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    Subconsciously she wanted to take it out on a helpless male and unfortunate James was the deer in her headlights! After 36 hours of humiliating him she did let him off from slavery but said the chastity device would be there until she was happy with his cunnilingus skills.

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    He refused her any cunnilingus and spent hours in the gym and the pool. The whitish portion withheld in his body was pure protein testosterone and built up his muscles admirably and he secretly thanked Mistress Cheryl in his mind for liberating him from mindless ejaculations. A locked-up cock with stored up semen when vibrated vide Prostate gland massager Loki TM can bring a man much more orgasmic pleasure, relief, etc. It was thus that James found her and striped her derriere with 12 strokes for Twelve Nights of Christmas!!!

    Gay sleepover stories

    The Couple reconciled joyfully, merrily but he refused to be unlocked!!! Merry Christmas, Folkz!!!! Sent my story in today! Love this! Any help here? The first comment by Ashesh9 touches on the lifestyle of my wife and I. She has locked me in a CB chastity device, and keeps it on me most of the time.

    These Steamy Real-Life Sex Stories Will Make You Horny As Hell

    When I am out of it I am on the honor system after I promise not to cum on my own. I do all of the housework, washing, ironing and most of the cooking. My wife plays golf twice a week with her friends and gives aerobics classes the other days. She has a fabulous body and beautiful face. And she uses that to tease me for months at a time. She has 3 Lelo vibrators, and I use them several times a week on my wife, plus oral sex. She says a wife should never be horny, only husbands. I get edged several times a week by her rubbing me thru my panties as we lay in bed, but no cumming until she gives me permission.

    Incestuous Bedtime Tale Chapter Two: Daughter’s Anal Birthday Gift

    And that only happens about once every months. When she feels I deserve to cum, she will use one of her Lelo vibrators on me, massaging my penis and balls thru my panties. I am only allowed one minute to cum in.