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Unfortunately, there are a lot of people suffering, and that's unfortunate. Unrelated, and before we get into that, the new employment claims recently out just yesterday show that we have the lowest level in nearly a half a century. That's something that is an incredible statistic. And in half a century. That's a long time. And the economy is booming. It's doing really well. We're renegotiating trade deals. We're doing very well on those trade deals. It's taking a little period of time. We put tariffs on certain countries and certain industries where it's been very unfair to the United States.

Our Treasury has taken in billions of dollars. And these other countries are coming along that have not treated us well, and they are negotiating very vigorously. And lots of good things are happening. United States. This should have been taken care of a long time before my administration came into being. But for some reason, for 25, 30 years, nobody ever looked at trade deals. They're out of control, how bad they are. But we're going them very good.

And we're going to make them fair for both countries -- for our country and for whichever country we're dealing with. And there are plenty of them because they're all bad. There's nothing good. My administration is also acting swiftly to address the illegal immigration crisis on the southern border. Loopholes in our immigration laws, all supported by extremist, open-border Democrats -- and that's what they are. They're extremist, open-border Democrats. If you look at Nancy Pelosi and you look at Chuck Schumer, you'll see tapes where they wanted to have borders -- they needed borders for security -- just a short while ago.

Chuck Schumer. A number of years ago, I see Chuck Schumer -- "We must have borders. If people penetrate our borders, we must get them out of our country. It's a whole big con job. In the meantime, people are suffering because of the Democrats. So we've created, and they've created, and they've let it happen -- a massive child-smuggling industry. That's exactly what it's become. Traffickers -- if you think about this -- human traffickers are making a fortune.

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It's a disgrace. These loopholes force the release of alien families and minors into the country when they illegally cross the border. Since alone, nearly , unaccompanied alien minors have been released into the United States as a result of Democrat-backed loopholes, including catch-and-release, which is one of the worst. Democrat-backed loopholes. You catch them, and then you release them.

Might as well save your time. Don't bother catching them. And this is what we're stuck with. They're the worst immigration laws in the history of the world. The whole world is laughing at the United States, and they have been for years. These alien minors were separated and sent all the way up here alone. But they really came up with coyotes. You know what a coyote is. Not good. These are not good people. They were sent up here with human traffickers because the Democrat-supported policies have allowed this to happen.

Democrat-supported policies. Democrats also refuse to fund the personnel, the bed space, the resources that we need to house the minors. Now, they want us to take care of the minors, and that's fine. But they don't want to give us the money to take care of them. Because the worse everything looks, they think, the better they're going to do, with respect to the blue wave. Which is turning out, frankly, to be a red wave if you look at the polls. I think we're going to have a red wave, not a blue wave. So they want us to take care of bed space, and resources, and personnel, and take everybody.

And, you know, like, let's run the most luxurious hotel in the world for everybody. But they don't want to give us the money. So you could ask them about that. We have to house these minors, and we have to house them safely. And frankly, we have to house them. And we should be taking good care of them, and then we should return them back home. That's what we have to do. But every time we ask for resources, the Democrats say no. They say no to everything. They're obstructionists. Because they think that's good, politically. I think it's bad, politically.

For them, I think it's bad, politically. We'll see. In addition, Democrat and court-ordered loopholes prevent family detention and lead to family separation, no matter how you cut it. I signed a very good executive order yesterday, but that's only limited -- no matter how you cut it, it leads to separation ultimately. I'm directing HHS, DHS, and DOJ to work together to keep illegal immigrant families together during the immigration process and to reunite these previously separated groups.

But the only real solution is for Congress to close the catch-and-release loopholes that have fueled the child smuggling industry. The Democrats are causing tremendous damage, and destruction, and lives by not doing something about this. And they know that. They know that better than anybody up there with a pen. If we don't close these loopholes, there is no amount of money or personnel in the world to address the crisis. Very serious crisis. Been going on so long. This isn't Trump administration. You look back at , during the Obama administration, they have pictures that were so bad.

They had a judge that said it was inhumane the way they were treating children. Obama administration. Trump administration. Take a look at some of the court rulings against the Obama administration. They talked about inhumane treatment. I read them; I looked at them. Inhumane treatment. They were treating them terribly. We have a situation where some of these places, they're really running them well.

And I give a lot of credit to Secretary Nielsen and all of the people that have worked this.

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It's the nicest that people have seen. But it's still something that shouldn't be taking place. My wife, our First Lady, is down now at the border because it really bothered her to be looking at this and to seeing it, as it bothered me, as it bothered everybody at this table. We're all bothered by it. But we need two to tango. We have 51 votes in the Senate.

Transcript: Trump’s State of the Union, Annotated

We need 60, unfortunately, because we have the ridiculous filibuster rule. So we need First Lady. And I think I'll get four or five or six from senators, frankly, running in states where I won by 25, 30, 40 points with Mike. And I think we'll get six senators, maybe we'll get seven senators. That still doesn't get us to So there's nothing you can do to get there. And people don't understand that. When we have a majority in the Senate, we have a majority by one, but we need ten votes. So we need 10 -- essentially, we need 10 Democrats. Not going to get them.

They're told by Schumer and Pelosi, "Don't do it because we want to see if we can pick up seats. They don't care about the injury. They don't care about the problems. They don't care about anything. All they do is say, "Obstruct, and let's see how we do. They're not good politicians. They got nothing going. All they're good at is obstructing.


And they generally stick together. I respect them for that. That's about it. Their policies stink. They're no good. They have no ideas. They have no nothing -- the Democrats. - Transcripts

All they can do is obstruct, and stay together, and vote against, and make it impossible to take care of children and families and to take care of immigration. We should be able to make an immigration bill that can really solve the problem, not just -- this is one aspect of it. This is one very important but small aspect of it. We should be able to do a bill. I'd invite them to come over to the White House anytime they want. This afternoon would be good. After the Cabinet meeting would be good. They are invited, officially.

I'll let you do the inviting. Let the press do the inviting. White House. But we have to do something about immigration in this country. For 50 years, and long before that, it was a disaster. But over the last 20, 25 years, it's gotten worse. Every time they write a rule or regulation, it makes it worse, not better. We can solve this problem. We have to hire thousands of judges. No country in the world is hiring judges like that. They hire border people that -- you can't come into the country. Mexico, by the way, is doing nothing for us.

They have the strongest immigration laws. They can do whatever they want. They can keep people out of Mexico. You have a 2,mile journey up Mexico. They walk through Mexico like it's walking through Central Park. It's ridiculous. Mexico does nothing for us. And I am being tough. One of the reasons I'm being tough is because they do nothing for us at the border.

They encourage people, frankly, to walk through Mexico and go into the United States because they're drug traffickers, they're human traffickers, they're coyotes. I mean, we're getting some real beauties. Mexico is doing nothing for us except taking our money and sending us drugs. They're doing nothing. They could solve this problem in two minutes; you wouldn't even have to do anything. But they don't do it. They talk a good game, but they don't do it.

So we'll see how that all comes out. It'll be very interesting to see. So with that, I'll end by saying we had a tremendous success in North Korea. We continue to work on that. Mike Pompeo has been fantastic. John Bolton, working together with Mike, has been fantastic. I don't even know where -- there he is.

I thought he might have gone back to North Korea. He spent so much time in North Korea. Surprised to see you here. John Bolton. North Korea. Mike Pompeo. But I think I can speak for both of us in saying it's been an incredible experience. The relationship is very good. They've stopped the sending of missiles, including ballistic missiles. They're destroying their engine site.

They're blowing it up. They've already blown up one of their big test sites. In fact, it was actually four of their big test sites. And the big thing is, it will be a total denuclearization, which is already starting taking place. United States, ex rel. Hunt Culbertson v. Berryhill Dawson v. Steager Department of Commerce v. New York Emulex Corp. Varjabedian Flowers v. Mississippi Food Marketing Institute v.

Hyatt Frank v. Gaos Gamble v. United States Garza v. Idaho Gundy v. United States Helsinn Healthcare S. Henry Schein Inc. Archer and White Sales Inc. Herrera v. Wyoming Home Depot U. Jackson Iancu v. Brunetti Jam v. International Finance Corp. Wilkie Knick v. Township of Scott, Pennsylvania Lamone v. Benisek Lamps Plus Inc. Varela Lorenzo v.

Securities and Exchange Commission Madison v. Alabama Manhattan Community Access Corp. American Humanist Association McDonough v. Albrecht Mission Product Holdings Inc.

Records of International Conferences, Commissions, and Expositions

Tempnology, LLC Mitchell v. Wisconsin Mont v. United States Moore v. Texas Mount Lemmon Fire District v. Guido New Prime Inc. Oliveira Nielsen v. Preap Nieves v. Bartlett North Carolina Department of Revenue v. Lambert Obduskey v. Quarles v. United States Rehaif v. United States Republic of Sudan v.

Harrison Return Mail Inc. Oracle USA Inc. Common Cause Shoop v. Hill Smith v. Berryhill Stokeling v. United States Sturgeon v. Frost Taggart v. Thomas Thacker v. Batterton Timbs v. Indiana United States v. Davis United States v. Haymond United States v. Sims United States v. Stitt Virginia House of Delegates v. Bethune-Hill Virginia Uranium, Inc. Warren Washington State Department of Licensing v. Cougar Den Inc.

Weyerhaeuser Company v. Rizo Next term's merits cases Allen v. Cooper Altitude Express Inc. Zarda Atlantic Richfield Co. Puerto Rico Babb v. Wilkie Banister v. Davis Barton v. Barr Bostock v. Frescati Shipping Co. Comcast Corp. Org Inc. Guerrero-Lasprilla v. Barr Hernandez v. Mesa Holguin-Hernandez v. United States Iancu v. NantKwest Inc. Intel Corp. Investment Policy Committee v. Sulyma Kahler v. Kansas Kansas v. Garcia Kansas v. Glover Kelly v. This law exempts students who are not citizens or lawful permanent residents from nonresident tuition and fees if the following conditions are met: three years of attendance at an Oregon school; five years attendance in any U.

The law allows for a dependent of a noncitizen to receive similar benefits. This law grants in-state tuition benefits and state financial aid to immigrant and unauthorized students based on the following conditions: the student must have resided in Texas while attending high school in Texas, graduated from a public or private high school or received a GED in Texas, resided in Texas for three years prior to graduation from high school or receipt of GED, and provide their institution of higher learning a signed affidavit indicating an intent to apply for permanent resident status as soon as able to do so.

The Fermi Paradox — Where Are All The Aliens? (1/2)

This law modifies the State System of Higher Education Code and allows a student who meets certain requirements to be exempt from paying nonresident tuition at institutions of higher education. This law provides an exemption to verification of lawful presence for privately funded scholarships administered by colleges or universities, for graduates of Utah high schools. This law defines resident student to include any person who has lived in the state for three years before receiving a diploma or its equivalent from the state of Washington.

This would ensure their eligibility for in-state tuition regardless of immigration status. This law provides that an eligible student must provide the institution an affidavit indicating that the individual will file an application to become a permanent resident at the earliest opportunity and a willingness to engage in any other activities necessary to acquire citizenship, including but not limited to, citizenship or civics review courses. The law expands the definition of noncitizen students to include refugees and deferred action for childhood arrivals, among others.

UH Board of Regents Policies. Ch 6, S The Board of Regents allows unauthorized students to be considered residents of Hawaii for the purposes of tuition and financial assistance if they establish residency by being physically present in Hawaii for 12 months demonstrating intent to make Hawaii the place of permanent residency , attend a public or private high school in the United States for at least three years, and graduated from or attained the equivalent of such from a U.

The student must file for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, file an application for legal immigration status, or file an affidavit with the university confirming intent to file as soon as possible. The UM Board of Regents approved changes in guidelines to student qualification for in-state tuition. These new guidelines expand eligibility for in-state tuition to all U. Public Health Service and to students who have attended middle school and high school in Michigan regardless of immigration status. This law allows the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education to adopt a policy that allows a student to enroll in an institution within the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education and be eligible for resident, and any scholarships or financial aid provided by the state.

Any student who is able to provide these shall not be disqualified on the basis of their immigration status from any scholarships or financial aid provided by the state. The students must sign an affidavit stating they are pursuing legal status. States offering state financial assistance to unauthorized students.

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The California Dream Act allows any person who is exempt from paying nonresident tuition at the California State University, the California Community Colleges, or the University of California to receive scholarships from non-state funds. This law, called the Real Hope Act, extends financial aid to students domiciled in the state of Washington. These resident students may receive aid regardless of immigration status. This law allows access to the State Need Grant for individuals granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival status who meet certain criteria, regardless of status.

Criteria include completion of the full senior year of high school, received a high school diploma or equivalent from a Washington high school.