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Behavioral Interviewing was a hot HR trend in the s.

Now it is fading away, but HR trends are slow to disappear. That's why some employers are still using Behavioral Interviewing questions today.

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I am an HR person myself. I remember when Behavioral Interviewing was all the rage. My company tried it and dumped it as soon as we saw and felt how stilted and unnatural it is. Employers need to sell candidates on working for us as enthusiastically as we evaluate, rank, test, probe and assess their suitability for our job openings. We are not sitting on a higher plane than job candidates are. If any leader or leadership team believes that the person who gets the job working for them will be a lucky person indeed, they are in the wrong job. Companies that respect job candidates and employees, of course will never have trouble hiring and retaining great people.

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Behavioral interviewing is a disrespectful, anti-human interviewing approach that needs to go extinct soon. Right now, you are interviewing for a job, so you'll need to get in the door and establish your credibility before you can begin to fix whatever is broken about the organization you join -- including its recruiting mindset and its use of the outdated Behavioral Interviewing method. Most of my customers were awesome but there was one man who would lose his temper very quickly if anything went wrong in one of his orders -- even if it was his mistake and not ours.

Sometimes he would go on like that for ten minutes.

No Time for Questions! Or Is There?

I learned how to calm him down and then solve his problem, and little by little he stopped flying off the handle. It took about six months to get him over that habit but I feel like I helped that man out! You: One time when I worked at Wiggly Devices I had to organize a large meeting with about 40 attendees.

We only had one conference room big enough for that many people. There were 12 or 15 people who absolutely had to be at the meeting, so it was very hard to find a time that worked for all of them.

Statistical questions

Finally I found a time and date for the meeting. Right then I realized that I hadn't booked the conference room, and by then the time and date I needed were already booked.

“Tell me about yourself.”

I had to go find the VP who had the conference booked -- someone I'd never met before -- and basically plead with him to change his meeting time. He was very nice about it. He asked me if I would coordinate his new meeting time with his meeting attendees and of course I did.

In the process I met so many awesome people -- and actually that VP is one of my references now! If you tell a story, your story and you will stick in the interviewer's mind. Here's an example of that approach:. The key things to get across are that you can think on your feet to problem-solve, remain calm and good-natured in the face of a challenge, and that you can think strategically and act decisively.

Most people lose jobs at some point in their careers.

How To Answer 'Tell Me About A Time When' Questions

You pick yourself up, learn what you can from the experience, and move on. Job hopping is the new normal. Instead explain how the job is the right move for your career growth at this time — and how your excelling at it would make both you and the employer more successful. Show how what you can accomplish, demonstrate and learn in this job takes you closer to where you want to go. Ask yourself these questions.

“Tell me about yourself.”

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