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We also loved squishing it under our fingers and spreading it over the table as we made a wonderful sticky mess! We did even more hands-on play as we first explored soft, fluffy colours and looking at all the different colours they come in. We then made some awesome lavender goopy goop and the babies enjoyed mixing the feathers with the goop to make a wonderful mess. We love getting messy and having fun in Sandgate and Miss Leeanne, Miss Jo and Miss Anusha have lots more hands on, messy experiences planned!

Leichhardt,warrego,Diamantina and latrobe Visted the farmyard Nursery this week. The all has fanastic time meeting and learning about the animals. They were able to gives hugs and pats as well as feed and groom them. We have now arrived in the Ancient times. Last week, we stepped into Ancient China, with dragons, pandas, lanterns, and the Great Wall of China. The children enjoyed using neon paints to decorate some paper plates with patterns and pictures.

Once they had finished painting as many plates as they liked, staff stringed all the plates together into a long line, to make a Dragon body, then we added legs, a tail, and a big Dragon head, with flames. The children also made little paddy pan dragons to go into their scrapbooks too.

They glued the paddy pans onto black paper and added eyes and legs. The staff taught the children how to make Chinese lanterns from colourful paper. This was a little difficult, so they had plenty of help from staff to complete our craft. We used forks to texturize our panda bear faces with red backgrounds and big black pompom noses and the staff and children also had fun sponging paint onto the Great Wall of China.

Recently, staff have been using vegetable scraps to try and see if we can grow our own vegetables. We have some chives, tomatoes, celery in our garden and now we are trying to grow some Broccoli. We put the scraps into a container with some water in the bottom. We are waiting for about a week to see if the scraps start to sprout some new growth.

Come and have a look in the garden sometime this week to see if our Broccoli has started to sprout. Some of you may have noticed that two of our staff have disappeared. A lot of the children keep asking if they have left. Claire and Zac have been away on Practical Placement for a while and will return for the September holidays. She showed us the school she was teaching at and was very excited to see all our happy faces.

On Friday, the children came to school dressed up for Book Week. We had so many cool costumes like Princesses, butterflies, mice and superheros and book characters like Harry Potter. We had a great week, and this was the icing on the cake. All your hard work and efforts have certainly paid off. Thank you to all families and staff who sent in photos of you visiting our garden while the Ekka was on. The Garden will be back at Lyndhurst tomorrow for everyone to enjoy! This week has been a exciting one in Diamantina as we explored and experimented with magnets and science experiments.

Talking Fingers Learning Sign Language in The Gregory Room As Miss Nicola is hearing impaired, we decided to teach the children some basic alphabet and numeracy signing in sign language. Sign language is a system of communication using visual gestures and signs, as used by hearing impaired people. During group time, Miss Nicola, using her sign language poster sat with the children and demonstrate the correct hand signal for each letter or number. And that just like learning French, sign language is also a language that is learnt over time too. It was really sweet watching all their determined faces and fingers trying to sign.

We have had so much fun over the past couple of weeks in our extra-curricular activities. In French, we have learnt about transport and farm animals. We have also learnt a variety new songs, that we love singing and dancing along to. We love lifting the flap and seeing the different animals. We then enjoy pretending to be the animal. Our absolute favourite part of Yoga is singing and dancing at the end of the session.

In our gardening lessons, we have learnt about different creatures that live in the garden. We have explored a variety of different insects including; bees, ladybugs and grasshoppers and all sorts of other animals. We love watering the plants and looking at the beautiful flowers! Thank you, Natacha, Kevin and Cathy! This week Warrego and Leichhardt children got to go exploring at Questacon. The children were fascinated with all the hands on experiences they were able to participate in. What a great day for experimenting,Hypothesisng,and investigating.

We also participated in construction and pretend play. What a fantastic day L. If you are heading to the EKKA this year and would like to visit our garden, head to the Flower and Garden section of the old museum. If you do visit our garden, make sure you get some photos and send them into us. Children balanced on one foot like a flamingo, they bucked their legs like zebras and they roared like lions. In French, Miss Natacha focused her lesson on farm animals. She used a variety of puppets that allowed the children to visualise what they were learning.

They looked at photos of crops and tractors, as well as listening to stories about farming. Latrobe have been really engaged with gardening this week. Cooperating together to help plant a tree and care for other newly planted flowers. O2 Latrobe have shown a lot of curiosity about the chickens and their eggs. They have shown much enthusiasm hunting for the eggs and caring for our chickens. O4 We have also been learning about shapes ,as part of this we have been getting creative with printing and experimenting with shapes on the light table L.

Last night, educators and staff participated in our monthly staff meeting. We would like to thank Chris for coming out and all educators and staff who attended. Latrobe have been making some seasonal winter snowmen and trees using cotton wool and brush painting. Our chickens have also started laying eggs in recent weeks and the children have been very excited each day checking the coup to collect the eggs!

We had a wonderful week this week, our highlight of the week was when Wendy came out from Reverse garbage. We had organised Wendy to come out as an incursion to teach the children how to reuse materials for different purposes. The aim of the day was to make rockets using different materials, such as; spools, plastic cups, foam, buttons, paper, fabric etc. We wanted a space theme as this tied in nicely with both our focus on the Chooks in Space book and our space theme in our book area. The children did an amazing job making different types of rockets, using different types of glue and we had Miss Alice and Miss Nicole helping out with the hot glue gun, which got a work out!

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Some of our friends even added ladders, windows, missiles and of course Funky Chickens! The children did so well and really emerged themselves within the session. We will definitely get reverse garbage back again as it was a wonderful hands on learning experience. During our adventure to the garden last week, we were very interested in the bees in the bug catcher.

We listened to the bees buzzing around. We even got to sit in on one of Miss Cath's gardening lessons. We also read a book about the job which bees have Back in the London room we made some honey play dough. We helped to measure, pour and mix the dry ingredients together.

Next, we combined the wet ingredients After we had added the honey to the play dough we all used our sensory skills to smell the honey. There were lots of different expressions given during this fun experience. Next, we helped to knead the dough to finally finish the play dough making process. Next, we needed some excited children to play with the honey play dough. Lots of excitement was had as we used our sensory skills to touch and even taste the honey in the play dough!

After we had gotten the opportunity to touch and become familiar with the feeling of the play dough. We brought out some shapes and rollers. Using our fine motor and cognitive development skills we rolled and shaped the play dough. We also pressed our hands and feet into the play dough to make imprints of our tiny fingers and toes. Linking our creative and fine motor skills to this interest, we made our very own bee hive honeycomb. To make this, we collected some egg cartons, yellow paint and innovative, creative thinking.

With some help, we also made some bees out of pipe cleaners. Don't forget to check our bee hive honeycomb out when you visit the London Room! This was represented by using a couple of different green colours, as Diabetes Week is represented by green, and different size polystyrene balls, as balls are one of the children's interests. We placed the balls in a box with the paint and gave the box a good shake and roll, trying to cover the balls in the paint, but we ended up putting our hands in to roll the balls around ourselves. Very wet and slippery!

The children were very intrigued by the box, and we managed to have a game of peek-a-boo as well. To celebrate last Friday's Bastille Day, the children put on a concert for families to showcase some of the French songs they have been learning with French teacher Marie-Pierre! We had a great turn out of families despite the dreary weather, thank you to all those that attended! Last week, the Liverpool and Gregory friends went to yoga together.

We did all the actions and sang along with Mr Kevin. We then looked at some new yoga cards. The cards showed us different items and animals you might find at home. We posed like the various animals and objects that Mr Kevin showed us. We then danced while Mr Kevin played his ukulele and sang songs for us. At gardening this week, we were looking at bees. We looked at some books about bees and learnt that the honey we eat is made by bees.

We then took turns standing with Miss Cathy and looking and listening to some bees that she had caught in her bug catcher. We then explored the garden and watered the plants. We loved looking at the pretty flowers and discovering new things in the garden. We started our lesson with our 'welcome to yoga song', we all sat on our knees and clapped our hands along whilst singing with Mr Kevin. When we had guessed them Mr Kevin showed us the corresponding animal yoga pose. To finish off our yoga lesson we sang hot potato, teddy bear teddy bear and laid down on our magic carpet and pretended to go on a magic carpet ride.

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We always have so much fun in our yoga lessons. Thank you, Mr Kevin! Today in our Kindy room we had a very special visitor, Superhero Recycleman and his trusty assistant. He taught us lots of things, such as; recycling things left around the home and repurposing them for new exciting and useful things. The children were able to dress up and role play, pretending to be recycling super heroes. It was a wonderful interactive show and the children enjoyed themselves. We have a lot of future environmentalists in our class! Over the past couple of weeks, we have continued looking at the different occupations of our parents.

Recently, we have learnt about fire sprinkler systems from Angela. Angela showed the children the sprinkler systems, hoses and joints that keeps all the hoses together. As well as showing the children an interactive fire safety app where the children had to find the exit points in a house, call in an emergency and watch what to do in case of a fire. Angela also had the children sort through some pictures to determine whether they were safe and good fires e.

The children were also delighted to receive stickers, books and magnets from Angela. We also had two of our fathers. Anthony came in and talk to us about Boeing and how he is a Property SP, searching for appropriate spaces for workers, business and aeroplanes. Anthony gave each child a paper plane to take home, which was a hit with both boys and girls. After Anthony, we had Paul, who came in and talked to us about being an electrical engineer for Energex.

He came in with a model of a house surrounded by powerlines, the model was complete with a light at the front of the house. The children loved playing with the model and figuring out how the light turned on and off by looking at the circuit. Paul also explained to the children that they should never touch a fallen powerline as it could hurt or even kill you.

He explained that you should always tell your mum or dad so that they can call either Energex or emergency phone number. We had Sophie come in and talk to the children about being a lawyer. Sophie explained it very well to the children by using promises as her example. She told the class that lawyers help people keep their promises. We had a few children role playing in front of the class and the children also learnt about rules and the importance of following rules and if they wanted to become a lawyer that they would have to read a lot of books!

She had a bag of tools which she uses at work. The children were able to see some models of bones, x-rays, tools to check reflexes and much more. Meredith gave us some exercises to check how good our reflexes were. Miss Alice was our guinea pig for these tasks, happy to say that Miss Alice is fine and healthy! Joff came in and talked to us about being a lecturer and a writer for newspapers. Joff told the children that he teaches bigger kids in much larger classrooms. He also showed us some articles that he had written in the newspaper and the children were amazed.

He loves how you can string words together to make something meaningful and beautiful. Recently, we had our final parent talker Anthony, come in and talk to us about being a sales rep for a steel company.

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Anthony showed the class steel and the different ways in which it can be used e. The children enjoyed the talk and learnt that in order to make things out of steel it has to be melted first then put into moulds to make different shapes. After a short break, we have started finger gym up again. The children were so excited and did extremely well with this structured experience. Finger gym for those who may not be aware is when we have four or five structured fine motor activities based on what we have been learning in class.

The children have a set time to finish no time to stop and chat heads down and working hard. The children hear the bell ring and then they move in a clockwise direction to the next experience. The children love it and enjoy the challenge. This is a great way to get the children use to structure, writing, cooperation, concentration and developing their strength in their hands. We have been blown away with our parent talkers and would like to thank all our wonderful parents who have joined us throughout the weeks.

We have enjoyed listening and learning about new occupations. We will be continuing to look at occupations for a few more weeks, so if there is anyone out there who might like to come in for a quick chat we would love to hear from you. Just tell one of the Kindy teachers and we will book you in. Hope to hear from you soon. We thank you for your positive input into the program. Kindy team. The children went walking two by two to get to the garden, were we saw Miss Cath!

We opened the garden gate and off we went to explore the garden for the very first time! Some of us were a bit unsure of this new environment and meeting Miss Cath for the first time.

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However, after some time we did adjust and began to explore. We looked at all the different, pretty coloured flowers growing in the garden and the different fruits and vegetables too. Miss Cath helped us to pick some flowers for our science experiment. Using our fine motor sensory skills, we loved holding and smelling the flowers. Miss Cath even found us a ladybug to look at it, such a tiny little creature with such beautiful colours! We hope to be able to set up some lessons with Miss Cath soon to learn more about the garden and where our food comes from.

Last week, in the Adelaide room, the children recognised and learnt about the Indigenous and Aboriginal culture. To accompany this story, children did a coloured feather and bird seed collage on a grey piece of paper. The grey represented the bland colours that the birds used to be, the bird seed, which was replaced with lentils symbolised something birds enjoy eating and the coloured feathers, obviously represented the birds bright and vibrant feathers.

During group time, the Adelaide children looked at two bird museum boxes and then played a bird identifying game. Their teachers gave a clue, for example, what is a bird that is pink and stands on one foot? Can you guess what it is? On Wednesday, the Adelaide children engaged in two unique art experiences that Aboriginal and Indigenous people would have experienced. The first experience had children using paint and sticks to dot paint on paper.

The next art experience allowed the children to mix dirt, water and food colouring. They used resources that the Aboriginal and Indigenous people would have had in their environments on a day-to-day basis. This book was told by Mona Green and compiled by Pamela Lofts.

To accompany the story, children used black paint and coloured match sticks to create a painting of an echidna. What an educational week in the Adelaide room! They have been using the colours of the Aboriginal flag to paint with and making their own didgeridoos. Did you find the buried treasure we had hidden around Clayfield? Or the Mexican treats stored away from prying eyes?

Or maybe you saw the groovy moves on the dance floor. We swung our clubs to start the balls off and softly tapped the balls to finish our turns.

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While we patiently waited for our go, we got down and boogied to the music playing around the course. Some of us were lucky enough to get a few holes in one! For lunch, we went and sat down at Melrose Park in the shade of the trees before having a quick play on the playground. We also took a drive out to Tiddlywinks in Nundah. We have heaps of fun sliding down the big slides and playing in the ball pits. We joined in on the Disco parties, showing off our dance moves and made new friends on the playground. On Monday, we made lost treasure maps and had a go at making Telescopes for our adventures.

We did a compass course and learnt all about how to read a compass. We also had a go at Geocaching, the international treasure hunt played by adults and children around the world. The staff made their own Geocaching tools and hid them around the school for the children to find. We had to crawl through a course made from wool that staff had strung everywhere. If we touched the wool, we were stuck.

We also had a wonderful time playing Pin the tail on the Donkey and having our faces painted in the afternoon. We painted plates and bowls with acrylic paints to take home for our parents and painted our Paper Plate sugar skulls with neon paints, glitter and used cotton tips to add dots and lines. The last day of the week was Disco day. What a great wrap to the week. Drop by the centre this week to check out our new layout! The children have been painting an Indigenous cave which they will finish with designing a roof for later on in the week, doing some clay hand painting and making some Indigenous collages.

The children had barrels of laughs and lots of fun with a variety of experiences, including; spotting all the red flowers in the garden, painting red noses onto paper using our own noses! Last week, Gregory friends had an awesome lesson with Miss Cath in the garden. Miss Cath has made a sensory garden for the Ekka. She showed us how special it is.

We can smell the curry plants and taste the mint and parsley, hear the wind chimes, touch the different textures of plants and see how colourful the various plants are. It's a good opportunity for children to explore various things in the garden. Miss Cath showed us we can grow the potato from a potato eye, not from seeds.

Then we blew a kiss and we all wished the potato to grow nice and strong! To finish off the lesson, Miss Cath taught us a potato song. Thanks Miss Cath! We are all looking forward the next lesson! Drip, drop, drip, drop! Did you know, when water goes on Nasturtium leaves, water either runs straight off the smooth leaves or small water droplets form? They used the spray bottles to wet the leaves and make small and big droplets on the leaves. The theory is true! Children also quietly hunted for the Nasturtium fairies hiding amongst the leaves and flowers.

After, they explored the garden, watered the plants and had fun playing in the secret garden. What fun! The children were very excited to catch the bus and were fully engaged with the magic tricks that were performed; including disappearing balloons! This past week in Flinders the room have been exploring the topic of Space, an extension upon a number of the children's interests in the Moon and Stars! They made a fantastic, giant rocket ship today and some paper plate planets which they have hung like a mobile from the ceiling in the room. Last week we had our Clayfield children on holidays with us, as well as our Eagle Junction families finishing off Term 2.

Last week we began the week being Detectives for the day. We solved a CSI crime scene with real clues and suspects. Turns out it was Aaron who stole the Mint cookies from the jar. The children had to work together to figure out the clues and make them to our suspect list. To top it off the children made Salt dough to take phone with their thumb print on it. We had a lovely day down at Kalanga Park with our Clayfield children.

We had a big play on the playground with our friends before beginning our movies. They children were given a list of genres and rules to follow when filming their videos. The children spent most of their time in their groups writing down ideas and filming. The results were quite entertaining to both staff and the children. The children always have a blast at our cooking days during vacation care, especially tasting the finishing results. The children enjoyed the rest of their day playing amongst friends and appreciating their time away from school.

Another excursion available for the week was a trip to Toombul Cinemas to watch the newest movie, Cars 3. It was a delightful and a great family movie and the children and staff loved it. Once we got back to the centre the children sat down as a group and had a colouring in competition. Our last day of the week we hosted a Sports Day. By the end of the day, the children were all so sport-ed out. What a successful first week of the June July school holidays. We are so excited to see all your faces this week to enjoy Tiddlywinks, Disco Day and Mini golf!

This morning it was Leichhardt and Warrego's turn for the Bus Wash excursion. The children were very excited to board the bus and provide their tickets to the bus driver. They also enjoyed a bit of window spotting and experiencing the bus wash itself! The children were very excited to catch the bus and give their tickets to the driver!

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They also saw some broken buses being fixed in the bus depot before going through the bus wash itself! Monday night, our staff participated in a webinar workshop by Kirsty Fantini for our monthly staff meeting. Leichhardt room have been focusing on the topic of Fairy tales over the past few weeks and to wrap up their topic, last Friday they had a Gruffalo Birthday Party! They made some yummy Gruffalo themed party food and got a surprise visit from the Gruffalo themselves! Well done to Educator Tahlia who did a fantastic job of making the Gruffalo's costume and to Educator Trish who acts as an excellent Gruffalo!

On Friday, a very excited group of our Kindy children heading to the Hamilton Library. Once everyone had chosen their books, Librarian Angela began story time. It was a great morning and once again our Lyndhurst children made us so proud with their excellent behaviour and manners. Great job everyone!

Vacation Care starts Monday! We are very excited for all the holiday fun that we have on offer. If you still require care please contact the centre on or at clayfield childrenfirst. This week in Diamantina the room have been making a seasonal winter tree using cotton wool balls. They have also been making their own Milo which they enjoyed mixing together and tasting! Miss Sam provided the children with the opportunity to switch things up and become the photographers in the garden. Normally, it is the teachers taking photos of the children engaging in different learning experiences. They were given an iPad to capture their photos and time to explore and take photos of whatever caught their eye.

Many loved taking photos of the colourful flowers, their peers, the garden gnomes, ladybugs, a pretend lizard, Miss Cath working away and they even snapped a glimpse at the sensory garden that she was working hard on. There were many smiles and giggly faces whilst in the garden! Hi everyone, Welcome to another magical week in our kindy room.

We have learnt so much this week from our amazing parents talking about their occupations. We have had Civil Engineers who talked about building structures such as bridges and tunnels. We then pretended to be Engineers and with the assistance of structural pictures the children tried their hand at planning and creating bridges, towers, tunnels and buildings.

We also had Anthony who talked about being a safety manager for a mining company. He brought in lots of things to show the children, including a uniform and lots of pictures of what you might see in a mine. The children were very interested and some of our friends could try on some boots and high visibility shirts. We will also be having a talk on being a swim coach as well as a dentist. As always it has been very busy but we have learnt so much! For all our parents that would like to come in for a chat please put your name down on our roster outside our door.

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We would love to hear from you soon. If there is another time more suitable for you we are more than happy to accommodate your needs, just chat to one of the teachers in the room. Chat soon, Kindy team. With the onslaught of leaves we have had fall recently, Flinders room definitely have been enjoying playing outside in the yard! The Gregory friends had an awesome lesson with Miss Natacha last week. We all loved this book because the three little bears pop out from the book and surprise us!

Then, Miss Natacha showed us a video. This video was about how the baker makes bread in the shop. Miss Natacha made some bread from salt dough, eg: apple tart la tarte aux pommes , chocolate 'eclair' l'eclair au chocolat , different kind of bread le pain. We all enjoyed singing songs with Miss Natacha! At yoga with Mr. It was very funny when we all pretended to be like a lion, we even scared Mr. Then we stood in a circle and danced with Mr. Kevin and our liverpool friends.

We love yoga class with Mr. Kevin, it is always so much fun! Pie drive order forms and money cash only due tomorrow Wednesday 14th June by 10am to ensure delivery on the 21st June. The children went on a journey with music, dance, costumes and stories to learn about popular celebrations and some lesser known ones from around the globe. Sgt Kristy came in to the Bayview room and spoke to us about how the police help the community. She spoke about how we can help the police by always being aware of our surroundings and we should give a big wave whenever we see a police car driving past.

We then showed Sgt Kristy our police station and all the art experiences we have done to create our police station. She was very impressed with our art and how much interest we showed in the police force. Sgt Kristy then sat down in the police station and did some role playing with us! We pretended there was a big emergency and helped her solve the case.

We then all walked down through the garden and out to the car park to her police car. Sgt Kristy showed us her radio and how she communicates with other police cars. We then all sat down outside the police car and counted to three together and watched the lights and siren. The siren was so loud! To finish off our excursion we gave Sgt Kristy a gift that we had made for her and waved good bye as she drove away with the siren and lights on. The mostly voluntary movement of SLS clubs all around Australia is boasted as one of the largest volunteer organisations in the world, with hundreds of thousands of volunteer lifeguards patrolling beaches from 6am-6pm in summer, and around 13, rescues on Aussie beaches annually.

They are definitely among the unsung heroes of this incredible country. She had raised her arm - the signal for lifeguards - while struggling with the huge breakers after being dragged out beyond her depth during a massive swell. The swell was so rough the lifesavers had struggled to get to her quickly, but a surfer with blue angel wings on the chest of his white wetsuit got to her first and helped keep her afloat while waiting for the lifeguards. She swears it was her guardian angel. An unusually clear morning in Kabul reveals the majestic Hindu Kush on the flanks of the city.

In the foreground, Kolola Pushta Fort looms large. However, once upon a time it was fought over - in - and captured, which triggered the fall of Kabul. How times have changed Now it stands as a monument of sorts, hopefully never to be replaced by a high-rise block because someone pays the high-raised price, as seems to be happening in much of this city. Pictame Online Instagram Posts Viewer.

Catherine James cathjam. Followings: Followers: Posts: Sydney, Australia. Kabul, Afghanistan. Bondi Beach, Sydney. Newtown, New South Wales.