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Their nutty flavor provides a contrast to creamy cheese or dip, and they bake to crispy perfection in less than 15 minutes. Use them as a keto kitchen staple—your snacking routine will never be the same. These sweet, crunchy grahams are almost like a cross between a cracker and a cookie, making them the perfect low-carb sweet treat.

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These keto and vegan crackers are made with just three ingredients: almond flour, flax seed, and sea salt. Meet the keto-friendly version of Cheez-Its. These coconut flour-based crackers taste just like your favorite childhood snack but without the extra carbs. Sprinkle some fresh basil in the dough for added flavor and bring these to a party if you want to convince your non-keto friends that, yes, you totally still get to eat fun food.

The Life Changing Crackers - My New Roots

These subtly sweet crisps are perfect with morning coffee or afternoon tea, almost like a substitute for shortbread. Butter is a keto baking staple, and it gets a major moment to shine in this recipe.

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You can roll these crackers as thick or thin as you want—just be sure to adjust the baking time accordingly. What can you do when your blood sugar gets too high?

Delicious Homemade Whole Wheat Crackers in The Bread Kitchen

Here are some natural and medical ways to get it back into a safe zone — or to avoid a spike in…. Seeds may be the tiniest superfoods on the planet: little bundles of energy and protein — plus fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats….

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Double the taste, half the mess. Chili is endlessly versatile, which makes it fun to get creative with recipes. If you partially freeze the loaves you should be able to slice them cleanly with a serrated knife, or a meat slicer.

All Spanish Bread & Crackers

The open-structured breads may need to be on the thicker side so that they can support the weight of whatever is garnishing the cracker. Once cut, line the slices up on a sheet pan and brush or mist with oil. Most spray bottles should have no problem misting oil.

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Consider Raincoast Crisps. I hope that the lady who invented these Leslie Stowe has made her fortune, because imitations are now everywhere I look: supermarket shelves, online recipes, restaurant cheese plates, as well as my kitchen. Raincoast Crisps are made by baking a loaf studded with dried fruit, nuts, and herbs, then thinly slicing that loaf and baking it for a second time to make crackers. Like I said, recipes abound online. Mine is below. The whole loaf freezes well.

Saratoga Farms Pilot Bread Crackers

I always bake two at a time and freeze one so I can make crackers on short notice. You know: for unexpected guests. Did you know that almost any loaf of crusty bread can be turned into a cracker? That last part especially sounded like a Good Housekeeping line.