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On the Edge of a Dream : Magic and Madness in Bali

Schirmer Absolutewrite. His shows were cutting edge and very successful. Medok explains there are, for example, three classes of cremation, with the middle one costing more than dollar. A cleaning lady earns I want to live in another country, or on Java, but in my family I have to take care of family temple.

So I cannot leave. Medok tells me his family is linked to five temples. Each temple has two ceremonies a year, or something along those lines. For each ceremony the priest has to be paid, and the food, and the offerings, all has to be paid. Medok shakes his head.

I am in meditation now. And he starts a story about how he meditates and contacts the eye spirit or whatchamacallit, and sees heaven and hell, and in heaven he saw Shiva, and Allah, and Jesus and some other dudes. He rambles on. My guru, my teacher, he was alligator before, and crocodile. And then Medok points to his left. I think my teacher has house here. Yes, this one. And you see this factory? He is a rich man. He also has hotel. Too much hotels he have.

He is very rich. Medok tells a good story. When I ask him about black magic, and is it still alive? It is an autobiographic?

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Nicolas has fled the Vietnam draft, Eddie was destined to become a priest and runs from his faith. Leaving the surf scene behind, they go live in a village, and experience another world. Nicolas tells about a dance he saw, during which another reality shows itself. In the ritual, Rangda , representing dead and evil, fights Barong , representing good.

None of them wins, because good and bad have to be balanced. And everything is blurred. The incense and the trance inducing gamelan music.

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Was it real, or merely a dream? Bali is very real, and sometimes it is a dream. But reality bites and I am afraid the dream is being destroyed and there is no stopping it.

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The rooms are clean and big. The garden is well looked after, the frangipani smell delicious. There is a free shuttle to Nusa Dua, Kuta and Jimbaran beach. I will get into the details a bit, not that they are such a nuisance.


But just, so you know. What else? You have to ask for a lot of things: wifi-code, extra coffee, water in the room. Tables are not cleared and the staff hangs around, play Pokemon Go and watch their nails grow and pick you up half an hour late while you wait on a parking lot.