Guide Why Not Today: Trafficking, Slavery, the Global Church . . . and You

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Today’s Slaves: The church’s response to the human trafficking crisis

It was 3 a. The rain was falling sideways as Craig Masselink MBI-Spokane '13 pulled himself once again to a standing position on his paddleboard in the middle of Lake Michigan. As he began paddling across the dark, choppy waves, another wave knocked him into the chilly water and flipped his board over.

Shivering, he grabbed onto the board The goal of the film is to "educate and inform the general public about the history of North Korea and the current realities facing its citizens. Now that the majority of U. Single and Free to Be Me by Dr. Clarence Shuler assists singles of all ages and cycles of life to positively respond to not only the challenges of singlehood, FREE online program that connects parents and teens together. Human trafficking can happen anywhere.

Why Not Today: Trafficking, Slavery, the Global Church . . . and You

There is no sector of our economy, no faction of our world that is wholly untouched. According to the most recent report released in December by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, trafficking has been identified in countries and affects individuals of nationalities. Over different trafficking flows have been identified, showing the deeply intricate networks that cross the globe and making clear the need for a greater international response.

The more detailed statistics are even more harrowing: 49 percent of victims are adult women; 33 percent are children a 5 percent increase since the last U. The types of exploitation are also quite varied: 53 percent of victims are forced into sexual exploitation, 40 percent into forced labor e. Ultimately, some estimates as to how many people are affected by trafficking run as high as 35 million.

What may be more worrying is the lack of a structured response by many different government organizations. However, the U. Fifteen percent of countries included in the report did not report a single trafficking-related conviction between and This lack of convictions may be a result of gross ignorance, extreme complicity or an inability to prosecute.

One of the primary challenges is one of the most obvious ones to fix: Traffickers will continue to traffic victims so long as they go unprosecuted, and to remedy this governments need to enforce their own laws more stringently. The economic yields from trafficking are enormous. The U.

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But there is political will for change. In this report, the State Department tracks the work and progress of each nation throughout the world and their ability to comply with antitrafficking legislation.

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Those that fall into the Tier III category are liable to have sanctions placed against them. Other nations also continue to advance in the fight against trafficking. The British House of Lords recently passed the Modern Slavery Bill, a seminal piece of legislation that is one of the most comprehensive actions taken by a modern government in the fight against human trafficking. The bill will create an antislavery commissioner within the British government, seek to better protect the victims of human trafficking and extend preventive measures against slavery.

According to the TIP Report, a number of other countries have made great strides against trafficking: Haiti has finally outlawed slavery, Chad has officially begun intervening to prevent children from being forced into militias, and Switzerland has closed a legal loophole that allowed for child prostitution. Progress is, undoubtedly but slowly, being made. And then there is Pope Francis. It has often been noted that Francis has broken the mold. It is no hyperbole to say that he is probably the best politician although he would likely cringe at the label on the world scene today.

He is both capable of standing his ground while launching multipronged attacks on multiple contentious issues and of actually managing to get positive results. The nuncio noted that there are a number of papal institutions specifically designated for individual causes, including H.

China | Global Slavery Index

The person is seen merely as merchandise On Dec. We think that they can act as role models and have an influence on society and on political leaders. There is practicality. In order to achieve its goal of eliminating human trafficking by , Bishop Sorondo outlines six necessary steps:. Mobilizing faith-based communities. Engaging with existing faith networks to raise awareness, create opportunities for joint action and mobilize faith-based communities on specific issues;.

Supply-chain proofing. The G. Care for the victims and survivors of forced labor, prostitution and organ trafficking.

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Law reforms and enforcement.