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See Photos for more info. Humor: 50 — words : Humorous anecdotes are funny stories that show the lighter side of the Christian life.

Anecdotes, like other articles, must be original and previously unpublished. Each year, the top three winners will have their articles published in the November issue. Themes, prize amounts, and other details will be published in the magazine several issues in advance. Article Titles: Article titles must be submitted with articles. The title is a promise to the reader about the contents of the article. Therefore, the title must relate to the needs and interest of the readers and accurately reflect the actual contents of the articles. Often these criteria are best met by the inclusion of a subtitle.

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Photos do not need to be taken by a professional, as most digital cameras are capable of taking high quality photos, but make sure the camera is set to the highest resolution setting. Starting with this week we are focusing on, Cooperating with the Heavenly Ministry of the Ascended Christ, and in particular this week we want to learn to be those, Seeking the Things which are Above. Our God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent; He can do whatever He wants to do, whenever He wants to do, and in whatever way He wants to do it.

In eternity past, when He brought forth in Christ His eternal purpose, He worked out His economy, and He created all the positive things according to His will, nothing could limit Him or hinder Him. But this is not the situation now, that is, during the length of time in which God created human beings with a will. God created us with a will because now He intends to operate according to our cooperation with Him. When the Lord begins to shine on us concerning this matter, we will be pursuing the Lord in a way we have never done before.

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The Lord Jesus taught us to pray, Father, may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Also, we need to realize the very great degree that we, His people, can limit Him, have limited Him, and are still limiting Him from doing what He intends to do. Rather, during this dispensation, God is seeking for a response from His people, a cooperation, and a coordination from their side.

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Right now, the ascended Christ is very active in various aspects of His heavenly ministry. Christ in His heavenly ministry is very active and busy, and we as His Body on earth need to cooperate with Him by setting our mind on the things above. In our physical body, once everything is normal, all the members of the body respond to the commands given by the person living in the body; but if things are not normal, the person living in the body lives as in a prison.

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Christ has been waiting for centuries to see an adequate response to His heavenly ministry. He wants to gain a kingdom, a realm in which He can do whatever He wills without any hindrance. For this to happen, we need to see who and what Christ is in His heavenly ministry, what He wants to accomplish on the earth as this age is coming to a close, and how we ourselves in our Christian life and church life have been a limitation to Him in what He wants to do.

May the Lord enlighten us and cause us to open as never before, giving the Lord the right of access to our whole being, that we would welcome His dealing and touching on any element in our being that is hindering Him from carrying out the desire of His heart. Her days consist in sewing and knitting, reading, cooking and conversation with others.

Though lacking in money, she does have some—ten silver coins that are of great value to her. This would add to the importance of these coins to her, but there is no direct evidence that this was the case. Cash is a rare commodity. We can imagine the heart of this woman skipping a beat and her gasping with shock when she learns the coin is missing.

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Has she mislaid it or dropped it? Has someone taken it? This was enough to send a person into a panic. A typical house of that time had a few small slits for windows or no windows at all, so that there was little light. To search for the lost coin requires more light.

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Oil for a lamp is not cheap, however, and she normally saves it for the night. The search is on. Out comes her broom, and carefully she begins a systematic and thorough search. Across the packed-earth floor and under mats and pottery vessels she searches. Nothing shows up. Just as she is about to end the second sweep without any success she sees a small glimmer. There it is! The coin is found! Quickly she picks it up and blows away the dust. The coin I lost has been found!