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Inspired by innovation leaders like Ray Kurzweil, Ziv applies his Singularity theory to fashion by viewing it as part of the bigger change we are experiencing. Ziv proposes taking a page from the consumer electronics industry in her overview of new technologies - from smart fabrics to interactive retail, wearable tech and social tools - and challenges industry leaders to re-examine the role fashion plays in our overall way of life. According to Ziv, optimizing our lifestyle is the new slogan of our decade.

Streamlining the bureaucratic, inefficient processes that currently fill our life will allow all of us as a society to focus on things that matter.

Winning the ’20s

We will waste fewer resources and produce more meaningful objects. The book is aimed to inspire the radical change in thinking, which is needed to foster that. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published September 5th by Fashion 2. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. New way of looking at the future of the fashion industry if you have never thought about how the technology industry could effect the fashion industry-you should.

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This book is about future of the fashion industry and if you enjoy a book on fashion then this book is right for you! Kara rated it liked it May 12, Anita Mallipoudy rated it it was amazing Aug 12, Hayley Howells rated it liked it Jul 07, Jimmy Fasja rated it really liked it Sep 04, Arpita Nayak rated it really liked it Jun 30, Tosin Ak rated it it was amazing Aug 16, Kristina rated it it was ok Feb 16, Alisha rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Jeffrey H rated it liked it Nov 26, Grace rated it really liked it Mar 15, Yegaaaa rated it it was amazing Nov 06, Cinthia Breakfast at Cindi's rated it really liked it Jun 27, John rated it really liked it Sep 17, Kaj marked it as to-read Jan 14, Frederick Rotzien marked it as to-read Jul 22, Natalie marked it as to-read Jul 22, J marked it as to-read Jul 22, Christina Borgoyn marked it as to-read Jul 22, Sue marked it as to-read Jul 23, Katie Harder-schauer marked it as to-read Jul 23, Todd Rumsey marked it as to-read Jul 23, Pam marked it as to-read Jul 23, Steph marked it as to-read Jul 23, Phyllis marked it as to-read Jul 23, Brandy marked it as to-read Jul 23, However, today fast fashion is at the forefront of the fashion industry.

The increase of technology and easy access to trends present and future combined together are allowing fashion brands to produce fast fashion creating consumers that are impulsive shopping and blinded by the thrill of possessing something new as often as they can, without asking too many questions about the origin of the clothes they are purchasing and how much they are purchasing. This has number effects on fashion retailers, economy as well as the environment.

However fast fashion puts pressure on retailers especially manufactures. Retailers will want manufactures that can produce high levels of turnover but at low costs and due to this they go to developing countries in which they can exploit workers, paying cheap labour costs and ignore dangerous working conditions, in order to maintain their profit margins.

An example is the building collapse in Bangladesh, in which more than workers died and many more injured whilst sewing garments for these fast fashion retailers due to an unstable manufacturing factory shown in figure Fig Fast fashion also means that people are purchasing more than ever before, garments are being thrown away more than often due to the ever-changing trends and this is causing high levels of waste, which is polluting and damaging the environment. Fashion influences unstable consumption both in resources and by people.

Second hand clothing that cannot be sold is shipped abroad, in particular, Ghana in Africa. Fashion has grown tremendously within the last decade, with the growing ease and accessibility of the latest fashion trends becoming more readily available to consumers all over the world.

Trend turnover is quicker than it used to be due to globalization, however, fashion trends today have become more similar worldwide due to consumers all being influenced and consuming similar aspects, which is a positive for retailers but negative as it takes away individuality of cultures and people. The future holds many challenges for all areas of the global fashion industry, for example, resource shortages, climate change, demographic change, new technologies, and shifts in the global economy will affect businesses, customers and the world in ways that are hard to anticipate and prepare for, which can both effect trends and trend forecasters.

These changes can be large scale impacting on many areas of the world from science, to technology and the arts. Trend forecasters research current world situations and the directions that social and economic circumstances are taking, in order to predict trends both macro and micro. These trends, over time, convert into consumer trends and transfer into the mass market, or develop into a new way of living, in which designers have to be aware of and design to adapt to this new cultural and social changes.

Many trends would run though a lifespan process, from the start of the trend the trend forecast to the trend being adapted into the mass market and eventually diffused out. The Diffusion Theory system indicates the popularity and following of a trend. The Diffusion Theory is used to see where trends are heading and determine the strength and duration of a trend as indicated by the curve and the consumer demand remaining. From the model you can also see how the trend is moving and diffusing from one group of people to another, such as trendsetters to conservatives.

By using these trend theories, trend forecasters can identify the life span of the predicted trends.

Why Tie-Dye is one of This Season's Biggest Trends - Must-Have Moment

And it is therefore also becoming a big and highly competitive business The current UK economy is still in difficult times, and by retailers and designers using trend forecasting it enables them to be more competitive, especially due to the ever-growing competition from online retailers. Fast fashion is remaining to be more popular, there is a continuous need to make pieces that will sell tomorrow and further into the future, and trend forecasting plays a vital role as it provides these solutions.

Forecasting is also very important in marketing as it helps to give clear indications of what future demand for goods and services are likely to be. As marketing involves anticipating customer needs and requirement, forecasting then make it possible to respond to these changes.

How Innovation and Collaboration Can Accelerate Sustainability in Fashion

It has become important today to keep up with trends and to find out what is going to be the key trends for the upcoming seasons, which is where the catwalk plays a vital role. The three key trends that have been identified further from the catwalk and which can be seen amongst the Nottingham high street are stripes, high line and denim. These trends were influenced by secondary and primary research, which involved conducting a shop safari. Taking denim ever so slightly further back to its roots, the s to be precise and incorporating rock and roll in denim, was Saint Laurent.

The high-street sees denim dominate in looks from smart to casual and with a hint of the past through extreme washes, such as, acid, bleach and distressing shown by retailers such as, Urban Outfitters, Topman and Mango. The denim shirt and jacket is well and truly back for spring summer , shown through all these retailers in the mood board, however, it is looking smarter this season, with being repositioned as a sophisticated piece for the male wardrobe, due to the boxy shaped with contrast top stitching.

Highline Highline is an elegant trend combining artistic sheer florals with Professional structured pieces. Highline is all about the city chic, taking main inspiration from the big apple and its infamous highline park. Topshop is a key high-street retailer in which the highline trend can be clearly seen. The trend has key tailored pieces such as cigarette trousers and macs.. The colour palette is soft with many black, white, cream and pastel pieces. Stripes Stripes are a constant trend that keeps making its way onto the catwalk and the high street.

Stripes this season have ruled the catwalks in a fun and eclectic way as shown in the mood board. Designers such as Louis Vuitton showcased bicolor and multidirectional stripes; Balmain offered bold multicolor garments, including irregular dimensions of stripes, while Dries Van Noten garments were composed of similar shades of color but completely different stripes. Stripes have been constant seen throughout high-street retailers outlets e.

Trend Tracking These trends are prominent amongst the catwalk and in high-street retailers, but are these trends popular and being worn by the consumer, which will determine whether the trend will be successful as well as having a short or long trend life cycle, this was the question faced when choosing a trend to develop further.

So due to this, it was necessary to look amongst the Nottingham public. In Nottingham it was clear to see that due to it being a student-orientated city, there was high levels of young adults following trends compared to the older public. Some of the rends that were clear to see on the Nottingham streets were sports, floral, stripes and khaki. However, some of these trends were not as visibly trendy, this was due to some of the non student public wearing the trends in more of a casual, under styled way, not maximising its potential.

Also the weather and the location could be a potential reason why these trends were worn this way, for example, Nottingham has a relaxed, casual atmosphere and is not as fashion forward as other locations, such as, Nottingham and Manchester etc.

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  • After conducting the trend tracking in Nottingham, it was clear to see that stripes was a prominent trend, not only with the public but also in Nottingham high street retailers, and is a key trend showcased on the catwalk for spring summer However, it was clear to see that stripe trend has evolved this season, with a quirkier, trendy and modernised take on the trend. The striped pattern is one that can be dated all the way back to the medieval times where it was seen as a shameful pattern to wear, this is due to being mainly worn by prostitutes, prisoners, clowns and hangmen.

    After this period the stripe pattern did not make much of a statement in the fashion world until when queen victoria dressed price Albert in a blue and white striped sailing suit, whilst boarding the royal yacht, bringing it to the public eye. In the French naval uniform was also changed to a blue and white shirt, this consisted of 21 stripes, each symbolising one of Napoleons victories. Stripes moved into Europe in which it was incorporated swimwear pieces for both men and women and became widely popular.

    Chanel inspired the minimalistic look of the stripe by incorporating the pattern into her own designs in the s. Coco channel influenced designers of the present day to incorporate the stripe patterns into their designs, such as, paul smith, john paul gauiter and so on. Today stripes remain popular amongst all ages and genders and have become a staple item in our wardrobes. Culture of Stripes Preppy describes a subculture of upper class youths. The ivy style reflects traditional upper class New England leisure activities and is influenced by traditional collegiate trends. Stripes was seen a staple pattern incorporated in many of these trends.

    This preppy subculture had high influence and paved the way for the ivy style which was a fashion trend of the s, since then designers such as marc Jacobs, tommy Hilfiger are j crew are just a few who have added a modernized approach to the Ivy League Style to accommodate continuing preppy trend.

    Mod is a subculture that began in swinging s Britain and spread in varying degrees, to other countries.

    They were a fashion-obsessed and hedonistic cult of the hyper-cool young adults. French fashion remained a great influence for the mods, the stripe t-shirt is a French iconic product which is a signature part of the mod casual look. The mods gave the stripe t-shirt a new lease of life associating it with being young and exciting.

    They Made stripes trendy and popular from the s onwards by wearing a stripe top, which became a signature part of the mod style back then and still today. Social influences of stripes Celebrities are highly influential today and in the past as they are role models for consumers and are drivers of trends. Stripes are a trend that can be seen popular amongst all kinds of celebrities from musicians to models and artists.

    These are highly influential celebrities from the past that can be seen wearing stripe outfits and are well known for stripes to be incorporated into their style today. Twiggy was a trendsetter, a daring dresser, and an icon in her own right. The bold striped monochrome shift dress, which she is wearing gave stripes a new lease of life associating stripes with being youthful and daring.

    Brian Jones a legendary musician this striped Mod tailored suit is outfit of a many which you can see Brian sporting the stripe look, which he made them stand out and look trendy.

    12222 Retail Industry Outlook

    Rihanna and Kendal Jenner are showcasing matching two-piece outfits, which is a new modern twist on stripes today but still keeping the classic look that is appealing to the trend conscious consumer. Whereas, Rita ora is in keeping the nautical stripe vibe however she has combined the sports trend with stripes to create a trendy, youthful outfit. Social media As social media is a big part of society today, it is a new way in which trends have kept significant amongst society.

    Social media allows people to see the trends in particular stripes being worn in unique, exciting and modern ways, which has high influence over the stripe trend by making it more appealing to not only the trend conscious consumer but the everyday consumer. Through looking at present social media sights, it is clear to see that stripes have remained popular amongst the public today and have an enduring appeal. The stripe style has evolved and modernised compared to the past, this can be seen through bolder and brighter stripes, mix matching and colour clashing.

    Vertical stripes have become as classic as the Breton stripe. Today stripes have become a stylist statement amongst the fashion conscious consumer. Dynamic stripes were bold and present from valentino. Elie saab has mixed bold floral prints with dramatic black vertical stripes throughout his collection.

    See a Problem?

    The varying thicknesses, directions and use of refreshing bold colours allowing stripes to be the main emphasis of dries van noten ss15 collection. As stripes have been a prominent trend on the catwalks, this inspiration for designers would of partly been influenced by trend forecasters. These catwalk designers have high influence over high street fashion, and due to this, it will mean stripes have the possibility of becoming a key trend within high-street fashion. Stripes has always been a trend but due to this season, designers have took the stripe in a unique, modern direction , this could be the possible new revolution of stripes and could change the way we see it now.

    Nottingham shop safari In Nottingham primary research was carried out amongst retail stores to find out if the stripe trend is prominent on the high street. The majority of the stores on the high-street had at least one stripe item. High street stores such as American Apparel, Joules, River Island and Radley all had window displays that showcased stripped clothing and accessories, showing that the stripes is a current trend for this spring summer.

    Stripes in certain retailers ,such as Zara, a fashion forward brand, were more dramatic, mix matching and had a nautical-inspired stripe twist to their garments. New look compared to Zara used the classic Breton stripe but with an emphasis on sport. Trend Tracking Primary research was carried out in the streets of Nottingham, tracking the stripe trend amongst the Nottingham public and asking consumers and high street staff their thoughts on the stripe trend which can be seen more detailed in appendix 2. It was clear to see on the Nottingham streets that stripes is a prominent trend, however, many of the consumers where wearing the classic Breton stripe in a casual, under styled way.

    As it has been said before the Nottingham atmosphere is relaxed in regards to fashion, the classic Breton stripe is more of a basic and less fashion forwards piece, so this is one of the reasons why this classic stripe has been prominent within Nottingham, and is also one of the reasons there is not a wide variety of consumers shown in this report. However, the images below are taken of the Nottingham public wearing the classic Breton stripe with a stylish touch. When Emily was asked what was appealing about the stripe trend, she said, that the stripe trend is flattering to the figure and a classic look.

    In figure 68 you can see the Breton stripe with a twist, which is a garment that was brought 3 months ago, this shows how the inspiration from the catwalks has had an influence on the retailers but is taking its time to modernise to its new interpretation on the high-street. The consumers wearing stripes that have a modern twist where mostly university students, who are fashion followers and trend conscious.

    Figure 69, 72 and 73 are all products from Topshop, which is a fashion forward high street retailer, which is clear to see they have taken inspiration from the catwalk, as they have made vertical stripes a new key trend for this season. The new, modern, revolutionary take on stripes is something that may not be as prominent in Nottingham as it could be in London as consumers are more reserved, less fashion forward as well as the limited range of fashion forward stores.