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Aspirin and your heart: Many questions, some answers - Harvard Health

Rothwell said he personally would not take an aspirin for primary prevention but he also said that for safety reasons no one currently taking it daily should stop doing so without consulting their doctor. Certainly, people should not stop their aspirin if it has been prescribed by a doctor after a stroke or heart attack, since stopping it can cause another heart attack or stroke. Topics Aspirin. Health Medical research news. Reuse this content.

Low-dose aspirin

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Researchers say these adults simply traded one risk for another. So, that was bleeding bad enough to get you into hospital. Mainly from the gut , or bleeding into the eye or brain and if it was in to the eye, it was bad enough to threaten your sight.

Rethinking low-dose aspirin

Financing for this study came mainly from the British Heart Foundation. At that meeting, Dr. Armitage was asked about the possible health risks of taking aspirin. Anna Matteo adapted the report for Learning English with additional materials.

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George Grow was the editor. A popular term for a type of aspirin that contains 81 mg or less of aspirin and is used to reduce blood clotting. Show comments.

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Search Search. Audio menu. Learning English Broadcast. Previous Next. September 03, Over all, the benefits of aspirin were partially counterbalanced by the risks. For every 1, people taking aspirin, 11 avoided a serious vascular event heart attack, stroke, ministroke, or cardiovascular-related death.

But nine experienced bleeding that was serious enough to result in hospitalization or death, which means the risks and benefits were about the same. The second study, in the August 26 Lancet , included more than 12, people, all of whom had several risk factors for heart disease, such as elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, or being a smoker but not diabetes.

They also took a daily mg aspirin tablet or a placebo.

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Over a five-year period, aspirin did not lower heart attacks or related events. Gastrointestinal bleeding was low, but it was twice as likely to occur in people who took aspirin. The third study focused on older people: whites ages 70 and older and blacks and Hispanics whose baseline risk is slightly higher than that of whites ages 65 and older. The 19,plus participants took mg of aspirin or placebo daily for a median of 4.

Aspirin did not lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, or disability.

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But it did raise the risk of bleeding severe enough to require transfusions or hospitalization, as described in three papers in the September 16 New England Journal of Medicine. These new studies show that's not always the case — and that aspirin may do more harm than good for people who've never experienced a heart-related event. In a nutshell, people with diabetes appear to benefit from aspirin, but the risk of bleeding offsets some of that benefit.

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