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Jesus said we could all. Pastor Tania harris. Learn More. It was never meant to be a one-way. Jesus promised that his people could hear his voice and follow it John Our world-renowned eCourse includes 7 Bible studies and videos. I heard the voice of God! About God Conversations. Latest Blogs. How the Language of Symbolism works in Dreams and Visions Part 1 God uses dreams and visions to speak to us, but often we miss the message because we do not understand the language they use.

God Conversations. Stories of how God speaks and what happens when we listen.

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Shelves: christian. Does God have a plan for us? Well, maybe it is not so much as us Western Christians, but Christians everywhere. In a way what we want to know is 'what does God want of us in this world. What is his plan and his purpose for us?

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This is one of those books that comes out to try to answer that question and in the end produces more questions than they really answer. If you want to read a Christian book, then this is okay, but I would suspect that there are a lot of better books to spend your time reading. The reason I say this is because this is simply one of those books that rolls out of what is effectively the Moore Theological College printing press; a college that may be Bible based in character way too theoretical for my liking.

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In a way, the people of Moore seem to come out of there with rose coloured glasses not really understanding the nature of the world that we live in. I am glad I stumbled across the chapter on guidance in the book that I am currently reading because I realised that I had not written a commentary on this book, which means I can say a few things about guidance.

At the church I currently attend the interim moderator has been a preacher over in Africa, so I went up to him and asked him if subsistence farmers in Malawi see guidance and God's purpose in the same way that we do. His answer was a very simple, 'I think people the world over see it the same way as we do.

His response having worked in countries were Christians pretty much have no hope is that over there the understanding of 'heaven' is much different because their lives are full of suffering. However, they generally do not really sit around discussing this philosophical idea about God's plan for their lives, but they rather go out and do things.

The difference is that we live in a very wealthy country and we as citizens of this country have many options open to us. This is probably why we struggle so much with this simple question. However, over there, the struggle for survival is much more acute, and the options are much more limited. As such, if they see something that needs to be done, they go and do it.

Here we see all of these options and waste time pondering what option we should pursue. The other thing that he suggested is that God's plan is always a hindsight question. We can never really try to discern or more appropriately divine God's plan for us because, in many ways, it is revealed to us in little stages.

Guidance and the Voice of God

We understand his will, and that is to live moral and upstanding lives and to grow in our character. This idea of growth and living as, effectively, civilised members of society is a very important aspect of our faith and it is something that we should always keep in mind. However, many of us end up living like tyrants, which is, I believe, contrary to God's will.

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To many of us the Church is a means of expanding our influence over people. It is interesting that at churches I have been to there is a movement similar to the ladder climbing in a modern corporation. You come to the church, get promoted to a small group leader, then move to more senior leader positions until you are encouraged to quit your job and become a full time minister.

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However, that does not always work, and in a way I believe that that can be a drain financially upon a congregation. I got to a point where I was giving so much to the church that I had little left over to actually give to charities for which I had a passion. However, it is also interesting that there is one young lady that quit her role at the church, studied teaching, and has now gone on to become a professional singer.

See, sometimes God's will is that you don't lock yourself away in a church but to actually go out into the world and live among real people because the impact you have there is much greater than you will have ministering only to Christians. The title of this book is both self-explanatory and slightly misleading. However, this discussion does not take place until a good 75 pages into the book. Before delving into the nuts and bolts of guidance, the authors take pains to convince their readers that God does in fact guide His people, that our ultimate destination is heaven, and that we have a responsibility to respond to God's 'will' in this c The title of this book is both self-explanatory and slightly misleading.

Before delving into the nuts and bolts of guidance, the authors take pains to convince their readers that God does in fact guide His people, that our ultimate destination is heaven, and that we have a responsibility to respond to God's 'will' in this case, what God says about right and wrong with genuine godly repentance and active faith. If instead we ignore God's power over our lives, deny His goodness to us, or reject His ways, we sin.

So far, so good, but also so not an answer to the average reader who picks up a book with a title like Guidance and the Voice of God.

But eventually Part 2 rolls around, and the authors are ready to engage the question of how God guides His people. To their way of thinking and I agree with them , God's 'guidance' really refers to two different things: God's work behind the scenes to bring about His sovereign will which He doesn't necessarily reveal in advance and God's call for our conscious cooperation in His will. It is this second type of 'guidance' that so preoccupies modern Christians. This is the crux of the matter. What will Jensen and Payne say about the 'guidance' of the Holy Spirit?

The authors do not outright reject the possibility of extra-biblical guidance, but they note that such guidance is not promised, nor should we expect it. Does this mean we're on our own when it comes to making decisions not explicitly addressed by Scripture? Not exactly. Jensen and Payne point out that even where a specific outcome is not commanded, we know what godly Christian character looks like. If we believe that God cares more about our individual sanctification and growth in holiness and faith than He does about, say, where we go to college and Jensen and Payne argue that this is indeed the case , then we will obsess less about practical choices and concern ourselves more with the effect of those choices on our hearts.

Then, too, while many practical issues are not the subject of explicit biblical teaching, the Bible does teach us to value and cultivate wisdom. Thus even when faced with a choice between two non-sin options, the Bible encourages us--even commands us--to use common sense and good decision-making skills in making that choice. Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You that You desire to speak to me every day—guiding me in spirit and in truth to obey Your Word and enjoy an abundant life. I thank You that You have called me Your friend and that I may come boldly to the throne of grace to find help whenever I have a need in my life.

Lord, Your Word says that when we draw near to You, You will draw near to us. So, I draw near to You today. I seek Your face, Your truth and Your word for my life. I want to know You more, hear You more and obey You more. Your Word says Your sheep know Your voice and we will not follow the voice of a stranger. Help me to know Your voice and not be deceived by any other voice. Help me to guard my heart from the influences of this world and the people around me.

Help me not to be deceived by the devil and his lies, but to view all thoughts and decisions through the lens of righteousness.