To learn more click here. Indiscriminate cuts in public sector research by the Italian government are no substitute for accountability, and research evaluation by CIVR Comitato di Indirizzo per la Valutazione della Ricerca and the international community of researchers -- read the appeal launched by Gruppo The successful candidates will pursue a three year research projects, transferring techniques to a new context or connecting scientific fields that are usually separate, across at least two of the five EMBL labs.

Deadline for applications is August 31, La ricerca ", uno speciale di venti pagine in cui viene fatto il punto sulla ricerca scientifica, di base ed applicata e sul trasferimento tecnologico in atto nell'ateneo. Click here. The convergence of public research, industry, and government as the basis of the Triple Helix, has emerged later, and at a slower pace, in Italy than in the US and in a few European countries. The Association builds on the triple helix approach for the implementation of national as well as regional innovation policies in Italy.

In addition we show that the same universal behavior occurs when citation distributions of articles published in the same field, but in different years, are compared. Based on this indicator, we introduce a generalization of the h index suitable for comparing scientists working in different fields.

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in an Italian start-up: Hippeas

Bio : A native of Italy, Simone Mori graduated in medicine at the Polytechnic University of Marche, in Ancona, Italy, where he trained in internal medicine and clinical immunology. A fellowship from the Italian College of Physicians has enabled his work at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego CA where with his colleagues in the Conti lab focuses on the role of inflammatory molecules such as interleukins and prostaglandins to provide new targets for drug development.

The immediate cuts to government spending announced by Tremonti will not affect universities, declared Maria Stella Gelmini , the Minister for Universities and Research, in recent interviews , rebuffing criticism of the Reform bill about to be discussed in the Senate on mid June. Budgets will be trimmed instead, for the welfare programs of cats, dogs, and Amiatini -- the wild donkeys of Mount Amiata. Most importantly, since , the relationship between Pittsburgh and Italy seems also to have changed, casting aside the Italian immigrant experience. Potentially a Pittsburgh model for Palermo.

In Sicily, for example, the Ri. Campese on Aboutpharma. The conference, held at the University of Pennsylvania, will explore how monks, priests, and nuns dwell in literary texts and the visual arts quite comfortably, from Saint Anthony's life to Boccaccio's Decameron, from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales to Diderot's La religieuse, from Giotto's frescoes to Salvator Dali's surrealistic visions. The long term trend doesn't bode well for Italian women. Researchers studying the star-nosed mole's snout have found that the star has a higher proportion of touch-sensitive nerve endings than pain receptors, according to a study published Jan.

An italian researcher, Maurizio Pellegrino, working at the University of California, took part to the research. RSVP: Acceptances only delegation-usa-era ec. Neurology University of Pittsburgh. ISSNAF , the Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation, and Intesa Sanpaolo , the leading banking group in Italy and one of the top banking groups in the Euro zone, strongly believe in the fundamental importance of re-thinking how our global economy works and of re-designing the way stuff is made.

To do so, the two Institutions are bolstering a collective effort on this amazing journey and they are seeking to promote the best innovative ideas for concrete scalable solutions. In , the Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship Chapter of ISSNAF decided to focus on the importance of the implementation of Circular Economy, therefore this award is dedicated to projects involving the potential or actual execution of one of the regenerative and restorative principles behind the circular economy as identified by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation , the most influential global player in this field.

All the award applications have been analyzed by the Review Board composed of international experts in this field and 3 candidates presenting the most interesting projects have been selected. And the winner is…. Giulia Plotti with her application TRAcy which aims at educating people, and particularly the younger generations, at behaving responsibly, create less waste and reuse more. Gabriele Accardo, Co-chair of the Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship Chapter is delighted that a young researcher has won the first prize organized by the Chapter in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo.

Call for Papers. For the program click here. Stress signals improve tumor fitness Jeffrey J. Rodvold, Kevin T. Chiu, Nobuhiko Hiramatsu, Julia K. Nussbacher, Valentina Galimberti, Navin R. Mahadevan, Karl Willert, Jonathan H. Lin, and Maurizio Zanetti. Mechanisms that promote the survival of healthy cells are often exploited by tumor cells. Tumors experience increased cellular stress, and targeting the endoplasmic reticulum ER stress response, an adaptive response to increased protein translation, has been proposed as an anticancer therapy.

Rodvold et al. The findings show that tumor cells leverage this intrinsically adaptive stress response to enhance the fitness of the overall tumor. Inhibiting this signal once identified or the pathways induced in the recipient cells might avert drug resistance in prostate cancer patients.

ISSNAF Profile - ISSNAF - Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation

Click here to read more. A renewal of the position for an additional two years is available pending a successful review of teaching evaluations. The title is Visiting Assistant Professor at the rank of a Lecturer. Deadline November 20, A great honour for the italian research. While the opposition fiddles, Gelmini says the Reform must pass :.

For details on financial support and steward institutions read here. Her spoken contribution -- C Tutte le spese - ha concluso il governo - trovano copertura nei bilanci, corrente e previsionale, dell'Agenzia stessa''. It worked! Cosi' il presidente della Regione Sardegna, Ugo Cappellacci, ha sintetizzato la firma dell'accordo stipulato con il presidente della Lombardia, Roberto Formigoni. Per dettagliate informazioni: www. Giorgio Metta from the University of Genoa, who will present iCub.

In an open-source study published online this week in Nature Communications, the UC Irvine researchers describe how they employed a computational method to capture the various shapes of the p53 protein. An italian researcher, Roberta Baronio, working at the Department of Biological Chemistry, University of California, took part to the research. Mese italiano della scienza. For more information about the program, download the conference flyer. All inquiries to cpedro law. Multiple genome-wide association GWA studies increasingly demonstrate the basis of genetic susceptibility to numerous rare chronic diseases, including multiple sclerosis, and the results produced by the Italian researchers may be pivotal for the "networked" based analysis of MS promoted by GWAS to lay "the groundwork for the era of personalized medicine.

The award is promoted by the American Astronomical Society. As it came out, Italy's zero cost strategy wasn't free, as predicted: it came at the cost of swapping quality for quantity, with the backlash of "irrational exuberance. ItalCamp Five minutes to pitch the ideas, ten for the unconference: bets on the Stanford model a competition launched by ItalCamp. Details Here. Students, Researchers, Scientists, Ph. Ds, who have a brilliant business idea, but not yet a structured and articulate business will have the chance to present their ideas at Venture Camp thanks to a new Mind the Bridge initiative, sponsored by Cariplo Foundation.

Submit: July 31, Racing Start Cup Milano Lombardia The fellowship has been awarded to Alberto Casadei , student at the University of Bologna. Out of a very competitive pool of over applicants, 28 young Italian investigators working in the United States will illustrate the results of their works in oral presentations and 20 in poster presentations.

A prestigious Jury, appointed during the summer, will sellect the winner of the three awards and of the Medal of the Italian President. Congratulations to all applicants, good luck to all finalists and thank you to all reviewers! For the full list of finalists, click here. For the flyer of the annual event, click here. A new finding by Harvard stem cell biologists demonstrated that it is possible to turn one type of already differentiated neuron into another within the brain. For the abstract. He also talks about Italy, and his lasting relationship with Italian colleagues, among whom Macchetto counts excellent mentees and collaborators.

Duccio Macchetto is the recipient of several awards including the United States Presidential Award for Design Excellence for his outstanding contribution in the collaboration between the European Space Agency and the Hubble Space Telescope research project. Click here for the program. Ciao Beppe,. Caro Beppe,. Wine and refreshments will be offered by Via Umbria www. Tali borse si inseriscono nel Programma promosso da ISSNAF per la internazionalizzazione del processo di formazione di studenti italiani meritevoli. The program of Post-Doc fellowships in Molecular Biology sponsored by Fondazione Marche is successfully passing the six month milestone!

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Eight fellows are working fruitfully in their labs. The ninth fellow, Dr Bordicchia decided to withdraw and her full two year fellowship has been awarded to the next ranked finalist selected by Prof. The same lab made available another opening and the tenth fellowship, suspended in , was awarded to the following ranked finalist, Dr Ulisse Ulissi from Universita di Camerino. Congratulations to all! Scientists observed that blocking the expression of the gene TRIP-Br2 in mice protects them against obesity and insulin resistance.

An italian researcher, Alessandro Doria, working at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School, took part to the research, whose findings were published this week in the online edition of the journal Nature Medicine. Deadline October 31, Italian Pediatrics Abroad. La Stampa - Tutto Scienze. Sarebbe meglio prendere una mappa della griglia elettrica e risalire al nodo comune. For Institutional Affiliation please contact membership issnaf. Con la telescienza addio alla fuga dei cervelli: clicca per leggere l'articolo. Le ricerche sulle piante di una giovane biologa che ritorna in Italia grazie alla Fondazione Armenise-Harvard.

Firenze-Boston, 18 maggio Fellowships are designed for young post-graduates who are under 35 years of age by November 15, We are grateful for your commitment and willingness to support ISSNAF as friends, volunteers and affiliates and for the generous donations we received in Using enhanced purification techniques and a stringent computational algorithm, researchers identify 27 high-confidence protein interaction partners of NANOG in mouse embryonic stem cells.

An italian researcher, Francesco Faiola, working at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, is one of the study's authors. The first decades of the twentieth century was, in fact, characterized by a vivid cultural debate that suffused the hectic activity of literary journals and the provocative messages of manifestos. La lettura 4 storie di successo di giovani ricercatori italiani. Mondello was recognized for coauthoring a promising study on diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injuries. The Department of Italian Studies at the University of Toronto invites applications for a one-year contractually-limited term appointment, with the possibility of a two-year renewal, in the field of Italian Cinema.

The position will be at the rank of Assistant Professor commencing, July 1, Umberto Eco 's "melancholic" remarks upon the current situation of Italian students and the poor generational turnover reported in a recent interview by the Spanish daily El Pais generate grumblings. Eco's account of the "terrible paradox" of a generation which is not in "power" for lack of the same opportunities as his own generation had, is perceived as unsympathetic by the "victims.

See for yourself:. Witness the low rate of celiac disease detection in Italy, and the even lower rate in the U. Guandalini was selected from a worldwide pool of candidates to be the first president of the Federation of International Societies for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology. This will be a good occasion to promote Italian-American collaborations in the field of medical imaging science. Best regards Lorenzo Mannelli.

For more information e-mail: imaging issnaf. An italian researcher, Ottavio Arancio, working at the Columbia University, directed the research. The Italian Trade Commission and the Consulate General of Italy will co-sponsor the event in New York, which will take place on March 25 and feature presentations by the 6 winning start-ups chosen by a top notch Selection Committee.

She has an agenda, chutzpah and, she claims, a fresh perspective on E. January 12, - Con l' occhio della mente raffiguriamoci i seguenti oggetti: una banconota, un grande quadro incorniciato o lo schermo di un televisore classico. Ebbene, se avessimo potuto, in astratto, fotografare queste nostre immagini mentali avremmo constatato che si trattava sempre di rettangoli a sviluppo orizzontale, non verticale, e che il rapporto tra lato lungo orizzontale e lato corto verticale era assai vicino a uno virgola sei.

Post-doc positions in development of environmental friendly polymeric nanocomposite-based roofing solutions. Applications are invited for 2 Post-doctoral fellows to be involved in an Industrial project for the development of environmental friendly polymeric nanocomposite-based roofing solutions. The central research facility of the Institute is located in Genova, Italy. Deadline: May 15, There is something to be done by a Senate willing to reconsider the bill, writes Potestio. Here are her suggestions:.

Maria Paola Potestio — The author writes in her personal capacity. Read here Applicants must have at least two years of postdoctoral research experience outside of their doctoral lab. International research experience is desirable e. Deadline is December 31, La Provincia si impegna a mettere a disposizione 3,4 milioni di euro nel giro dei prossimi 3 anni, e per il la somma assegnata e' stata di 1, milioni di euro. Con un budget annuale per la di 1,4 miliardi, 40 sedi in Germania e 15 mila ricercatori, l'Istituto Fraunhofer e' all'avanguardia mondiale nel campo della ricerca applicata, e conta solo a Stoccarda 25 laboratori dove vengono ricreate le condizioni per sperimentare le nuove tecnologie.

The program enrolls both US and Italian students to foster a cross-cultural learning environment. Taught by neuroscientists and cognitive scientists from the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Medical School, the courses include lectures as well as hands-on laboratory sessions e. In base ad un accordo tra Governo e Provincia di Trento, sottoscritto il 30 novembre a Milano, dal presidente Lorenzo Dellai con i ministri Giulio Tremonti e Roberto Calderoli, Trento gestira' quelle che fino ad oggi sono state le competenze statali in materia di ammortizzatori sociali e di universita'.

Un pezzo di ulteriore autonomia per il quale la Provincia ha pagato al ministero dell'economia 4,1 miliardi di euro. L'ateneo di Trento, nel passato famoso per la facolta' di sociologia, sara' dunque interamente gestito dalla Provincia. Deadline is March 31, It also points to practical steps that might be taken to improve the system of higher education in Italy. The study was published online February 3, and will appear in the March 1 print edition of the American Journal of Epidemiology. An italian researcher, Alberto Ascherio, directed the research.

Online International Journal of Microbiology Research is currently accepting manuscripts for publication. Italian Cultural Institute in New York. Federico Rampini, Italian journalist and writer, will join Mastrogiacomo for a discussion on the new relations between Italy, Europe, the US and the world in the aftermath of September Renato Camurri University of Verona. Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto. ARIO is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote cultural, professional, academic, and social interaction among Italian researchers, scholars, professionals, and entrepreneurs living in Ontario.

To learn more about ARIO visit www. From Dream to Reality. Letters from the Lacor Hospital Uganda by Dr. Dominique Corti and Dr. Odong Emintone - Tuesday, May 4, - Toronto. Italian Cultural Institute in Washington. Nancy C. A lecture by Nancy C. Italian Cultural Institute in Montreal. He is interested in the influences of classic and antique Latin works on medieval Italian writers. Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco. Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago. Professor Giulianotti, a pioneer in robotic techniques, has already performed over minimally invasive surgeries, of them with robotic procedures.

David Fisher - Wednesday, April 21, - Chicago. This event is organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Chicago. Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles. The L. Martin Pendola, an Italian postdoctoral associate in Dr. John Evans group at NYU College of Dentistry, is investigating a sea urchin protein involved in the formation of skeletal structures. In a paper published in Biochemistry last May, Dr.

Pendola and co-author Dr. This work provides insight on how bone, teeth and other hard tissues are formed, and opens a door to design and engineer a new generation of materials for dentistry, medicine, and even agriculture and aerospace industry. This panel welcomes papers focusing on modernist women writers whose works engaged with the politics of the Fascist ventennio, particularly in regard to issues of gender. Please send a word abstract and a brief bio to larkine3 southernct. To support our Annual Event please make a donation!

Accommodation will be provided by ISA. Deadline is June 30, Student grants, curricula, programs and interventions are designed with focus on local needs but may provide a blueprint for similar interventions at the national level. Given the possibility of "Regional migration" to seek medical care, Lombardy, as marked in the WSJ article, is a most sought after destination while other regions pay the bills. A number of protagonists and experts from health-related fields describe how Milano achieved its leading role, and also frame current challenges.

The absence of a question mark from the title is seemingly deliberate, but there is work to be done to keep it that way. A Note to Readers by Roberto Satolli is here. Schwarzenegger and Lombardia's President R. Schwarzenegger claimed that "in the absence of action from national and international governments, sub-national leaders must take strong steps without them. De Maio is author of more than 40 among books and articles.

L'Accordo prevede che il sistema universitario presenti dei progetti di importo compreso tra The purpose of the conference is to strengthen and promote international collaboration among Italian and North American researchers. There will be particular focus on initiatives underway in biomedical science that contemplate collaboration between researchers in Italy, and particular in Lombardy, and researchers in North America.

A further purpose of the meeting is to present the initiative of the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Policies that seeks to create a network of Italian researchers abroad and to promote international collaboration, as well as the programs in this sector being undertaken by the region of Lombardy and by the University of Milan and the University of Milan-Bicocca.

The Eagle Nebula as never seen before. In , the Hubble Space Telescope's 'Pillars of Creation' image of the Eagle Nebula became one of the most iconic images of the 20th century. Now, two of ESA's orbiting observatories have shed new light on this enigmatic star-forming region. Eligible Candidates: students of any nationality with a degree in economics or finance from any European university within the geographical area of the Group, who wish to take PhD courses abroad.

Applications can be made until October 31, and must be submitted on-line. The winners will be selected by the Scientific Committee of the Foundation and will be announced by December 31, Three scholarships to be awarded to the best graduates from all over Europe. Applications can be submitted on line only until October 31, Applications can be submitted online only until October 31, The winner, selected by the Scientific Committee of the Foundation, will be announced by January 15, Click on the Map. We are sure it would be wonderful to have a strong participation of ARIO members.

Scientists at the Temple University School of Medicine are inching closer to solving a long-standing mystery in sepsis. The findings, reported online January 25, in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, provide new insights into molecular details underlying sepsis and its effects on the lungs. An italian researcher, Salvatore Mancarella, working at the Center for Translational Medicine, took part to the research.

Francesco Turturro. All finalists are acknowledged with a Travel Award. A decade after its scattered introduction in many EU countries, with Italy playing a pioneering role, the Bologna Process appears plunged in crisis -- more so in Italy than in any other country. The initiative became a huge success with the participation of candidates in 30 days under 35 years old of age, as representation of all orders.

In primo piano:

Here's the agenda:. Vice President CNI.

Roberto Peccei. Federico Casalegno. Gianluca Galletti. Armando Zambrano. President CNI. In a study published in Neuro-Oncology, researchers at Mayo Clinic identify an important association between the naturally occurring enzyme Kallikrein 6, also known as KLK6, and the malignant tumors. An italian researcher, Caterina Giannini, working at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, took part to the research.

Its focus will be the work and impact of Italian researchers worldwide. The book is a history of vaccines as well as "everything you wanted to know about vaccines," how vaccines are produced, what they are good for, why they are safe…. We welcome Filippo with enthusiasm and wish him the very best in his role. The ability to manipulate quantum states by integrated devices may open new perspectives both for fundamental tests of quantum mechanics and for novel technological applications.

Pay first, power and prestige second? ISSNAF Board of Trustees encourages all Italian early-stage researchers currently primarily working in the United States or Canada to submit their application and research abstract to compete for one of the following awards:. Click here to download the Call for Applications in pdf format Click here to read more Go to Awards page. Why have some countries already entered global supply chains and others still falter? Which national policies attract foreign investors? What, if anything, should be done to maximize the benefits of foreign direct investment?

What can rich nations and international institutions do to help? Lucia Piscitello is a professor of international business at the Politecnico di Milano. They have published many papers and essays on structural reforms, business competitiveness and economic integration in developed and developing countries.

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