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Ahearn , a privacy expert and author of How to Disappear , says the best white collar criminals think like career mobsters. Ahearn thinks he probably did it with his diplomatic passport from Liberia. He had a stockpile of passports, from countries like Germany and Ireland, but the diplomatic passport was his golden ticket.

So you can carry a bag of money with you, no problem.

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Is there a common destination for wealthy people on the lam? Not really. But there are no shortage of global hiding spots for a criminal with deep pockets. Some go to Britain or Israel, some flee to Brazil or Belgium.

Canada has been especially popular for Chinese plutocrats with criminal records. Changxing last May, Shan in Is a decade typical? It depends on the person. They have, with embarrassing results. In , Indiana investment adviser Marcus Schrenker, accused of fraud, crashed his plane in a Florida swamp but not before parachuting out over Alabama and he was caught by federal agents just a few days later at a Florida campground. As a senior technocrat in the war effort, he was never drafted nor did he see any military action.

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I would like to have known this enigmatic opportunistic agent provocateur, surely an interesting man. He was de-Nazified the same day the Allies arrived in his hometown. Normally such a process involving a major technocrat would take months, if not years.

Necko, for example, was found guilty of war crimes. Even after his incarceration, Necko was subject to severe travel and work restrictions for several years. Yet immediately after the war, my grandfather became Senior Liaison between Allied Forces Procurement and the German southern and central municipalities.

In the autobiography of my aunt Kristin Feireiss, Wie ein Haus aus Karten , Ullstein Verlag , I read that he was supposed to be one the largest German black-market dealers of his time. My mother and relatives suggest he was also a spy for the Allied Forces for most of the war, in particular for the Americans, explaining his immediate clearance and remarkable privileges once the Allied Forces arrived. It is likely his clandestine operations were even more profitable. One associate was offered a fortune and spent three years in prison in order to keep my grandfather out.

The French had their operations in the west; the British in the north and the Americans were active in central and southern Germany. The Russians had very little to offer in terms of merchandise, so the eastern zone saw action from all groups. Few Germans got in on the game at a senior level, and even fewer were independent operators.

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However, given his profound grasp of logistics and senior contacts within the US procurement system, Hans was a natural to hawk US goods to his fellow countrymen. This would also explain his ascent from a man whose empire was destroyed by the war to a nabob in only three years. He wore Russian sable coats, drove the most expensive cars and lived in a palatial residence.

Without the slightest doubt Hans Lang was a tycoon and he lived on the edge or on the other side of legality, just like me. Only a few years after the War, the black market easily constituted a third of all economic activity in monetary terms. According to primary sources his chief competition was no other German operator but black market organizations run by mid-level American military and Special Operations personnel in Munich, Heidelberg, Wurzburg, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

The American organizations only employed Germans for menial tasks such as packaging and retail distribution.

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Hans had his own organization with sizable warehouses and other smaller distribution facilities throughout the American occupation zone. Both groups were sourcing much of their merchandise from similar outlets. This would result in regular conflicts, and violent disputes were frequent. While not defenseless, Hans lost consignments to his more powerful and more connected American adversaries in organized raids on his warehouses. Was Hans Lang and most of his family the victim of an unfortunate accident?

This is highly unlikely. It is likely all the passengers died immediately being crushed to death. Then the truck backed up, pushed the car about thirty yards along the autobahn and shoved it down a cliff on the side of the road.

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This assured the hit and run accident or the deliberate murder of Hans Lang and most of his family would go unnoticed for a while, leaving the perpetrators ample time to escape the scene without detection. The German police investigation was handed over to the US military police because the tire tracks and paint residues conclusively showed the crash resulted from impact with a very large and heavily motorized US army truck.

The American truck would have had considerable damage. Yet nothing happened. The Americans had won the war and like all victors were acting with impunity. End of story! My mother tells me how much I remind her of her father. According to her, my language skills, physical attributes, facial expressions, attitude in the face of extreme adversity and gestures are remarkably similar.

She does not see her father as an unscrupulous profiteer but as a brilliant man and caring father, a free market advocate, a rebel and at worst a risk taker who did his utmost to assure the wellbeing of his family and friends in desperate times. Hilfe Warenkorb Konto meine eBooks Anmelden. Neuheiten Bestseller Firmenlizenz.