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What do you really want to create? The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

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A journey in exploring sentiment analysis as a “black box” and breaking it down to find insights.

A Taste of NLP. Curious about NLP and want to know more but not ready to dive in to a training, yet? Get Started. Introduction to NLP. Ready to explore the basics of NLP?

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This 2-day programme will give you a basic understaning of NLP and its benefits in helping you perform at your best and acheive your goals. Sunday Social Walk. Join us for a relaxed Sunday walk and explore some NLP. This is the path of all great leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers. Through the challenges and discoveries along the path we acquire courage, insight, wisdom, resiliency and greater awareness of ourselves and the world.

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When we return to the village we are able to make our own unique contribution to others and become recognized and acknowledged for who we really are. The journey is not always an external one. Sometimes we travel internally even as we stay within the physical context of the village. As a result of our growth, we bring new ideas and new life to the village, making it possible for more to thrive there.

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We may even find it possible to bring healing and transformation to the wasteland. Campbell searched for the connections in the myths and stories of change that go across cultural boundaries. He examined stories of heroes, historical and mythical, spanning all ages, cultures, religions and genders. Campbell discovered that certain themes are repeated in many cultures and appear to be deeper threads connecting all of humanity, reflecting the overall path that we take from birth to death regardless of our individual circumstances.

Just as we are born the same and die the same, there are other deep patterns held in the collective memory of our species. To achieve transformation and awakening, our mental maps of who we are and what is possible in the world must become broader, and we must perceive old limitations in a completely new way.


This breakdown or breakthrough occurs when we cross the threshold. Our superposition will contain resources that have not previously been recognized or utilized.

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If we are able to stay centered in ourselves and connected to a larger field of awareness that holds all of these expressions, we can achieve a generative state of expansion and reorganization. The demon is transformed by facing and coming to terms with our own inner shadows.

The resources that help us to cross the threshold into new territory and transform our demons and shadows are the values, behavioral skills and business practices we are able to put into action in order to deal with complexity, uncertainty and resistance. This is the area where we ourselves must grow in order to develop the flexibility and increased requisite variety necessary to successfully navigate the new territory and overcome the obstacles that arise along the way.

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It is important to keep in mind, however, that the client is the hero and the coach is the guardian. The Power of Myth , Campbell, J. The Hero Within , Pearson, C. Psyche and Symbol , Jung, C.