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Lies Goodbye Booty Run Cattle Call Pt 1 Tummy Hop Love Travels Faster Banana Meltdown Can We Kiss Sand Move Around Cattle Call Pt 2 What Was Me This made it mandatory for the majority to reach out to minority voices and accommodate them. Till that happened, the decision would be kept pending.

A consequence of this practice was an inordinate delay of over three years in finalising the Constitution. The delay notwithstanding, independent India got in a Constitution that all Indians can be proud of. Much of the credit for this should go to Prasad. As the first President of Independent India, Prasad initiated many practices that subsequently became an unwritten rule or convention in Indian governance.

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Q: How many terms did he serve as President of India? A: Two. He is the only president, so far, to have served a second term.

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  4. Q: Where did Gandhi ask him to go after becoming food minister? Q: Which national leader famously stayed away from his funeral?

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    A: Jawaharlal Nehru. He saw the role of President as the constitutional head who facilitates rather than initiates. During both his terms, Prasad saw to it that the office of President did not develop into an alternative centre of power, but functioned more as a vigilant and watchful institution. During the course of the national movement there had been parity of power between Nehru and Prasad. But after Independence, Prasad fully recognised that it was Nehru, and not he, who was the chosen leader of the Indian people.

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    Prasad was, and remained all his life, a self-effacing, mildmannered and socially-conservative leader. He always underplayed his own role in the major decisions of the day. The claims he made about himself never matched the actual, larger contributions he made.

    If we were to believe his own selfportrayal, as reflected in his autobiography and other writings, we would not be able to make an accurate assessment of him and miss out on the numerous ways in which Prasad enriched Indian politics. The impartial insitution of President is Rajendra Prasad's lasting legacy.