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Comments Comment by Sindelar "There, Tirion once again confronted Arthas, and all fell silent as the clash of steel rang out across the icy wastes. At the culmination of a fevered battle, the Ashbringer shattered Arthas's infamous sword, Frostmourne, in a single blow.

Different websites are giving out different facts I even found two different pages on WoWhead both contradicting each other. Comment by tictalic For the Shattered Reckoning other tints you need to Kill Heroic Kil'Jaeden using this artifact appearance, win 10 rated battlegrounds using this artifact appearance, and defeat all Legion dungeon bosses using this artifact appearance difficulty doesn't count so you can spam LFG for this.

Elemental Lord

You only need to kill the 2 last bosses of Violet Hold, not every single one of them. Comment by santipants Trash "guide" doesn't even detail how to raise your artifact's AK. Comment by Trollkrabben Hello. Anyone know if the hidden artifact appearence is still avaliable? I didn't even think about reducing the Vet Squad since all the other Squads come minimum I guess I got stuck on that idea.

I'll have to toy with that. Is a 12" Scout better than the threat of Infiltrating anywhere after my opponent sets up? Definitely want to run in the list: Vulcan, Fire Drakes in the Spartan. The Vigilator seems to be able to do this to any unit. The Iron Hands element is more flexible. I got to explaining my idea without thinking about that.

I'm not sure if his survival is better than increasing their damage output. That is effectively 3 more attacks or 2 more shots with S5 and Deflagerate. I didn't realize that the Apothecary could get a Augury Scanner. That could be useful against troops. I had heard that after jumping out of the Spartan that it was usually a good idea to split your Primarch off and let him do his thing solo, but still in close proximity to his Body Guards.

I figured he would just hang out and not get wound allocated to him, to ensure he doesn't die. Thanks again. Community Forum Software by IP. Sign In Create Account. Welcome to The Bolter and Chainsword Register now to gain access to all of our features.


Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. If you already have an account, login here - otherwise create an account for free today! Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Posted 23 August - AM. Posted 27 August - AM. Firstly, love your avatar. Secondly, love the concept - running it as pure Salamanders is one way I'd never considered.

Vulkan's actually missing from that list, but whatevs. Deredeo and Rapiers are very good - I'd definitely paint them up as Iron Hands. Then he can take Artificer Armour. Otherwise, definitely give him a refractor field or something. What in the list do you definitely want to run? Oh, and be careful with story spoilers casually thrown in there, as some people might not have read everything to date.

The Shattering: Omnibus

Posted 27 August - PM. The Vigilator seems to be able to do this to any unit The Iron Hands element is more flexible. Posted 28 August - AM. Yeah, needing 3 Troops is sometimes problematic. You've probably gone the smart route. And with a massive unit of tough-as-nails Firedrakes like that, you're unlikely to ever suffer from the "Pride of the Legion" penalty. If you need points elsewhere, you can easily afford to reduce the squad size, though I'd go with thunder hammers over chainfists purely because the models won't require converting.

Taking half of them as "normal" Cataphractii is a great idea actually - just keep the storm shields at the front. And most Rapiers are awesome quad heavy bolters are questionable , so whatever you want will be fine. Definitely take that storm shield though, and utilise cover as he'll grant the unit Stealth. Maybe look at heavy flamers instead of plasma guns, as Sniper on S6 templates is amazing. With the leftover points, I would seriously consider a stock Sicaran Venator, as you may face super-heavies at this points level.

Venators shut down tanks and super-heavies like nobody's business! How about this? If you can find 10 points to give the Apothecary artificer armour, I would call that an awesome list! Might have to steal it! The Vigilator has pretty good shooting already with his Special Issue Ammo.

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I'd drop his melta bombs as 10 Vets with them should do fine and drop the Firedrakes heavy flamer. Cheap master-crafting of weapons is awesome, but I reckon you have the list pretty sorted.


Another thing - Vulkan will often be better splitting off from the Firedrakes after they disembark T7, ridiculous defences, immunity to plasma as majority Toughness will cause him problems. Obviously this depends on what your opponent has lascannon heavy support will still hurt. The Apothecary is there to keep a pricey unit alive, so keeping him alive is important.

Now that you've taken on my advice, make sure you analyse it critically in case I've persuaded you to do something you're not sure about! Posted 30 August - PM. That means I can either go with the previously suggest reduction in size and scout 12" Rhino or they can Outflank Reserve from his Scout rule. On the positive side he can get Artificer Armor now. I knew this and was gonna email the Eye of Horus boys about it, yet I still forgot about it when I was looking at your list! And yes, it makes it a simpler choice.