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I will focus on how foreign authors constructed the following categories for describing Italy and the Italians. First, Italy's magnificent cultural residue from Antiquity and the Renaissance overwhelmed any signs of cultural activity in modern Italy, which assumed the didactic function of the "world's university" Goethe.

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In this geographically remote classroom, European exiles and Grand Tourists could educate themselves and experiment with their identities for a fixed amount of time before returning to their homelands and their attendant responsibilities. Second, Italy and its people were effeminate, a gender characteristic that helped explain their prowess in the imaginative arts and their role in providing cultural access and opportunities to otherwise oppressed Northern European women.

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Third, Italians were primitive and violent, often to the point of being murderous; yet this same primitive violence also contributed to their creative accomplishments. Last and most important, Italian society and public order basically did not exist; thus, any sense of law and morality in the country had to be created internally by individual Italians, who had no recourse Access options available:.


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Sempre che l'Ecofin non decida prima. Moscovici insiste sull'importanza dei toni. Ma da Roma continuano a essere alti.

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  • L’Italia è di fronte a un cambiamento di regime. Il suo futuro sarà repressivo.
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Ma i tempi di negoziato si allungano di certo oltre la fine della settimana, la cena non si annuncia affatto risolutiva, anzi. E poi a Bruxelles ormai chiedono un'inversione netta. E poi non si fidano, ormai. E via con le domande: "Da dove proviene questa crescita aggiuntiva?

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Le previsioni autunnali della Commissione spiegano i nostri dubbi. Questo bilancio presenta rischi per l'economia italiana, le aziende, i risparmiatori e i contribuenti. Roma 'supera' Atene conquistando l'ultimo posto in classifica per "inadempienza grave". Ricevi le storie e i migliori blog sul tuo indirizzo email, ogni giorno.

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Suggerisci una correzione. Angela Mauro Special correspondent on European affairs and political editor.

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