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The girl, Reynalda Titane, lives at the local jeweler's grand house where her mother, Nina, is a maid.

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Reynalda is pregnant and in a state of despair. Ranelise cares for her and the child, christened Marie-Noelle, but Reynalda soon flees to France, intent upon getting the education to allow her to rise above her mother's fate.

Desirada is the story of Marie-Noelle and her quest to understand the mother who abandoned her, and discover the identity of her father, despite the opposing stories from her mother and her grandmother. It is also the story of generations of island women and the pursuit of a meaningful life despite a tainted personal history.

Here, Gilroy introduces his project as a theoretical intervention into the work of scholars whose ideas remained grounded in unexamined concepts of nationalism, cultural nationalism, and ethnic particularism: "Marked by its European origins, modern black political culture has always been more interested in the relationship of identity to roots and rootedness than in seeing identity as a process of movement and mediation In order to shift focus away from theories grounded in an assumed purity or integrity of modern nation states, and to move attention to a relationality, a movement between spaces, Gilroy chooses the image of ships traveling through the spaces between Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and America: "Ships immediately focus attention on the middle passage, The image of ships traveling, then, serves to call attention to the reality of cultural, artistic, and political diffusion, influence, and integration at the same time as it keeps in human memory the historical atrocity of slave ships.

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