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Considered outcasts by fellow immigrants the Irish began to build shanties and saloons and churches there. Many of these immigrants came from Mayo in the west of Ireland. They did not farm in the Cleveland area, instead becoming labourers who unloaded ships or worked in the steel mills.

The area was home to cholera, diphtheria, and scarlet fever and because of continuing Irish immigration, there was simply not enough homes for everyone. The Irish throughout America are famous for fighting their way out of the slums through the clever use of politics although in Cleveland they never quite attained the control they wielded in other places they still managed to have much bigger representation then other larger immigrant groups.

The diverse ethnic composition of the city was reflected on the city council, and while certain districts elected Irish representatives, city council never had an unusually large proportion of Irish. He looked after those in his neighborhood who were in most need. A church going, God fearing Irish gangster whose goal in life was to look after his own. The book led to several documentaries and a feature film about him and the many failed attempts on his life. Needless to say it was inevitable Marys Lane would write a song about this most famous of their fellow city men and what a song it is!

Eleven songs that take in pretty much every variation of modern day Irish music in their own indomitable way. At once the sound of a wee Irish pub and at the same time a massive festival fill yer ears. On the blurb that accompanied the album Marys Lane compare their sound to that of the Irish kitchen session. Not that it will stop me trying! More than halfway through and its time for one them good auld Irish drinking songs and its a belter. We Irish, mostly! Wild Unknown is that exceedingly rare thing on these pages. An album of all original songs written by the band themselves. Their are four songwriters within the band and all band members contribute to everything they produce.

A real team effort. A great album all round and this Irish-American sound is well worth checking out especially if you like your celtic-punk a bit more on the gentler side. A fearless hood who grabbed headlines for years in the s, Greene was a colorful character. He dressed in green, drove green cars, and embraced Irish history and Celtic lore. Alternately a union troubleshooter, embezzler, and enforcer, Greene dabbled in racketeering, gambling, and loan-sharking. He excelled at beating the rap, which may have been attributed to his other occupation: FBI informant.

A superb mix of traditional Catalan music and punk-rock. Ebri Knight hail from the Maresme, a region where the sea and the mountains meet halfway between La Selva and Barcelona in Catalonia. If you have been living under a rock over the last couple of years Catalonia is currently a region of Spain. I say currently as there is a massive groundswell of support from the Catalan people to leave Spain and forge ahead as a nation in its own right. This led to a crackdown on those the Spanish government considered responsible but the fact is that independence is inevitable and Spain are playing a risky game by denying the people of Catalonia their wish to take their place amongst the nations of the world.

The La Senyera Estelada is used by supporters of Catalonian independence. It was inspired by the stars on the Puerto Rican and Cuban flags, who gained independence from Spain in and respectively, Catalan independentists began including stars on their symbols from the early 20th century onwards. With their language banned for decades it was mainly in song that Catalan was kept alive. Ebri Knight are firmly rooted in traditions that have been known across the streets of Catalonia for centuries. To take from the past and not change it or reinvent it but add to it something.

Three bands that show nearly sixty years of evolving and developing traditional Irish folk music. Not an instrument I was always fond of but over the last couple of years ever since seeing Firkin from Hungary in fact I have fallen for in a big way. The song is loud and bombastic with plenty of shouty gang vocals and what we might think of here as Spanish touches but all along have unbeknown to us are actually Catalan ones.

The video ends with a shot of a mother feeding her son wrapped in a red cloth, a symbol of revolt, dignity and the future. The music is catchy as hell, fastly played mainly acoustic and while the Celtic melodies may be missing its not a million miles from celtic-punk and in fact could be described as a next door neighbour. The sort of music that could keep everyone happy but without wimping out. The guitars are turned up loud and the whole song bounces along with an almost Ramones feel to it but totally accessible at the same time.

A nice interlude and very much a salute to the past. Slower but still massive as with all their slower songs with a swirling movement that you can imagine would be the pint in the air, arms round your mates on the dance-floor moment of the album. Born into a poor family and with little education he published his first book at 23 and gained considerable fame before his death. He fought gallantly through the war before eventually being arrested and sentenced to death but Tuberculosis beat the hangman to it and before his death he scrawled his last verse on the wall of the hospital:.

They are that kind of band. Nevertheless an awesome song, an awesome version and a great way to end the album. Twelve songs and forty-three minutes and as good a production as you will ever hear, as clear as the proverbial bell! We are all lucky that the band have made it available for free download so we recommend that as soon as you finish reading this you follow the link below and get downloading!

We all owe bands like Ebri Knight a great service. Bands that keep our traditions alive that keep the songs in our memories that provide a link from the past to the present. Music can rouse a people from its slumber its exactly why those that manipulate us and control us promote music that stops people thinking, reading, acting. Music can have the weight of the people behind it and bands like Ebri Knight have the strength of a people who want to change the world. Vancouver clusterfolk legends The Dreadnoughts have returned from a six year hiatus to record a new album.

Filmed in the recording studio, and drawing from an archive of photos and film clips that go right back to their second ever live show, this low budget documentary rises above its station with great characters and stories that range from enlightening to hilarious and occasionally dubious.

These liquor soaked musical heroes prove themselves to be thoughtful, as well as entertaining. After a few years away The Dreadnoughts announced their arrival back on the circuit with a utterly brilliant new album and now also a documentary film. The minute film by Adam PW Smith looks at the year history of the band. It features rollicking music accompanying a mix of old and new footage, including tongue-in-cheek, sometimes raw tell-all biographies of the band members, past and present.

Smith was in the thick of it, suffering all the standard indignities but one. Available on amazon. Powerful and raw and driven by Great Highland Pipes! Their debut album, Rebellion, came out in February and our review ended with. After the release of Rebellion the band sadly split with the excellent Templars Of Doom forming on one side and a new version of Alternative Ulster emerging on the other. While it is sad to see bands split at least we now have two excellent celtic-punk bands now instead of one.

The song begins with rousing what other word could apply? Life goes on. We have wept. We have prayed. We have laid our friend and loved one in the ground. Now we eat. We keep up our strength. We go on. In essence, that is the Irish wake. At its core I think this is music designed for the pub and for those looking for a good night out to raise the rafters and their voices.

Stuart Adamson- 11 April — 16 December The line-up of the band is, Jobson, Simpson, Baillie he joined the original band in 79 after Kellichan left and most interestingly Bruce Watson and his son Jamie. Burning Cities however is chock full of new original music. The sound is unmistakably Skids and this is where you see the wisdom of bringing the Watsons in.

All the years that he played with Stuart obviously gave Bruce an insight into his playing style and sound. The Skids and their iconic and legendary hit single from One Last Chance follows and the almost bagpipe like sound of the guitar is there in all its glory. A World On Fire is next and this one has the anthemic lyrics in the chorus for everyone to sing along to. The kind of track you could imagine a football crowd belting out! Up On The Moors comes next speeding things up again, it sounds quite lively like some of the early Skids offerings, a catchy number that would have made a good single back in the day!

Refugee is a much slower paced almost reverential track. There is a sound that brings Clannad or Enya into my head which just sounds daft, but listen to it yourself and then try to categorise it!! Subbotnik brings you out of the Celtic misty meanderings into another punky typical Skids tune. The guitar work makes such a unique sound and is a joy to listen to. The final track is like a ballad, Desert Dust tells the tale of someone signing up for the army. For me there are at least 6 standout tracks and 0 duff tracks. This album was released in January and is already a contender for the album of the year slot.

It really is that good, old fellas like me will revel in the feelings it brings and those who have never heard The Skids are in for a real treat! Tullamore were founded in northern Italian city of Pavia in and this EP is released to celebrate their tenth anniversary together. The original idea being to bring together the traditional folk of the Celtic nations with good old fashioned Italian punk rock. The first incarnation of the band were together three years and released their first demo in Now with a fiddle player added to the mix and even the odd song in English the LP is a successful mix of fast but not too heavy punk rock and trad Irish tunes.

With a strong anti-fascist sentiment throughout the album the band pay tribute to freedom fighters around the world and produced a very good album of celtic-punk with their own sound. The balance between celtic and punk is just right and they are quite right to be proud of their first ever song. A fitting tribute. The series of events would go on to define the war in Ireland for generations to come. Sometimes it takes a non-Irish band to inject some life into a song and Tullamore certainly do that here. The lads have been over to Ireland countless times including last years celebrations for the th anniversary of the Easter Rising making friends young and old.

A inspiring band! Tullamore standing from the left: Fra fiddle , Teo bass , Santo drums and Perni guitar. Crouched from the left: Bert accordion , Iora vocals and Albe mandolin. Released last week this is a fantastic EP and a great way to celebrate your anniversary. As everywhere these days there are some fantastic Italian celtic-punk bands and the one thing I have noticed is that they all manage to bring their own sound to the genre and Tullamore are no different.

Brilliant band with sound politics and one to mark out for greater things. London Irish Folk Punk. Somewhere between the Pogues and Ian Dury with perhaps a dash of Madness. Guess whose back? Having laid down the bones of this album on a hot summers day in July Anto realised this would be a fantastic opportunity to bring in some of his ex and present band mates and also some of the talented musicians that he had hooked up with since the start of his solo career.

The songs here were all written between and during a time when Anto says. Regular readers will need no introduction as he has featured on these pages numerous times due to his more than abundant releases! His Irish background provides the backbone for much of his music and focuses on the confusion of being brought up between two cultures that were so opposed to each other.

Old animosities are thawing but the relationship remains an uneasy one. In he left the band after ten years deciding to concentrate on songwriting and solo performances. From The Vaults is another of Anto trademark releases with a huge booklet packed with photos and information on all the songs including a very lovely mention of yours truly that I was very touched by thanks Anto.

The album is fifteen songs and as usual he has squeezed as much as possible in. Coming with a cover painted again by famed London Irish artist Brian Whelan check out his wonderful art here. Something that comes to most people of Irish backgrounds when they grow up I think. Acoustic guitar backed by mandolin as Anto gives us it straight from the heart, as he always does, while backed on vocals by his Mrs Julie.

To K-Hole is to hallucinate while on drugs and sadly Chris was one of the friends who passed away during production of From The Vaults whilst battling addiction. RIP Chris. Time is a great healer it is true. Typical Anto! The kind of song where the words will pop into your head at some random point and make you smile. Yet another hit from one of the nicest people in celtic-punk and while this release is missing much of the trademark humour that has made Anto so popular and well received his warmth still spills over from the CD into us. Forty years of protest, rebellion and punk and with records like this we can look forward to another forty as well!

As their by line goes The Dreadnoughts are one part roaring sea shanty, one part haunting folk melody, and a solid chaser of gut-crunching street punk and that is as good a description of them as you could ask for! After taking on their home town and then Canada it was then time to spread their wings and they soon became a regular feature on the European gig circuit playing everywhere from England to Russia and in between. Foreign Skies came out at the beginning of last November and takes all those musical influences and again mixes them all up but this time presents them in a concept album about the First World War that is both moving and poignant but, dare I say, also great fun to listen to.

It could certainly be described as epic in my view. The album shows a side of The Dreadnoughts we had never seen before. Have they matured? Well on this certainly but I very much doubt we have seen the last Dreadnought song about apple love and cider drinking. A driving forceful rock number that is breathlessly typical Dreadnought territory. The battle took place only a few miles from the site of the ancient city of Troy but the horrors unleashed in that battle rivalled anything seen then or since.

Imagine spending eight months in a trench dug under some cliffs at constant risk from snipers, suffering from dysentery spread by flies hopping from decomposing bodies to your food. The plan was to land at Gallipolli and take the capital Istanbul. The plan did not work. In fact it was a disaster leaving over , Allied casualties with many deaths coming from disease. The number of Turkish deaths is not clear but it is generally accepted that they far exceeded , The song is sung acapello without backing. This is something The Dreadnoughts can claim credit for within the celtic-punk scene with many bands now following their lead and including one or two tracks within their sets.

The song is a tribute to the best of them. I can certainly see why The Dreadnoughts put this EP out. We were saddened to hear about the death of Mark E. Finally Mark, at times abusive and hostile and others friendly and warm. Smith steering them and always around but no more now.

He will be missed. Both championed and castigated for their obsessiveness and extremism, this unholy trio are dogged by reputations that precede them. That they agreed to such a meeting is surprising. What ensues is inspired and insane by turns. The fractured and, often fractious, conversation sprawls between the amiable and the aggressive- Presley to Nietzsche, songwriting to psychology, football to fanatics.

To me the Pogues are the good bits from the Irish showband scene, like the Indians. You had that feel, probably lost that now. You should stop doing them, then. They just want to interview three high-brow loonies. Why the hell are you talking about mythologies? A lot of your songs are like trips into the subconscious and are therefore nightmarish. Hold a bit back. I just go blank. Sometimes, I just wake up and do it. For instance, you sometimes hear things that would make a great idea for a song but you never carry them out. Then I woke up.

This is like one of those night-time discussions on Channel 4. I try and build one song upon another, they may not look obviously inter-related but often one song acts as a springboard into another. Very novel, heh, heh. I put a lot of hard sweat into them, I think about them. I see writing and singing as two very different things. Bloody years. Have you made an Acid House record? Have you had some sort of bloody revelation about Acid House?

Eastern stuff and Turkish stuff. A middle class executive business like the police force. You must be mad! What are lurries? Containers that deliver your fucking food to your fucking house, alright? Yeah right.

Full text of "John Millington Synge and the Irish theatre"

Nobody wants to work anymore. You make me wanna puke sometimes, you do. Of course nobody wants to work. Who in their right mind wants to work? None of the fuckers want to hit the ball in the back of the net. And thick. Running up and down the field like bloody morons. The first Kilburn show was a nightmare. Australians never do any work. Obviously, the more you travel, the wilder the things that keep happening to you, the more likely it is that complete strangers will knock on your hotel room door.

They know every record and they seem to think they should nudge me or bump into me as they go past. It was this incredible performance that used to amuse me. It frightens him shitless. That sorta thing freaks me out.

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Most rock personalities subdue that or chose not to explore it. I usually find that when you are down, nobody has a bloody minute for you. Neither would you, Nick. They hate you for it. I end up beaten half to death on the floor. In the press. It became too routine so I gave it up. He taught me a lot, though. The Nazis adopted his creed and distorted it, they misquoted him all the time. Try re-interpreting that statement. It says what it says.

And all of them Socialists and Communists- second rate Christianity. I was brought up with Irish Catholics. Some of my best friends are Irish Catholics. Thirty fucking years of it getting worse and worse. I come from a generation that fucking created this nation pal.

Eighty percent of this country are white trash, working class. Engels- he was a factory owner in Manchester exploiting 13 year old girls. Learn your history, pal, learn your history. All the problems of the world are down to Britain. Sent to wars, they had gangrene in their teeth. Come on Nick, help me out. Like the NME viewpoint that he died when he came out of the army.

I think the opposite, his best stuff came after the army. He was a pile of shit when he came out of the army compared to before he went in. His mother died when he was in the army. That was one of the causes. To me, Elvis were king. I respect Dylan. I have to draw on the…. His bands are crap. I was always into more experimental bands- Can, Faust. A South Manchester Paddy. You journalists love it. Things fall apart. The unholy trinity climb on the pubstage. MacGowan on drums, Smith on guitar and Cave on the organ. Totally wired. Summit mental. What became of them after the tape finished we can only guess but I doubt they just got up and went their separate ways!

These days its hard to imagine any publication with any influence doing something like this but we learn a lot about all three gents and though acerbic and argumentative Mark E. Smith certainly gets his point of view over and is heard. Gone before his time but he lived his life hard and wild and is one of a small bunch of working class musicians of which we can truly say that when they pass we will never see their like again. Feel free to comment, slag off or dissect our lists.

No surprise here at all as all four admins voted 1 for Flatfoot 56 and their utterly brilliant ninth album. Not only that but we also all gave second spot to The Tossers, making it a Chicago 1 and 2! The year began with news of two new Dropkick Murphys albums coming but we only got the one and it met with, well quite a muted response to be honest. Saying that they were fantastic live and they certainly added a new dimension to these new songs when played in the flesh. The list leans heavy towards the bands from these shores it has to be said but it was always going to be with bands we get to see live regularly.

Keep them coming. The amount of debut albums from loads of these bodes well for both the scene here and internationally with a great mix of bands from thirteen countries. This was a very hard category to fill with so many new bands arriving on the celtic-punk scene this past year. The Bottlers sneak in as they only sent it to us the week before Christmas. Glad they did though. Absolutely no question who romped home here.

I simply cannot recommend it enough. Go and acquire a copy now. We would like to feature more trad and folk on these pages in the future hopefully. Also Vince Cayo had a fecking brilliant album but was neither celtic-punk nor folk. Was tempted to make a separate list just for him! Well we were in a bit of a quandary about who would win this week but then in the last few weeks of the year the Mersey Bhoys upped their game and won a unanimous vote.

So there you go. Of course we cannot go any further without mention of the saddest news of the year. A friend of London Celtic Punks and an absolute diamond stand up guy he will be forever sadly missed by all who met him. We are grateful To Ronan for penning a few words for him. We lost Carlton on 3rd November unexpectedly and it has left a massive hole in our family. His work ethic was second to none, he even dragged us into the studio to record our first CD, he did a lot of pushing in the early days and the Lord knows we needed it!

He was always the first to say yes to any gig, whether it was a small Irish pub like The Old Crown in Hayes or The Shawl or whether it was some of our bigger gigs. Carlton got to meet his idol and even got some Thin Lizzy drumsticks as souvenir, he was like an excited little kid that night. This was all just topping up the stamps on his passport that he had accrued in his days with Bad Manners, Feast of Fiddles and The Melody Fakers and many more as he spent so many years on the London Irish music scene.

He used to always say. Drummers writing songs?! Whatever next?! He truly was the engine room of the band, a quiet and gentle man off stage who turned into a one man wrecking ball when he was sat behind his drum kit. Things will never be the same without him but he would want us to and we will carry on making music and playing his songs.

We are not alone in doing these Best Of lists in fact all the major players in celtic-punk do them so click below to check out what they thought. In every musical scene every now and then a band comes along that is so good they threaten to break out and become the next big thing. That band is Ferocious Dog and that they have got to where they are solely on their own merits and without any sort of backing is simply incredible. Where to start with Ferocious Dog? I first came upon their name a few years ago whispered quietly upon the internet. They were formed way back in the day but for some reason they raised few eyebrows on the celtic-punk scene despite playing some of the best kick-arse celtic-punk rock you are ever likely to hear.

It was the famed, and sadly now defunct, Paddy Punx website that first brought FD to my ears. The web site that upset every Celtic band in history by providing free links to pretty much every release by anyone that ever called themselves celtic-punk. From the very first play I knew I had to track this band down. That was back in early and you knew you were listening to something special straight away.

For Ferocious Dog it was the year that saw their promotion to the Premier League of alternative music. The first time in that esteemed venues 35 year history that a unsigned band had sold out the venue in advance! One fan explained. Headline spots at Glastonbury followed and in the years since they have become a de-facto headliner for festivals to fight over. Any festie appearance guaranteeing bums in wigwams. Constant touring has helped to cement their position even if it did mean saying goodbye to two of the original Hounds who helped them on their way, Scott Walters and Ellis Waring.

All this and without even a tiny bit of support from the record industry… and not for the want of either. Ferocious Dog are that rare thing. A band with integrity and belief. Yeah you read that right these guys have been courted by the industry and they have chosen the DIY route. No one controls the bark of this dog! None of that holds any sway for Ferocious Dog and they continue to plough their way through the alternative music scene gathering up more and more fans as they take England and now the Netherlands!

Everything seems a progression in the FD camp from their gigs to their records and even their merchandise! The band hail from around Nottinghamshire, a working class area that once was famed for its industry and among the areas most important was coal-mining. My own father worked at a coal mine across the border from Notts in South Yorkshire and never spoke to his strike-breaking brother again, not even attending his funeral.

Real life experiences that shape and change minds and whole communities. The politics on Red are from the heart and from the working class. From where real politics come from. One of the things that has enabled Ferocious Dog to achieve what they have done is the high degree of loyalty they bring out of their fans. The first time I saw the band in a packed Half Moon in South London I still managed to have a quick chat with two of the band members after the gig they seemed to know the entire audience by name!

Kicking off with some amazing mandolin before fiddle and electric guitar announce the arrival of the whole band into the fray. Ken has a very strong voice that is clear and precise and his northern accent shines through. This is where the real celtic-punk kicks in. The Village Wait back in and the lyrics spit bile and give an insight into the contempt felt by striking miners and their communities to the weasels who stabbed them in the back. The songs origins lay in the Durham coalfields of the 19th century and Ferocious Dog with a sense of their own history have certainly chosen well here.

Catchy as hell and a real fist in the air shoutalong rather than singalong. The change in pace is not unexpected but what a song! Up there with the best that they have ever recorded. Ending with mournful fiddle that brings the song to an end. For a year the miners held out against a government determined to not only break them but to smash them. In France as the last coal mine close the miners were lauded as they rose from the depths of the earth. They were feted on live TV and the whole French nation paid tribute to these brave hard working men who faced death every time they left home for work.

Here as the pits closed they simply threw the miners and their families onto the scrapheap and did absolutely nothing for the communities that relied so heavily on the industry. So yes a lot of anger and rightly so. Starting with military drumming it soon turns into a potted history of mining over a typical FD mosh friendly Celtic rocker. The song begins slow and gentle with Les picking away on an acoustic guitar before it explodes into action and any tale of a relationship breakdown deserves a bit of passion before it returns to just Les and his guitar.

Here they start off gentle with the Celtic instruments to the fore but its not long before the band have all joined in and turned it into the celtic-punk dance fest its always destined to be. A chugging bouncy punk rocker with some lovely fiddle work. We have arrived at the end and the curtain comes down on Red with a real surprise number. Class war is indeed raging on the streets of England but it is not a war between the classes but a war against the working class and our very identity and culture.

A great way to finish the album and so ends forty minutes of pure unabashed celtic-punk fun. Obviously the inspiration flows out of Ken and the Bhoys into us all! The release comes in both vinyl and CD and the CD comes with a massive 28 page booklet featuring photos and lyrics. Lee served in Afghanistan from the age of 18, and upon rejoining civilian life took his own life in at the age of just 24, unable to overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder stemming from seeing one of his friends being shot dead by a sniper. This gave rise to The Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund which raises money and awareness for various causes close to the bands heart.

It was Lee that actually named the band as a child.

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This third studio album from Ferocious Dog shows a band at the top of their game but they seem to have been at the top of their game for so long now that you could regard it as a usual state of affairs for them. Here three different members of the band take the mic and each excel on songs that range from full on fast celtic-punk rock to soft and gentle tear jerkers while all the time playing with a sincerity that would alien to most bands.

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The following year he came to Wales to film The Proud Valley, a film which meant more to him than any other, and which introduced him to the miners of the Rhondda Valley, and they struck up a friendship which lasted for the rest of his life. Previous page Next page. North County Leader 06th September Opposite Swords Courthouse news northcountyleader.

Published on Sep 5, Go explore. I had an overall positive impression of the campus and of the people. However, my first complaint is about the scheduling of the campus visit. The schedule was too tight. I had no breaks; there wasn't even time for me to go to the restroom! The schedule didn't take into account the time it takes to walk from Building A to Building B. I got off schedule pretty early on and couldn't get back on track. I had lunch with students and didn't even have the time to go to the resroom first; fortunately, I carry hand sanitzer with me.

I noticed that they had a failed search for ; I hope that this was not due to the difficult campus visit schedule. I had a campus visit at a different institution a few weeks later that was completely different. At this other place, the person who did the scheduling included several breaks throughout the day and plenty of time to walk from one building to the next. I was also able to go to the restroom at the other place. So my suggestion to the College of Idaho, and for others, is to make a schedule that enables the candidate to take a much needed break, even if it is just for ten minutes.

Having a campus visit is incredibly stressful and the schedule should take this into consideration. My second comment is about my meeting with the president. I was late to this meeting see comment 1 above but I tried to put my best foot forward. The first question the president asked me was where I am from, which is illegal to ask. I have a non-English last name and a lot of people inquire about my origins. I'm especially sensitive to this question because I'm an ethnic minority. So I replied with something like "I get asked this question a lot" and then changed topics.

I didn't even answer that question.

I noticed in the "Dear Search Committee" section that a lot of candidates get asked questions that are illegal, such as questions about their origins or if they are married or have children. I didn't get asked this, but the question about my origins did turn me off. Other than these two issues, the College of Idaho is great and it would be a wonderful place to work. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say this place should be avoided at all costs. If you are not one of the chairs favorites you will end up doing a lot of service work, and will intentionally have your career sabotaged if you are productive.

While these are the words of a person who managed to escape that hell hole, after reading the sever year review that was conducted last year I know I made the right decision to leave. If you get an interview there, you should request a copy of this report and the unit's response to it. If I could figure out how to load it up here, I would. A very prominent criminologist I do not believe I can name names said of his assessment of the unit was that the place was in desperate need of leadership and the current working conditions were "deeply troubling.

If I had a student who was considering an offer there, I would tell them to consider brewing coffee for a year while strengthening their CV. Rumor has it last year the chair was secretly negotiating with his preferred candidate against the recommendation of the search committee and the faculty as a whole.

What a situation to walk into. Stay away from this college. Needless to say, Nepotism at that college is alive and well. The HR department is the worst department in the world. Charged an employee for dependant life insurance and then denied a claim when the dependant died refunding the premium to the employee, claiming the policy was not valid because the dependant did not provide a physical exam before applying. In reality, none was required for employees who chose that option on the first day of employement. Service award ceremonies are horrible, the HR department has someone create a video of the employees without acknowleging doctor titles for any of the faculty.

They offer employees getting awards an opportunity to take a picture for the event with the college protographer. However, if they fail to show up, the HR office uses the very first picture that the employee took for their badge when they first started even if it is 25 years old , regardless of whether there was a recent badge picture on the college's employee database.

The award ceremony brocheres also fail to acknowledge faculty doctor titles. Most faculty member throw the brocheres away. Morevoer, the head of HR only has an AA degree and really needs to step up her game especially now that the college where she works offers students a chance to earn a BAS degree in Human Resources. Everytime there is a faculty or administrative opening, applicants fly in to interview but it is a total waste of money and time for them. They usually select someone's friends or relative for the position.

Additionally when people are offered a full-time positions, they are invited to the HR office for processing, but are not told that they will be there approximately 6 hours listening to endless PowerPoint presentations about employee benefits without compensation of any kind. If someone complains, HR immeadiately contacts their hiring committee or the new boss that they will report to let them know. Finally the HR department recinded tuition reimbursement benefits for faculty that had been negogiated buy our faculty union over the summer without consulting anyone.

Did I already mention that the HR department of this college is the worst in the world? The Eastern Michigan University administration prides itself on exercising its prerogative to dismiss employees "at will" with no explanation even in the case of very productive individuals. Raises are sparse for non-faculty. There is a rampant cronyism. Find out who is married to whom. If you are thinking of relocating to EMU ask about the high turnover rate in the administration in general.

Find out why the job you are applying for is suddenly available and what happened to the person who formerly held the postion. There most likely will not be any relocation expense support. Forget about a hire for your spouse since you aren't from here.

  • “Every word doth almost tell my name”: The Authorship of Shakespeare’s Sonnets;
  • O príncipe; o mocinho ou o herói podem ser gays (Portuguese Edition).
  • Photography Wisdom: A Practical Guide To Successful Photography and Self Expression.
  • Mistakes About Mary;

Get everything in writing in your letter of hire. If you are eligible, you MUST negotiate your right to return to faculty, because you will be needing it. Read the AAUP contract and negotiate the right to assume those pay raises when they demote you. Better yet, stay far away. Below comment refers to Illinios budget stalemate during which EIU laid off faculty and staff.

Current Governor has even pledged to increase state funding. The below described situation was a one-time occurence during a severe crisis imposed on the university by the State's former Governor. Stay away for the near future. University is in a deep budget crisis and the administration has rescinded 26 faculty offers of employment after having issued them 6 weeks earlier. People turned down other offers and now scramble to find anything for Fall contracts were rescinded 5 weeks before the fall semester.

Administration only excludes tenured faculty from further layoffs, does not have a strategy, and is not honoring its commitments. Great place in general, but currently and under this administration, I would not recommend this as a place for anyone wanting to build a career. I agree with the post above.

A lot of faculty are interested in leaving, and many of the new hires leave after a few years which applies to me as I'm on my way out. The university is really not a national or 'R2' as it looks like. It's now in the unranked category for national universities in US News. Support for research is mostly limited to sending the files for you: don't expect any help in identifying funding opportunities you're on your own or you have to set up your own alerts , or in writing a grant. You'll commonly find yourself doing everything, including the budget.

The research office is short-staffed, and the university's constant fall in enrollment over the years as well as poor finances some university bonds are ranked as junk bonds won't lead to a better support anytime soon. Even if you were to get a grant, its administration is a nightmare and the university can't be trusted e. The quality of the students goes from low to average for the most part.

There is a broader distribution for undergraduate students, who attend essentially because they live in the Northern Illinois region. Depending on the department, graduate students can be really mediore, and your best best to do any kind of research is to identify the best 1 or 2 undergrads in a class. There are little prospects for improvements in this university and it should be avoided. Financial management is not this university's strong suit. I organized a summer program for which student tuition dollars and a course fee were collected - that money went straight into some pot of money that I never saw, and I was only partially reimbursed for the expense of the program, and extra funds that should have covered my time on the project were never reimbursed.

The quality of students is generally the lowest I have encountered in many years of adjuncting. I also had the pleasure of working with a department chair with the bad habit of offering courses for me to teach the following semester, then rescinding the offer a day or two later. If you are a visiting assistant professor, then you should know that the faculty are actively unionized against VAPs to prevent them from having more than a 1 year contact. Run, don't walk. And finally, NIU is not in Chicagoland, it is in the middle of a monoculture wasteland.

Please see below links for information on current efforts to hold this administration accountable for. We have retained counsel that will speak to anyone wishing to remain anonymous. All decisions are made by the president and AVP and then passed down with no faculty input. This applies to everything from how the Blackboard template will be arranged to class size to faculty time spent on campus. Almost none of the administrators have any academic experience--several come straight from the military, some have MBAs, some taught briefly as adjuncts before moving into administration.

There is therefore little regard for the needs of faculty. An example of this--FTCC has no final exam week. The last week of school is a regular teaching week. Grades are due by noon the day following the last class period. Instructors carry a 6 class per semester load with each class containing about 35 students.

Likewise, many faculty are put in offices that are shared between people or in cubicles. None of this is conducive to working--the preparation of class materials or grading--and yet the expectation is that you will spend a great deal of time in these crowded spaces. There are times when the benefits of an arrangement outweigh the cost. Notice that there is no such thing as an off campus day.

I realize that some faculty are able to schedule classes, office hours, and division hours over four days and benefit from an off campus day. Faculty Handbook Pg. Exceptions to this requirement may be approved by the appropriate Dean.

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  • Chaos Tryst.
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  • Matthew Pooles Commentary on the Holy Bible - Book of Judges (Annotated)?

These hours should be conducted on campus unless approved otherwise by the appropriate academic dean. Divisional hours can be modified as required and communicated as described above. FTCC instructors are being sent out to the high schools throughout the entire county to teach dual credit classes. Some of these schools are nearly an hour away from the college, but unless one travels to the college then to the HS then to the college, no compensation for mileage will be given. Additionally, since adjuncts often cannot to go the high schools during the day, adjuncts are given preference for all online classes and classes on campus when full time instructors are farmed out.

The high schools, not the college, determine what days and times classes will be held. An average schedule for many instructors Fall will include college classes every morning and 90 minute high school classes every afternoon 4 days a week. The instructors who do best at FTCC are those who give only multiple choice exams and completion grades for all writing assignments and who show videos in class rather than actually teaching. As far as pay, FTCC is competitive, but once you are hired you cannot expect to get much by way of raises.

And, you also cannot expect much by way of breaks during the semester. Faculty often are required to hold work days when students are off. It leaves little time for getting caught up or for taking care of any personal business. There are some nice things about FTCC--the grounds are lovely and the buildings are clean.

The Language of Irish Literature

But, faculty have no voice--they can't weigh in on strategies to deal with retention issues or even on whether or not high school classes will be increased at the loss of our regular curriculum students. If you work here, you will be nothing more than a wage slave. Your degrees, the professional honors you have achieved, none of these matter. You are a cog in the machine and the view of the upper levels of the administration is that you are easily replacable--because it doesn't matter how shoddy the product we are putting out; it only matters that we increase enrollment and that, having admitted people who have no business being in a college classroom, we retain them at all costs to avoid federal penalties.

The leadership of the college is broken but given the circumstances there is no way to fix it. It was much the same story. I was in touch with them months after the visit to ask what the situation was, only to be curtly told that the search had concluded and someone else had accepted. Guys: an email will do, just make it polite, engaged, and timely. Their hiring practices are terrible. Professor here from FGCU: These complaints are legit, but the culprit is usually the HR department which controls all phases of the job search. Committee members, including the chair, are instructed NOT to communicate with job candidates.

Once the search committee makes its recommendations to the chair, it is disbanded, and the job search is entirely in the hands of the Dean's Office and HR, and the finalists won't hear anything until after the contract has been signed for the new hire--and it'll be a standard, generic email from HR--and yes, it'll be months after the visit.

FGCU is a wonderful place to work, but we have some serious issues with our hiring protocol, and we lose good candidates because of it. I had a strange interview with this department for a postdoc, which I can only describe as bewildering and hostile. The first odd thing was a cold solicitation. One of the search committee emailed my former advisor and strongly but obliquely asked him to inform "one of his students" no names used about the position and encourage them to apply -- in the context, the prof meant me.

So I applied and got a Skype interview. Day of the interview, they claimed to have technical problems. They could see me but I couldn't see them; they made no attempt to fix the problem. The chair of the search also had his infant with him during the interview so that our conversation was periodically interrupted. I fielded the usual questions. After answering a question about how I think my research is significant for the field, however, the same prof who had solicited my application started to talk.

Actually, he said, what I was doing wasn't particularly novel at all but well developed which is not true ; I had not gone for obviously innovative topics but was instead propping myself up on the research of others. It took a moment to realize that he was undermining and putting me down. The rest of the interview played out and, no surprise, I didn't get a call back. So why would someone solicit an application only to belittle my work?

I can only think that 1. I somehow inexplicably got on this prof's wrong side. In any case, it was a big waste of my time and still rankles. Reply from the prof described: I'm sorry that what I did made you feel that you'd wasted your time. Perhaps an explanation will help you feel less mystified. I did this in an effort to broaden and strengthen our pool of candidates. We felt it was best to proceed with our interview. We felt that we were able to communicate with you despite the problems. I'm sorry that you experienced this as an impairment.

You are right that I probed your novelty claim. I don't think it's fair to describe this as undermining or belittling. I'm not sure what expectation you bring to interviews or what "usual questions" you field, but I'm surprised that you would consider push back about your ideas to be a kind of personal attack. I always ask a sceptical question or two when interviewing candidates; it's important to evaluate how they respond to criticism. None of the three explanations you gave yourself applies.

I've been an unsuccessful candidate many times myself, and I am also tempted to impute some personal animus onto committee members. The fact is, though, that in searches with dozens of viable candidates, each candidate gets only a fragment of attention, and certainly not enough to get on anyone's "wrong side. I was working to engage critically and constructively, as I try to do with everyone whose work I read; I am sorry that I didn't present my interest in a way that lifted you up.

Looking in more depth, the two faculty dismissed at the end of the year they found out at the last minute, though clearly knew their fate was insecure , were not dismissed for lack of performance. In fact, among the five new hires their teaching was just as consistent AND only these two had managed to secure book contracts at major academic publishers, and in a particular subdiscipline in which the faculty had expressed interest. What was their fault? The feather in the cap of this oblivious, business-minded college is perhaps that faculty whose contracts are not renewed are asked to do their own "off-boarding" paperwork for HR!

You can dismiss this as sour grapes, and maybe, just maybe this place sounds like a refuge for you if you want to pretend you have job security and write nothing but learning objectives for the rest of your life If you have other ideas about what scholarship is, perhaps reconsider! Secondly, I simply needed some sort of full-time spousal hire if I was to come. Please don't get me wrong--I understand that no one owes me a spousal hire, but given the large numbers of professional educators who are married, departments should have some sort of proceedure for this.

I brought this detail up with the chair who may or may not have shared this with his staff. I had hoped they had learned their lesson from their failure the prevoius year. Not the case.. When I told that I would provisionally accepted the job pending employment for my spouse and tneure confirmation, flown back in for my one-hour interview, and tried to press the issue, I was told they were now working on the spousal hire. Several weeks went by as other offers from other schools were coming in all with confirmed full-time offers for my spouse and finally GSU's department chair sent a simple e-mail forward from the department my spouse would have taught in.

In that e-mail was the chain between the chairs that went like this paraphrased, but not by much : Chair of edu: "I need a spousal, can you accomodate? Will this work? I retracted my acceptance, which was accepted without any type of resistance at all. They certainly worked harder than a two-sentence email. Overall, just a complete waste of time from a university that's trying to make itself relevant. Good luck with that until you at least get to midth century standard of operation It's very hard to break into local social circles if you aren't religious, white, and Dutch.

Your colleagues will keep track where you go to church. Don't be duped by the niceness and fancy buildings. Hope and Holland have a very ugly undercurrent that is nasty against anyone who goes ahead the status quo. Teach more diverse students at a community college and for better pay in a real city.

Avoid this place and keep moving on. GLBTQ candidates: run like heck away from this place. Do your research online about Hope and gay issues, and you'll see that the school has a long recent history of homophobic incidents. The department was much more pleasant but all-in-all, the place is run like a small school in a small town.

They have increasingly faced pressure to self-censor from Beijing and as a result, only obedient faculty are rewarded with tenure. They appear to be refashioning themselves as a much less political Public Admin department only. I wanted to add my own story from a search by the History department recently.

The formal parts of the campus trip were fine. But it all fell apart during the dinner. I was told to meet the committee at , having walked 45 minutes to get there given the lack of accommodation options in NYC that were affordable under the College's guidelines. Nobody was there. I had to wait in the lobby for 45 minutes until the chair of the committee came downstairs and seemed a touch surprised to see me. We then went to dinner, at which I was asked precisely zero questions about my teaching or research. Instead, another attendee had just received a grant, and wanted to drink up.

The other three people at dinner were drunk within the hour, and I felt like I was imposing on their time. I have no complaints about the faculty I met while there, but beware the provost. If you get an offer, expect to be pressured into a decision quickly and don't count on being able to negotiate. Their approach to negotiation startup funding etc.

There is a very rigid, hierarchical, army-like power structure. Any initiative taken outside of this hierarchy is severely punished, at every level, except if you are a professor there. Then you can do whatever you want and your actions are not accountable to anyone.

My advice: run as fast and as far as you can. Note: KIT is organized in institutes; theoretically, it is possible that the problems were related to the few instutites I had been dealing with. In terms of the on-campus interview, it was run very poorly and seemed designed to make a candidate as uncomfortable as possible. In the space of a few days prior to the interview, I was first told to prepare a teaching presentation to present to a group of faculty and staff who could pretend to be students, or maybe not, or whatever, it doesn't matter; then that was changed to a research talk about "anything"; then that was changed to whatever I wanted it to be, maybe a combination research and teaching talk, maybe to students or to faculty, or both, but whatever is fine, it doesn't matter.

It probably goes without saying that for three solid days I had to change and practice different presentations because of these last-minute contradictions. Once on campus, I was left waiting in many hallways, outside of many locked doors, and at one point had to knock loudly three times over a few minutes before being let into a room where the search committee was waiting for me midday. Most of the search committee was "out of town or otherwise unavailable" during my visit, and those who were available had nothing but terrible things to say about the students overall the bitterness was pervasive.

LEC is, apparently, the college a student attends when community college seems too low-brow but no place else will take the kid it's a pay and play establishment. The visit was brief, but included three meals, two with only an hour between them. The meals were well attended unlike everything else , but the conversation was clique-ish and exclusionary with no questions directed to me, suggesting that the committee was merely using the opportunity to grab free nosh.

The college-related questions I asked during the meals were ever-so-briefly answered but largely ignored. Regarding location, the campus is small and, for what it is, beautiful, but it's in the middle of uneducated redneck country, and that shows in the school's interactions with the neighborhood. None of the faculty and staff I spoke to lives anywhere near the college, and most expressed significant distaste for the area. On the plus side, there is one truly sharp female dean with what sound like great plans for the college; however, she spent significant time telling me that her plans will not be realized because of the tremendous faculty resistance and the absolute lack of funds to be spent on anything but athletics.

Perhaps her frustration represents a reason for the recent exodus of faculty to admin positions at brighter and better schools. Using this one as a springboard to another job might be tough, especially if you want to move up in a faculty position. Both the lack of research support and the overload teaching will inhibit one's ability to gain employment at a better school with stricter publication expectations. In all, I am appalled by the truly terrible hiring processes exhibited here, and I am embarrassed for the search committee. If you interviewed here and didn't get the position, consider it a bullet dodged!

Finally, and perhaps the best reason to avoid this place - discrimination. There are only 2 women on the board of directors 30 people and both are wives Of the seminary and university presidents respectively. VA is a "right to work" state, therefore HR makes it a practice to let go anyone who files a discrimination complaint. There is no student or faculty representation or organization allowed to deal with discrimination complaints, there is not stated policy in the faculty or student handbooks.

Ridiculous course loads. No research. Avoid this place at all costs. Two of the participating faculty were rude and hostile during the interview, but nobody on the 6-person committee thought to stamp out the agression. There was some kind of weird gendered division during the lunch.

All in all, I left with the impression that this is indeed an awful place to work. Also - if you are moving to Macon, GA from someplace outside of the area - it is an extremely difficult transition. If you are not from the "south" don't even think of it. While it seems that the university leadership is aware of the specific things that need to be done to make improvements, they lack the operational procedures--particularly at the departmental level--to make real changes. As one who has run the gauntlet, I recommend avoiding this place. Although their contract specifically says that paychecks are cut biweekly, payment if it comes at all in my experience is remitted randomly.

The last course I taught for them, I had to beg to be paid, even though I did them a favor by taking on the class at the last minute. I received part of my check 7 weeks into an 8 week course. I am still owed money, which I probably will never see. Avoid this "university" if you expect to get paid. They are dishonest. I will never teach for them again. Problems at Ottawa go much deeper than that. Faculty is jumping ship.

President and upper administration are wholly unqualified to run an academic institution But they will make sure they get paid twice what the regional norms are for like institutions. Financials do not look good. Firing career staff a year before retirement. I interviewed with this university, and the first question that the committee asked me was "We are seeking to increase diversity by including more people of color. How would you fit within our mission? I am part Latina, so obviously the committee could not tell if I fit within their requirement of hiring a "person of color.

I received a very specific rejection email from the chair a few days later documenting that they had asked a different first question which was a lie and that I did not answer it. She also went on to say that I did not mention anything about collaboration although they never asked me a quetion about collaboration. It seems that the committee was covering their tracks. Increasing diversity should not involve interrogating someone as to exactly what race he or she is.

I second that emotion! Different department but same Provost. My interview with the Provost began with him asking "If it were a crime to be a Christian, what evidence would there be to convict me? Silly me, I thought he might want to talk about my research. After I blew that question, he talked about a workshop in faith that he gave to the faculty and thought I could benefit from hearing a bit of it. Then he asked if he could pray over me.

What's a nice Jewish kid from Philly supposed to do? Chairs are all appointed hires at Pratt, which inevitably creates a position of administrator rather than representative of the faculty. In this case, it appears that a brand new chair had complete control over the process on his first hire at the school. This bodes very poorly for overall governance and faculty support. Many Art schools are an administrative mess but this was beyond anything I have seen, and I have worked at several of Pratt's competitors. Five emails over the course of six weeks and even a phone call regarding entirely reasonable reimbursements did they expect me to sprout wings and fly from the airport to campus?

Interviewed at SVSU last year. As previous posters note, there is a strange 'vibe' there. Not a scholarly place. It is like a community college. They list faculty publications online and they average less than one paper per year per faculty. And most of those publications are in journals you have never heard of. There is a certain small town culture -- but not in a good way. I looked back at the faculty roster for the past few years and the turnover was incredible.

New faculty do not seem to stay more than 2 or 3 years. That is a bad sign. I hope that is not a mark against a university. During the first conversation about the offer Tues. When I explained that I was inquiring about equipment and supplies that would make my research possible, he said he would need to find out and discuss it with others. The next day, I got a brief e-mail from the Dean stating " Every new faculty member is issued a computer She told me to send the VPAA an itemized list of my request for research support. She couldn't offer a ballpark figure.

She said someone in the administration would go through my list to ensure I was not asking for "the best of the best". The VPAA didn't respond to my phone messages. Thursday afternoon I e-mailed the VPAA a research request list that came to the smallest total I've heard of anyone being offered for this type of position at an SLAC in recent times, and indicated the most essential equipment.

I never received a reply or any acknowledgement of the email. On Friday the Dean e-mailed rescinding the verbal offer. He had also accelerated the deadline to Monday based on the "strong applicant pool", even though in our first phone conversation he had agreed to a week for a decision deadline after HR would receive details for a written contract.

If you consider a position here, I recommend that you anticipate being rushed and being screened based on your ability to guess an upper limit of research support that even the department and search committee may be unaware of. This post is a warning for persons of color who will have the misfortune of being short-listed for jobs at this department and this college.

This college and the department will be a waste of your time. The English department at Sewanee has not hired a person of color for nearly years. Such is the case with the majority of the liberal arts programs. This is a racist department and a racist school. You might also run in to a few locals working at that Inn and might experience racism from them too.

One of the people working at the Inn deliberately gave me wrong information to cause me delay for a meeting. The only reason you will be short-listed here is so that they can fill the EEOC form. Even if your research and teaching are way superior to the next white guy in line, you will NOT be hired. White privilege here runs deeper than that valley surrounding the school.

If you are short-listed here be warned that you will not be hired. Either use the experience to learn how campus visits happen or simply do not bother to apply at all to this school. In either case, run as fast as you can from here. This is not a place where critical thinking happens.

Sewanee's discourse on diversity is laughable. Be aware of this place. I had the exact same experience as above- so much so I assume it was the same search. The position ended up going to an inside hire; maybe the chair was just going through the motions. I had two interviews and during both the phone and on-campus interview there was no interest in asking me anything other than stock questions.