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Looks Like a Restoration of James Cameron’s ‘The Abyss’ Is in the Works!

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I love this band. Emil Francois. Feast for Water by Messa. Feat For Water was probably my favourite album of The vocals on this album are totally sublime and the band brought a freshness to the doom sound that I think was needed. An unsettling vulvar spider-worm. I hope the music is of the same flesh Guess what? It is.

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Master Boot Record fires up a monstrously-efficient assembly line, powered by industrial, synth-wave, and hardcore techno. Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 20, Punishing grindcore on the HPGD label, the latest from Blood Freak is a pitch-black cacophony of scuzzy, skull-splitting riffs. The UK band bring the wild "Saturnian Black Magick" of their live shows to a full-length rooted in the Swedish black metal tradition.

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Juan Sanchez Nogueras. David O'Donnell. Tom G. DJ Funebre. Stephen M Bennett.

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Moshing Highlander. Denominator Zero.

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Packaged Rebellion. Ingo Holzhaeuser. Tristan Fritsch. But the fact that it's an oddity seems like an oddity. The underwater sci-fi epic, about a team of commercial drillers who stumble upon a deep-sea alien civilization, wasn't a flop by any means. It made more money than The Terminator and came very close to matching Aliens at the box office. It holds a higher critical rating than Avatar and Titanic according to the almighty Rotten Tomatoes, at least. The reviews at the time praised the usual Cameron panache and visual scale most of The Abyss was filmed in the largest fresh-water filtered tank in the world at the time.

How fair are these assessments 25 years and a director's cut viewing later? The Abyss was certainly Cameron's most earnest and life-affirming effort up until that point though Avatar may have surpassed it , largely eschewing the darkness of Aliens and Terminator. The film presents about as bright and optimistic a portrayal of extraterrestrial life as you can find in cinema.

The aliens, basically giant underwater neon butterflies, are benevolent angels concerned for some unknown reason with our safety and enlightenment. And its most emotionally effective moments are entirely human, like when Ed Harris's Virgil Brigman breaks down while trying to revive his drowned ex-wife. And the ending? Well, it does require a sudden plunge into a Fisher-Price universe of peace, understanding, and Willy Wonka-inspired wallpaper, complete with a sort of Disney version of the warp sequence from Like The Hunt for Red October , which would be released eight months later, it draws on Cold War paranoia and attempts to expand on Dr.