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Angsty and dark, eventual romance. Alienation of Affection by LanaDrama reviews Although Hermione knows there is no future with a married man, Lucius Malfoy is impossible for her to resist, no matter how hard she tries. Her attempt at ending her own relationship fails, as Ron reveals a devastating secret and clings harder than ever. But Lucius is not ready to yield. How far will both wizards go to win their witch?

Adult readers only, please. Phoenix by Lumionessence reviews After a row with Ron confirms Hermione's conviction that their separation is a good thing, she's unprepared for the men who sweep in to save her, and more astonished to find that the unlikeliest of them can literally sweep her off her feet.

Eventually M. Slow updates, but WILL finish. He's been in hiding amongst the mortals, after fleeing to escape the wrath of Odin. However she soon realises she's out of her depth, and finds herself being held hostage, and her loyalty and integrity tested. With the event, comes the idea that Hermione may be the one to save Loki from himself and heal his heart.

Over time, Hermione discovers there's more to Loki than meets the eye. Only when it is too late does Margaret learn that not only is her beloved nephew dead, but it was her new husband who murdered him. Confused and grieving, Margaret betrays Tavington by assisting her brother in law, the Ghost, to escape Charleston. Wilkins - Complete. In Absentia by wynne88 reviews Hermione Granger has been missing for the better part of a decade, and what a tangled web she and Lucius Malfoy must unravel with the help of Severus Snape upon her return.

But then again, she's only human. How long will she be able to resist a Malfoy's charm? Hermione Granger often found herself bolting up in the night, wand raised, heart beating rapidly in fear for her life, only to remember that all the horrors were over. In an attempt at self-improvement and finding solace, she chances upon individuals she would never think to rely on. Ambitious young Mabel Tavington is a child of two generations. When a riding accident causes her to wake up in the 's, she is thrown into her first romance that is both as brief and ill-fated as her parents' had been.

Will she be able to reconcile with the father that she once adored? Will he even know who she is? Le mariage d'Hermione Granger et de Lucius Malfoy. My little dragon by laumirot reviews I fell into darknes and I found my self staring at two younger slytherin. How could I know everything was not as I knew it.

I want to thanks Jodie Antonia who let me use her idea for this Story. I change the plot but use the characters. Thanks again. I do not own Harry Potter. A Repulsion of Denial by quitecontrary reviews Lucius is having an affair, and Narcissa is not clueless enough not to see it. Rated M. Legacy by Stargazer reviews Col. Will Tavington was never supposed to die at Cowpens. History was corrupted by a vengeful relative who was never meant to exist. Tavington's fiance destined to marry him never did.

Only one descendant from Tavington's bloodline, living safely in an alternant reality caused by the time rift, can prevent Will T. Cornwallis, OC. Atonement by One Red Shoe reviews Lucius Malfoy and Hermione Granger have a difficult history, but an unexpected encounter years after the war leads them both to wonder if they could have something more than that. However, the war has left Hermione slightly broken, but can Lucius move past the guilt that consumes him over what happened to Hermione in his house at the end of the war?

After Hermione wakes up and sees her new marking, how will she be able to cope after finding out who it might be? The Lesser of Two Malfoys by SerenaSnape88 reviews Hermione's 22nd birthday is weeks away, and she must be willingly engaged to a pureblood by then or be forced to accept the first eligible pureblood who requests her. Marriage Law. Not quite canon. M for future sexual content. Forecast 35 chapters. Who Eats Potatoes For Breakfast? They are both valuable for consumption.

Fallen Woman by Lady Cailan reviews One man's unlikely love. One prejudiced father's plea. One great sacrifice. In a society where Muggle-borns struggle for equality, sometimes the greatest lengths are necessary to redeem a woman defiled. A Long and Lonely Mile by Sincerely Marigold reviews A direct descendent of Annabelle Casey is faced with an impossible dilemma when Tavington appears in the year She is given the chance to rewrite not only their tragic ending, but the fate of his friend, John Andre.

Even if they can work through their differences and temptations, there will still be consequences for altering the past. Sequel to "Only Through Victory". Death from the shadows by Heeley reviews During the final battle, students, Order members, and Death Eaters are attacked by an unexpected enemy. Hermione finds herself seperated from her friends and alone with Lucius Malfoy. Meanwhile Wanda Maximoff mourns her brothers death, and contemplates joining him, battling anger and depression of her own. Can they lift each other up and grow to be better people?

Sif thinks Loki understands what she's doing. Thor doesn't get it.


However, the new Marriage and Family laws make it nearly impossible to get an annulment. With her life suddenly out of control, Hermione finds comfort and support in one wizard who had always stood against her. Mature readers only, please. Collection of one shots, or something. The Dread Pirate Read by Sincerely Marigold reviews Inspired by her daughter's tyrannical headmistress, Wendy creates a new villain so that way Captain Hook doesn't have to be so alone.

Light, silly and heavily influenced by the film. A Summer in Ohio by Sincerely Marigold reviews A sweet little one shot in which Annabelle and William Tavington deal with marital peril, ride horses, drink gin and enjoy the natural beauty of Ohio. Total cheese fest, best enjoyed with Triscuits. I do recommend reading "Only Through Victory" first for context Only Through Victory by Sincerely Marigold reviews You know him as "The Butcher", but every now and then, we catch a glimpse of an entirely different man.

What if a moment of vulnerability were to cause a young rebel woman to fall in love with the ill-fated Tavington? Would it change his course of action- or is he already too far gone? I own nothing, save for the original poetry in this piece. Complete and under revision. Under The Surface by Silver Orbed Lioness reviews AU Goblet of Fire onwards: Lucius Malfoy takes advantage of both his Ministry position and School Governor by seducing Hermione as his mistress before the Dark Lord arrives to ruin his fun - only, due to this, Severus comes to realise he cares for the girl in a most unorthodox way possible.

What will happen to her when the Dark Lord returns? The Astronomer by Sincerely Marigold reviews When the marriage law was first enforced, she fought against it with all her might. But now that a war is beginning, Feryn Silverhorn will do anything to defend the family that she never asked for and the Death Eater she has learned to love. Rated for violence and adult themes. Rules of Entanglement by LanaDrama reviews For Hermione Granger and Lucius Malfoy, an accidental blind date leads to a new romance, which must battle scandals, betrayals, power struggles, political potboilers, intrusive press, and the typical dysfunction of the Malfoy Family.

Can their love story defy all odds and conquer it all, or is it destined to end up in ruins? Play Cissy For Me by the artful scribbler reviews Hermione takes advantage of an invite to the Malfoys' ball to do some detective work on the slippery Mr Lucius Malfoy. But things do not go to plan. Power dynamics, sexual politics, polyjuice hijinks and plenty of hot, angry sex! But when a team of Aurors go mad after discovering an ancient evil hidden in the bowels of Malfoy Manor, he'll have to come face to face with his family's dark history and much to his irritation, Hermione Granger won't let him face it alone.

Lemmon y mas Lemmon advertidas bienvenidas a un mundo sin magia. A Twist of Fate by soul reviews What would you do if a young Lucius, Narcissa and Bellatrix showed up and told you to make them older again? Well Hermione is in that exact situation, but what happens when feelings start to grow between a certain back haired Deatheater and her? And what happens when Hermoine's Friends find out? Lost and Found by ClaireEve13 reviews Lucius catches Hermione off-guard and decides to take full advantage. Finally, my father made me stop.

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I just hated seeing them in cages. Are you in a cage, Draco? The enigma of this once one-dimensional man plagues Hermione in her sleep and in her wakeful hours. The search never happens as Lucius catches her before she can even begin. Rated M for adult content. Works for me. Wanderlust by LightofEvolution reviews Lucius developes a crush on a witch he rather shouldn't, Hermione Granger.

It's all coming back to me by brittekit reviews Draco, Hermione, a riddled speech from Dumbledore, a Time-turner, a very wise Ginny, a coming war and a very complicated love story Go Away by Nautical Paramour reviews Hermione knows that Lucius Malfoy can't love her, but she is still caught up in an affair with him. She examines their year long relationship, wondering how she found herself in this predicament, after trying to break it off once and for all. A story of how they came together, and what happens when they part. The Rise And The Fall by thestormreaper reviews "It was supposed to be our story, and now it's a letter you might never receive It had been a bit of blood and bravery and then they dragged each other to hell Silver Fox by ChaseASun reviews "Someday love will find you, and it will be when you least expect it.

Taken by saiyanrise reviews Abducted, follow Hermione's decent into madness as one Lucius Malfoy turns her world upside down. For better? Or for worse? A Tumble Through Time by Silverfang reviews A broken time turner leads Hermione to her future which is conveniently nestled in the past. Darlene is spending the summer with her Aunt Charlotte whilst looking for a man to court her. Although Darlene knows the importance of finding a man, she can't help but hope for an adventure to come her way.

But when she meets the Commander of the Green Dragoons, she may end up with more than she bargained for. Shades of Passion by Screaming Faeries reviews Lucius abhors the Ministry parties he is forced to attend. Right up until Hermione Granger makes an appearance, and things began to turn a little more interesting. Thanks to 3cheersforidiots for Beta-ing! What will she do when she's pursued by two Malfoys?

Malfoy Manor by ClaireEve13 reviews It's Lucius' birthday and the Minister is scared of the former Death Eater and sends Hermione and other ministry workers to make sure Lucius' day goes well. Hermione finds herself alone with Lucius almost everyday and the sexual tension is palpable.

Becoming Lady Malfoy by MissFantastic reviews To finally end the war, Hermione must agree to a marriage with the other side. Being engaged to marry one Malfoy would be stress enough, but Hermione finds herself outnumbered by Malfoys two to one!

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

While she tries to navigate her new relationship, not everyone is happy with the situation. Ancient, Corrupt and does not care WHAT type of blood the magical person holds in their veins; this evil murders indiscriminately. Hermione Granger discovers she has a connection to this evil. One that could threaten her tenuous friendship with Draco but, more importantly, a burgeoning romance with his father - Lucius Malfoy. Hic Sunt Dracones by Sinister Papaya Fondue reviews Of no more use to Voldemort, both Lucius and Hermione are discarded into a game in which the stakes are much too high, and the prize uncertain.

Play Cissy For Me original one-shot version by the artful scribbler reviews Original one-shot version! Hermione accepts an invite to the Malfoys' ball to do a little detective work on the ever slippery and shady Lucius Malfoy. Not even remotely. Polyjuice hijinks and shameless Lumione smut. Rated M for adult-only themes and sex scenes. Bonds Between Lost Souls by A Spider Writing reviews After being persuaded by the most unlikely of people for the most unlikely of reasons, Hermione takes a one way trip to the past fully intending on saving not just lives but souls along the way.

Second Part: The Bond Servant is now up! Amid big changes in their private and professional lives, Lucius and Hermione still find time to reconnect with each other. Summary inside to avoid spoilers. It's nothing about the war. It's nothing about the You-Know-Who. It's nothing to do with the origin story. Like or dislike, it's your choice. Aphelion by Dresden Blue reviews Hermione becomes friends with the quiet young man who shares her corner of the library. It changes things - right up to Avengers, Ragnarok and beyond. To become the most infamous monster in history to walk the earth.

Years later, he meets the brightest witch of her age Hermione Granger. Can their love be strong enough to defeat Vlad's bloodlust?

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  6. Or will his temptations be the end of everything? Patience, Miss Granger by LanaDrama reviews He had told her that she will have to suffer for her pleasure, and so Miss Granger's most exquisite suffering begins as Lucius Malfoy teaches her a lesson in patience. Follows events of Absolute Altitude. Adult readers only, please! Far away lands and a journey of self-discovery for both await them.

    Lo prohibido es mas tentador by angel. Will he be able to sit idly by or will he finally tell Sif how he feels after all these years? Originally meant to be a one-shot, but will be several chapters long. Not rated M yet, but may very well be in the future, so I'm keeping it as that. Fanfic by Jodivise e Olg'Austen. However, events soon take an unexpected turn, and she ends up uncovering more than she bargained for!

    Chameleon by DragonHeartStringCore reviews A stranger comes into Hermione's life and she feels instantly drawn to him. Who is this mysterious man, and what is he hiding? I hope you enjoy it. As ever I apologise for any errors grammatical or otherwise. Given a T just to be safe. If You Chase Me, I'll Run Slow by amorettehd reviews When a case related to Lucius Malfoy drops on her desk, Hermione becomes steadfastly obsessed with the man, and she won't stop until she get the answers she wants.

    Our Darkest Days by Bitumz reviews She finds herself confused, sick, and stowed away in the Asgardian prison under the Allfather's bitter command. He can only bear to believe that circumstances may just finally be falling into his favor. Accidental Blood Bond by onecelestialbeing reviews Two unlikely How will they fare? Lumione goodness for all!

    Slightly non-canon as it were. Marked by MidnightDreams reviews She knew him when he was a boy and he knew her. But he left and her life changed, so did his. For as cold and hardened as his heart has become, she still sees the little boy who befriended her when no one else would. What happens when they collide as adults, seeing each other as they really are?

    Birthday Surprise by LanaDrama reviews When a work emergency forces Lucius to stay late at the office, Hermione gets creative to give him a birthday surprise he won't forget.

    Adults only, please. Unthinkable by SerpentClara reviews Moths tend to be attracted to flame. What if Hermione's need to prove the pure-bloods wrong about Muggle-borns turned into a need to prove herself to one of them, the most prejudiced of them all? The story of a brilliant but naive girl who fell in love with a Machiavellian, sociopathic bigot.

    Tous nos Ebooks

    I don't own anything. The Art of Reformation by em-tinuviel reviews Lucius Malfoy is making a glorious return to society. He needs to reclaim his social standing in post-war Wizarding Britain, and he has a plan. On the run from Death Eaters, she is captured one night by the last person she ever expected to be in a position to keep her safe. Hermione is handed over to Lucius as a prize after the war, but things do not go as she expected at all. Can they find a way to destroy the Dark Lord once and for all? Slavery for Retribution by SisterSilverSnitch reviews Learning that the former Death Eaters that have been captured are being sold away to pay for their crimes, Harry is desperate to save the Malfoys since he owes them his own life.

    Getting help from his best friend, they step in and collect the last of the Malfoys. But what of the remaining Death Eaters? Can Harry protect them this time or will he finally face Death? Lucius Malfoy needs a book.

    Galerie Champetier, Catalogues raisonnés, oeuvres complets, estampes

    I am looking for a book. You shouldn't be rude to the customers. My Best Friend's Father by DarkFaerie87 reviews A marriage law has been reinstated, and things in the wizarding world have gone topsy turvy. Hermione would have never guessed that her ministry appointed husband would be none other than her best friend's father, the notorious Lucius Malfoy.

    Picture fire and ice attempting to collide. Either the fire is put out or the ice melts first. They can never blend together smoothly. Contains some Smut, and a lot of Sass. All smutty chapters will be marked with a :! Will he always be the monster everyone thinks he is or will he finally find a reason to be better? Kid Glove by MissJJD reviews "The soft kid of leather encircled her throat, squeezing and stroking the delicate flesh with devilish proficiency. I'm On Fire by wolfenqueenyuri reviews Sif returns from a trip to Midgard to find Loki waiting in her chambers.

    She decides to be direct about what she wants. Sif knows of Loki's Jotun nature and they're in an established relationship. To everything. My Sweetest Downfall by Nijaded reviews This is the story of Hermione Granger and Lucius Malfoy; a tale of the ancient bond of Living Magic, which inspires angst, passion, fury, enchantment, possession- but love? Will Lucius really be able to find a way to end the connection he has to his Sweetest Downfall before Hermione discovers it for herself? AU, but mostly Canon-compliant. Mature readers only. Broken Things by DreamFlight reviews Some things don't go as planned.

    Some twists of fate lead you to places you never imagined. Some broken things are beautiful. Takes places after imagined events in Thor 2. Distraction by murdur reviews Sif tries to distract Loki from his readings. Sexual content. Help that means she has to return to Malfoy Manor and confront not only her demons but also his father, Lucius. Two young people are left alone to drown in helpless anger and fear.

    How far would the Boy-Who-Lived go to continue living? And what would Hermione Granger sacrifice to fulfil her childhood dreams? She bumps into and old adversary and the latest addition to the teaching staff. The wine flows, the sparks fly and the topics of conversation include a very soft rug!

    Smut with a hint of plot just. Summaries aren't my thing, hopefully the story reads better! Entrancing Wendy by Laurielove reviews Wendy has grown up. She is married and settled. The people of Neverland, all those years ago, are long gone In childhood it all seemed so straightforward: good and evil, life and love. An adult Wendy finds things far more complicated. M readers only, please. Mischievous and Magical by karategirl reviews After Hermione finds a mysterious coin in the Library she is transported to Asgard where she learns an interesting new fact about herself.

    Post seventh book, pre Thor. Lucius made a slight bow, grey eyes meeting her chocolate ones. Hermione," he said softly. And then with a quick turn, he apparated away, leaving her standing there in stunned silence. Jotunheim by LadyLaufeyson1 reviews Loki and Sif venture to Jotunheim, having no choice but to finally own up to their true feelings for one another after a hefty screaming match. The Professor by rileypotter17 reviews As the wizarding world tries to repair after the second war, Hermione finds herself struggling in her new relationship with Ron Weasley and not quite understanding what is off about them.

    Lucius Malfoy, desperate and left without many options, becomes the new Defense teacher at Hogwarts. Hermione and Lucius are drawn together by betrayal, loneliness, passion, and, ultimately love. Loki knew all along and uses it to his advantage, calling her out and weaving her into his plan. Together they embark on a twisted journey of family, identity and love. Welcome To Knockturn Alley by Crucioc0cks reviews The wizarding world has fallen into turmoil, muggleborns suppressed into slavery under the sadistic rule of purebloods.

    Hermione is caught on the run and sold into the sex trade. Her first day on display, a young pureblood has come to prove himself. Arguments ensue, flirtations are exchanged, but will fantasies come to fruition when the proud Griffyndor and the cocky Slytherin take things a step further down in the dungeons? Unmentionable Seduction by Hanable reviews Hermione Granger's options for her future, faceless Ministry Employee, running after bad guys or take on an adventure put to her by McGonagall and Snape.

    A person she never thought to deal with again begins to teacher her exactly what she's looking for. AU, EWE. Full Summary on Ch. Unexpectedly Bound by keelhaulrose reviews Looking over the scroll was part of her job, and it seemed so harmless. Nothing could prepare her for what happened when a little blood finds her whisked to Asgard to meet her new bondmate, the God of Lies.

    Sudden Changes by firefly81 reviews What do you do when your life doesn't turn out exactly how you planned? Hermione is about to find out. It's her birthday and she just woke up with blonde hair. What is going on? Warning: Not a Dramione. Define Your Meaning of War by thomashiddleston reviews When Sif goes to Svartalfheim in search of the remains of the super villain, Malekith, she finds something that doesn't belong on that dark landscape but on a more 'golden' one.

    She returns to Asgard and keeps her new findings to herself. What will she do when that secret leaks to the God of Mischief who will stop at nothing to keep it behind closed doors, even if it means killing. Fearful Symmetry by Imogen74 reviews Jane is experiencing withdrawal from the aether. Loki is going to help her Borrowed idea from auderyii-fic. Very dark, triggers: drug addiction. M for drugs, for language, sexy times Born of intense muse sadness.

    My Raven Beauty by Gia reviews He dreams of a girl from his childhood, one that was never meant for him, but for his broader, blonder brother. This is set before the events of the movie. Contains adult content, angst and raw passion. See the softer side of Loki, before bitterness and jealousy took full control. My first story, please be merciful! Discoveries by LokiHiddlestonLover reviews When she is unsuspectingly siezed from Asgard and whisked away to another realm, Sif must play the game, and stay one step ahead of the trickster.

    A moment of truth by SnapeSeraphin reviews A spinoff from a Utopia story. Lucius Malfoy is deeply unhappy after his divorce and has never known love. Hermione Granger is scarred from previous experiences, but hanging on. Unbeknownst to each other, they have been working together for the last few weeks. Hermione tries to console him and they share an unexpected moment of truth. Your quiet sounds echo my heart In golden confinement I have you by Barriss-Before-It-Was-Cool reviews Sif had heard the saying 'Silence is golden' many times before, but never had she felt it on her own skin quite like this.

    Takes place before the events of Thor Rated M for a reason. Hermione could not get him out of her mind or her soul. Lucius Malfoy was always in her thoughts. Revelations by DragonHeartStringCore reviews Hermione is set a difficult but intriguing case at her job at the Ministry, leading her to discover things about herself, the future of the wizarding world and a man she never thought she'd have to see again. Set post DH and is mostly canon apart from Snape being alive. Epilogue mostly ignored. Dubose's frying pan of doom. Or, Hermione thinks some idiot seventh year Slytherin is trying to punk her.

    But can two Veela share one witch? Is her father human and why was her Mom missing in ? Smut, dark humor, horror, and two Malfoys fight for their lives, a race against time. Fantasy and Lore -story was hacked and is buggy. Delete by 9. A Morbid Taste for Ice by sitehound reviews Darcy Lewis never imagined she'd be living in a house trailer in the New Mexico desert with the God of Thunder and his sociopath brother, but she's making the best of the situation.

    Until a frozen corpse shows up on the front porch. Casting herself as amateur sleuth, she embarks on a journey that will challenge her definitions of good, evil, love and what it is to be human. Lets see what happens when Loki sees what people really think about him. One Asgardian in particular. The Lady Sif. Being Sif by happytide reviews She had always looked straight through him but Loki planned to change that. The Loyalist by Bluecrow reviews Rebekah knows she cannot live happily among those who destroyed her Loyalist village, so she accepts an offer that gives her the chance at a new life.

    But her chosen path is difficult, and so is the man with whom she travels it. May not be updated often. Enchantments by Roskva reviews Her eyes and heart have ever been for his brother. But when loneliness and a tankard of mead intersect, anything can happen. As such, they belong to Marvel. No copyright infringement intended; just having some fun. After the Storm by midnightweeds reviews Through lies and time, Lucius and Hermione find each other.

    But Loki gets to them first and offers them a chance to live: a marriage with Sif. Problem is, she hates him They have to work together to save Asgard's future, even as they rekindle the past Beholden by Melusine10 reviews Loki uses his unique "skills" to help Sif deal with her unrequited love for Thor.

    Accepting Loki's aid puts her into his debt, but will the God of Mischief get more out of their deal than he expects? Unfaithful by DealingDearie reviews Loki and Sif get into a heated argument, but things quickly spiral out of control when their lips meet. Mish-mashed mythology, symbolism, sexing and mischief, because Loki.

    Cloak and Dagger by murdur reviews Sif had a shadow. A sleek, annoying, arguably handsome shadow. Portraits de patriotes La convenance dans un contexte colonial. Alphonse Desjardins Bureau, Gilles. Girard, Denise. La voix de la lutte des femmes MacFarlane, John. La croix de Triquet. Panneton, Jean-Charles. Pierre Laporte. Harris, Cole. Jacobs, Jane. Ndacyayisenga, Pierre-Claver. Saillant, Francine et Alexandre Boudreault-Fournier dir. Brodeur, Mario dir. Le bestiaire innu. Mercier, Caroline.

    Courtois, Charles-Philippe et Julie Guyot dir. La culture des Patriotes. Daignault, Sylvain et Paul-Yvan Charlebois. Isitt, Benjamin. Une histoire du syndicalisme enseignant. Roy, Martin. La guerre de Sept Ans en Nouvelle-France. Warren, Jean-Philippe dir. Dufour, Marie textes et autres collaborateurs. Carnets du chemin du Roy. Mendel, David. Journaux de Pierre-Louis de Lorimier Les entrepreneurs canadiens. Du commerce des fourrures au krach de Cazelais, Normand.

    Robert de Roquebrune. Kramer, Reinhold, Mordecai Richler. Siggins, Maggie. Marie Anne.

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    Trudeau et ses mesures de guerre. Les Cahiers Fernand Dumont. Lacombe, Diane. Un destin en Nouvelle-France. Raymond, Marcel F. Arrondissement de la Haute-Saint-Charles. Daignault, Lucie. Savoirs et savoir-faire. De Surmont, Jean-Nicolas dir. Laurent, Michel coord. La douceur du roi. Harman, Chris. Rheault, Marcel J. Robinson, Greg.

    Von Hagen, Victor W. Cadieux, J. Journal de guerre. Cloutier, Raymonde. Laval, S. Courtois, Charles-Philippe et Danic Parenteau. Fournier, Philippe. Ritchot, Dominique. Aventures du sieur Claude Le Beau avocat en parlement. Shawul Areda, Meskerem. Le Vieux-Vanier. Boucher, Alain. Vonarx, Nicolas. Carel, Ivan et Samy Mesli dir. Hector Fabre. Coady, Mary Frances. Georges and Pauline Vanier. Portrait of a Couple. Gauthier, Jean-Louis. Roger Corman. Brosseau, Marc. Images de la discipline du pays et du monde Charlebois, Janik Bastien. Les institutions politiques. Mills, Jean. Histoire Pope, Hugh.

    Johnson, A. La finale. Mailloux, Alexis. Aubry, Suzanne. Tome 4. Bail, Micheline. Smith conundrum. Le pays insoumis. Les chevaliers de la croix. Monsieur Olivier. Vie de sieur Olivier Le Tardif Gaudette, Jean. Nicolle Forget. En , alors que R. Paul Terrien. Leur absence laisse un grand vide. Alexis Mailloux.

    Marcel Trudel dir. La Nouvelle-France par les textes : les cadres de vi e. Mario Brodeur dir. Jean-Nicolas De Surmont dir. Florence Mary Simms. Cyril Simard. Charlevoix autrement. Serge Bouchard. Confessions animales. Tommy Simon Pelletier. Bien que le sujet puisse sembler pointu ou ardu au premier regard, le style demeure accessible et invitant. Heureuse initiative qui laisse plus de place aux moins illustres.

    Ce dictionnaire se lit comme un roman policier. On ne peut que souhaiter une suite. Places aux livres — — printemps Guy Le Bourdais. La famille et le voisinage occupent une place primordiale dans ce milieu atypique. Pour tout vous dire. Chester Brown. Louis Riel. Micheline Bail. Pain noir, pain blanc. La Baie-James des uns et des autres. Eeyou Istchee. Que connaissons-nous de la Baie-James? Raymonde Beaudoin. Scott Corrie. Alain Lavigne. Places aux livres — — hiver Rose-Line Brasset.

    Patrick McGilligan. Ainsi, en revisitant ces nombreux sujets, Fernand Dumont, Raisons communes. Collectif , Les Cahiers Fernand Dumont. David Mendel. Places aux livres — — automne Collectif, Visite libre. Serge Bernier. Michel Jean. Le vent en parle encore. Marc Simard. Jacqueline Cardinal, Laurent Lapierre. Luc Beauregard, biographie. Pendant vingt ans, il agit comme conseiller de Roger D. Suzanne Marchand. Partir pour la famille.

    Brunel, Suzel, et Sylvie Lacroix. Jacques Mathieu et Sophie Imbeault. Pourquoi La guerre des Canadiens Septentrion, ? Fernand Gagnon. Les billets de Maxence. Ouvrage posthume, Les billets de Maxence. Une seule de ces anciennes compagnies est toujours en affaires de nos jours. Anne-Marie Sicotte. Les Accoucheuses. Tome 3. La table est mise pour une saga historique grandiose. Marie-Catherine Peuvret Veuve et seigneuresse en Nouvelle-France.

    Le livre accorde une grande importance aux relations entretenues par la famille avec la bourgeoisie. Le ton du livre demeure accessible et le style est clair. Bref, un livre qui saura certainement rejoindre un vaste lectorat. Yvan Lamonde et Jonathan Livernois dir. La foi du braconnier.

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    Places aux livres

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    • The Witch (War-N-Wit, Inc. Book 1).
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    • Often rebuked, yet always back returning;

    Il manque certaines chansons plus anciennes comme Gosse de Paris , qui date de , et des collaborations avec Jean Rafa Du pep! Images de ma vie. Le monde dans lequel ils nous transportent prend vie au fil des pages. Luc-Antoine Couturier [photographies] et Chrystine Brouillet [textes]. Louis Lefebvre. Marcel Paquette. Raymond Deraspe. Russel Bouchard. Une histoire de la navigation sur le Saguenay. Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi pays du Saguenay, , p.

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