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I married a. Looking forward to join and meeting people. Lovely site. I am South African busy studying in Braunschweig. Have a good sunday and hope hear from fellow countrymen. We have lived in Germany for 5 years. We have two children-. We lived in Frankfurt for 2 years and we have now. We are. Groenwald, the other one I can spell. Any help please? I an from Cape Town, have been living. I am from Cape Town and am living in Karlsruhe for the time being.

Greetings, Konrad. Great Surprise. I did not realise that there are so many of us in Germany. I have lived in Leverkusen Germany for almost a year now, and is. Anybody close to me??? This time you came up fine. Knobel t-online. Wer hat Interesse?

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From Johannesburg to Frankfurt from R4 to R,. If so let me know! I am a South. I'm approx three. I've been in. Maritza Botha. Blessings from Vancouver, Canada. Here are all entries of our first Guestbook. April to September I believe the best thing for my children is to be raised in Germany. We are learning German and are prepared to jump through as many hoops as necessary to secure a safe future for our small family. Any comments will be valued. Hoe ondervind u die lewe in Duitsland? You can download and read all the MyWeek magazines free from all the geographical zones online. The good news is: the survey will not take up much of your valuable time and you stand a chance to win 2X return tickets home.

I will soon be starting a contract where I have to spend two to three weeks per month in Munich. My family will stay in Appel, until later this year or the beginning of , when we will probably move to Munich. I am looking for accommodation near Kraus-Maffei Strasse 11, Allach, where I can stay from Monday evening until Friday morning, skipping a week and then again Monday to Friday morning.

Renting an apartment fulltime gets too expensive. I will appreciate any tips or contacts. Thanks so long, and Mooi Bly! I'm interested in your get-togethers. What does membership entail? I look forward to meeting some other homesick people! Thanks for sharing this site with us. I periodically go through the pages and re-discover things that are important to me. I will be completing my second semester at the abovementioned institution this coming spring , after which I will be looking to move to Munich, Germany.

The reason for this being that my partner is a German national and she will be moving back to Germany in order to further her career in marketing. I would like to join her in Germany as soon as possible and I am therefore looking for a job in the Munich area that would support my living expenses while furthering my studies through distance education. I am basically willing to do any type of work as long as it supports the visa requirements for Germany. I would like to ask all members to please contact me if they know of any job that would suit my particular needs in this regard.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I thank you for your time and for any advice that might come my way. Gefaellt mir gut, was Ihr so rueberbringt an Info. Vorallem Euer Braai Events. Solltet vielleicht den "Non South Africans" erklaeren, was es ist ;-.

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Viel Spass noch mit Eurem Verein. Macht es gut und an alle ein Frohes Weihnachten aus Jnb. Ons is tans in Singapore maar kom terug na Duitsland , Bavaria. My vrou is Duits en kom van Ulm af maar ons beide werk in Ingolstadt. Watter wonderlike weer het ons op die oomblik, laat my wens ek was op Blouberg strand! Ons gaan weer vrolik kuier met mekaar en miskien n paar nuwe gesigte sien en n lekker vleisie braai.

Soos laas jaar is daar n verassing of twee. Miskien as ons duime druk kry ons n bekende kunstenaar om so n klein show vir ons te gee. Meer inligting sodra ek die Ja-woord gekry het. Ons sal weer steaks, Boerewors, Braaibroodtjies, aartappelslaai, pap en sous, brandewyn, castle, windhoek, savannah, tjops en allerlei lekergoed he om aan te knabber.

Onthou ons het net plek vir mense so laat weet maar vroegtydig Julle kan my skakel op of by die pub op na 5 elke dag. Jy moet my stuk van die Berlyn muur bring. Ek maak volgende week Springbok biltong. Dit is vandag baie koud.

Axis & Allies Global 1940/Germany Strategy- Afrika Korps

TA TA. Wat moet ek saam bring? Mikey kan nie wag nie, ook bietjie bang, hy verstaan mos niks nie. Die Duitser is mal oor die wurm sous. Hy like droe wors, maar aan biltong moet hy nog gewoond raak Wie is almal? Sal ons dit n masker party maak? Bloubul groete. Julle sal sien, ek deel nie my biltong nie Is daar dalk iemand in my ouderdom wat naby my bly???

I have been living in Germany with my mother and stepfather he is german for 6 years. Of course, also feel free to "just" poke around our site a bit to get to know us. I have an cop-friend living Netherland and he comes from SA. I am from Austria. He tells me from this website with his website. Maybe you can help me, because I need copper electric-wires, tiles, granit, and many other products to import to Austria. Please write back under harald spari. We offer sewing classes in an English learning environment to people living in and around Munich.

I'm a Capetonian. Ek en my man n Bavarian is sedert einde Julie verlede jaar hier en woon in die dorpie Lauterbach, 14km vanaf Mueldorf. Torben is German and we moved to the Hessen county for his job. I was born in South Africa. We live in a small villiage called Hassenroth, in the Odenwald. We would love to meet other families from South Africa. Great to see us south africans spread around the world but proud and loyal to our country. We are living the miracle of reconciliation Never before has there been such abundance and opportunities for all South Africans. Best wishes and good luck to you and your guests.

Thanks for the great site. Our website is www. We are still very homesick and absolutely love having South Africans stay with us, so hope that some of you may take us up on the offer above. We are a small company that specialises in gifts and presents for South Africans living overseas.

Our gifts are hand packed and anything we do we do with care and respect. If you would be interested in this service Please don't hesitate to contact us or visit our web site www. Please vsist our SKOP website. Are there any similar aged ladies out there with similar aged kids?? Please contact me.. Korrekt ist, dass Johnny Clegg am Now living in Mainz, if you are near please make contact. I live in Trebur near Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. I would love to get in contact with South Africans living in Wiesbaden , Frankfurt or surrounding areas. Dit was lekker om julle almal te ontmoet en ordentlik fees te vier.

Sterkte vir almal van julle vir die toekoms! Kom besoek my gerus as julle in London kom. It would be cool to hook up and have a beer. I'm so happy I found this website, especially when home sick. I am married to a German professor and is permanent resident of Germany. We stay in Jena. I would like to get into contact with South Africans living close to Jena. I was thinking to start articles here, but the system in Germany is very different. I met my American husband online and left SA to be with him.

We've been married for nearly three years - best decision I could have made! However, the transition was not easy I am working on a very informative website for women who also met their partners online and left their countries to join him in their country and immersed themselves into their new culture. I have done a LOT of research and hope to launch my website soon.

I would love to hear from you and would love to bounce some ideas off you! With the only difference, that my website is in Afrikaans, which is my mother-langugage. I was born in Germiston und came to Germany in Would very much like to hear from South Africans living here in the south side. Without incurring the large bank or agency charges currently charged. For that "original taste from home" at a price you can afford, contact us by email, or order on line. Please check out our website and we would like to have your comments. Look forward to hearing from you all - we will delivery anywhere, anytime, worldwide.

We supply good product, good prices, honest and reliable. I moved to Garching bei Munchen in with my wife and son but only lasted a few months. WAs very hard on our own and had no idea this was out there. Might have made a diff! My Aunt still lives in Garching and is agreat place. NOw living in Auckland NZ.

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Almost a citzen too! Good luck to you all. I am from PE and now licve in Ingolstadt. Home in Wiesbaden on occassions looking to meet other South Africans. I am getting married soon, are here since with broken journeys, so I do not have a job as such so hopefully everything will be falling into place. This was really an excellent idea from you people to have established this site it brings some kind of relief.

African theatre of World War I

I love Germany with people around me, for I am an extrovert, like talking to those who needs comfort. Ball, etc. We provide service on a personal and selective basis while maintaining maximum confidentiality. Whether your needs range from a simple company formation, family trust or a more complex multi jurisdictional offshore structure, we can help. Expats who are already registered as voters, will be allowed to cast their votes!! Over the past few months 'Die Interafrikaanse Trust', with the assistance of mainly the Freedom Front Plus, was involved in a struggle for the right of South African expats to vote in the upcoming General Election - because it is their constitutional right and is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

If there is anybody in Germany who is keen on earning some serious extra euros part time or full time, then this posting is for you! A huge Multi national company that is taking Europe by storm has just launched in Holland at the end of last year. If there are any South Africans out there that are keen on having a second income, or if you know of anyone who is interested in earning some extra euro, Drop me a line!

Great webpage! I would love to know though were I can buy a springbok T - shirt. If anybody knows,please contact me via e-mail. Thanx loads and have a good one. If anyone out there needs certified translations G-E or E-G, please contact me. We have just launched our new Imbongi - praise singer - label and is looking for importers in Germany. Do you have any contacts? It was a great experience for me to work 3Years as a chef cook in South-Africa.

Iam missing the lekker braais with boerewors, with an icecold Castle Lager and boeremusic,and also the very friendly people up there. If someone needs recipe for boerewors, just contact me,most of the lokal butcher can make it than for the next braai. I married a german and have been living here for 2 years and miss the south african friendliness. I live in the Frankfurt area, near a town called Gross -Gerau, which lies between Frankfurt and Darmstadt.

Would love to meet other South Africans in the area. Just wondering if any other south africans around the district of NRW in the near to Cologne. Best wishes to the Bavarian Springbok members. A pity so much boerewors left over Drop me a line. Humbe Kashle We have two children- 7 and 9 years. We would love to get into contact with other South Africans living in the Darmstadt-Frankfurt area. We lived in Frankfurt for 2 years and we have now moved to Switzerland. I would appreciate any input on how to best advertise in Germany, especially to South Africans who I know would love to buy the products.

Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. On the morning of May 12, year-old Jennifer Hollis bought the gun she would use to kill herself later that day. According to a friend who spoke with a salesperson at the Academy Sports off I, Hollis, a petite, black-haired woman with a beauty mark just above her left eyebrow, was perfectly composed. She asked a lot of questions about brands, calibers, uses.

She left the store with the gun and a box of copper-jacket bullets. Later, investigators would determine that she spent three minutes online researching information about suicide notes. No one noticed anything out of the ordinary when she left the clinic, near Rice University, sometime after 3 p.

In the 18 days before her body was found in her silver RAV4 on the roof of a parking garage off West Loop South, friends and family led a frantic search. Before Hollis disappeared, she had experienced mood swings, scattered thoughts, difficulty concentrating. Some friends now say that she had been ingesting a product called Miracle Mineral Solution, which was actually sodium chlorite. When mixed with an activating agent, like citric acid, it becomes chlorine dioxide, often used to purify industrial water systems and bleach textiles and wood pulp.

  • High (Secondary School) Grades 11 & 12 - Math - Co-ordinate Geometry and Graphs - Ages 16-18 - eBook.
  • D.Gray-man, Vol. 17: Parting Ways.

While authorities have been able to go after domestic merchants of MMS — a distributor in Washington state was sentenced to 51 months in federal prison in — the head of the Genesis II Church lived until recently in a walled compound in the Dominican Republic, beyond the reach of U. That leader, Jim Humble, is an year-old ex-Scientologist and gold prospector who claims to have stumbled upon the miracle cure while on a South American expedition in He also claims to be a member of an ancient alien race.

What the videos show instead is a woman who had been experiencing severe emotional distress and who, although clearly intelligent, was nevertheless duped into dousing her insides with bleach. And while state and federal authorities around the country try to stop the sale of MMS, its chief propagandist continues to make videos touting its wonders, which feeds into the views of anti-mainstream medicine, anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists who not only drink it themselves, but force it on their children.

In April , one was to occur at a Ramada Inn near a Houston airport. The group was founded in a West Texas trailer park by an ex-Abilene police officer named Bill Hawkins, who changed his first name to Yisrayl, and ordered his followers to change their surnames to Hawkins.

His truck had been repossessed and he had no phone service. He posted pics of himself standing, and reclining, in nothing but a disturbingly skimpy pair of boxers. He claimed that donations were tax-deductible because he was a reverend in the Genesis II Church. We are non-religious in nature because we serve mankind, as opposed to worshiping a deity.

Church videos show impoverished families lining up to drink bleach, and Genesis II claims to have proof that the Red Cross has used it to treat malaria in Uganda. Ostensibly, the seminars help drill into the heads of bishops that the Miracle Mineral Solution is not bleach. Department of Justice.

However, MMS is available to anyone, not just church members. And it has become increasingly popular among anti-vaccination parents who claim their children are autistic, a condition they believe is caused by intestinal parasites called ropeworms. In one church video, a woman — her body blacked out to protect her from religious persecution — describes the awesome progress MMS has had on her young son. When used as directed, chlorine dioxide can be hazardous enough, according to the FDA.

Depending on which source you believe, Jim Vern Humble was born in either Mobile, Alabama, in , or the Andromeda Galaxy millions of years ago. While the latter theory is more exciting, Humble seems to have walked it back after it was highlighted in stories by The Guardian and Forbes, and on many blogs. After these stories ran, the church seems to have gone on a scorched-earth campaign, scrubbing church-produced videos of the alien-origin story that were linked in the articles. Unfortunately for the church, it missed one. In an English-language interview on a German web series from , Humble speaks of a collection of 55 planets ruled under the iron fist of a being named Manzanora.

Humble declined to comment for this story. Earth began as a prison planet and blew up on five occasions, but then, over millions of years, it became a sanctuary for well-meaning aliens, who recognized each other via implants that for some reason were embedded in their heads. They all wanted to get away from Manzanora, whose official title or rank remains unclear, primarily because Humble forgot. Higher than a president. In the video, which lasts an interminable 44 minutes, Humble seems dazed — he struggles to find the right words and goes off on tangents.

He comes off as a doddering octogenarian making up a story as he goes along. Critics call Genesis II a cult, which, if true, makes Humble the most uncharismatic cult leader of all time.

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His voice is somehow subdued, shrill and monotone at the same time. He not only manages to make a story about aliens escaping to Earth boring, he apparently forgot that it clashes with a story he told a different interviewer that same year about how he first encountered alien beings in a giant hole in a California desert. Back in the mids, Humble was living in southern California and working on an oil rig in the Santa Barbara Channel, according to his son, Humble-Sanchez.

On shore leave, Humble met Theresa Lane, with whom he had two children. After a divorce, Humble met his next wife while taking Scientology courses, Humble-Sanchez says. The two eventually started a business called Action Mining, whose claim to fame was the gold wave table. Designed by Humble, the table helped filter and recover gold and other minerals.

The company also published a magazine called Popular Mining. The couple later divorced; the ex-wife declined to comment for this story. Classified ads in the Los Angeles Times from that time show that Humble was seeking a licensed physician to help with the test. Humble-Sanchez said that he spoke to the Press only after getting the okay from his father, who he said no longer lives in the Dominican Republic. Throughout the s, Humble also made a living conducting assays for mining ventures, while at the same time joining a burgeoning sect of ex-Scientologists who had grown disenchanted with what they felt was a corrupt leadership.

He wrote about what he saw as a pattern of organized religion: A church grows rich off its followers, who are exploited and suppressed until they break away and create their own movement. Those who support suppression obviously believe they deserve suppression. And he wanted freedom of mind. He did not want to be controlled. Far from their camp and medical supplies, they were dying and desperate. Humble quickly came up with the idea of using the stuff they had on hand to purify their drinking water, and four hours later, everyone was in tip-top shape, laughing about how close to death they were just a short while before.

In a Genesis II video, Humble demonstrates his version of this technique on a teenage boy named Bobby, who lies on a couch while Humble kneels beside him, wearing a battered fedora, ostensibly to show his ruggedness and sense of adventure.