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Lucille Roy. Cabo Liberge. Etienne Roy. Jonas Milk. Inspector Maigret. Gina Palestri. Louis Palestri. Fernand Le Bouc.

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Walter J. Mme Naquet. Emile Maugin. Elisabeth Klamm. Frans Klamm. Lulu d'Artois. Mme Pontreau. Jeanne Donge. Madame Jacques Delmotte. Ferdinand Leroy. Madame Bauche. Michel Maudet. Docteur Wilhems. Jeanne Rozier. Julius de Coster jr. Rene Maugras. Julius de Coster Jr. Emile Ferchaux. Lina Maudet.

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Mademoiselle Augustine. Norbert Monde. Jean Cholet.

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  7. Lina Caille. Albert Caille. Gertrude Lamson. Antoinette Rouet. Related places Paris, France. La Rochelle, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France. Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands. Elzas, Frankrijk. Alsace, Grand-Est, France. Saint-Amand-Montrond, Francia. Le Havre, Normandy, France. Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France. La Schlucht, Grand-Est, France. Sainte-Odile, Pays de la Loire, Francia. Golfe-Juan, Costa Azzurra, Francia.

    Lakeville, Connecticut, USA. Steenvoorde, Hauts-de-France, France. Fontenay-le-Comte, Pays de la Loire, Francia. Groningen, Nederland. Paris, Frankreich. Neeroeteren, Limburg, Belgium. Fumay, Grand-Est, France. Parijs, Frankrijk. Dunkirk, Hauts-de-France, France. Bressuire, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France. Caen, Normandy, France. Related book awards Canon de la narrativa universal del siglo XX. Julian Symons' Best Crime Stories. Guardian How do series work? Series by cover 1—8 of next show all. Le relais d'Alsace by Georges Simenon.

    Le passager du Polarlys by Georges Simenon. The Engagement by Georges Simenon. The House by the Canal by Georges Simenon. The Night-Club by Georges Simenon. Newhaven-Dieppe by Georges Simenon. Very quickly, General de Gaulle disappointed the partisans of French Algeria by announcing his intention to grant Algeria its independence.

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    We may only assume that this war made to please the Army and for other internal political reasons but human price was high. The Generals who organized the Coup in , except General Massu, wanted then to repeat in April , their coup against General De Gaulle, but on the contrary of Rene Coty he did resist to them and they failed. The latter name reflected the ostracism, and the contempt in which the Muslims were held. In , Oran became officially a Municipality. In this time Oran was limited to the Jewish district and to the low districts near the docks called thereafter Marine district and extended over the heights only from The population increased gradually mainly with the arrival of Spanish and French immigrants, to reach in , a population of French people and of Muslims, I.

    Oran thus had a large majority of European inhabitants who achieved main part of the economic activity based on trade. As a result the city remained quite inactive many years after independence. By its population and activity, Oran was quite similar to a Spanish Presidio and was a quite new city. Oran was thus different of other Algerian Cities.

    If Oran was a Jewish city in , it quickly became after , an anti-Jewish city. From , Oran became a favorable ground for the development of Ultra right-wing plebs, violently anti-Semite and racist much before Germany. In , Oran, the most European city of Algeria, was called on May 13th to imitate Algiers by supporting the Army against the Republic.

    On 5 th July, , I. The present French army which was still present did not intervene to prevent this massacre despite it was informed of it. The city emptied quickly of its European population who left essentially for France. Oran 10 major disasters. The earthquake in ,. The plague in ,. The Cholera en,. The reign of the far right and the anti-Jews from Oran elected in , an anti-Jews Member of Parliament, named Pares. The Novel was published in Albert Camus went to Oran as teacher in a school welcoming the Jewish students who were all fired from Public school as a result of anti-Semitic laws.

    In , as we already said, the partner of Mr Bacri was murdered by Janissary Turkish soldier and this was the signal of a sacking of the Jewish district. In in Algiers, Janissaries organized another plunder and massacred Jews. In Constantine seventeen Jewish young girls were kidnapped to be offered to the Dey. According to William Shaller, Consul of USA in Algiers in , the Jews were particularly mistreated: They could go out of the city without authorization only on Wednesdays and Saturdays and had to make demeaning tasks that the Muslims did not want to do. The system of hierarchy did not authorize the Jews to resist to the violence of Muslims.

    Exclusion of Jews in Spanish presidios. This tolerance lasted years but in , Marques Los Veles, Captain General of Oran brutally expelled all the Jews out of Oran as a spasm of Reconquista then glorified with the support of Madrid. When the Spaniards left Oran from to , Jews were authorized to return under the protection of Turkey. But when the Spaniards came back in Oran in , they again expelled the Jews together with the Turkish people out of the city.

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    In 39 years the Spaniards expelled twice the Jews out of the city of Oran. Again, when the Spaniards abandoned Oran in , the Turks requested the Jews to come back in the city and offered them advantages because they wanted to repopulate the city destroyed by the earthquake of The Jews of Oran had a very different History from those of the rest of Algeria and passed from Spanish tolerance to hatred and after to Turkish protection.

    France Intolerance in Algeria

    Thus the Jews of Oran seemed to have had with Turkish, a different relation from that of the Jews of Algiers and Constantine. Anti-Semitism in the French city of Oran. The arrival of French troops in Algeria in was real opportunity of emancipation for the Jews. The surrendering Act signed by the Dey of Algiers on July 5, , stated that the French Chief General guaranteed the respect of all people freedom classes, their religions, their properties, their businesses, their industries, and their women.

    In the Jewish population of Oran was increased by the arrival of the Moroccan Jews from Tetouan. Tetouan is a Moroccan city, which had relations with Spain from when it became the capital of Spanish Morocco created in Adolphe Cremieux , Chairman of the Jewish Consistory of Paris in , then Minister of Justice in , after the fall of the Empire, was very concerned by the miserable situation of Jews in Algeria and thought that their integration to the French community would improve their lot.

    He obtained the approval on October 24, , of a decree, which granted the French citizenship to all Jews living in Algeria and imposed therefore the predominance of the laws of the Republic on those of Rabbis. From the French point of view; this decree was also a way to increase the number of Europeans in Algeria with people who may easily integrate the French culture. They only became French Citizens after their emergency evacuation to France by the French army in It is highly regrettable that Jewish Community accepted easily during 92 years such an unfair segregation among themselves.

    When Jews became French citizens in with the related electoral rights, many Christians and conservative Muslims had a virulent anti-Semitic reaction. The conservative Muslim did not accept that Jews were privileged, while virtually none of them had applied for the same privilege under the Senatus Consultum of , which would have forced them to abandon the dominance of Islamic laws. This reaction might also originate from the disorder caused in the usual hierarchy in Muslim countries which placed Jews under Muslims with the rank of Dhimmi. The local Europeans rebelled against the fact that Jews may have an official influence by voting and thus emerged from the shadow.

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    Algeria and particularly Oran expressed an anti-Semitic hatred that had nothing to envy to that of Germany in This phenomenon was particularly strong in Oran, because of its large Jewish community especially in proportion of the whole population of the city. Minimum rate: Hotel Bakoua Martinique. Situated in a former colonial residence, Hotel Bakoua Martinique has a beautiful tropical Village Creole.

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    A Antarctica. Martinique Cities Regions:. Martinique Destinations Destinations Search. Latest report 8m ago Local time. Earlier Later. Live Satellite Image. Infrared and Precipitation Infrared. Rain Storm Snow Clouds. Hotel La Bateliere 8. Hotel Bakoua Martinique Village Creole Hotel La Pagerie Available languages.

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