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Alfaraz The analysis presents quantitative and qualitative perspectives based on questionnaire data from participants of diverse backgrounds, as well as individual sociolinguistic interviews with 72 of the participants. During the interview, participants responded to a series of questions regarding lexical usage, and also completed a lexical naming task to gauge their knowledge and use of Cuban variants e.

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The results demonstrate that the Cuban variety of Spanish receives lower ratings than other varieties such as the Colombian or the Argentinian, and also suggest that non-Cuban Spanish speakers in Miami regard Cubans as friendly and outgoing. The opinions expressed in the interviews and in the lexical identification task suggest a generally integrative vision of non-Cuban and Cuban Spanish varieties in Miami, with a high degree of interdialectal contact cf.

Potowski In some cases, there is a substantial influence of the Cuban variety in everyday speech of Hispanics not of Cuban origin who were born and raised in Miami. This influence often goes unperceived by the speakers themselves. This work contributes to the study of varieties of Spanish in contact in the US, and intends to provide a deeper understanding of a sociolinguistic situation that many cities in the US will likely face in the incoming years, especially given the rapidly growing number of heritage language speakers in this country.

For Cuban dialectology specifically, this study is the first to explore empirically the extent of lexical influences of Cuban Spanish on other varieties of Spanish in the US, as well as the influences of non-Cuban varieties of Spanish within the Cuban diaspora. Porcel 06 The paradox of Spanish among Miami Cubans.

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When one focuses on the existing corpus of studies, there is a recurrent feeling of discomfort as one tries to make sense of such a contact situation within a coherent frame of analysis. On one hand, there exist presumably favorable social conditions within the Miami Cuban community for the main enance of Spanish, reinforced by positive attitudes toward the language see Lopez Morales On the other, these conditions seem not to be sufficient, since, as many studies conclude, Spanish keeps systematicallylosing speakers to English. With the present study, I aim to shed some light on the aforementioned 'paradox'.

el gran silencio "revolution sound" 2010

The first part of the paper briefly revises the literature on the positive and negative factors affecting language maintenance, as well as the indicators of language shift. The second is d voted to the analysis and discussion of new data gathered from the present study. Anglicisms and calques in upper social class in pre-revolutionary Cuba — : A sociolinguistic analysis.

El silencio de la Revolucion y otros ensayos (Spanish Edition)

The geographical proximity and socioeconomic dependence on the United States brought about a deep-rooted anglicization of the Cuban Spanish lexis and social strata, especially throughout the Neocolonial period — This study is This study is based on the revision of a renowned newspaper of that time, Diario de la Marina, and the corresponding elaboration of a corpus of English-induced loanwords. The findings show that there existed a high number of lexical and cultural anglicisms in the sociolect in question, and that the sociolinguistic anglicization was openly embraced by the upper socioeconomic stratum, entailing a differentiating sign of sophistication and social stratification.

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Likewise, a number of the anglicisms collected, particularly those related with social events, are unused in contemporary Cuban Spanish, which suggests a major semantic shifting in this sociolect after Un repertorio de sainetes, farsas, comedias musicales, zarzuelas y dramas, han Abstract The ethical problems in American journalism are not a thing of the past.

Focusing in our own backyard, the supplement in Spanish of The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, maintains that contentious tradition with what already are not Focusing in our own backyard, the supplement in Spanish of The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, maintains that contentious tradition with what already are not mistakes of copy editors, but express inten-tions to distort the truth and misrepresent the historical facts. For personal gain of publishers, pleasing advertisers or owners express policies? Their actions respond. The day after that editorial was printed, The Miami Herald published a report about how the higher direction of the newspaper "killed" in a history - euphemism for censored - that denounced the invasion seven months before it occurs, under pressure from the director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, pleasing the Government against all the ethics codes of American jour-nalism.

We intend to show how far decades the federal government has paid Hispanic journalists in Florida directly or indirectly through different budgets for non-profit organizations and financed publications with the pretext of patriotism and the fight against communism. Polevitsky was an Architect and a friend of my father. My father was Lansky's Chef and Polevitsky the architect of the Riviera hotel, which was The Castro Tax.

The Big Scam: the Invention of the Cuban exile. A poor and small island, considered by the American Empire as their exclusive backyard dared to declare independent in and become a global example of how to live against the US without obeying his commands. The answer was to The answer was to stimulate "vote with your feet" offering preferential treatment with economic, social and legal benefits to those who flee Cuba, using these same periodic "harvests" of immigrants, as a source of recruitment for military covert operations and intelligence, "using them as a weapon" against the Cuban Revolution, and Governments and international and national personalities.

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The monster built in this artificial exile, prone to violence and crime has survived in the "Cuban-American enclave" and abroad since , protected and forgiven their crimes of illicit enrichment, violence, blackmail and political corruption, turning Miami in the "Center of terrorism in the United States. The change has begun by them, in Miami and in the island, with the family financing the recently "licensed" private institutions in an unstoppable process, which leads to the questioning of when the social and economic reality will reach political processes. La Gran Estafa: el montaje del Exilio Cubano.

Satan Cubs. Published by Ediciones Era, S. New Condition: New Soft cover.

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