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Susan K. Todd was a secondary education teacher for thirty-two years. During that time, she became involved with various alternative health fields as a student, practitioner, and teacher. Upon retirement, she began writing at the prompting of her Higher Self to share her personal experiences with de-cording conscious energetic infiltrations.

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The New Age movement burns brightly with the torch of a new spirituality, where written dogma is replaced by actual experiences in the spirit world. Individuals are now seeking their own answers through the exploration of other ideas, cultures, and religions, combining techniques and beliefs from around the world to fit within a personal cosmology. Belief in an Immortal Spirit. At the heart of most of the ancient religions and mystic schools is the belief in the immortality of the soul, the unseen essence that animates our bodies-the true self.

Some of these traditions believe the spirit returns to physical life to continue the journey, to experience, remember, learn, and ultimately live in this unique combination of body and spirit again. Other religions believe the soul moves to the next level of development, more in harmony with the creator, be it in heaven, nirvana, or other word used to describe spiritual bliss. There are wise men and women in every culture who work with the unseen. The witches of Europe take much of their tradition from the priests and priestesses of the ancient lands of Egypt, Greece, India, and Gaul.

They all speak to spirits and gods to learn the future and perform magic. Modern witches are reclaiming these traditions. Spirit work comes in any spiritual context, from Christian mystics working with patron saints to the magi of the Hebrews, like King Solomon, who were great sorcerers. All in one form or another worked with the unseen realms. The early twentieth-century spiritualist movement, with mediums holding seances to contact the dead, usually worked in a Christian context.

The modern New Age movement has supplant, ed it. Channelers work with ascended masters, nature spirits, and multidimensional beings from the star nations. Personal beliefs, social customs, and historical time period influence the experience of spirit work, but so many constants remain. In these constants we find the threads of truth to weave our own experiences.

Past Lives. Ordinary people are delving into the realms of hypnosis and pastlife regressions. By actively participating in these explorations, recalling past lessons through triumphs and tragedies, they explore their own spirits. These techniques bring better understanding of their present life patterns and their intrinsic immortality.

Individuals who have no inclination to explore spirit undergo near death experiences, or NDEs, in accidents or on operating tables. During these NDEs, their perceptions rise up and they are able to see their now lifeless bodies and hear people around them. From this point most travel through a "tunnel of light," and are greeted in some afterlife by deceased family members, angels, saints, or divine beings. However, they do not cross over, because it is "not their time" and they must return to the land of the living.

They reenter their bodies and their hearts start beating again. The experience is profound and transformative. Most who survive an NDE have no doubt about the validity of life after this mortal coil and believe that there are loving creative spirits supporting and guiding them. Many who have no previous religious beliefs become shining beacons for their community. By sharing their experience, they teach others not to fear death, to believe in the unseen realms of spirit, and to live with love and freedom.

Heating and Energy Work. Seekers are exploring alternative modes of healing and energy work when traditional medicine seems lacking. These new practitioners of ancient arts, like flower essences, Reiki, and acupuncture, to name a few, recognize the body is not just physical. Our being is a synthesis of flesh, blood, and bone with mind, memory, emotions, and energy. By affecting one aspect, you affect the whole system. Modern medical practices typically treat only the symptoms and not the root of the disease.

If you have a block or imbalance in your emotional aspect, it will eventually manifest in your physical body. Likewise, emotional clearings can bring about great healing in the physical realm. Everything is interdependent. Neopagan Communities. The amazing boom in the neopagan communities, including those that practice witchcraft, Wicca, and other Earth religions, is a mark of this spiritual quest. The children of Earth are actively searching in the material world around them for spirituality, manifested through nature and the great goddess of the planet Earth.

Similarly reverent for nature are the Native American and other aboriginal traditions. The Western world is turning to the very cultures it decimated for a greater understanding of life. People are working with crystals, herbs, and ceremony for their healing and empowerment, much like their ancestors did. The common thread among these views is the belief in spirit. Spirit is the unseen force within us all. Spirit in body is called the soul. A unifying spirit, God, Goddess, or the Great Spirit, is the creative force of the universe. Quantum physicists call it the unified field or holographic universe.

The name does not matter, as long as you recognize it. Our individual spirits are created from the unifying spirit so it can experience itself. Many feel our spirits are embodied for this reason. If our spirits are here, there are many other spirits, in other realms, experiencing other things. If our souls are truly immortal, we can have these other experiences after this life, or now, through shamanic techniques and psychic talents. Entire religions and complicated cosmologies are based on these other realms.

Traditional Christian religions use the framework of Heaven and Hell. One realm is union with God, enlightenment, and fulfillment after a just life. The second realm is punishment and separation. Purgatory is like a waiting room for souls not yet ready for Heaven, but not deserving of Hell. Destination is preordained or a result of conforming to a church's moral and ethical code, depending on the sect. The concept of Heaven and Hell seems to be a distorted version of the tribal lore of many indigenous cultures.

Planes of Reality. Many shamanic cultures believe in a lower world of regeneration and healing, where a soul goes before its next Earthwalk. Although dark and mysterious, akin to the collective unconscious, the underworld is not a place of torment and punishment unless you create that reality. The upperworld is a city of light, containing gods and heroes of myth, where insight and enlightenment are granted. We live in the middle world, the realm of linear time and space.

The connecting force between the three worlds is usually a mountain or world tree. Paradigms divide reality into the etheric, astral, mental, and emotional planes. Figure 1.

The Spiritual Foundations - Unity of Consciousness

The Tree of Life The Tree of Life see figure 1 on page 5 from the Kabbalah, is a map of reality with ten sephiroths, or spheres, marking ten different realms of reality before reaching unity with God. Those in the New Age lightworker context use the word dimension for these other planes, or density levels, and believe each dimension is populated with many beings suited to that vibration. Belief Systems. Any of these systems work, but the simplest view suits our purpose here, dividing reality into life in the physical world, with a body and physical matter, and life in the spiritual world.

This simple system was adopted by the early twentieth-century mediums who routinely worked with the worlds beyond the veil, although its terminology is much older, perhaps dating back to the Kabbalah. Although I personally believe the universe is much more complicated than physical and nonphysical, this terminology serves our needs here and now.

The material presented in this book should not conflict with most preexisting beliefs. Spirit work is not exclusive to any one religion or spiritual path. As you explore these experiences, I hope you will open to more possibilities as your experiences change. Detachment from a rigid belief system or hierarchy has been one of the greatest tools I possess, but to remain detached can be a struggle. Attachment to one way as the "right way" for everyone is a function of pure ego and can detract from.

An invisible barrier marks the bounds of the physical realm and the spiritual world. This veil divides spirit from matter, but we are bound to both. Like an actual veil, a piece of cloth, the barrier can be easily crossed by those who know where the openings are. Spirits send messages across, and we can ask questions. Relationships, too, exist across the veil. A physical veil is also a ritual tool to block out distracting physical light so a seer or mystic can function in the spirit light.

The veil is the magical blindfold, used by shamans, mystics, and witches, and it can be used to cross the barrier between worlds. Sometimes, the barrier is said to consist of many veils. All people are searching for true spirituality, but they are usually missing a direct, intimate connection to spirit. Spirituality is honoring and working with the spirit inherent in everything. Too many people are still looking for an intermediary to the unseen realms.

Drilled into the collective psyche of Western culture is the need for a priest or minister to interpret the words of the gods, from the Roman Catholic pope to the priest-kings of ancient pagan lands. All have their place and can do a lot of good for the people they serve, but many modern spiritual leaders take advantage of their people's need for an intermediary. You need not look any further than the television evangelist scandals of the twentieth century. Beware of leaders who do not empower the members of their organizations, who build a cult of personality dependent on themselves or their title.

This is where many religions fail us, but we can find the threads of true and honest spirituality and weave our own cloak from personal belief, understanding, and experience. A good intermediary, be it a mainstream minister or modern witch, will encourage you to make your own connections to spirit. A spirit ally is a being in the unseen realms who, for whatever reason, decides to aid, befriend, protect, or teach us while we live our own Earthwalk, our time in body. They come in many forms and names, but essentially they all provide the same functions.

Allies can be with us from birth, knowing our own spirit from the other side of the veil. Central and South American medicine men believe that children will not survive the maladies and accidents of childhood without a strong spirit helper to protect and guide them. I think our own imaginary friends from childhood are not so imaginary. They are our first experiences in the spirit world.

A friend's nephew vividly talks about his imaginary friend. He speaks to the shadows and the shadows, give this four-yearold some amazing insights. His parents discourage him and tell him they are not real, but we encourage him to never forget his invisible friends and to remember they are always there when needed. Allies are also acquired through other experiences in life, particularly if we choose to pursue a more mystical vocation for our life's calling. Shamans have many spirit helpers, acquired on otherworld journeys. These allies help in rituals and healings. Native American traditions encourage a vision quest by shamans, tribal people, and modern practitioners.

Individuals spend one or more nights in a secluded and sacred spot, such as a mountaintop. They prepare the area with their ritual tools, like prayer knots or arrows. Carrying their intentions in the tools, and using techniques such as fasting, isolation, darkness, or a ritual sacrament of vision-inducing herbs, they meet their spirit helpers. Fears and Doubts. Those who fear the spirit world and their connection to it deny the fundamental truth-they are spirit in a body; they cannot escape the unseen realms. Dabblers fear they are going crazy.

How to Cut Cords, Ties, Attachments, and Why?

Cultural conditioning says they cannot be talking to something they do not see. A Native American shaman or Tibetan holy man might have visions and communications from the higher dimensions, but not an accountant, factory worker, teacher, or homemaker.

Editorial Reviews

Some people believe this to be brainwashing or think their own spirit work is the start of mental illness, like schizophrenia. After having a long conversation with a friend who thought I was crazy for talking to spirits, we determined a good rule of thumb to distinguish the two. When working with spirit allies, you can turn off the experience when you want. You can consciously decide to end communication. They honor your free will and respect your intent. You set the boundaries and limits. Their advice expands your viewpoint and works with love and forgiveness.

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When mental ill ness is present, you cannot stop the experience. The messages appeal to your ego with an "us verses them" attitude. Messages are incoherent or the individuals receiving them are not in contact with the physical reality of the third dimension. They cannot take care of themselves.

Although these experiences are very real to those with mental illness, they are created from a biochemical imbalance. To my knowledge not one of my students has ever had a problem leading to any type of mental illness when contacting spirit allies. Although the modern medical establishment finds it weird to talk to someone who is not physically present, I have not known anyone to become imbalanced emotionally, mentally, or. They learn how to discern beneficial spirits from more mischievous or misleading ones, and such spirits are easily banished.

They learn to question everything and to follow nothing blindly. The biggest problem is the shock regarding the accuracy of the information. Some have difficulty hearing a message clearly at first. It takes practice, but the veil is closed to no one. Everyone is spirit, and everyone has a right to communication, relationships, and support from our invisible allies. The road is blocked only if you deny it and do not want to explore these realms.

Your allies find other ways to contact you. Trust Your Own Experience. Brave souls are ready to actively pursue communication, first looking to spiritual leaders, then finding their own experiences. They easily work with spirit themselves by petitioning those allies who are ready and waiting to talk to them. The techniques are simple and require no set structure of belief. You do not have to change your own religious affiliation or belief, but as you explore, your cosmology will widen to allow new experiences into your heart. You need not belong to any organization or call yourself anything different, but a dramatic transformation and empowerment is possible as you discover your spirit allies.

All you need to start with is intent and the openness to experience. Across the world and throughout time, with perhaps the exception of the modern world of reason, most cultures believe in the existence of spirits and in the possibility that many spirits have a positive impact and influence on our physical lives and spiritual quests. Even in the age of reason, and perhaps because of it, modern people are searching for answers their traditional religions and sciences fail to provide. Our spirit allies come with many gifts. They have the benefit of another viewpoint, beyond traditional space and time and beyond traditional needs and worries.

Our allies are in a closer state of unity with the source of creation, giving us unconditional love and support. Spirit guides could have lived in a body and experienced similar situations. We benefit from their wisdom. The important thing is to find spirits we know and trust, who radiate love and are interested in our highest good. Take the first step. The unseen road is waiting for you.

The very existence of the unseen is still under dispute by many. It is not something you can measure and define with your rulers and microscopes. But mainstream thought is starting to understand the spirit, at least in psychological terms. For instance, mainstream medicine is now acknowledging the mind and body connection, and, I hope, the mind, body, and spirit link.

Popular psychologists have rediscovered the mystery traditions, interconnections of the universe are explored with renewed interest in the works of Carl Jung and the concept of synchronicity, and the ancient alchemists' teachings of transformation are being studied. The population at large is more likely to accept the terminology and explanations of psychology, now a respected discipline, over unfamiliar mystical teachings.

Because of the way individual divinity is expressed in modern culture, the idea of talking to your own inner divine aspect, your internal guide, becomes more appealing to some than the belief in spirits. You are talking to the gods within, the wiser part of you.

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  • This is but one model of spirit allies. Many more exist, and these models can all exist side by side. The seeker finds truth in many paradigms; one does not invalidate the other. Many things are occurring in spirit work. If you desire to understand the process, you will find a paradigm, or paradigms, to fit your worldview.

    For now, explore the concept of the divine within. Your own inner voice, your intuition, is your best guide. Many people never work with spirits but follow their own inner knowing, their consciousness. Through your imagination and powers of creativity, the message comes. The spirits you encounter can be part of your own consciousness, aspects of your personality. The Anima and Animus. From the work of Carl Jung, we have the concepts of anima and animus.

    The anima is the feminine portion of consciousness in a physical male and the animus is the masculine part of consciousness in a physical female. Everyone contains energy of the two genders in differing amounts. The combination makes us unique. Every woman has masculine energy and every man has a feminine side. Generally, masculine is considered active and electric, yet it is often gentle and nurturing, like Jesus or Buddha.

    Feminine energy is receptive and magnetic, but it can be strong and fierce, like a warrior goddess. A lot of social customs deny this, but most ancient cultures knew it to be true. Because of our social training, working with these aspects of consciousness is a part of maintaining a healthy balance.

    They give us a different view to any situation, usually a view we think we lack but that is inside us all along. The animus and anima take on physical characteristics and personality in our minds. We communicate with them like spirits, because they have their own measure of independent consciousness.

    This does not mean you are developing multiple personality disorder. You are using the aspects within your own being. Some call them subpersonalities. We all have these parts of ourselves that remain hidden. One school of thought feels the animus and anima are mutually exclusive. Men have only an anima and women have only an animus. Other experiences show a personification for each gender. One person can meet both internal aspects. They symbolize the ideal man and woman for each of us. When working with spirit allies, you can meet both a male and female guide together.

    With my first experience, I did. I assumed them to be my anima and animus. Later on, as my belief systems changed, I discovered something different about them. They allowed me to see more when I was ready. Or they changed as I changed. Perhaps all spirit allies are a form of our own consciousness, or the animus and anima may be something else entirely. As you can see already, the potential viewpoints are growing. In the end the descriptions never matter; they are all labels.

    When they cease to be useful, no longer use them. Either way, I appreciate all the help they have given me. The Inner Child. For a while everyone was talking about healing the inner child. In the most roundabout ways they meant taking care of part of their consciousness, their childlike innocence and happiness.

    Because of many family problems, people have strong resentments and hurts from their childhood. Working with the inner. Give your inner child the encouragement to follow your dream if you never got it. The inner child aspect of our being is a great guide to healing and releasing past trauma. The child can lead us to issues we need to confront or it can bring us to a lot of fun. Unfortunately, most people talk about their inner child in the abstract.

    The idea of visualizing and meeting this part of themselves seems silly, but they will buy expensive cars, entertainment systems, and wild trips all in the name of the inner child. Spoiling yourself when you are feeling deprived can be good therapy, but the real gift is in meeting and loving another part of you. The Medicine Wheel. I learned the inner child aspect as part of the medicine wheel ceremony.

    In the Spotlight: Linda Evans

    This version is probably a very New Age, anglicized version of it, but the ideas behind it are very powerful. In the medicine wheel, each of the four directions is connected to the four elements. Each element represents a different aspect of consciousness. Through ceremony you can meet and converse with these aspects of your own personality. Ceremonies to the four directions are common across the world. In the medicine wheel O South is the element of earth. Earth is the inner nurturer, the caretaker or inner parent.

    Earth is stable, being the foundation of material care and comfort. In magic, Earth deals with the body, resources, and the Earth goddess, the provider of all. O The nurturer takes care of the inner child, who is in the West, with the element of water. Water is the element of healing, deeper consciousness, intuition, and emotion. The child leads to healing and a rebirth of innocence. O In the North is the warrior. This inner guardian is the protector and defender of the being. It can be tough and aggressive, with weapon in hand, ready to use tooth and claw to protect.

    The warrior works with the element of air, the power of consciousness and thought, and is associated with blades and swords. O And in the East is the inner spirit, the light and fire of consciousness. Fire is connected with the rising Sun. This is identity, life, and willpower. All these aspects are a part of us. We each have a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual side. We each are the sum of our parts, but the power of these beings within comes from our own consciousness. They are aids, like all spirit allies.

    Inner Witness. In various combinations, these internal spirit allies make up our inner witness, the one who can look back on our life with compassion and no judgment. The witness is the part of our consciousness that can observe our rational mind, our ego, and ask it to take a break while we exist in a state of pure.

    The inner witness is developed in meditation disciplines, particularly from the East, like yoga. Through acknowledgment of this witness, we quiet the internal dialogue. We cease to identify solely with the body or mind and realize we are the being with the body and mind. We transcend them. We are the consciousness, or spirit, beyond them. We are the witness. Because of this transcendence, we are our own greatest ally in the spirit world. Your unconscious is the deep well of knowing and understanding.

    We usually are barred conscious access and control of its vast power, hence the name unconscious. We are not fully aware of it. The subconscious lies on its surface, like the clearer waters sitting on top of a deep, murky ocean. As we intuitively collect messages from our unconscious, the subconscious dresses these communications in symbols that are floating on its surface. Through the symbols we can understand the messages we get, particularly through dreams. Each of our personal oceans is connected to the vast sea of minds, not only of human life, but of all life. This is the collective unconscious.

    Some refer to it as the astral plane, and some feel the collective unconsciousness is but one doorway to the astral. Again, it is really a question of labels. Like the physical dimension, this is a cocreated reality where we can interact together. The rules governing the astral are more flexible than the laws of physics. Here we can interface with all forms of life, physical and nonphysical.

    Think of it as a common playground. In the collective unconscious we encounter images from dreams and nightmares, from mythology and imagination. Humanity has constantly encountered repeated themes throughout its history. Now in the age of information, we have access to the mythos of the world. Many cultures have their father god, mother goddess, underworld powers guarded by strange monsters and heavenly beings in cities of glass and light.

    These images appear in our visions and dreams, even though the cultural context is different. We all have dreams of falling uncontrollably, flying, or being someplace important in only our underwear. These repeated images are called archetypes, a term coined by Jung. Archetypes exist in the realm of the collective unconscious, to which we all have access. Only so many themes exist, but in countless variations and combinations. The only question is, did we collectively create them or were they always there?

    Maybe they had a hand in our creation. Modern shamans feel we are vessels for the archetypes. Archetypes are not resigned to the realms of the esoteric. They originate there, but their images creep into our everyday world. Archetypes exist in everything we touch, and it is human nature to include these primal images in our daily life.

    Some of our spirit allies even originate as archetypes. A popular system of archetypes is the tarot cards, containing not only the images, but also a sequence of transformation. Tarot is the journey of life and death, spiritual awakening, rebirth, and return to the cosmos. Many meditate with the card archetypes for advice on particular areas in their lives.

    For instance the King of Swords is a great archetype for learning the art of protection, while the Priestess brings lessons of magic. The sacrificed king is a popular pagan theme, an archetype of the ruler dying to save his people. Dionysus was the sacrificed and resurrected king of the ancient Greeks. He is the god of love and compassion and of wild abandonment and frenzy. In modern mythology Jesus, the Son of God, was crucified to save all. In the ancient Americas, Quetzalcoatl is a similar figure. Certain sects see him as. Jesus after his resurrection, working with another culture.

    Jim Morrison, the lead singer of a band called the Doors, was a man of great abandon and excess, a Dionysian figure. To his fans, he was demigod-like and opened the doorways of perception. He later killed himself, and speculations abound regarding a faked death and mysterious sightings. His magic still lives, and I have no doubt he embodied the sacrificed king archetype as, like many others, his story changes and mutates over time.

    If you think of your unconscious as your lower self, your deep intuitive natural wisdom, then there is naturally a counter, or balancea higher self. The higher self is a fully conscious and aware aspect of our being. The concept is described best through analogy. As our shadows are to our physical being, so we are to our higher selves. Our shadow is unaware of our existence. The shadow lives in a world of black, white, and gray. It cannot smell or taste. Its existence is two-dimensional. Everything we do affects the shadow, where it goes and what it does.

    The higher self lives in a higher plane and we shadow it. It looks to us with love and grace from a multidimensional aspect. We have difficulty understanding the higher self, just as a shadow would have difficulty understanding us. As you awaken to your spiritual heritage, you become more aware of this higher aspect, seeking its guidance and ultimately living it. This concept can be frightening if you think there is something lording over us, but it is not that way.

    Now that you have this information, life does not change, only your perception changes. You are more aware, but you still need to live and breathe and do things as you normally do. Decision is not taken away. The shadow is just an analogy. We are not shadows. We only lack the words to describe the higher self. The higher self is a great ally because it has a better viewpoint. Sometimes our unconscious intuitions and feelings are promptings from this higher self. The inner witness is another form of the higher self manifesting, bridging our mundane and transcendental qualities.

    A few practitioners experience the higher self as a complete persona unto itself, like working with any other spirit. The information the higher self gives is very direct and simple, not mired in the subconscious symbolism of our lives. No decoder ring is necessary when working with it. I have had students who experienced great difficulty connecting to a spirit guide or totem animal, but when they connected to their higher self, the experience was a breeze. The higher self turned out to be the tiny, quiet, yet familiar voice they have always known. We all have other bodies, besides the physical.

    We have etheric, emotional, and mental aspects. The highest, purest of these bodies, the divine or spiritual body, is identified with the higher self. The higher self can be called the true soul, our true essence and identity. Your "inner" guide gives you specific information you did not possess. If it is only a part of you, how did it know? The experience can be explained as your own intuitive and psychic abilities, your higher self, but somehow that explanation never fits.

    Something more is occurring. Suddenly you find yourself diving into a new paradigm, a new model of thought. You ponder the existence of nonphysical beings, true independent spirits, aiding you in your journey. For some, this is the most likely explanation. They approach their allies as individuals. Spirits are as unique as people, coming in all shapes and sizes as far as our linear mind can understand. In all likelihood, beings on the other side of the veil probably do not have shape and form the way we perceive it. Our experiences are translated into terms we understand.

    Spirit allies come in familiar forms, reflecting their own nature and relationship with us, and appear as humans, animals, plants, and other earthly shapes. Mythological themes are popular. Spirits can be perceived as light or have no appearance at all, but a specific presence or feeling is conjured when they are communicating with you. Some spirits, particularly those of the recently departed, keep their earthly shape. In some moments they look very real and physical. The astral body is molded by their former physical form. Those who stick around the material world, appearing to us as ghosts, keep their physical form because they still identify with it and not the otherworlds.

    The variety of forms, feelings, and methods of communication are endless. Each indicates our unique relationship with the spirits and their own development and personal choices. Modern society needs to categorize and dissect anything to understand it. The whole needs to be broken down into small pieces to understand how it works.

    An experience cannot always be under, stood as a whole; all the little parts need to be found to understand the greater object.

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    Labeling the parts makes things easier to under, stand, tackling the subject piece by piece. But, once you understand the concept as a whole, the labels drop away, no longer needed, particularly in spiritual subjects. Labels help us with spirit work. Although it is perfectly possible to have a strong relationship with our spirit guides without any labels, we desire to understand them and fit them into our worldview.

    Children have great relationships with their spirit guides.

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    • Children accept this other reality without question and continue to do so until adults tell them the experience is not real. There is no hierarchy to the realm of their spirit friends, just acceptance of the experience and its reality. Adult minds need to know what spirits are, where they come, from and why they are here. Without answers to those questions, the whole experience is frightening or foolish. The unknown is a scary prospect. Jaunting out into the unknown by working with spirits, developing psychic powers, or working magic is like facing your greatest nightmare.

      You are frightened by what strangely fas cinates you; by opening the doors to self-exploration, discovery, and healing, you open the door to darker emotions, like fear, anger, and pain. You experience them to release them. Then the energy held by these unwanted patterns is freed and put to good use. Otherwise they weigh you down. Those who fear falling really want to learn to fly. Spirit allies help you find your wings. To satisfy the need to know within us, we can look at some spirits experienced by others.

      Spirits are grouped into different categories, based on mystical traditions and previous experiences. Your allies can be found in these groups, and you could discover new ones along the way. The groups you work with firsthand reflect your personal beliefs and current spiritual path or the paths you will soon be traveling.

      The categories run the gamut of beliefs, from those who work in the realms of popular psychology, unsure if spirits really exist distinct from the individual, to shamanic realms, modern witchcraft, and New Age paradigms. Some would argue these paths are all true, and in a sense they are. If any one view helps your understanding and experience, use it, but be open to other possibilities.

      Sometimes spirit work is like walking into an ice-cream shop. The possibilities and combinations are endlessly fun to explore, but you find a few more suited to your tastes. There is never one "right" flavor for all ice-cream lovers. There is never one "right" spiritual answer for everyone. All of these categories and divisions are just possibilities. In my practice, there is no dogma set in stone, applying to everyone's experience.

      I think the similarities between individuals and cultures are strong clues to how human beings interact with the spirit world, but I would not presume to tell anyone that my views are ultimately correct. I look to the common denominators, cutting across cultural boundaries. While I was researching this material and speaking to others about their experiences with spirits, someone explained a complex hierarchy of spirits and otherworlds to me. The information sounded very convincing, technical, and authoritative. This person then told me who my guide was, what "group" he came from, and basically that I could stop wasting time with other explanations because this is the way it is, end of story.

      All "true" mystics knew this. If only it were that easy. Unfortunately, this explanation did not resonate with me. I had been working with my guides for several years at that point, and though I had many, the name he gave me did not sound familiar. I questioned the complexity of this person's explanation, thinking the universe much simpler.

      Spirit would work in a very clear and concise way. I meditated and asked for guidance. The answer I received from one of my longtime, trusted spirit allies was that we tend to make things much more complicated than they really are. It depends on how we look at it. If we look at the material world, we see land, water, and sky. People live with animals, insects, and plants.

      We can view this as a world where everything is unique but united, one dependent upon another, or we can choose to see only the diversity-the endless variety of life, divided by family, genus, subgenus, and species or culture, religion, and economics. My guides tell me life beyond this world is like our earthly plane. It can be child-like and simple, or complex and technical. In the exploration of spirit work, seekers feel they are speaking directly to the creator spirit, the Great Spirit, Mother-Father, God, Goddess, Tao, or Source.

      Whatever you choose to call the creator is perfectly acceptable. I call it the Great Spirit, for I also believe in a God and Goddess-in my faith, both the masculine and feminine are honored. The Great Spirit is the sum of their parts and more.


      Speaking with spirit directly is not uncommon. In fact it was much more frequent for people to feel directly connected to the cre ative force. To many mainstream religions, such a connection is more acceptable. Many factions of Christianity are uncomfortable with the idea of spirit allies, but if you were talking to God, the conversation would be fine. Some foolishly believe they have the only direct line to God, and you have to go through them for forgiveness or healing. It simply is not so. We all commune with God. Only our methods are different. The Principle of Mentalism from Hermetic Law teaches that we are all part of the divine mind.

      We are all thoughts in the mind of God; we all work perfectly together in the divine order; the universe has no spare parts. We forget that sometimes. So if I ask for a solution to a problem in my life, I can ask for help from God, but never hear God's answer directly. I could talk it over with my physical friend or a spirit ally. This friend may have the perfect solution. If the advice is offered in love and with the highest intent, is that not the will of God, the Great Spirit, made manifest? I definitely think so. We are all vehicles for spirit to work through us.

      If we are all part of the divine, all interconnected, and ultimately one spirit, our allies independent existence from our own conscious is no longer questioned. Nothing is truly independent. I have a friend, a former student, who was having marriage problems. We went out one day, walking through the park, talking about them. Trying to make a decision in her life was tearing her up.

      My personal feeling, what I would do if I were in her place, would be to leave her husband. I tend to be very cut and dry when it comes to things like relationships. But before I realized it, I started to tell her it is all right not to make a decision. To decide to do nothing is a decision. I wondered how these words came out of my mouth; I had not planned to tell her these things. I told her what she needed to hear. It felt good. It felt right. My response did not have my own ego mixed with it.

      That answer did not have the arrogance that I knew what was best for her. I think for that moment I was the vehicle for spirit, be it God with a capital G, or one of our other spirit allies. Prayer is speaking to God. Meditation is God speaking to you. That is a popular saying now, and I think the whole the approach is very balanced. I tend to seriously consider spiritual views that encourage a two-way relationship with spirit. If the idea of talking with God directly is a bit too monumental, you can find vehicles of spirit through friends, family, ministers, and, of course, spirit allies.

      A more acceptable spiritual intermediary for many these days is an angel. The angelic forces are making a big comeback in the world of humans, from greeting cards and statues to books and television shows. Angels are believed to carry out the will of the Great Spirit, as messengers, protectors, and guides. Most people in North America today, even those not ordinarily religious or spiritually motivated, will tell you they believe in some form of angel. Like King Solomon, many people believe they have a guardian angel protecting them. I think everybody has a guardian spirit ally.

      If you are most comfortable with the form of an angel, your guardian will appear to you as such. The popular image of angels is the beautiful, androgynous being with the silky gown, white feathery wings, halo, and a harp or trumpet. Some look like children or cherubs such as Cupid on Valentine's Day. Angel lore is much more complex, but most people are unaware of it. First, angels are not strictly JudeoChristian. Many other cultures speak of heavenly angels. I used to be uncomfortable with the idea of angels, since I left much of my Catholic upbringing behind me in pursuit of more nature-based spirituality.

      Some of my own more recent teachers reintroduced me to the concept of angels, and now I feel much more comfortable working with their energies. In my mind I had a misguided notion of angels as the "enforcers" of mainstream religions, but they are a resource and support available for anyone. They are nondenominational. Older mythologies divide angels into a hierarchy of groups or choirs. Each choir has a specific function and level of power. Many books, modern and ancient, detail specific forms and functions of angels, but I think it is better to ask one.

      At the bottom of the hierarchy, the closest to humanity, are guardian angels. Above them are the archangels. Four archangels, associated with the four elements, are seen as the architects of this universe. Most famous is Michael, protector, patron of warriors, and guardian of the gates of Eden. His element is fire. Raphael is the angel of healing. His element is air. Gabriel works in the realm of water and is the messenger who came to the Virgin Mary and who gave Qur'an to Mohammed.

      Gabriel brings change. Last is Uriel, or Auriel, the angel of death. Most often depicted as feminine, Uriel leads the deceased soul to the afterlife. Uriel is the angel of earth and associated with graves. For those who do ritual and magic honoring the four directions, these four archangels can be called on for protection and aid.

      In this function they are named the watchtowers. Anyone can call upon them, while guardian angels are more individual and personal. Most angels do not appear in our traditional image. Their wings are not always white-Uriel has black wings, like a raven. They can appear as wheels of fire, or have more than one face. Angels appear fearsome indeed. Large balls of colored light are a common modern image when we shed the need to relate to them through a human guise. Many angels carry weapons, such as swords. Their jobs are not just to bring messages.

      Some sources credit angels as God's soldiers. Another friend, far more schooled in Bible lore than I, tells me the majority of times you read about angels in the Old Testament, they are killing or destroying. And there is. Mother Mary's angelic messenger telling her she will give birth to Jesus is a well-known story in the New Testament.

      In a meditation with Michael, led by a teacher of mine, the angel's flaming sword cut through my karmic ties to the past that no longer served me. The meditation prepared me for more advanced work and left me feeling free. In this case the sword and more aggressive aspects were of great benefit.

      My Michael experience opened my eyes to the wonders of the angelic realm. I could no longer ignore them.