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Use her color, of course! Rather than using a color, use the time of day or night, as the case may be. Maybe choose the name of a bird with black feathers just not crow.

The Miracle Worker – TrueNorth Cultural Arts | Fred Sternfeld

Here is our separate article for the full list of black and white cat names. Black cats can easily wear the name of their black cousins as well. Use a play on phrases. A huge animal lover, born and raised around dogs, cats, chickens Self-educated pet care nerd. Currently parent of three adopted cats and one small mutt. Animal adoption advocate. Loves a good book about animals and playing the piano. She started performing at age 5 in community theatre. Sternfeld for the opportunity to work with him on this production.

Richard A.

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At TrueNorth, Mr. He founded the TrueNorth Orchestra, serving as its conductor for 5 years. Throughout his career, Mr. Fortney has demonstrated effective program development, administration and performance with organizations on both professional and community levels.

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He appeared besides at many other theatres in the area. He appears this fall in Kid-Simple and True West as Saul Kimmer at convergence-continuum, where he is a proud member of the company. A native of Nashville, TN, he received his B. He might also be the biggest Abe Vigoda fan you will ever meet. High Four! She also received theater training at Cleveland School of the Arts where her focus was on theater and dance. She also participated in 4Real Players a triple threat troupe at 4Real Empowerment Center and won a summer scholarship to attend Cleveland Play House summer theater program.

She is currently taking voice lessons with 4Real Arts Factory. She wishes the cast many broken legs and hopes you enjoy the show! She has danced, choreographed, directed, designed, taught, written and illustrated. Currently Bebe is on the faculty at Cleveland State University where she teaches Foundations and Dance Teaching Methods as a part of the physical education major curriculum. She also has written and illustrated a number of books: The M. Bob Kenderes Doctor is proud to be a member of this terrific cast.

Many thanks to Fred for this opportunity… they worked together on A Shayna Maidel in — a role which Lara still holds as her very favorite. She sends love to her families. Peter Manos has been a director, playwright and actor in New York and regionally, prior to returning home to Cleveland. In New York, Peter was a successful writer and actor.

Most recently it was toured throughout Tennessee by the Word Players of Knoxville. As an actor, Peter has performed in numerous productions Off-Broadway and regionally. Favorite roles include Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

He is blessed to be married to the actress Sandra Manos and blessed even more to be collaborating with her at TrueNorth in The Miracle Worker , a play he did props for back at Shaker Heights High School. They have three wonderful boys: Sean, Eli and Nicholas. She has performed in numerous productions both Off-Broadway and regionally.

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For the next 30 years Ron designed and executed the animated Christmas Windows and worked on the Mr. Jingleling Show as director and writer. Ron would like to thank Fred, and members of the TrueNorth team for their support in making this set happen and come to life. As always, all the above would not be possible without the love and support of MPSQ.

Bob Russell Fight Choreographer is a professional actor, director, and educator. Additionally, Mr.